Loving Tabatha

by Sean

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Uncle, Niece, .

Desc: Sex Story: An uncle falls in love with his niece, and they celebrate thier love.

I knew I shouldn't get romantically involved with my niece, for she was a blood relative and some say it's wrong to be your blood relative's lover, husband, and father of her children. Well, I can make my own decisions and that is just what I did. If you saw Tabatha, you would agree that I made the right decision. She has to be one of the most beautiful girls on the planet. I invited her over to my place for summer vacation since she was between semesters and I was quite lonely way out in the hills. She was not only beautiful, but highly intelligent and worldly, so I could talk to her all day long without losing interest. There were very few people I can say that about. I was so happy when she decided to accept my invitation, I could hardly wait until the day she came to my house. At first, I had no motives to get her into bed and I didn't even think about having sex with my brother's daughter. There was good reason for that, because he would fly down to Alabama from New York and kill me. Therefore, I made up a spare bedroom for her stay and awaited the day of imminent arrival. That day finally came and, when I picked her up from the airport, she was more beautiful then I remembered her. She jumped into my arms at the arrival gate. I kissed her cheek as I picked her up and hugged her and I couldn't help but notice her enticing perfume. She wasn't bashful and she kissed me right on the lips. I struggled to keep my dick in check, but it was to no avail as I felt it grow hard as I hugged her and she kissed me. She noticed it, much to my embarrassment, and she further shocked me by grabbing hold of it once I set her down. She whispered into my ear as she touched the bulge in my jeans and said, "Mmm, Uncle Rob. You are glad to see me."

That was when I had my suspicions that the summer was going to be a very interesting one. I had no idea how to respond to her advances, so I let it go, or at least tried to. My dick was iron hard all the way home as she told me about school and caught me up with the family information and the like. I felt ashamed because all I could do was look at her beautiful face and body and lust after it. If I knew right then how much she wanted me, I would have pulled the car over and jumped her bones on the side of the highway, but the fear of our family's reaction to it, along with society's taboos on incest, kept me in check. I was happy just to look at her as we took the long drive back to my place. She told me how school was really hard and how she hated it. If only she could find a man to marry her and take care of her. I should have caught the hint, but I didn't, as I simply told her that she was very beautiful and that she would find a man who would worship the ground she walked on. I certainly did. She was beautiful, too, with that little girl cuteness that drove most men mad, and I was in that group. When she smiled and pouted with those icy blue eyes, she could melt a heart at the heat of fission. She had golden blonde curls that she let grow so they draped down her back, but today she was wearing a French braid. She may have had small breasts, but on her small frame the looked just right and would tempt any man to take them into his mouth. I certainly wanted to as I caught myself imagining what they would taste like. Don't get me wrong, she had a woman's body, with the right curves in all the necessary places and an ass that would kill for, small and tight. She caught me off guard when I was staring at her body and she asked, "Uncle Rob, do you have a girlfriend?" I joked and said, "Nothing out here, Honey, but queers and steers."

She jolted me a good one when she replied, "Why, I certainly hope you're not queer if you're the only man around. I'm a woman now and a woman has her needs, if you know what I mean."

She grabbed my thigh and gave it a squeeze, and I ain't lying when I say that we almost ended up wrapped around a tree. I was scared shitless and swerved back on the road. Tabatha just laughed and said, "I didn't mean to get you all riled up. Relax. I'm not going to bit you."

She continued to rub my thigh, her hand real close to my raging erection, and I had to say, "Keep doing that and I don't think I'll be much of a gentleman."

"Who wants a gentleman? I like my sex rough and hard. What about you?" she laughed. I didn't answer and she just laughed harder as I was given mercy and pulled into my gravel driveway. She ended the conversation as she got out of the car and I was spared, for the time being. I took her bags and showed her to her room with its own private bath. She made the cutest pout and I used divine control not to throw her on the bed and fuck that cuteness right out of her when she said, "I thought we were going to sleep in the same bed. It was a long trip. I'm going to take a bath."

I left as soon as she started to get undressed and closed the door behind me. That girl was going to drive me crazy before we even made it through the day. I didn't find out till later just how right I was. I went downstairs to the kitchen, and pulled an ice cold beer out of the fridge. Good thing I had a lot, for I needed something to calm me down. I wanted to fuck her so badly I could taste it as I sipped my cold brew. I wasn't halfway done with the can before I heard her screaming like she just saw a rat. Probably a field mouse had her standing on the toilet seat.

"Damn," I muttered as I put the beer down and ran up the stairs. I barged in through the door and she just looked at me and smiled as she stood up in the bath. Her hair was full of shampoo and her body was all soaped up. Back came my raging hard-on as I stared at her shaved pussy and could that she just did it.

"What was all the screaming about?" I asked.

"I just wanted to make sure you heard me in case you were outside. Will you help me wash my back?" She gave me a wry smile and, before I could give her an answer, she added, "By the way, do you like my pussy? I shaved it just for you."

I couldn't control myself and I started taking my clothes off as I stared at he soapy body. She smiled and said, "I finally got you. You are a stubborn one. I thought I was going to have to rip off you clothes and jump on your cock."

Within seconds, I was fully undressed and submerged in the bath water with my niece. We kissed, and this time it was so much more then a touch of the lips as our tongues met and her soapy breasts pushed against my chest. My cock was standing so straight that it was like a periscope in the water. We broke off our kiss and she said, "Finish washing me, will you Uncle Rob?" Like she really had to ask. I shampooed her hair first as my hands lathered her beautiful blonde masses. My hands went down as I washed her neck and she stood up so that I could reach every part of her with my soapy hands. I washed her tits at the same time as I kneaded them and I could hear her barely mutter, "It feels so good."

My hands went down to her belly button and flat stomach and then they reached my prize, her pretty, bare cunt, and I spent forever soaping it before my finger pushed against her pink folds and slowly sank inside until I hit up against resistance.

"Not so hard, Uncle Rob. I kind of lied. I'm a virgin, Uncle Rob. I never found anyone who I wanted to make love to, until you," she said as she looked away from me in self-consciousness.

"Make love to me and give me a baby. I promise I'll be a good mother to our children. I want to stay here with you and make a family. I love you so much, Uncle Rob. Say you love me too."

When she confessed all that to me, I was the happiest man in the world and I no longer cared what other people thought about our incestuous love. I knew I loved her, too, and I also realized that spending the rest of my life with her and giving her children was something I wanted with all of my heart. I pulled her down into the bath water and said, "I do love you and you can stay with me until I grow old and ugly and you no longer want me."

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