It Never Happens to Me

by Henrik Larsen

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Some guys have all the luck when it comes to girls but cometimes luck can change.

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"Come on. You just have to go over and ask her," Steve said.

"Yeah. And you know what happens? The same thing that always happens: She says no and as I walk away she will start snickering with her friend. I'm no good at it and girls can sense that a mile away. I'm okay, really."

"You're just going to ask her to dance," Steve grinned.

He liked to tease me about my shyness towards girls. I'm probably what you would call the classic nerd, although I'm fairly muscular. Sure, I'd had girlfriends but with long periods alone in between. Steve simply couldn't understand how I could live without getting laid at least six times a week. He was the kind of guy who could walk up to a girl and ask her if she wanted to fuck, and she would throw herself into his arms and say. "I've been waiting for you to say that all night." You know the kind of guy. His success rate when it came to his actual conquests was significantly lower, but he still had a more active sex life than I had. I wasn't a virgin, but my sex life would have read more like a short story than a novel.

Yes, you may ask why a shy bookworm and a daredevil Don Juan are best of friends and the answer is simple: Steve is my brother. We have always joked about not having the same father. Mum used to say that I was like the milkman and Steve more like the postman, but then Dad, our real dad, would argue that Steve was a carbon copy of Uncle John. Naturally, there was no doubt about who our father was. Our parents were deeply devoted to each other. I mean, if you can joke about something like that you really do trust each other. Anyway, we both had some of our father's looks.

It was Saturday night and we were at the local disco with some of our mates. I was only there because Steve had talked me into it and I'd been unable to come up with a good excuse. I had planned to study Sunday but that explanation wasn't good enough and Steve had insisted. I'd only planned to stay for a couple of beers and go home early. Studying with a massive hangover was futile.

Steve gave up his attempt to get me out on the dance floor and went out hunting while I went to the toilet. When I returned he was on the floor with a beautiful girl, his hands firmly gripping her behind. Naturally, she looked at Steve with bedroom eyes. I went back to our table and the rest of my beer. I'd planned to finish it and then leave, but before could do any such thing a young girl came over.

"Hi. Do you wanna dance?" she asked.

I looked up at her. She was very pretty. Not the kind of girl Steve would hit on but just the kind of girl I liked. Natural looking with less makeup, and cover-up, than the glamour-girls Steve adored. She had freckles, too, and I loved freckled girls. I must have looked flabbergasted. My first thought was: "It never happens to me", but strangely it just had.

"Yes, but I'm a horrible dancer," I managed to utter.

"It's okay. I'll lead," she said with a smile that made my knees weak.

I was a hazard on the dance floor, but her feet survived. We only had one dance, though, but I was invited over to her table. She was at the disco with a friend and we all got introduced. My dance partner's name was Vicki, her friend's name was Lea and for your information my name is Dave. With that out of the way we sat and chatted for a short while until Vicki asked a strange question.

"So, are you enjoying your last night of freedom?"

"What do you mean?" I asked.

Vicki looked surprised.

"Your marriage!"

"My what?"

"Your friend told me that this was your stag night. Aren't you getting married?"

As she said it I could see a look of doubt on her face. I suddenly knew exactly what had happened.

"God damn, Steve," I said out loud. "I'm sorry, Vicki. I think my brother has been up to one of his funny little games. I'm not going to be married. I don't even have a girlfriend and my brother finds that quite disturbing, so he tried to fix me up with your. I'm sorry."

I got up but Vicki reached out and grabbed my arm.

"Wait a sec," she said and turned to Lea, whispering something to her. Lea whispered back to Vicki and they giggled. Girls giggling together always make me insecure and I was really losing my nerve. I just wanted to run. Her hand on my arm didn't hold me back physically, but the warm, soft touch felt so nice that it paralysed me. Vicki turned to me.

"Sit down," she said. "We'll teach your brother a lesson."

"I'm not really sure..." I started but Vicki cut me off.

