The Humility Rapist

by Jaz

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Humor, Cheating, Slut Wife, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: Jaz is a tender, sensitive soul who is faced with a moral dilemma. A cruel woman has wrongfully accused him of rape, thereby wounding his spirit, and crushing his soul. Will justice prevail? Yup

It's kind of a funny story really. Not "Ha-Ha" funny. More like "No, oh god no, not that, please help meEEEEK!!" funny. Heh. I guess it's kinda whatchamacallit Ironical. But I'm getting ahead of myself. My name is Jaz. My real name is John, but you can call me Jaz. I'm a Rapeaholic (123, "HI JAZ!")

Some of you may know me. I've been writing rape stories on the internet for years. Hardcore, nasty stuff. That's what I like. But they were just fiction for the most part. Oh some of them are a little true... but not completely. Maybe a Reader told me about her rape, and asked me to write about it. Like to cathartisize it. I fantasize, I wrote about what I would like to do, but I NEVER DID.

I used to be a normal guy. Quiet, almost shy. I got good gades in school, and fell ass backwards into a SR MGR position with a healthacre company. I was making $50,000 a year before I turned 30. Since I lived in my mom's furnished basement, and only paid a couple hundred a month in rent, I have about $150,000 in the bank + my ESPP, CDs, 401k, ESOP. I'm not rich... but I'm very healthy. I'm 33 now, and that life is over.

I lost my job, the respect of my family and friends--all because of a lying bitch named Susan. I knew her, I dated her even. She has a nice tight pussy and I enjoyed fucking the slut, so sue me. When her husband caught us, she cried rape.

Then they checked my Webtv account, my e-mails, discovered I am JAZ, the police did not understand it was just a fucking story. You may have noticed that I stopped writing. There have been no new Jaz stories in almost 7 months. Most of that time I have been in jail. They were convinced I was a Master Rapist. Some of my stories fit the profiles of unsolved Rapes they had on their books. They tried to dump them all on me! The judge agreed to the DAs request to hold me without bail.

The fucking cops thought the best way to get me to confess to the crimes they wanted me to, woud be to put me in the general population and spread the word that I was a kiddie raper. Convicts hate that. It's like bonus points if you can rape a kid-rapist.

That's where my life changed.

When people are confronted with a life or death situation, some run, some fight and a very few of us THRIVE! The first night my cellmate tried to rape me I fought him, clawed and scratched until I got my thumbs in his eyes--and then I mashed them out. Then I pissed all over his bloody sockets. No, I am not sick or crazy. I just needed the word to spread that I am.

I was always big, and really strong. But my 3 months in jail turned me into a monster. I lost 20lbs of fat, and gained about 10lbs of muscle. Nothing will motivate you to get in shape like being locked up with dangerous men, who are in excellent condition. Men who want to hurt you, kill you, rape you.

By the time I was ready for trial I was a hardened killer. Then I got very lucky.

Susan was almost 4 months pregnant!

My lawyer filed a motion for a paternity test. Her conception took place BEFORE the night I supposedley raped her. If I was the father I was fucking her almost a month before she cried rape.

I was the father.

The Prosecution dropped all charges, even though the Police still think I'm a rapist. That's the funny part: I wasn't before. But now I am, God it feels good to say that.

My time in jail taught me a few things. The strong TAKE what they want. It is our right. Some women are lying pieces of shit, and they need to be taught a lesson.

Not ALL women mind you. I'm not some woman-hating, sicko freak. There are good men and good women. There are bad men. If a a woman decided to take a few assholes out with a shotgun and a pair of pliers, I say more power to her.

I however, decided to break a few asshole women. To teach them some humility. Arrogant, stuck up snotty, cock teasing women are in for a rough time if they cross my path. Now before you go all women's fib on me, I don't cut my victims, I don't beat them, I don't maim, or murder them. I make sure they really are guilty first.

All I'm asking is that you give me a chance to convince you. Give me a fair chance and then decide if what I do is so wrong. Susan murdered my baby at her husband's request. Tight, wet pussies must be hard to find, cuz he forgave her. They both thought they would do some bullshit couple counseling, and just move on after ruining my life and murdering my son.

Heh, snicker, grin, chuckle.

