Enjoying the Pleasure of Her Company

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Cheating, Slut Wife, .

Desc: Sex Story: Tom seduces Sandy, a married mother of two boys and becomes her steady lover while her husband is away for many months in the military.

Tom and Sandy had become hot lusty lovers that Friday night when he'd come by her house and found his older married friend so disconsolate and so totally uninterested in having sex with her husband or anyone. Tom had begun to really appreciate Sandy's friendship towards him several months before the fateful Friday night but when he was bold enough to attempt seducing her, he had been more than amply rewarded as Sandy had succumbed to his caring advances and his obvious desire and lusty hunger to have sex with her. Tom had noticed quite obviously the sexiness and hot mature sexuality of his lady friend and when her husband had gone away for at least a year with the Air Force, Tom realized that he and Sandy had all that time to enjoy each other in the most intimate ways possible.

When Tom and Sandy had become more comfortable and more lusty as the weeks of fucking and hot intimacy passed between them, Sandy invited Tom to come over on a Friday afternoon and to spend the entire weekend with her and her two young sons. Tom picked up some videos for the boys and even a hot sexy porn flick for he and Sandy to watch on his way and their evening started out with one of Sandy's totally delicious home-cooked meals. Tom had tried to be subtle in his touching and kissing of Sandy because he didn't really want her sons to know that she and Tom had become lovers. But even with his surreptitious caresses and feather touches on her ass or her breasts, Tom found that his cock was nearly two-thirds erect in his pants the entire evening while he tried to sit there and enjoy the luscious juicy steak Sandy had cooked for each of them.

Finally, after supper, Tom got Sandy's young sons settled in front of the TV/VCR and he ensured they were totally engrossed in the Bob the Builder and other suitable videos for the boys to keep them busy while he and their mother enjoyed a badly needed "adult playtime".

Sandy had cleaned up the supper dishes while Tom spent about 30 minutes with her boys and she'd even slipped to the doorway leading into the den, watching as Tom got down on the floor with her boys almost as though he was their father. That endeared Tom to her as much as her anticipation of spending the evening in Tom's sexually hungry arms had already begun to get her aroused and she could feel her nipples pressed hard against the cups of her bra. Before Tom managed to wrest himself away from the boys, Sandy slipped upstairs to get herself ready for Tom to join her.

Sandy had definitely awakened again to the joys and titillations of being turned on, of being desired and of anticipating the hot passionate joy of making love with a sexy adult man. A few weeks after Tom had first seduced Sandy, she'd looked through her lingerie drawers and quickly realized that her lack of interest in sex had allowed her to become very satisfied with a collection of very boring and plain bras, panties and nighties that she'd owned for years. She actually threw out many of them and had gone to the lingerie shops and Victoria's Secret to purchase some sexy hot bras, panties and lingerie that would help her turn Tom on and make her womanly body look as sexy as she was once again beginning to realize that it was.

Sandy had actually gotten dressed before Tom ever came over that afternoon and now all she had to do was touch up the subtle amount of makeup she had on and slip out of the blouse and pants she'd been wearing while they'd enjoyed dinner together. Sandy had on a sexy lacy demi-bra that allowed a lot of her ample breasts to be hotly displayed and even permitted someone to see her nipples through the translucent cups of the bra. Her blonde pussy hair was also very visible through the thin material of the sexy silk bikini panties that Sandy had chosen to put on after she'd taken her shower that afternoon.

Sandy went to her closet and pulled out a nearly transparent yellow nightgown that opened in the front and secured with only one tie right above her breasts. She felt it provided just that little hint of mysterious to what she did have on to add extra excitement when Tom came into her bedroom. As Sandy sat on the side of the bed waiting for Tom to climb the steps and join her, she reached up and began squeezing and caressing her sensitive breasts through the thin cups of the bra she had on.

Tom finally left the boys to their treasure trove of kids' videos and he felt his cock growing quickly hard as she knew that Sandy was already waiting for his hungry arms and lips on her bed. As she walked down the hallway to the master bedroom, Tom finished unbuttoning his shirt and threw it along with his T-shirt onto the hallway floor as he unfastened his belt and stepped out of his jeans and boxers when he passed through the partially opened bedroom door.

Sandy felt her heart leap as she saw her sexy virile young lover walking nearly naked through her bedroom door. Her mouth was watering from the desire to taste his hot horny cock in her lips and Sandy rose from her bed and walked over to meet Tom halfway across the room. Tom's cock was pushing firmly against the dark blue material of his boxers and a huge wet spot had already got the front of his boxers soaked with his copious pre-cum. Sandy kneeled in front of Tom and she pulled the waistband of his boxers down, quickly allowing his hard thick cock to bounce hotly out of his boxers and be totally exposed to her gaze and her lips. Without any hesitation, Tom's sexy lover leaned over further and opened her lips to take Tom's cockhead in her lips. Tom loved the moment when he and Sandy could be alone and enjoy their newly discovered sexual delight in each other's bodies. Sandy especially found it invigorating and very arousing to know that a normal red-blooded man with a nice big horny cock could find her sexually desirable and she intended to show Tom on every opportunity how much she delighted in making love with him.

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