(Not so) Quiet on the Set

by Carnage Jackson

Copyright© 2002 by Carnage Jackson

Sex Story: Elisha Cuthbert and Mia Kirshner of Fox's "24" find a way to pass the time on the set...

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   .

This work is complete fiction, all made up in my head. Yes I know the celebs don't act like this in real life, but this is a fantasy after all.

This is a quickie I wrote simply because there are no stories about these lovely ladies (Elisha Cuthbert & Mia Kirshner) out there on the net. For those who don't know, they starred on the amazingly well done Fox series "24" last season, and Elisha will be back for the second season in a few weeks. Both are quite sexy and I hope you enjoy the story. If it's well received, I might do a sequel. And don't rate me based on the fact that this is a stroke story - I know. Vote on it based on if it got you off or not ;). Feedback always welcome.

The following takes place between 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM
On the day of the California presidential... err...
a day of shooting on the set of "24" ;)

Elisha Cuthbert was bored. Though she was immensely excited about being in such a hot series as "24", she was finding the rigorous schedule and monotony of sitting around for scenes in which she wasn't involved to be a little tedious. The cast and crew were great, and the star of the show, Kiefer Sutherland, was a really cool guy to hang around with, but she was far from home and had no one really to pass the time with between shoots, nor to really relate to. This was the downside to being the youngest person on set, and the 19 year old actress knew that if things kept up, it was going to be a long season.

The benefit to the show's unique format, in which each episode played out in real time though, meant that she did have a lot of time to explore and hang out while waiting for just the right time of day to shoot. To keep the show accurate, filming took place at all hours of the day when needed, including late at night to accentuate the real time flavor. She was already very familiar with the area around the set, not to mention all the clubs in Los Angeles, but after a while, even the charm of that wore off.

Which brought her to today. She was sitting inside her trailer, idly flipping channels to pass the time while the shoot for today was taking place. She wasn't due on the set for a few hours, although she had already gotten into her costume of jeans and a low cut maroon shirt that she would be wearing for much of the show. Her blonde hair hadn't been touched by the stylists yet, but she found herself looking forward to it. Anything to pass the time.

Standing up from the couch she had been laying on, Elisha stretched her arms over her head and walked to the floor length mirror against the wall. Her costume was fairly comfortable, she had to give the writers that, but she knew that it was really just an excuse to show off her curves. Elisha's career had been relegated before "24" to smaller shows, kids shows more or less, and ones in which she never really had a chance to flew her acting muscles. Her agent had reasoned with her that, despite the ground breaking format of "24", it would give her a chance, if the show was a success, to become a star overnight. So she had signed on after a great audition for the role of Kim Bauer, federal agent Jack Bauer's daughter. Elisha was optimistic about the success of the show and figured that if showing a little bit of midriff or accentuating her b-cup breasts was what it took to make her character memorable, she should do it. She couldn't stay on kids shows forever.

Elisha ran her hands over her smooth, firm belly as she stood in front of the mirror, patting her stomach absently as she posed for herself in the mirror. Elisha allowed her hands to continue upward underneath her shirt slowly, methodically, as she let her hand wander over her navel and up deeper into her shirt...

Smiling to herself in the mirror as she watched her hand snake up underneath the maroon shirt, Elisha realized with a wicked smile that there WAS something she could do to pass the time...

Her hand reached the bottom of her bra, touching the silky material with her small fingers as she ran her finger over the base of her breast. Elisha could feel her skin grow hot from her own touch as the tips of her fingers slowly crawled over the cup of her bra and against her warm flesh. Elisha shuddered as she felt her nipple grow hard against her finger. Sliding two digits upward now, Elisha pinched the hard nub gently between her fingers, causing her to gasp slightly.

Watching herself in the mirror, Elisha felt a wave of arousal wash over her as she watched herself lower her other hand down her stomach and to the top of her low cut jeans that hung tightly on her hips. She played with the flap over the button on the jeans for a moment, rubbing her thumb across it before flicking it open deftly, the metal button opening wide from the fabric to now give her hand more room to wiggle in.

And wiggle it did - pushing down past the hem of her jeans, Elisha felt her hand graze the top of her panties and then continue downward over the smooth flesh just above her now quite aroused sex, and into the matted forest of hair beneath. Though Elisha was a dirty blonde, she had always relished in the fact that when it came down to it, the curtains matched the drapes. Her pussy was covered in a light blonde mass of hair, which she kept trimmed regularly. Nothing too exotic like a full wax or anything like that, but Elisha liked having something there to show off - if she ever found a boyfriend during her hectic schedule that is.

She squeezed her nipple harder as her index and middle finger finally reached their destination between her legs. Elisha shuddered as she pushed the tip of her middle finger between her two pussy lips, feeling the wet and slick folds of her box against her own touch. Her eyes still watching herself in the mirror, Elisha was becoming incredibly turned on just by watching herself masturbate like this. She was panting slightly now, a light sheen of sweat beginning to form on her forehead as she rubbed her breast underneath her shirt, watching her hand roll it around beneath the stretching fabric.

