I Was Dead

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, DomSub, MaleDom, .

Desc: Sex Story: A stranger enters her life and changes everything

As soon as I saw him approach me, I knew I was dead. I was waiting for the bus after working late, when his car stopped nearby, he walked straight towards me. He was tall and slim with long dark hair; I couldn't look away, I couldn't move, I was like a mouse before the snake. He was there, standing right in front of me, my eyes couldn't pull away from his dark bottomless pits; I could see death there. His hand reached up and encircled my neck and then he spoke.

"Do you know who I am?" he said with an evil smile that didn't reach his dead eyes.

"N-no," I croaked in reply.

"I'm your worst nightmare," he said, his hand around my neck slowly squeezed. This was it, he was going to squeeze the life out of me, right here on the street.

"Open your coat," he said, easing the pressure slightly.

"W-what!" I stuttered.

"Open your coat," he said again, squeezing my neck to reinforce his demands. My hands quickly unbuckled my belt and I opened my coat.

"Good girl," he smiled evilly. His free hand moved under my coat and cupped my right breast.

"Nice," he said, again easing the pressure on my neck. I was just about holding on to my bladder, the fear in my stomach was a tangible thing. But despite all that, I was suddenly wet between my legs. His hand continued to fondle me, squeezing and thumbing my now erect nipples.

"Bag," he suddenly moved his hand off my breast and held it out.

"W-what?" I said, completely taken unawares.

"Give me your bag," he said putting pressure on my neck again. I held my handbag out for him to take. He removed his hand from my neck and opened my bag. I was free, I could run, but I knew I couldn't, I knew he would catch and kill me; he pulled out an old bill and read the address.

"Donna Kelly of Kingston Place, is that you?" he asked.

"Y-yes," I croaked.

"Good," he smiled again, "I'll see you again soon." He gave me my bag back, then turned to walk back to his car. I stood there shaking from the huge amount of adrenaline in my system, my mind so disturbed that my bus came and went without me seeing it. But I was alive.

I eventually got home and went straight to my bath, the hot water soothed me a little, but when I closed my eyes I could still see his dark eyes staring into mine. My flat mate Vicky asked if I was all right, as I looked a little vague.

"No I'm fine," I said. Happy I was ok, she went out, leaving me alone with my private nightmare. Two days later I was ready to dismiss my encounter as just that, a nightmare, that is until I opened the door and he stood there.

"Invite me in," he said, his smile sent a shiver of fear through me, but despite all that, his words made me smile inside, the thought that he may be a vampire crossed my mind; you have to be invited them in don't you. I stepped aside and he walked into my flat. Vicky was out again with her boyfriend, thank God, she was safe.

"Nice place Donna," he said, but his eyes never left my face. His hand was back around my neck, not squeezing yet, but somehow with a light caress. The wetness was back between my legs as was the fear in my stomach. I had a bath earlier and I was only wearing jogging bottoms and a shirt. His free hand moved to cup my braless breasts, I just stood there not moving, my breathing coming in short gasps.

"Take your top off," he demanded with a quick squeeze of my neck. My hands moved in front of me and started to un-button my shirt. Soon it was on the floor; his hand was back caressing my breasts; my pussy was now gushing.

"Very nice Donna," he smiled at me, "now the rest." My bottoms joined my shirt on the floor. His hands now roamed over my naked body; I found myself on the floor and he was pulling my legs open wide.

"Open for me," he said. His hardness entered me and despite my wetness, his hard thrust caused a cry of pain to leave my lips. He lay unmoving on top of me, his face inches from mine. Then he started to thrust hard in and out, the fear was still there but so was the sexual desire. My orgasm came totally unexpected and only after a few thrusts too. He carried on thrusting into me, and soon my limp body started to respond again, my second orgasm came just before he pumped his sperm into me.

He pulled out of me, zipped up and sat back on my couch, looking down at my naked body. My eyes were closed tight, I couldn't believe I had come not once, but twice. I lay there, my legs wide open while he scrutinised me; I dare not move, just waiting for him to speak.

"Very good, I knew I picked the right girl that night; come and sit here," he said, patting the couch next to him. When I had complied with his demand, I looked at him; the smile on his face now had reached his eyes, softening his cruel face a little. His hand reached out and fondled my breasts again.

"I'll be going now," he said still smiling.

"Please stay," I begged, not knowing why I said that, but I knew that's what I wanted. His face took on a puzzled expression.

"Why my little one?" he asked.

"Please stay with me," I said, "no one has ever made me feel like you have." Once I had said it I knew it was true, all my previous boyfriends paled to nothing in comparison. "Please stay, I'll do anything you want," I added.

"Anything," he said.

"Please," I begged again, "please stay."

"Ok, ok," he laughed, "but be prepared, my anythings covers a lot of country."

"I don't care," I said, happy his hands were back fondling my body.

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