"Don't worry, it's nothing bad," Vichy said.

"What do you have in mind?" I asked.

The girls giggled again but this time it felt less intimidating. I sat down again.

"We were thinking about going back to my place," Vicki said. "Just seeing you walk out of here with two girls should make your smart-arse brother a bit jealous, don't you think?"

It would undoubtedly surprise him if I went off with a girl after one dance. Leaving with two girls was bound to get his attention. I nodded smiling.

"Ready to leave then?" Vicki asked.

"I'll just say goodbye," I said.

Steve was still on the dance floor.

"I'm leaving," I said.

"Don't be such a drag. Stay and have some fun," Steve replied.

"I'm leaving with them," I said and pointed to Vicki and Lea. "See you tomorrow."

I didn't wait for his reply but it read "What! Them? You?" all over his face. Maybe because it was all a joke I put my arms around the girl's shoulders and walked out of the Disco like a real Casanova with his latest catch.

It turned out that Vicki lived with her parents in a big house in the rich part of town. Neither Vicki nor Lea seemed to fit the spoiled rich kid stereotype; actually, they were both nice. Vicki's parents weren't home and Lea was staying over to keep her company. I had expected to walk them home and say goodnight, but the girls had other plans and invited me in for a drink. I felt pretty comfortable in their company and accepted. I would still be able to study Sunday, even if I had one more drink.

"Do your brother often play that kind of tricks?" Lea wanted to know.

"No. He just think that all men should be like him and run around chasing girls all the time."

"He looks like that kind of guy," Vicki said. "We'll make sure he'll be jealous."

They both began to giggle again. I thought we had dealt with that part of their plan and was a bit puzzled.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

It only made them giggle more. Vicki whispered something to Lea.

"No, you do it," Lea said and pushed Vicki playfully.

"OK. We..." Vicki giggled timidly and started over. "Sometimes Lea and I go out together, like tonight, when my parents are out and we can stay here and bring some boys home. Not that we do that all the time. We usually go home alone and we... you know, talk about boys and stuff. Lea have some wild fantasies that she never dares to tell the boys and..."

"Vicki!" Lea yelled and punched her shoulder.

"You do!" Vicki said and punched her back.

"As if you haven't!" Lea replied.

Vicki turned to me again. "We've talked about... things and you seemed like an okay kind of guy and your brother deserves a little lesson. We decided that this was the night to do something wild."

"Wild?" I asked.

I understood what she was saying, at least I thought I did, and it was kind of beyond my imagination to fully visualise it.

"Like get it on, the three of us," Vicki said and, seeing the dumbfounded look on my face, added: "Don't worry. We're not fanatical lesbians just waiting to cut your dick off."

She was blushing furiously and Lea was giggling nervously next to her on the couch. Not knowing what to say or do I just blurted out a "Wow!" An awkward silence followed. Unexpectedly it was Lea who took the next step.

"Don't you think your parents bedroom will be best," she asked Vicki.


Vicki stood up, took Lea's hand and pulled her up.

"We'll just be a sec," Vicki said. "We'll come down and get you when we are ready."

They ran upstairs and left me a lone for what felt like an hour but was less than five minutes.

"Come on up here," Vicki called from the top of the stairs.

I wanted to run up the stairs, but I restrained myself not to appear too eager and walked up the stairs to the first floor. Vicki and Lea were waiting at the top of the stairs. They led me into a large bedroom with a gigantic brass bed. Again we were in a kind of deadlock and again it was Lea who took the initiative, this time by action rather than words; she tugged Vicki's blouse up over her head. Vicki followed suit, pulling Lea's shirt up over her head. Then they both turned to me and began undressing me, not stopping until I was fully undressed. I wanted to undress them but they pushed me back onto the bed and proceeded to undress each other.

