Coming Home

by Aquea

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: How you helped me after a bad day at work. How did you know when I needed you?

I almost cried with relief when I pulled up to my house and saw your car parked outside.

How was it you always knew when I'd need you? It was like you were psychic. I pulled myself together, wiped the mascara smears from under my eyes, put on the happiest face I could, and got out of the car.

You were waiting for me just inside the door. I got out my keys to unlock it, but you beat me to the punch and pulled the door wide open, a sweet smile on your face.

"You're a sight for sore eyes," I commented, as I stepped through the doorway. You studied my face for a moment, and your smile faltered. Without saying a word, you closed the door behind me, pulled my heavy coat from my shoulders and dropped it on the ground, and wrapped your arms around me. My face was pressed into your chest, the soft cotton of your shirt and your faint masculine smell telling me I was home, and everything would be all right. I started to let my guard down, and all of a sudden, like a wave, the grief came through. Without realizing it, I was clinging to you, keening, and crying like I'd never stop. "Tighter," I whispered, "hold me tighter." Your arms crushed me until I could barely breathe, and still I tried to pull you closer.

The whole time, I could hear you whispering in my ear, telling me you loved me and anything else that came to mind. Your fingers stroked my back, my shoulders, anywhere they could reach, comforting me as best they could without letting go. One of your hands wound its way into my hair, holding the back of my head, pulling my face to you, my tears staining your shirt. I looked up, seeing the dark spot on the front of your shirt. "Sorry," I said, attempting to get myself back under control.

"Never be sorry," was your response, as your fingers lightly traced the curves of my face, wiping away the tears that were still leaking from my eyes. You looked into my eyes - and deep into my soul - discovering there what I needed. What you knew I needed before I ever figured it out. Your hands on my face, in my hair, you pulled me towards you, and leaned down to kiss me.

Our kisses have never been casual, and this was no exception. Your mouth met mine, and swallowed up my mind with it. Losing all senses except for the feeling of your lips, your hands, and your strong body, I leaned in, opened my mouth, and let you sweep me away. Kisses that started out gentle became firmer, more urgent; your hand on my cheek caressed down my spine, pulling my body tight against yours, until I could feel the heat radiating off you. I knew you'd be feeling the same from me - I needed you, desperate, unable to be close enough to you to calm the pain, the fear.

Soon we were kissing almost savagely, our tongues entwined and growls escaping from both of our throats. Tears still trickled from my eyes, but soon they mingled with the sweat of my passion and were lost. Your hands caressing my back touched bare skin as the back of my shirt rose, and I groaned in pleasure and anticipation. That was all you needed - suddenly your hands were everywhere, undoing buttons, tugging at clothes, caressing my skin. I started doing the same, and soon we were like animals, tearing at each other's clothing. We only paused from kissing to let out growls and to gently (and not so gently) nibble and nip at any part of each other we could reach. There was a sound of buttons popping and a little bit of grunting; we were both naked, hands exploring everywhere. I ran my fingers across your chest, through your chest hair, tugging just a little to get your attention. You groaned as my finger brushed your nipple, so I returned to it, tantalizing it, teasing just around it, feeling it harden as I felt your erection hardening below. Your hands gripped my ass, kneading it and pulling my legs apart to grind my wet pussy against your thigh.

My need was increasing, your talented hands releasing increasing demands that my body and mind wanted to make of you. Sensing my desperation, you crouched; just a little, just enough that your erection brushed against my wet labia. I groaned - "please don't tease me, just take me, please take me..." against your lips as I tried to capture your hardness inside me.

"Come to the bedroom" you whispered, taking my hand and trying to pull me down the hallway. "No... here... I can't wait," I whimpered as I pulled you back to me. "Let me go grab a condom," you said, and backed away. "Forget the condom. Just. Get. In. Me. Now!"

