Fair Deal

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Hypnosis, Heterosexual, Fiction, MaleDom, .

Desc: Sex Story: Pair of young girls find something they weren't looking for at the local fair

My nightmare started the night the fair came to town. Joanne and I walked as it had been set up just outside of town. They had all the usual things, doggems and rides, but they also had a small marquee with some circus and stage acts. The act we saw was a hypnotist, he was old, fat and ugly, but he sure had talent. Joanne was the first one up on the stage, followed by a half-a-dozen others. He had them hypnotised in short order, then had them doing chicken or dog impressions, It was all very funny; although I did notice that he paid more attention to Jo than to the others; she was the only pretty young girl there. After the show, Jo wanted to go back stage, I wasn't keen but she was adamant.

"Come in girls, I have been expecting you" he shouted out, in answer to our knock. "You must me be Ann" he said looking at me.

"How did you know?" I stammered

"She told me" indicating Jo "when she was on stage."

He now walked over to Jo and whispered something I couldn't hear but Jo suddenly stiffened and closed her eyes.

"What have you done to her?" I asked suddenly afraid.

"Nothing much, just a little suggestion, now she will do anything I want," he replied with a leer.

"What!" I'm now totally confused.

"Watch," he said turning to address Jo, "Jo you are finding your bra a little tight, why don't you take it off and be more comfortable."

"No Jo don't," I shouted, but she didn't hear me.

She reached behind her back, under her sweater, and unclipped her bra back strap, then pulling the shoulder straps down her arms she removed her bra with a sigh of relief.

"No please you can't do this, I'll tell the police," I threatened after I watched Jo shed her bra.

"Be my guest, it's your word against ours," he laughed indicating Jo. "They won't believe you and she won't remember any of this and will say anything I tell her to say."

"What do you want from me," I said trying to keep the tears away, for I knew he was telling the truth.

"Now there's a clever girl, I knew you'll get it eventually," he said with a leery smile.

He walked over to Jo still form.

"I can do this, but it's too easy," he said, putting his hands on Jo's sweater anf pulling it up to expose her small breasts. He then proceeded to fondled her for a while.

"No effort, but not much fun either, I like a bit of emotion in my conquests, even if it's only fear," he said, then turning back to me. "But you can take her place."

"What! No, no please, I can't," I begged with tears running down my cheeks.

"Come on, it's your choice," he said. "She's got a nice body, this is no hardship for me" he turned back to continue to fondle Jo's exposed breasts.

"Only you can stop me," he said.

"Please no," I sobbed, my tears are falling freely now. "Please."

"Why don't you take yours clothes off," he leered at me.

"No please I can't," I cried.

"Well if you don't" he leered, "I'll just have to get my pleasure from her."

He indicated Jo's still form. After staring at me for some seconds he turned towards Jo and he whispered to her again. Jo moved her arms and pulled her jumper over her head and threw it down. Then she started to remove her jeans.

"No please," I shouted, "I'll do as you ask."

I had no choice really. I reached up slowly to start to unbutton my blouse. He raised his arm to Jo and she stopped moving again. I hang my head in shame as I removed my top followed by my bra, skirt and knickers. I stood there naked before this powerful stranger.

"I knew I made the right choice," he said staring at my naked figure.

"Turn for me," he commented, oh my, very nice."

I slowly turned for him.

"Come over here," he commanded, his voice thick with lust.

"What about her?" I asked unable even to say her name.

"Jo" he called out, "you will not see and hear anything till I tell you otherwise."

He beamed at me, then he moved over to a padded chair and sat down.

"Here sit on my lap," he patted his legs.

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