I knew I would be a suspect so I began establishing my alibi. I decided to rape Susan on a Monday morning afer her husband left for work. In the 3 weeks that I planned it, I went to a local XXX movie house and caught the 1pm show almost every day. I chatted with the ticket guy, and flirted with the popcorn slut. I made sure the police were not following me, and then decided I knew Susan and her husband's routine well enough.

It was time. I wore a hat, sunglasses, and lifts in my shoes, and carried my camera and cleanup rape-bag when I knocked on Susan's door. Stupid bitch that she is she answered. She did not recognize me at first. I pushed my way inside and closed the door behind me.

"Oh my god, what are you doing, get out of here, HEL... John? Is that you?! You sonofabitch! How dare you come in here you asshole! Get the fuck out right now!! " she demanded in a haughty tone.

I stood there for a second, looking at the arrogant, lying bitch who had ruined my life. This woman put me in jail, murdedred my child, destroyed my career, my reputation, forced me to kill. She never even apologized. How could she? Susan wasn't the least bit sorry for what she had done.


"Susan hello. You look good. Nice and trim and fuckable. I've missed you, well I've missed your pussy anyway."

She was wearing a blue terricloth robe. Susan is an attractive woman with medium tits and a firm round ass. Her snub nose and pouty, snobbish little mouth screamed spoiled daddy's girl. At 31 she worked hard to look this good and I for one appreciated it.

"What do you want John. I don't have time for you today. Well? Don't waste my time. Spit it out, why are you here?! "

Ok... if that's how she wanted it.

"Susan you are a lying bitch, and I'm here to hurt you. I'm here to break you spirit, to humiliate you. I'm here to rape you over and over until you beg me like a good little slut to stop. I'm going to show you how weak, how helpless, how pathetic a piece of shit you are. But most of all I'm here to fuck you until I am satisfied. How does that sound bitch?" I said in a cold, dead, matter of fact tone.

Susan knew she was in trouble. The smart thing to do woud have been to apologize, go limp, accept her fate. But not my Susan, oh no. She was too proud, too strong to do that. She decided to take control of the situation, to talk her way out of it.

"John I assume you are upset over the misunderstanding we had a few months ago. It was nothing personal, you need to move on, get over it. Mistakes happen and--Whu, what are you doing, why are you taking your clothes off? What are you going to do with that belt?!" She asked in rapd fire, rising panic.

"Slut, if you are not naked and on your kness in front of me by the time I count to three, I'm going to whip your ass for the next 15 minutes. Please don't believe me. Please keep talking to me like I'm a retarted 5 yr old. I want to hurt you Susan, I want to make you shriek. 1... 2..."

Susan opened her robe. Her tits were shaking, heaving in fear, as she stripped for me. Her back was to the front door, and she sank to her knees. I knew from experience that she was only an average cocksucker. She did not like the taste of cum, did not like my dick in her throat. Susan gagged a lot, and always had this sneer on her face like a man was dirty, an animal for wanting his knob polished. Not only did she refuse to swallow, but I had to cum in a tissue. Immediately afterwards she would go to the bathroom and gargle.

I had put up with that bull shit when we were dating, but things were going to be a little different today.

I grabbed the back of her head and pulled it to my crotch. I did not say a word as waited for her to open her mouth. She glared up at me with hatred in her eyes as she finally cracked her mouth a bit. I rammed my cock as hard as I could into her. I have an ugly dick, so sue me. It is partially circumsised, and has cracks and veins all over the skin. It has a weird bend in the middle, is just under 8 inches long and thicker than average.

"Suck it bitch, suck my cock wore. Go ahead lick it, lick it good, DO IT! You don't have a choice. I own that mouth today!" I roared as she slowly, licked and sucked my cock for me.

The best part was I knew she did not want to. There is no feeling in the world like shoving your meat down an unwilling throat, Susan was trying to make me cum quick. Bobbing and licking, slurping and sucking, tickling my balls and milking me hard and fast. She did not know I had "V"d up before we started. I did not need it, but a little Viagra and a bit of numming gel meant little Susie was going to be fucked a lot for a long, long time.

"That's it slut, go for it, lick me good, slurp it, slurp my fucking cock. Suck it all up!"

