My Co-Worker's Wife

by Liberty Bell

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, InLaws, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Chance electrical problem leads to hot time with coworker's wife.

I first met Glenda Davis years ago at a family Christmas party being given by the company I work for. My family had just arrived at the place where the party was taking place. We walked into the party room and I immediately noticed a very attractive young woman standing and talking with Gary Davis, one of my co-workers.

I was immediately attracted to this young woman and ushered my wife over to meet Gary, who introduced the woman as Glenda, his wife. She and my wife hit it off immediately as they had much in common and over the years we became close friends. When we decided to buy a house, they helped us find some land near them to have a house built on.

Gary and Glenda had two girls about the same ages as two of our children and they went to the same school. Our company operates 24/7 and the workers are on rotating shifts. At times over the years Gary and I worked on the same shift and sometimes on different shifts. We often rode to work together and I often saw and talked to Glenda when I picked Gary up. We also had little family get-to-gathers and barbecues during the warm months.

As the years past I often fantasized about Glenda but never did anything about it except look because of our friendship although I often noticed that Glenda would dress rather provocatively when she knew I would be around. For instance, one day Gary ask me over to help clean up some brush from some trees he had cut down.

He was hard at work when I arrived and as Glenda led me around the house to where he was working I couldn't help but notice that she was dressed in a very skimpy pair of tight shorts and a very thin, almost see-through, white blouse which revealed she had on no bra. Her shorts were pulled tight in the crotch and I could see the outline of her pussy covered by the thin material. I could also see her curly black pussyhairs sticking out on either side of the crotch.

She didn't seem to notice but offered me every opportunity to look closely as she bent over in front of me picking up brush as we worked that day. No harm in looking and by the time we finished she could see the stiff hard rod in my pants which was getting harder to conceal. She looked also at every opportunity and made several suggestive remarks when Gary couldn't hear.

Still I didn't follow up on the hints because of my friendship with her husband until one day when he was working on the evening shift and I was just getting off days. It was a hot summer day and he stopped me on the way out and said that Glenda had just called him and informed him that the air conditioning at home wasn't working.

He thought it was just a circuit breaker or fuse and ask me if I would stop by and take a look at it on the way home. I told him that I would be glad to and then called my wife telling her that I would be late coming home so she wouldn't worry. She said that she had to take my son to a scout meeting and wouldn't be home till later herself.

When I got to Gary's house Glenda greeted me in a pair of tight cut off jeans and skimpy tube top. She looked great and I immediately started getting a hardon which I couldn't hide and she quickly noticed. I asked her about the girls and she replied that they were at some school function and wouldn't be home until quite late. It was actually the first time that we were ever totally alone together.

I ask her to show me the fuse and circuit breaker boxes and she purposely rubbed her nice firm breast up against me as I leaned over the boxes checking things out. I found a tripped breaker and reset it and I heard the air conditioner kick on. She was standing so close behind me that when I stood up I backed into her and tripped.

I reached out a hand to grab something to keep from falling and grabbed her leg just below the crotch of her shorts and grabbed her tube top with the other hand. The momentum of my aborted fall pulled her tubetop completely down her chest exposing both her breast in all their glory. "Oh, my goodness," she exclaimed as she helped me steady myself, "If you wanted to see 'em all you had to do was ask."

She looked straight into my eyes without any embarrassment as I moved my hand up her leg to her crotch and began to rub her pussy through the thin cloth of her cut off jeans while my other hand covered one firm mound of her delectable looking tits and began caressing it. She closed her eyes and moaned "That feels so good, please don't stop."

"I better stop," I said, "before I rip the rest of your clothes off." "I wouldn't mind," she replied, "but don't you think we can find a more comfortable place than this. Let's go in the living room to the sofa." "Glenda, are you sure about this?" "Don't worry, I've wanted this for a long time now, but it seemed that you'd never take the hint." she revealed as she began stroking my hard cock outline on the front of my pants.