They were both very tense, giggling nervously and it became clear to me that they were not lovers. This was as new to Vicki and Lea as it was to me. The meaning of wild was not just about me. It was as if they forgot about me for a while; their eyes were at each other, timidly stealing glimpses of each other's bodies as they uncovered more and more. I stared at them and at every detail they uncovered. Vicki's fair complexion contrasted Lea's darker skin; Lea's small, firm breasts and slim hips complimented Vicki's full figure. I had everything I could dream of in front of me. When the final piece of garment was removed they hesitated. I could sense that something was going on between them.

"Are we sure?" Lea asked.

Vicki looked at her seriously and nodded.

"Sure? Everything?" Lea asked.

Vicki shuddered and nodded again.

She raised her hand to Lea's breast and touched it. Lea shivered and still looking deep into Vicki's eyes she put her arm around Vicki's shoulders and turned her towards the bed. They were both sexy in they own way and together they were breathtaking. Lea ushered Vicki down next to me and sat down on the other side of her. I wondered if they only wanted me as a spectator, but Lea answered that question when she took my hand and put it on Vicki's left breast.

When I walked up the stairs to the bedroom I had expected that I would be the centre of attention, but it was almost a relief that it was Vicki. Even though I was young and never had experienced problems with premature ejaculation, I was realistic enough to recognise the potential problem of satisfying two girls. This way I had two hands and one mouth in reserve to help me. Or perhaps it was Lea and Vicki who had the extra help? I was still unsure about that but it didn't matter.

We began caressing Vicki's soft breasts but soon our hands roamed, moving down over her stomach to her thighs. Vicki had closed her eyes and responded to our caresses with sighs and gasps. I followed Lea's track and speed, one hand on Vicki's breasts and the other closing in on her crotch, slowly and with lots of detours, but the aim was clear.

Vicki's breathing became faster and she began to shift a little. I waited for Lea to move the final few inches to Vicki's triangle of red hair. Though big and puffy, the outer lips were unable to cover the inner and it was obvious that Vicki was very aroused; her inner lips were glistening wet. I looked at Lea and she smiled wickedly and nodded. Our hands moved up on each side of Vicki's pussy and touched her outer lips, pressing them together lightly. She gasped at the much anticipated but also sudden sensation. The next couple of minutes we massaged her outer lips, spreading them and squeezing them between us, especially the top part.

Vicki's legs were spread as much as they possibly could, trapped between Lea and myself. As her excitement grew she constantly tried to spread them more. Finally she tried to pull them up and around us. It was awkward but after some shifting around Lea and I were sitting between Vicki's legs, which was spread more than I thought would be possible for her. Lea was the athletic type but looks can deceive and Vicki proved to be quite flexible as well.

She was completely open and I let my finger dip into the slippery folds. I stopped a quarter on in inch short of the spot she most wanted me to touch. Even though I was shy I'd had a few girlfriends and, perhaps because I was so shy, I'd done everything I could to learn what a girl wanted, theoretically. Most of what I'd read had proved to be useful in practise as well, at least the things I'd tried. In other words: I was not completely ignorant when it came to sex and female anatomy.

Lea's circled a finger around Vicki vagina. She looked at me and giggled timidly before slowly sinking the finger into Vicki. I moved my finger the last part of the way up to Vicki's sore spot and she jerk as if my finger had been electrically charged.

Vicki was already pretty worked up and it took little to bring her the last part of the way, my finger on her clit, Lea's in her vagina and each of us with a hand on her breasts, playing with her nipples. Her orgasm was silent but physically it was like an earthquake, her body shuddering and twisting as much as it could with her legs spread out to the limit of her capability.

We continued to stroke her thighs gently while she recovered. My hands met Lea's and left Vicki's body to explore Lea's. I followed her arms up to her shoulders, pulling her to me to engage in a kiss. While we kissed my hands found her breasts. They were smaller than Vicki's, only what I could have in my hand, but much firmer, and even though Vicki's breasts were impressive I was inclined to prefer Lea's. Fortunately I didn't have to choose. Perhaps because of the size, Lea's nipples seemed big and I could clearly feel them poking into the palm of my hand.

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