Worth Looking At

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: dumped girl feels much better when the phone rings

I stared out of my bedroom window into the blackness beyond. How could this have happened, what was the matter with me. The glass in the window reflected my image back to me; I wasn't wearing much, just a pair if bikini knickers. I sure I look alright, no one had any complained before. In the blackness I saw movement, someone was looking up at me. For the first time in days, a faint smile played across my face. Well at least someone thought my body was worth looking at. I didn't move away, let the guy look, my boobs were small but firm, my waist trim and flat, and my hips flared nicely to long legs below. There he was, standing still, his dog trying to pull him on, but he just stood there looking up at me.

After a long time I pulled the curtains and moved away, I picked up my glass of wine and walked back into the lounge. I refilled my glass and sat down on the sofa. All alone again, since Pete the bastard dumped me, the phone had not rung at all. This had never happened to me before, usually I had them queuing up to ask me out, I must have burn all my bridges when I went out with Pete. I could always ring purvie Colin I suppose; he would make me welcome. Some of the things he would whisper in my ear, the dirty bastard; no I'm not that desperate yet.

I must have developed bad breath or BO for no one comes near me. Thinking back, I suppose being with Pete the bastard must have pissed off a lot of my old friends. I come in from college feeling really down, I strip off my clothes and have a shower. I could always flash at my dog-walking voyeur. No that's too sad, get the Gin out girl and get rat arsed. The phone rang, making me jump.

"Yes, yes," I almost shouted thinking it may be Pete.

"Hi gorgeous," it was pervie Colin, and as I suspected, he wanted to talk dirty to me.

"Hi Colin," I said, well even talking to Colin was better than talking to my self.

"What are you wearing gorgeous?" he asked, typical of Colin, straight in with the naughty questions. After my shower I was just wearing just my knickers.

"Just a pair of sexy knickers," I told him.

"Oh my what a vision," he chuckled, "your pert tits all bare."

"Yeah," I said, there was a whisper of a smile on my face, even Colin's dirty litany was cheering me up.

"I'd bet they feel nice too," he whispered, "why don't you squeeze them for me."

"You're a dirty bugger," I giggled, but my hand reached up and squeezed one then the other.

"Mmm," I moaned.

"That's it girl," he whispered in my ear, "I bet that feels nice, doesn't it? I bet it's making your knickers all wet, why don't you feel and tell me." Oh shit, he was right, I was wet between my legs. This is silly, I was getting turned on by one of Colin's dirty phone calls.

"Tell me, are you all wet down there?" he asked.

"Oh yes, you bastard," I said.

"Rub your fingers up and down over your pussy," he instructed. My fingers moved as if on their own volition. Shit what I'm I doing, wanking off for Colin, but it did feel so nice.

"I'll bet you'd like a nice long tongue now, licking your clit," he said with a chuckle.

"Oh yeah," I moaned, getting into it now.

"Slide your knickers off," he instructed, my hand rolled them down my slim thighs and off over my feet.

"Now spread those long legs wide," he whispered, "now run your finger's over your slit, how does that feel?"

"Mmm," I moaned, totally lost in the fires that were burning below.

"Push two fingers into your dripping pussy," he said.

"Oh my," I sighed as I complied, "that feels so good".

"Come for me," he whispered, "push them in harder and come." His quiet words stimulated me and with my hips pushing back at my pumping fingers; I came.

"Oh my god," I moaned.

"Was that nice?" he asked.

"Oh my, that was great," I smiled down the phone at Colin.

"Glad to be of service," he chuckled, "you must invite me over to watch you sometime."

"Get off you perv," I said, but the thought of him watching me had re-light my fires. "I bet you love to watch me wank for you, wouldn't you, you perv." I said lightly.

"Oh yeah, I can see you now, lying there naked," he whispered, "with those great legs open wide and your fingers disappearing into your sopping pussy."

"Oh don't you perv," I moaned, but it was too late, my hips were banging back at my hand.

"Oh yes, yes," I cried out and came again.

"Good night my lovely," he said, "sleep well."

"No please don't hung up, please Colin, please," I begged.

"Sure, love," he said.

"Talk to me some more please," I said.

"Do you want me to come over?" he asked.

"No not tonight Colin," I smiled, "but thanks anyway."

"Anytime princess," he chuckled. My talking, even with pervie Colin had cheered me up considerably and later when I went to bed, I slept well for the first time in days.

I met Colin at College the next day and he smiled at me.

"Sleep well princess?" he asked with a smile.

"Yeah thanks Colin," I replied. There's no way any sensible girl could consider Colin a fancyable guy, being short and overweight, but he could make you smile when you're down. He sat down with me at lunchtime and we chatted. Some of his jokes were outrageous, but you had to laugh.

"I'll ring you tonight Princess," he said as we parted.

"Yeah right, you perv," I smiled at him.

I got in and showered, tonight I didn't bother with clothes at all. At my window I looked out waiting for my dog-walking guy. As I stood there the phone rang.

"Hi princess," whispered Colin, "what are you doing?"

"I was standing naked at my window waiting for someone to walk by," I said truthfully.

"Oh my princess, I think I drive over and park outside your place," he chuckled.

"Yeah you do that," I giggled.

"Before I do, why don't you lie down on that sofa of yours," he said, "have you done that?"

"Yeah," I giggled.

"Now run your hands over your velvet smooth skin, ok," he instructed.

"Mmm, that feels so nice," I said.

"Squeeze your tits for me," his voice dropped to a whisper, "pinch your erect nipples until they hurt."

"Oh," I moaned.

"Now run your fingers over you wet slit," he said, "Is it wet?"

"Oh yes," I moaned, "it's gushing."

"Yeah that's a good girl, now push your fingers into your pussy," he instructed. "How does that feel?"

"Oh that feels so nice," I cooed.

"Do it harder, pump those fingers, make yourself come for me," he demanded.

"Oh yes, yes," I cried and came so hard that I dropped the phone from my shoulder.

"Princess are you there?" I could hear his voice from the handset.

"Yeah Colin, I'm here," I said picking up the phone.

"Was that nice?" he asked.

"Mmm, that was smashing, thank you," I cooed.

"Right, I'm getting into my car and I be parked outside your window in ten minutes," he said.

"No don't do that, come on up, I'll make you a cup of coffee," I invited.

"Right ok princess," he said, "I'll be there soon." What am I doing, inviting pervie Colin up here. Oh shit, being with Colin was better than being on my own. First up was to get some clothes on, a pair of jeans and a jean jacket, fuck the underwear.

Just as the kettle was boiling my bell rang and there he was. We sat down, me on the sofa, him on the floor by my feet. We chatted and he told me some really disgusting jokes; you have to laugh though. My black mood of the last few days lifted, at least for now. We drank our coffee, you wouldn't have guessed that only a short time ago he was instructing me to wank myself; life is strange.

"Hey I came over here to watch you naked in your window," he yelped.

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