After a minute or so she pulled away and leaving her tube top down, turned and moved to the living room sofa. She sat down and pulled me down beside her and began stroking my cock again. I decided to take the lead and leaned over and began licking her breast all over as I pressed her body down flat on the sofa.

Her nipples began to harden as I leaned over her and licked over them with my hot wet tongue. I took one into my mouth and began to give it a beating with my tongue. I sucked the stiff bud between my lips and then gently began to bite it as I pulled back on it and let it snap from between my teeth. "Ohhhh yesss, suck my titties real good, Gary never does that enough."

I continued sucking her tits, moving from one to the other, as I reached down and unsnapped the waistband of her shorts. She lifted her ass and I slid the shorts down her legs noticing that she had on no panties. She kicked the shorts off her feet as I dropped one hand to her already juicy pussy running my fingers back and forth through her hairy black bush till I found her steamy slit. Her pussylips were distended and slippery wet already.

My finger slid easily through slippery juices and into her hot slit although I found the hole much tighter than expected as if it hadn't been used all that often. She lifted her ass and began fucking my exploring finger as I jammed it deeply into her hungry cunt. I finger-fucked her hot box a little more before withdrawing and bringing my fingertips to her aroused clit.

It was a big erect bud and when I began rubbing it she immediately began having her first climax of the afternoon. She moaned and cooed pulling my head tighter into her boobs and rolling around on my fingers as I eased her through her orgasm. "Wow," she said as she exhaled a deep breath, "I've never done that before. I've never had anyone bring me off with their fingers."

"You're a really hot young woman but you must not be getting enough of the right kind of loving." "Are you going to give me the right kind of loving?" she questioned me. "As long as you do what I ask I'll guarantee that you'll be satisfied," I replied as I raised up and began stripping my clothes off. She sat up on the sofa and waited for me to finish undressing.

As soon as I had finished and turned to her on the sofa she grabbed my stiff cock in her soft warm hand and began stroking it back and forth. "I'm ready for some of this right now, please fuck me," she begged. "I'm ready too, Glenda. Too ready. If I tried to fuck you now I wouldn't last two seconds. How about sucking it off first so I can last longer when I fuck you?"

Glenda hesitated looking perplexed. "It's not that I don't want to," she replied, "but I've never done that before. I don't know how," she revealed. "It's easy, I'll teach you," I replied as I sat down on the sofa beside her and moved to a reclining position with her face down between my spread legs.

"Ok, tell me what to do first," she begged. "Just take my cock in your hand and start licking it all over. When you get it good and wet then put it in your mouth and do whatever you feel like doing to it," I instructed her.

Glenda touched her soft wet tongue to the smooth crown of my stiff hot dick. She held it there a minute, then licked cautiously into the leaky slit. When she jerked backward, I knew she'd tasted her first drop of oozing precumm. "Easy, baby," I cooed. "Easy." She sat up slightly, her pink tongue licking convulsively at the moist bow of her pouty lips.

"It's salty," she said. "Like sweat." I chuckled. "Salt's good for you, baby. And so's protein. Real good for you." "I'm just so scared that I'm not doing it right. Tell me again..." My dick thumped from the hot force of the fierce red blood pounding through the distended veins. My balls expanded, filling with an extra-special load of pent-up spunk, "Relax, baby" I said. "Sucking a cock is one of those things you can't do wrong. Here."

I took her right hand and wrapped it about the root of my throbbing tool and her left hand I placed on my bloated balls. I like dual contact; both fingers and tongue on my cock and balls. "Does your wife do this for you?" she asked. "Yes, she does," I informed her. "Does she do it real good?" she asked. "Yes, she does. A blowjob's always good," I replied.

Glenda gripped me gingerly at first, and I closed my hand tightly about hers to encourage her to make a fist. "Rub it up and down, baby," I cooed. "Yeah, that's the way. Now stretch those pretty lips over your teeth and take just the head into your mouth. Let your mouth and tongue concentrate on my most sensitive spot, on the bottom just behind the head."

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