Past Life

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Sex Story: Husband finds evidence of his sweet young wife's earier sex life

I've been very happily married to Kate for the last five years, sex was terrific if a little predicable. Kate was still very beautiful with a slim but curvy figure; great legs and a small by shapely bust. Things changed when Kate had to go and stay with her mother because she was having her hip replaced operation and needed someone to look after her for a few weeks.

I was looking for a receipt so I could finished off my monthly expenses, I had looked everywhere, so now I was looking in places where I knew it couldn't be, i.e. in Kate's wardrobe. At the back of the top shelf were two shoe boxes filled with, what looked like holiday photographs, at the time my only thought, were was that blasted receipt.

The following day, feeling bored and lonely, I remembered the pictures and decided to get them out and have some happy thoughts of holidays past. I pulled both boxes out and sat down on the bed to have a look. The top picture was of Kate on a beach somewhere, topless and smiling at the camera. I didn't recognise the place or the picture, but Kate looked great, I would say about five or six years younger with long hair, I remember she had long hair when we first met. The next picture stopped me short for it was of the still topless Kate, but this time she was with a young guy, his arm around her waist in a sign of ownership of her.

I stared at the picture, now knowing that it was taken before Kate and I had met, this was a previous boyfriend. I knew Kate wasn't a virgin when we had met, but I hadn't asked and I really didn't want to know any details of her previously love life. My first instinct was to replace the two boxes and let it lie, but I just couldn't. The next picture was Kate in the middle of two young guys, this confused me for a couple of heart beats then I reasoned that she must have gone on holiday with another couple. The next picture confirmed it, for there was a different girl posing between the same two guys. Oh my what a cracker she was, altogether bigger built than Kate, but not fat, just big firm tits, meaty thighs and long shapely legs.

The next few pictures were standard holiday views with Kate in the foreground and some view in the background. Then the next froze my hand, there was Kate dressed in a short summer dress siting on her boyfriends lap; they were kissing, but what got my attention was his hand was right under her skirt. The next picture was more or less the same but this time her head was buried in his shoulder as his fingers worked their magic on her pussy.

I put the pile down and went for a cup of tea, I needed to calm down. This was all before she knew me, and therefore didn't matter; but of course it did. Back to the pictures. The next few were just holiday snaps then can a series that were not. By now I had identified all four people and who was with who, so it came as a big shock when the big girl was sitting on the wrong lap. They were kissing and he was giving her large naked tits a good going over; not that I blamed him. I knew what was coming before I saw it. Yes there was Kate on the other guy's lap doing the same thing. I stared at the image of my wife on the lap of some stranger, having her small tits manhandled. It was now that I became aware that my own cock was super hard; was I some pervert who enjoyed seeing his wife with other men, it wasn't a fantasy that had popped up before, but the evidence was hard to ignore.

The rest of that pile was of no further interest so I packed them away and took the top off box number two. The top part was filled with more holiday snaps, nothing of interest, then I stared down at a videotape. With shaking hands I took it downstairs and pushed it into the player. The screen cleared of snow and there was Kate and the big girl in some hotel room, both staring back at the camera. The guy behind the camera started to call out instruction for them to kiss. Both girls started to giggle, they were both obviously very drunk. The guy again called out to them and they gently kissed each other. More instructions were call out and then the other guy came into shot behind the girls. Both girls were still dressed in their summer dresses, but not for long. The guy pulled down both their zips and proceeded to remove them. Kate as per usual wasn't wearing a bra, she doesn't much, but of course the big girl was. Now both girls were kissing passionately seeming oblivious to the camera, and every now and again the guy would get in between them and kiss them both. The scene changed to a bedroom, both girls were naked now and lying on the big bed, their hands were moving over each other, squeezing and mauling.

I knew what was coming next and right on queue a hard cock came into shot. The big girl eagerly grabbed it and started to suck it. Soon Kate wanted her bit and almost pulled her friend off to get at it. I hit the stop button and went to pour myself a strong drink. What I was seeing was nothing short of amateur porn, featuring my own sweet wife. True it was all before I had met her. I couldn't push the play button for some time and in the mean time the phone rang.

I inquired after her mother and we swapped small talk, but in my mind, I could she her on that bed, her mouth around some guy's cock. After hanging up and downing my third drink I pushed play.

It didn't take long before Kate was on her back with boyoo banging between her wide spread legs. I watched almost behind my hands, seeing the flicking images through my fingers; again my cock was hard.

The tape finished and I rewound it, put it back in its cover and replaced it. Before it had finished, both guys had pumped their goo into my wife.

I went to bed a little drunk with visions flashing through my brain. I keep telling myself that it didn't matter what she did before we met, but I was lying to myself. I couldn't get over how aroused I was when I saw her getting fuck, first by her boyfriend and then even more aroused when she was fuck by the other guy. In the end my hard cock required relief, something I hadn't done since I was a teenager.

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