Secret Headquaters

by reflex

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Group Sex, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A story written as a fantasy for my wife, modified for general consumption.

I was doing a casual security job at the ultra secret headquarters of an extreme right wing organization. They were something just short of Nazis or the clan. They had a fierce hate of all things different to them, this included women, colored people, gay people and just about anyone who didn't fit their white supremacist stereotype. I was just there in case anyone tried to break in or vandalize the place. I spent most of the time in a large luxurious office, which was where the most sensitive documents regarding their ideals and beliefs where held.

I read with interest about their initiation ceremony. They waited until ten men were ready to join and then had what seemed little more than a bucks night. A prostitute was brought in and each of the ten would use her. The only hint of initiation was that each of the men was blindfolded and handcuffed throughout the night. They were also required to refrain from any sexual activity, including masturbation, for one month prior to the initiation. The theory behind this was that it added to the woman's discomfort and humiliation to be so vigorously fucked and thus empower the inductees with a feeling of superiority over the weaker sex. An essential philosophy of the group was that women were definitely second-class citizens and must be treated as such.

I noticed that the next initiation was set down for Friday night, this being Wednesday I had a fairly wild idea. To make my plan work I needed to hire a prostitute who would be very understanding and accommodating. I also had to ring each of the ten inductees and try to fool them into coming a day early. Even though it was 3.00am I rang each of the ten and gave them all the same line. I told them that if they were accepted as members then they would have to be prepared to serve the cause at any hour of the day. I told them of the new arrangements and that if they had a problem with it they just need not bother turning up, ever. All of them where thrilled to get the call and promised to be there on time with the $500 membership fee demanded of them.

Next, I rang around the escort agency listed in the groups' file and asked for the regular girl that they used. Trixie was her working name. Trixie called me back shortly afterwards and explained to her who I was and what I was planning. More importantly I explained how she would receive $5000 for her trouble. Trixie jumped at the chance to help out. The group had always paid her well and never physically harmed her, but the level of hatred she said that emanated from the group towards her was mentally devastating. As she knew the layout of the place it was easy to explain what I had in mind, she promised to be there early to help me set up.

It was a long nervous wait until Thursday night, but finally I got to 'work' just after 10.00pm. The initiation was set up to start at midnight and Trixie was arriving to arrive at 11.30pm. I used the first half an hour to make sure the place was secure. I went to the office around 10.50pm and called Julie, my wife. I asked her if she could come down and bring me something to eat as I had left my sandwiches at home. I hadn't told her any of my plans in case it didn't all work out. Now that everything was falling in to place I wanted her to be here to enjoy the evening with me. Thankfully, she was able to come straight down. When she arrived, I explained briefly what I had in mind, hoping that she would at least stay to watch even if she couldn't be persuaded to participate. Curiosity got the better of her and she decided to stay and watch, though she made no commitment to joining in.

Trixie arrived promptly at 11.30. She was an extremely attractive girl. As the group's philosophy contained a loathing for colored people I was not surprised to see that she appeared to be South American with lovely chocolate colored skin. Her breasts seemed to be surgically enhanced, but the enhancement served to compliment her over all appearance. She had a bubbly personality and was eager for my plan to succeed.

She chatted with Julie as I went out the front to see if there was any sign of the first cars. Julie seemed to be getting on quite well with Trixie when I returned. I told Trixie that the first car had arrived. I wished her luck as she left the office to begin the first phase of the plan. She was to simply meet the inductees and escort them to the meeting room. When all had arrived, and the money collected, she was going to perform a striptease dance. After the striptease, each of the men would be required to remove all of their clothes, except there underwear. They would then be blindfold and a loose fitting black hood was to be placed over their heads. Handcuffs would secure their hands behind their backs. They were instructed not to speak at any point until they left the building. With the exception of keeping their underwear on, all these measures were in keeping with the normal induction, where the committee of elders would then view them as they 'fucked the black girl'. They were judged on the on some weird points system which I couldn't quite comprehend and the top 5 were invited to become members.

We heard the music coming from Trixie's CD player that indicated that the striptease had begun. I was extremely nervous, for the moment of truth had finally arrived, if I couldn't go through with it, then Trixie was doomed to be screwed senseless, and, as she was such a lovely girl I wouldn't let that happen. Of course my impending actions were for Trixie's sake and not my own gratification! I held Julie tight during the striptease, letting my hands wander her body, willing her to feel as horny as I did. As the music from the striptease stopped, we had gotten one and other into quite a state of arousal. I was eager to play my part and now felt sure Julie would join in at some point. Julie was still unaware as to the role Trixie had been designated to play.