Elisha knew she should probably take off the clothes so that the wardrobe people didn't get all pissy with her, but there was no way she was stopping right this second for something as simple as taking off her clothes. Sliding her jeans a bit further down her hips, Elisha could now just barely make out the top of her pussy beneath her pink panties, a few errant hairs sticking up. The stretchy fabric of her underwear gave her plenty of room to slide her hand around as she slowly opened up her sex, getting it nice and loose for her fingers. She had to lean against the wall now as she finally closed her eyes from the mirror, the intense waves of pleasure making her forget everything - where she was, what she was doing, everything. All that mattered now was that this warm and oh so wonderful feeling didn't stop.

Her outer lips now quite moist, Elisha began to push inward on herself, sliding the first two segments of her index finger inside of her, gently exploring against the tight walls. Elisha wasn't a virgin - before "24", she had plenty of time for dating - but it had been a very, very long time since she had sex and because of that, just the mere stretching of her inner walls, even so slightly, was enough to bring back a flood of wonderful feelings from her earlier experiences.

Elisha bent her finger in slightly into a sort of hook shape as she rubbed it along the inner surface of her pussy, tracing it over the slick pink that was now like fire to her touch. Slowly moving her ring finger in to join it's sisters, Elisha slid it upward towards her now aroused clit. She gasped in pleasure as it made contact with the sensitive nub, the mere touching of it almost enough to induce her orgasm right then. As she played with her clit, Elisha began to thrust her other two fingers deeper within herself now, enjoying the friction as her wet tightness met with the ever-gaining strokes of her hand.

Her panties now sopping wet, Elisha didn't seem to care about the way she looked, standing here in her trailer as she now began to thrust harder and harder inside, waves of pleasure cresting over her deliciously as she began to feel a bit weak in the knees over her finger fucking. Her face was now flushed with sweat, the blood rushing into her cheeks as she explored inside of herself, committing this deed to her body for the sake of her own pleasure. Removing her hand from her breast, her painfully aroused nipples still crying out for attention, Elisha steadied herself on a nearby wall as she again opened her eyes to watch herself in the mirror. Her jeans had slid almost down to her thighs now, the constant pressing by her making the garment loosen in it's tightness as it slid downward.

She was almost there, almost at her sexual peak. So close...

Elisha was snapped out of her masturbatory bliss by a sudden knock on the door of her trailer. Quickly pulling her hand out from her pants, Elisha jumped back away from the mirror and straightened out her now rumpled shirt and unbuttoned pants. Her heart beat wildly as she adjusted herself, her body screaming that it's ascent into orgasm had been halted.

"Come... come in!" Elisha called as she gave one final look before walking towards the door.

The door of the trailer swung open, the blinding morning sun outside glinting into Elisha's eyes as she squinted to make out the figure in the door. Stepping inside with one foot, Elisha could make out a thin form, with long flowing brown hair over her shoulders. The woman pulled herself inside and as Elisha's eyes adjusted to the light, she realized it was her co-star, Mia Kirshner.

Though they didn't share any scenes in the show, Mia had been around the set for a few weeks now, leaving with the crew as the sun went down to head out to the desert to film her scenes. Elisha had only said hello to her once or twice, and though she had always been friendly in return, the young girl wondered what could possibly bring her here.

Dressed in a pair of leather pants and a white sleeveless halter top that barely masked Mia's elegant curves, the 20-something actress stood up straight as she closed the door behind her.

"Hi," Mia said, walking into the trailer and towards the small kitchenette area towards the refrigerator. "I'm all out of bottled water, and I was wondering if I could steal a few of yours," She bent over at the waist as she glanced inside the fridge, not waiting for a response from Elisha, reaching her arm out to grab some of the water. Elisha could have sworn she saw a bit of Mia's breast between the tank top halter as Mia reached in, but she quickly dismissed it as just some crazy thought from her arousal a few minutes earlier.

As Mia stood up from the fridge, bottles in tow, Elisha couldn't help but notice that the cool air from the unit had made Mia's nipples hard. They pressed against the fabric of her shirt, the little nubs having turned hard in the cool air. Elisha quickly looked away, embarrassed at having not only spotted this, but for staring. She felt incredibly guilty about masturbating here on set, and now especially for staring at Mia's lithe form, her blue eyes aglow in the low light of the trailer. Elisha just hoped that Mia would leave soon so that she could focus her mind on other things.

But Mia lingered. Shutting the fridge door, she leaned against a nearby wall, cracking open one of the bottles and taking a long sip, her smooth neck working slowly as she gulped down the cool liquid. Mia pulled the bottle away with a satisfying smack.

"Thanks, by the way," Mia said. "I hope you don't mind,"

Elisha just stood there, her mind wandering again to thoughts of sex. It had to be the heat of the trailer - she hadn't been THAT turned on, had she?

"You alright?" Mia asked, looking at Elisha with some slight concern.

"No, I'm fine. And yes, it's okay with the water and all," Elisha said, shaking her head to clear her thoughts.

"Cool," Mia said, sipping the water again. There was an awkward silence between them now, and Elisha felt a tension of some kind forming in the air. It wasn't of anger or anything like that. It was almost... sexual. But that was crazy! Why would Mia being here make a lot of sexual tension?

