Thanks For The Loan

by Liberty Bell

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, InLaws, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Guy gets thanks from horny sister-in-law for cosigning a loan for new car.

Joe's younger brother had recently moved to the town where Joe also lived. Bob and his pretty young newlywed wife, Sandy, had just got settled in and Bob had gone to work at his new job. Sandy had also found a job but the hours were different from Bob's and she needed an car for transportation.

They found a car at a reasonable price but still couldn't afford to pay cash for it so they applied for a loan. In a few days the loan company informed them that due to their being new in town and not having established credit, they would have to have a co-signer for the loan. They ask Joe and he agreed to co-sign the loan for them.

On the day that the loan closing was to take place Bob had to work so Joe picked Sandy up at home to take her to complete the loan and to pick up the car. She was all bubbly and excited about getting the car and kept thanking him over and over for helping them. They arrived at the loan company and completed the papers and then went to the car lot and picked up the car keys. They walked out to the car and looked it over good. Joe opened the door and held it for Sandy to get in.

As she stood in the open door about to enter she suddenly pulled him to her and kissed him directly on the lips putting her hands behind his head and pulling him tighter into the kiss as she slipped her soft hot tongue into his mouth. Joe was so startled that he did not resist but actively participated. When she finally broke the connection she said, "I want to really thank you for the loan." "That wasn't much of a brother-in-law kiss," Joe said. "Oh no, what was it then?" Sandy ask. "More like a lovers kiss," Joe replied. "I intended it to be," Sandy said coyly.

"Why don't you follow me home so I can thank you properly," she said as she started the car and drove off. Joe quickly walked back to his car and got in and started to follow her home. Joe had been fantasying about fucking his new sister-in-law ever since he met her. Sandy was pretty but not beautiful but had a body that men dreamed about and lips that looked made just to suck a cock.

Joe had seen her eyeing his crotch before but had never made any advances because she was his brother's wife. Well, he decided, if she wants some strange dick for a change it might as well be mine. Joe got hung up in traffic following her and she arrived at home before he got there. He just hoped she hadn't changed her mind by the time he got there.

Suddenly there was the sound of Joe's car in the drive, and Sandy looked quickly into the mirror that she kept in the broom closet. Her crimson lipstick was perfect, and her black curly hair shone in the overhead kitchen light. The sound of Joe's footsteps sounded on the walk outside the back door, and Sandy opened the door in time to greet her stocky, grinning brother-in-law. His face was cold as she kissed him, but his warm lips and tongue responded readily to hers as she put her arms around him right there in the doorway.

"Hey... let me get my coat off anyway!" Joe was pleased, though, as he scratched his sandy hair. He was in the mood now, and had thought about Sandy all the way to her house from the car lot. He'd been horny all day, and the warm kitchen with its good smells, and Sandy's affectionate welcome conspired to give him the feeling that there was indeed nothing like a new pussy to fuck.

Sandy felt the tension that the loan closing had created in her dissipating as she drew Joe into the kitchen. She had a sudden inspiration. Why take Joe to her bedroom right away. They would get to that later. Right now they could have a little fun right there in the kitchen, and no one would be the wiser.

Slowly, Sandy's hands moved along Joe's body, worming under his jacket to the top of his pants. She quickly unzipped his fly and felt the rigidity of his sturdy cock throbbing heatedly against her fingers as she worked, and then she reached for it, and withdrew the rapidly growing stalk of hot flesh from his pants.

"HEY!" he cried out, steadying himself by putting his hands on the kitchen counter. But he was chuckling, his already red face flushing a deep crimson as he waited to see what Sandy would do next. Sandy was already crouching down in front of him. "Don't you worry," she said, "Nothing will burn..."

"I'm already burning up," he countered, looking down on the top of her dark head. She began stroking him, sliding the loose flesh up and down in a slow, magical rhythm that caused Joe's thick meaty cock to ache with longing beyond endurance. She knelt down onto the tiled kitchen floor and her red, wetly parted lips hovered a scant few inches over the moistly pulsing head of his dick.

She held it tightly now, between both her hands, stroking it between the flat of her palms in a teasing up and down motion that caused his hips to move back and forth in time to her maddening caress. Then Sandy's head dropped slowly down toward his pulsating hardness and, suddenly, her tongue darted forward, snakelike, the tip of it teasing at the wetness of the tiny gland on the end.

Joe sucked in his breath from the sudden contact. Chills rippled along the back of his spine, bringing the low rumble of a lustful moan to his lips as Sandy brought her mouth down all the way and enclosed the whole of his sensitive cock head in a warm, moist pressure. Her soft lips tightened around it just below the head, trapping it completely inside the dark, wet cavern of her mouth.

"CHRIST!" he groaned, looking down at her shining black hair. She moved her head a bit and he could see his hard shaft of flesh sunk half-way between her tightly ovaled lips, and the sight increased the sensation ten times over, sending shuddering titillations all through him. His stiff cock was wet and glistening as Sandy gently began to massage the soft resiliency of his hairy bloated balls with one hand and to stroke the base of his cock with the other, taking it between thumb and forefinger as she continued sucking gently up and down. It was incredible!

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