The door to the office opened and Trixie was first through wearing only a skimpy pair of white panties. The silicon implants in her breasts caused her dark chocolaty nipples to stand erect and point upwards. She quietly ushered the ten men in. Trixie's striptease must have been quite a show, as they all sported firm erections beneath their underwear. Trixie silently walked over to where we were leaning against the desk. I moved away to allow her to take my position. She caught Julies' eye and animatedly looked down at the bulge in my underwear, grinning mischievously, she pushed me forward toward the waiting men. I turned to Julie and gave her a long passionate kiss, allowing my fingers to slip beneath her panties and to feel her wetness.

I turned to the ten. They were deprived of three of their senses. Now only having sounds and smells to maintain their arousal. I walked along the line looking at the bulges in their underwear as I traced my fingers, covered in Julies' scent, below their noses. Several of them actually poked their tongues out in a vain attempt to taste the offering. I selected what appeared to me to be the three hardest cocks and brought them forward to a few feet from Julie and Trixie. I wanted to make sure Julie had a good view of everything I did and I positioned them so that she was able to see all three cocks and my face. One had blue underwear, another black and the last, red. Blue was on my left, black on my right and red directly in front of me.

I made my first hesitant move towards the bulge in the red underwear. His cock was so hard and stood so straight, that his underwear had tightened around his balls, making them appear firm and inviting. I lightly touched his balls, applying just enough pressure to make a slight indentation in his underwear. That first touch of another mans genitalia had more of an impact on me than I was prepared for. I almost came, totally unassisted. It was as though an invisible current flowed from my fingers to my cock, I felt huge drop of juice ooze from my cock. I increased the pressure of my strokes slightly and was thrilled to notice the clear liquid come from the head of his cock and on form a gorgeous droplet on his underwear. I lightly kissed the moist patch, ensuring that all the precious fluid ended up either in my mouth or on my lips. That first kiss of his cock left me immediately hungering for more. I started to lick the length of red's shaft through his underwear, pushing his cock upwards with my tongue.

Now, with both hands free, I started stroking black and blue simultaneously. Starting with their balls and working my hands up to feel the swell of their rock hard dicks, lingering over the head of their pricks to feel their wetness. Rubbing their juices into their underwear before moving back down their shafts to their balls. As I continued licking red, forcing his cock higher and higher, his tight balls were now at eye level, yearning to be licked, and naturally I obliged. Great big long wet licks, from the head of his cock to as far in as I could nuzzle my tongue under his balls. The contrast of the hardness of his cock to the relative soft sponginess of his balls was delicious. Blue and black were forcing their dicks into my hands, beckoning me to give more pressure, getting wetter and wetter, hmm, ripe for a sucking.

I had licked red so much that his underwear was now clinging to his cock, the outline of it clear and inviting. I momentarily let go of blue and black to pull down red's underwear. His cock sprang up to greet me as it was released. I stroked his naked prick a few times, feeling the warmth on my palm and the wetness on my fingertips. Running my hand down his shaft to his swollen balls, feeling their heat and heaviness. I continued to stroke red and blue as I sucked the head of black through his underwear, ensuring as much of the juices I had worked so hard to get, ended up in my mouth. I then also pulled his underwear off and began stroking him in the same manner as red was receiving. Blue received the same treatment, though he seemed to have collected a lot more juice in his underwear, so they needed more sucking, or maybe it was just my sucking that was getting him wetter. Not that I minded feeling more and more of his warm juices in my mouth as I continued stroking red and black. Eventually I also pulled his underwear down. The foreplay was over, the light gentle touching and licking was enough to keep them extremely interested but not enough to make them cum. Now the time and come, surrounded by three throbbing hard cocks I began in earnest to make them cum.

The moment my lips touched the first naked cock was Trixie's cue to begin her subtle work on Julie. She moved around to the back of the desk and climbed up behind her. She touched Julie gently around the shoulders and neck, letting her hands fall to Julies' breasts and achingly hard nipples. Her hands were like liquid chocolate, flowing smoothly and gently over Julie. Trixie knew that if Julie offered any resistance at all she was to stop. But Julie seemed enraptured as she watched me sucking and slurping and pulling three rock hard cocks, Trixie's attention to Julie appeared welcome. Her hot breath on Julies' neck and her warm hands on Julies' breasts seemed only to enhance the experience for her.

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