The Devil Inside Jane

by Catesby

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Drunk/Drugged, Cheating, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Gang Bang, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Nick's wife was normally very prim and proper. All that changed whenever she overindulged in the demon drink. But was it really only the alcohol that made her act like a slut?

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I first met my wife Jane on the day I came home from college for the Christmas holidays. I hadn't felt homesick but when I was back I realised how much I had missed the place. When I came across Jane sitting in the park as I strolled around the town, my heart almost stopped. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I walked around the park for a while until eventually I built up the courage to go and talk to her. She was new in town, lived with her parents and didn't know anybody. I asked her for a date that evening and I was overjoyed when she said yes. We saw each other almost every day for the next three weeks. We would drive around, go the cinema, park in a driveway and fool around a little. But whenever I tried to go further with her she told me it was bad, that we shouldn't do those things. I come from a very religious background and I respected her values, even though I felt this incredible lust for her body.

On the day I had to go back to college we met one last time. Both of us cried as we said our goodbyes and I knew that I had to see her again, that it was more than just a brief fling. We wrote to each other three or four times a week over the coming months and I couldn't wait for the spring break so I could return home. When I saw her again she was more beautiful than ever. I had had sex with a few girls before but I didn't try to pressure Jane to go all the way with me. She was my little angel.

Whenever another guy so much as looked at her I would get all eaten up inside, and sometimes I would lash out at my perceived rivals. Jane would get very upset at this and tell me not to act so crazy. She constantly reassured me that she loved me and that she wasn't interested in anyone else, but I was permanently on edge. To get a little extra money I was working the late shift at my Uncle's store at the weekend, but I always made sure I saw Jane every night during the week. When the time came for me to go back to college I was very unhappy. I wanted to spend all my time with Jane. The next few months were the longest of my life and I knew that I couldn't go on this way, not being able to see her during term time. She was the most beautiful girl in the world and I loved her with all my heart.

In the summer we picked up where we had left off. I now had three months in which I could see her every day, but I knew it would never be enough. One day, six weeks into the summer break I drove her to the top of a hill looking over our town. This was the spot where we had first made out. I helped her out of the car and walked with her towards a clearing in the bushes. Then I got down on one knee, and asked her to marry me. She looked at me, tears brimming in her eyes, and for a second or two I felt that my heart was going to shatter. Then she took me in her arms, held me tightly and said, "Yes. Oh Nick. Yes, I'll marry you." I pulled the jewellery box from my pocket, opened it up and took out the ring then slipped it on her finger.

When I told my parents that I had decided to quit college and marry Jane they were very angry but eventually they saw that it was my own decision to make and I lived with them while I began working full time at my Uncle Alfred's store. In October we were married. It was a small ceremony. Nobody from her side of the family came to the wedding. Her father had died when she was seventeen and her mother had refused to bless our union, saying that it was a damn stupid idea getting married so young, that the pair of us should be out sowing our wild oats, not settling down like some boring middle-aged couple.

I had already heard that when Jane's father was alive, her mother had had a long succession of lovers, many of whom she would let in the house when he was out working. Jane could often hear her mother fucking them in the bedroom. The neighbours knew all about her shenanigans and it wasn't long before Jane's father cottoned on. He did nothing to curb his wife's behaviour however. He simply let things carry on as they were, although he did start to drink heavily, very heavily. According to Jane, he drank himself to death. Later on I came to realise that this must have been the reason my wife so abhorred adultery and wanton behaviour. She blamed it for her father's death. She also had no time for drunks and she abstained from alcohol completely. I had thought beforehand that her strong moral values were because she was religious, like my parents, but she never went to church, even at Christmas.

We didn't have too much money, only my earnings from the store and Jane's pay from the restaurant she worked at as a waitress, but we soon had enough to rent a small one bed-roomed apartment. It wasn't much, but I knew that Jane was just happy to get out of her mother's house. She hadn't changed any since her husband died, and some of the more unkind neighbours had taken to calling her house 'the Bordello'.

Things were going pretty well at home. We made love almost every night. I wanted to try to get her to try new things, new positions, all sorts of things, but I couldn't build up the courage to ask her. I thought she might find the idea disgusting. We always made love silently, at night, with the lights off. I won't say I was bored or unhappy with our sex life, but I used to wonder if it would be this way for the whole of our lives together.

After a couple of years I had managed to turn my Uncle's business around, so much so that he had doubled my wages. With the money coming in from Jane's job at the restaurant we now had enough to put a down payment on a two bed-roomed house. My Uncle persuaded me that we should have a house warming party. I liked the idea, but Jane wasn't so sure. We had never had guests at the apartment and she was a little nervous about acting as hostess. Eventually she agreed to it, saying that it would make her feel that it was really her home.

On the night of the party, Jane wore a fabulous red dress, accentuating her lovely curves. She looked simply stunning, and I told her so. She began to voice concerns that it was too tight and might make the wrong impression, but I told her to just stop worrying and enjoy herself. She was my little angel and she looked wonderful.

We had invited most of our friends as well as many of our new neighbours. The party was going really well and I had seen to it that everybody's drink was always filled up. To my surprise Jane seemed to be drinking as much as everyone else, maybe more. This was the first time I had seen her drink anything alcoholic at all. I told her a number of times that she should be careful not to have too much, but she told me she was so nervous that she needed it.

Once or twice I saw her stumble but one guy or another would be there to give her a hand. A couple of times I saw hands reach around her hips, ostensibly to steady her, but I was sure they were trying to cop a feel at the same time. Soon it became apparent that Jane was flirting with all the men at the party. I had never seen my wife act this way before. I was getting a little worried about her, but I thought if it would be best if I didn't cause a scene. We had the new neighbours around, as well as some of my family. I didn't want to act like some domineering husband, keeping his wife in check.

During the party we had both been acting the good hosts, and most of the time we were separated from each other. Around midnight the people started getting ready to leave and wanted to say goodbye to both of us. I looked around for Jane but I couldn't see her anywhere. I thought back and realised that I hadn't seen her for at least twenty minutes. After searching around upstairs, I quickly went out to the garden to look around for her, worried that she might have been sick from all the alcohol she had drunk.

When I passed the garage I heard noises coming from inside. I looked through the dusty window at the side and saw my wife standing there with Mike Cochran. He was a guy I went to high school with who always caused trouble wherever he went. I hadn't even invited him to the party. He had just turned up with two of my other friends and there was no way I couldn't have let him in, much as I disliked him. One of his hands was pressing against her ass while his face was buried in her neck and I knew he was kissing her.

"Stop it," she said, pushing him away. Her voice was slurred and she could hardly stand up straight. "You're bad."

Suddenly she giggled and almost fell back against the work desk. Cochran grabbed hold of her by the hips and drew her to him.

"Come on baby. I know you want it," he said, pawing at her breast. He undid the top two buttons of her dress and put his hand inside.

"Umm. You... you shouldn't be in here. Doing naughty things. You're so bad."

She giggled again and stepped back from him, until her ass rested against the desk. Cochran approached her and lifted her dress up from the front, up around her waist, exposing her red, silk panties.

"Let's not waste any more time," he said.

Jane looked at him from under her eyelashes then suddenly she leant back, raising her knees up high to lay her feet on the edge of the desk. Her legs were open, spread before him.

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