I stepped backwards until my shoulders were pressing against the wall, my legs spread, and my hands guiding yours to my ass. When you were pressed up tight against me, I whispered "Lift," and you did. I pressed up on your shoulders, my legs wrapping tightly around your waist, until your erection was lined up with my entrance. I relaxed my thighs' grip on your waist, and sank slowly down onto your erection. We both groaned in bliss as you entered me. You pressed your face briefly into the crook of my neck as we stayed motionless, savouring the feeling of being joined. Shortly, however, my patience ran out, and I squeezed my muscles, massaging your erection buried inside me. The powerful feeling overcame you, and our mouths again met as our hips started grinding together, slowly at first, and then speeding up slightly. Before long you were holding me against the wall with the power of your thrusts, and I cried out every time you bottomed out inside me. My arms were clutched tightly to your shoulders, my fingernails digging in to your flesh as you plunged wildly in and out.

I broke our kiss to wail out my orgasm, wave after wave of intense pleasure crashing over me. My total abandonment sent you over the edge, and I could feel you filling me with jet after jet of your come. Each thrust sent me higher, until I was overcome, and floating in a different world, coasting down from my peak. I felt you wipe a tear from my face and opened my eyes to find you crying as well. "You are so beautiful," you panted, as you leaned in for a kiss. "I love you" I sighed.

I raised my hips slightly, and you slipped out of me with a soft slurping noise. Reluctantly you released my legs from your grip, and I slowly lowered myself to the ground. Leaning against each other as our heart rates slowed down, you gently kissed me behind my ear, and I smiled. "We should get a shower," you suggested, and we abandoned our clothes in the hallway as I took your hand, winding my fingers through yours as I headed towards the washroom.

Master bathrooms are important to me, and it was definitely a consideration when I bought my place. This house had a particularly amazing one. It had a marble two-person jacuzzi tub, full mirrors, two sinks, a separate enclosed space for the toilet, and a very large shower stall. The shower was the crowning glory - not only was it large enough to hold a fair-sized orgy, it had four showerheads with very impressive water pressure. It cost a fortune to pay for the water, but it was worth every penny on a day like today.

Without my having to ask, you stepped into the shower, and turned on the water, waiting for it to warm up. Once warm, you held your arms out for me, and I squeaked as I practically leapt into them. My head cradled on your shoulder, we held each other and rocked as the hot water rained down on us from above. When the bathroom started to steam up completely, I grabbed the bar of soap and a sponge, and started to wash you off. You proceeded to try to distract me by kissing and caressing any part of me you could reach, but somehow I persisted. It may have taken extra time, but I wasn't complaining.

Soon you were clean, but also starting to regain your 'strength'; I started stroking you, helping your erection to full length, but you stopped me. Holding my hands to your chest, you grabbed the sponge from me, rinsing it off, then lathering it up again. You turned me to face away from you, and proceeded to give me an effective back massage as you washed my back, slowly and carefully, not missing a spot. My head lolled, as the tension and stress drained from my spine, and you stopped to wrap your arms around my waist, holding me up. "Don't fall asleep yet - the best is still to come," you whispered into my ear. Pulling me to lean back against you, I rested my head on your shoulder as you continued washing me, running the sponge around my breasts, my tummy, and down to my pubic area. The shampoo was next, and your fingers kneaded my scalp until I could barely stand.

Gently sitting me down, you turned off all the showerheads except one, the handheld one. Soaping the sponge again, you washed my legs, and then very carefully, each foot, and right down to between each toe. I giggled every time the soft sponge touched my sensitive feet, and you smiled. You then put down the sponge, rinsed off my legs and the shampoo, and pulled out my shaving gel. I opened my mouth to protest, but you placed a finger over my lips. "I promise I'll be careful. Just let me take care of you."

I watched apprehensively as you got my razor, carefully rinsed it off, and pulled the cap from the gel. Spraying a little bit on your hand, you had me lift my left arm over my head, and you gently rubbed the gel into a foam in my armpit. I had to work extremely hard to restrain myself from twitching and squawking, but looking at the concentration on your face, I managed to hold it. You looked deeply into my eyes before picking up the razor. Kissing my forehead lightly, you then started shaving. At first it was incredibly ticklish, but I didn't dare move. Watching you intently shave away one small patch, then meticulously rinse the razor each time, I started to calm down, and my nervous jitters went away. I suggested a few small ways to make the process easier, and before long you were done that arm, then the other.

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