by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Cheating, Gang Bang, Group Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: was he in love with the wrong girl

When I first saw Lisa, it was one of those jaw dropping, eyes bulging moments. She walked into the refectory and sat down opposite me; my lunch now all but forgotten. She wasn't a slim girl, if anything, few pounds overweight, but the overall effect was simply stunning. The girl with her, I found out later, was called Carol, and she was a stunning girl in her own right, but her beauty paled when she was with Lisa.

Lisa introduced herself, she was never backward when coming forward, and said she would meet me later, when I could take her home. For the rest of the day I was in a dazed state, why would this vision of loveliness want me to take her home. I found out when I was dragged off to her room in the flat that she and Carol shared. Her clothes were off in a flash; I just stood there, not believing what I was seeing.

"Come on, get your kit off," she giggled, I was naked in seconds. My hands became full of plump breasts and thighs, but she was impatient and pulled me on top of her.

"Stop fucking about and put it in me," she said sharply. I slid in easily, her hips became alive under me, driving the encounter, until she froze under me and came hard, my sperm pumped into her.

"Yeah, that was nice," she sighed, "been wanted to do that since I saw you this morning."

"Oh," I said, very happy with her comments.

"Yeah," she giggled, "should have seen you face."

"What," I said.

"Carol pointed you out," she said, "so we had to come over."

After we had dressed we re-entered the lounge, were Carol was waiting.

"How was he?" she asked.

"Not bad," giggled Lisa, "I'll give him a 8." It was at this time when I got my first good look at Carol. She was slimmer than Lisa, but not skinny by any means, in fact she would have taken my fancy if Lisa wasn't there. We all chatted until late, then I was kissed goodnight and sent on my way. After that I was a regular visitor to their flat, and at weekends I usually stayed all night.

The first time I became worried about our relationship was one Friday night, Lisa and I had come in late, both a little drunk. Carol by now was already in bed.

"Let's wake Carol up and have some fun," said Lisa.

"No let her sleep," I said. But no, Lisa went straight into Carol's room, strip off her few clothes, she never wears much, and jumps into bed with her. I stood in the doorway in a stunned stupor as my girlfriend starts kissing her slowly awaking flat mate.

"Come on," she urged, initially Carol fought her off while she was still a bit disorientated from waking up, but within seconds she was kissing Lisa back.

"Come on, Carol needs a hard cock," Lisa urged again. My cock hardened at the sight before me, and I weakened, I stripped off and joined the two girls on the bed. As I have said before, there's nothing wrong with Carol, face or body, so my cock was happy to thrust into her, between my thrusts and Lisa kissing her and squeezing her breasts, Carol was not going to last too long. Her orgasm pushed me over the edge and I came too. I slept then, only to be awakened a few times by the two girls rolling onto me with their lust. My befuddled brain had only just worked out that this wasn't the first time they had done this. I watched in the dim morning light as Carol licked Lisa between her legs, her bum temptingly in the air. My cock slipped into her wet pussy from behind and for the second time in hours I was fucking my girlfriend flatmate.

When I awoke next I was alone in Carol's bed; I got up and dressed to find both girls in the lounge.

"Up at last sleepy head," giggled Lisa. In truth I was ashamed of myself this morning, I was in love with Lisa wasn't I, so I had no business fucking her friend, even if they both wanted it. But that wasn't the end of it, from here on, it got worse. I called around one evening to find carol home on her own.

"Where's Lisa?" I asked, after she had invited me in.

"She'll be in later," she said, and offered me a cuppa. When I got to midnight I started to worry.

"She'll be in soon," re-assured Carol and she was right, but what she didn't say was she would be coming in with another guy.

"W-what, who's this," I stammered.

"Oh hello lover," she said, she was drunk. "Carol will look after you tonight, want you lovey? Mickey and I have a date with my bed."

"What," I said and before my eye they had disappeared into Lisa room.

"What's going on?" I asked Carol.

"She gets like this sometimes," she said, "don't take it personal, she really loves you." I was speechless, do I walk in there and throw this Mickey out or just leave.

"Come on," Carol said, taken my arm, "sleep with me tonight." I let her lead me into her room where I held her perfect body, trying to drive my demons away. In the end I pushed Carol onto her back and thrust into her ruthlessly and without any concerns over her feelings; in fact, I treated her very badly.

I was awoken when Lisa joined us in the morning.

"Hi lover," she said cuddling up to me.

"What was that all about last night?" I said, still very angry.

"Oh don't mind him," she said, "I just got a bit frisky last night, it doesn't mean anything."

"It might not to you," I snapped at her, "but it does to me."

"You know you're my only love," she said sweetly, and rubbing my cock until it was hard. "And I sure Carol didn't let you go without, I think she fancies you too." To my shame, my hard cock won the argument and I slammed it into her.

"Oh yes lover, fuck me hard," she shouted.

Things calmed down after that, and I forgave her, in truth I was besotted with her and her shapely body, and I would almost forgive her anything. Trouble was, she was a man magnet, she dressed to please them and this would attract any man within striking distance. It wasn't unusual if she went out dressed in a short dress with only her knickers underneath, her large braless breasts moving so everybody knew her state of un-dress. But as long as she came home with me and spread her shapely legs, I could put up with her flirting.

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