Her mouth was nice and wet, and her tongue felt great, but I wanted her throat now. I had been fooling around before, popping it in, taking it out, letting her breathe. But now it was time to get serious. I locked her head in place and rammed myself deep into her throat, and just held it there. Susan's hatred soon turned to fear, frustration and then panic as she choked on my cock. Her throat contractions and muffled gasps felt amazing. I decided to have some fun. I pulled her away from the door, and then forced her to lay flat on her back. I never took my cock out of her mouth, as I followed her down. I had one knee on each side of her face, and began drilling my cock into her throat even deeper.

Everytime she started to lose conciousness I let her breathe for a few seconds. A few times I had to choke her to get her to open her mouth again. I rubbed my cock on her nose, and smeared precum and saliva in her eyes.

"Take it, take it, TAKE IT! Take my cock and like it, slurp me you little slut. I can keep it up all night. Suck my dick Susan, drink me dry. I'm going to cum soon. You need to make a decision. Do you want me to cum in your mouth or do you want me to pull out and do what I say?" Susan made it very clear she wanted me out of her mouth. Heh, silly rabbit.

She was pretty pissed and laid there for a few seconds panting. I think she was staring to realize just how much trouble she was in. Arrogant slut that she was she did not want to show me though.

"Ok Susan you agreed to do whatevr I say for the rest of the night. I have a viewcam, and my Polaroid camera in my bag. We are going to take some pictures now. Things will go a lot easier if you cooperate. I want a fantasy. I want you to pretend that you love me, that you are a hot little whore in need of a good fucking from your man. Do that, be submissive, BEG for it and this will be over fairly quickly. Heck, you might even enjoy it," I laughed.

I led Susan upstairs so I could fuck her properly in her husband's bed. Then I set up the camcorder and began taping.

" Susan are you ready, ok smile for the camera. I want you to straddle my lap and kiss me, passionately, willingly unil I say stop. "

"You are one sick freak you know that. Fine, I'll do it! Anything to keep your smelly cock out of my mouth."

Susan settled in to my lap like an old lover, while I played with her nipples. She was breathing fast and I was still hard from her aborted blowjob. I sucked on her tongue for several minutes.

" Susan honey what do you want me to do next. Should I fuck your ass, or your pussy? Whatever you want baby, whatever you need me to do."

""NO! Absolutely no, you know I don't fuck anally. You KNOW that. Plus you've been in jail. For all I know you've been fucking some gay prison he-whore. If you insist on having sex with me you will use a condom."

Obviously what we had here was a failure to communicate. It was time I explained the facts of life to Susan better.

"I understand your concerns, all I can say is SMACK!" I bachanded the woman I hated across her face and she fell onto the bed. I crawled up behind her and began to beat her naked ass raw for several minutes. At first she refused to cry, but slowly the tears came. First in unwilling gasps and sniffles, then a trickle ran from her eyes. Soon she was gulping air and making a horrid, retching sound.

But she did not beg.

"Stop it, Stop it, get your hands off of me! Why are you doing this? STOP!! You are hurting me, damnit. Fine! You can fuck me. FUCK MY PUSSYOWWW!!!" She screamed and cursed and yelped and ordered me--but she did not beg.

She just laid there on her stomach crying, I had her permission to fuck her pussy huh? Been there, done that(and certainly planned to do it again, and again, and again. But not just yet). It seemed like a good time to fuck her ass to me. I straddled her plump-rump and roughly pulled her cheeks apart.

"Susan, I'm going to fuck your ass now.

Do you have a clean butt honey? Did you wash it good this morning? Don't you lie to big daddy now. Suck my finger get it nice and wet, that's all the lube you're gonna get.

She stared at me for a few seconds in disbelief. I was tempted to just start fucking her but I wanted her to do what I said. I wanted her to accept it, that her ass was mine, and that her only choices were limited to dry or spit lubed. Slowly she began sucking my index and middle fingers, droolng on them for all she was worth.

"C'mon Susan you better get my Ring finger too. I think your ass needs 3 fingers in it to be really happy. Still it's up to you baby. Leave one dry if you really want to. Mmmm, that feels nice baby, suck my fingers good." I taunted her. She looked so cute afraid and disgusted as she slicked my 3 fingers.

But I wanted more.

"Beg me, beg me to fuck your slutty ass. Do it Susan, if you want lube, you better beg me real good bitch."

Oral sex, disgusted Susan (well at least swallowing did). But anal sex really scared her. The idea of a dry-butt rape was too much for her to handle.

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