Hated Simon

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, .

Desc: Sex Story: oldest friend can't get it up for his new wife

I've always hated Simon, no that's not fair, envied would be a better word. He always had more than me; his family had more money than mine and it showed from his clothes to his birthday presents. It didn't help that he lived next door and I have to endure being shown all his new things. When we both finished school it got worse, he got a better job then me and always drove a newer car. The women he got off with were always prettier and curvier than mine were too; then he got married.

At first it seemed to be the same old story, for she was a stunner. Her name was June, she was quite tall about five foot seven, with a curvaceous body to die for. I was invited to the wedding of course, and I had to sit through the reception watching them dance and kiss. On the up side I did get off with her ugly younger sister Ruth, no that's not fair either, she was just not as pretty as the bride. She did have a nice body on her as I found out in the cloakroom later in the evening. I think weddings get some girl's juices going, for as soon as I was kissing her, her hands were all over me, pulling my zip down and getting my hard cock out. If she was a virgin before she isn't now, her knickers were off in a flash and I thrust my seven inches into her hot wet pussy; I kept her knickers as a trophy. Back to the reception I just had time to kiss the bride goodbye, good job my cock was limp or she would have felt it hard up against her body.

Life went on and soon they were back from their honeymoon; he was all smiles, lucky bastard I thought. I had seen Ruth a few times, she seemed quite keen, but I'm afraid I was just using her as a sperm bank. Anyway she was around my flat one evening where I had the intention of making a deposit inside her then kicking her out, when Simon and June turned up with their wedding and honeymoon pictures. Ruth hadn't seen them yet so I had to endure and hour of smiling family and friends. When we got to the honeymoon, things picked up, for there was June spilling out of her small bikini in a very eye catching way. Simon seemed very keen on showing me his prize bride in all her near naked glory, how I hated the guy. When they had left, Ruth got the benefit of my ardour for all I could still see was her sister's face and body as I thrust between her thighs.

Some weeks later Ruth and I got an invite to a barbecue party at Simon and June's house. I didn't really want to go by Ruth was all for it. Of course their house was big and impressive, I made my way to the bar and started to drink it dry. To be fair Ruth had made an effort and she looked good. She was wearing these tight Jeans with a thin top with no bra underneath, she does have nice firm tits. June however was in a different class altogether and look magnificent in her mini dress with its low neckline. By now I had a few and as I was upstairs looking for the loo, when I bumped into June, literary. I apologised, but she just put her arms around my neck and kissed me. Through her slurred drunken words, she said that Ruth had confided in her about me. This was intriguing; yes she said, Ruth had told her how good I was in bed, not like her limp dicked Husband. Oh this was rich, all these years I have been envious of him, and he couldn't even get it up for his new bride. The next bit is obvious of course, even for my drunken mind knew what to say next, come over anytime and I give you a good seeing to, I offered. Later when I replayed it in my mind, I had second thoughts, suppose she told Simon about my pass at her. Too late now to worry about it, so I took Ruth home and fucked her brains out.

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