"So... how's the part of 'Kimberly Bauer' going?" Mia said, putting her hands up in mock quotes as she spoke, voicing the question in as sarcastic a tone of voice as possible.

"It's not bad, I guess. Sitting around with nothing to do sucks though," Elisha said, feeling more relaxed now that the subject had drifted onto the topic of work.

Mia nodded as she sipped her water, walking away from the wall. Swallowing, she said "I know exactly how you feel. I mean, the show is great and all that? But just sitting around with shit to do really is the pits. I'm so glad I'm not in your shoes, having to do this for the whole show,"

"Yeah. But I like the part and everything. I hope the show does well," Elisha said.

"I think it will either be a huge hit, or a tremendous bomb. American audiences are too stupid for a show like this I think. Same goes for movies. You try to do something creative and different, and they look at you like you are from fucking Mars or something," Mia said with a sigh, waving her hand at nothing in the air. "Eh, don't get me started,"

"I've never done movies. Is it like this, where you just sit around a whole lot?"

"Yeah, pretty much. Only, if it's a long stretch of time, you don't have to be on set. That's the good thing. But for you Elisha, I think that it's really going to be a drag. Because Kim is in every episode, right?"

"Yes. Sometimes more than others," Elisha replied, somewhat surprised that Mia remembered her name.

Mia nodded. "Mmmhmm. Yeah, you're going to have to find ways to pass the time I'm afraid. But hey, they are paying you one way or the other, you might as well make the most of it,"

Mia walked through the trailer and towards the long mirror Elisha had been using to pleasure herself with before Mia's arrival. Running her hand through her hair and fixing her clothes, Mia called to Elisha.

"I know EXACTLY what you do to pass time too Elisha. You can't fool someone like me," Mia said, walking away from the mirror.

Elisha's heart suddenly began to thud in her chest - had she seen me?

Mia walked towards Elisha and, in Elisha's panic, she began to step backwards away from Mia, eventually into the wall between the door of the trailer and the television, as the girl approached, a sly smile on her face. Stopping in front of Elisha, Mia grinned at the girl.

"Yes, I know Elisha's dirty little secret," Mia said.

"You... you do?" Elisha gulped, her eyes wide with a mix of terror and, strangely, curiosity.

"Yep," Mia whispered. She continued to smile at Elisha, but slowly she reached her arm out towards her. Elisha winced, though she didn't know why, as Mia's hand came closer and closer.

Then, with a sudden movement, Mia's hand shifted 90 degrees and snatched the remote control off of the television. Hitting the power switch, the room was suddenly filled with the melodramatic music of what could only be daytime TV.

"Ah ha! I knew it! You're a soaps junky just like me, aren't you Elisha?" Mia said, her eyes flitting from Elisha's face to the screen. Elisha breathed a huge sigh of relief.

"I just love these things. They are hokey and the stories are so incredibly contrived, but for killing time, especially on a quiet set, there is nothing better," Mia said, now watching the action on the screen. "And don't worry about you're secret. It's safe with me,"

Elisha smiled as she stepped away from the wall, feeling a little stupid for thinking that Mia had knew what she was doing in here.

"Yeah, I watch them every now and then. You know, to try and gauge how not to over do lines," Elisha said, her voice still somewhat shaky.

Mia flicked the power button on the remote and set it back down on the set.

"Well, I better be going. I'm supposed to shoot in a couple of hours," Mia said, sipping from her water again.

"Ok, see ya," Elisha said, standing there as she waited for Mia to leave. But once again, the girl didn't. She stepped a foot or two towards the door, then stopped in her tracks. She tilted her long neck in the air for a moment, her nostrils flaring slightly as she breathed in the air of the room.

"Do you smell that?"

"Smell what?"

Mia tilted her head upwards again, a puzzled look on her face as she inhaled strongly.

"It smells like... sex,"

Elisha laughed nervously, trying to play it off. "Mia, you're smelling things I think. The sun is getting to you, it's frying your brain it's..."

"Shh!" Mia said, silencing Elisha abruptly as the girl's heart beat faster and faster. Mia tilted her head back down as she now began to move closer and closer to Elisha. Her eyes wide, Elisha watched Mia with a great deal of trepidation, trying to discern her actions and what exactly she would do if she found out it was Elisha masturbating a few minutes before.

Mia stopped as she stood next to Elisha. She took one final strong inhale, her eyes closed, before finally exhaling slowly. Her eyes opened again and she looked at Elisha with a sly smile.

"I think I was wrong. You weren't watching soaps at all today, were you Elisha?" Mia asked, her face now close to Elisha's that she could feel her breath on her embarrassed cheeks.

"I was... I was..."

"You were what?" Mia said with a grin. "Playing with yourself?"

Elisha's mind raced as she tried to think of what to say - should she deny it? If she admitted to it, what would Mia do? And why the hell did she seem to care so much?"

With a defeated and embarrassed sigh, Elisha dropped her chin to her chest, her eyes staring at Mia's long legs encased in the leather of her pants.

"I was just trying to kill some time," Elisha whispered. "But yes... it felt so good, I couldn't stop,"

"Did you cum?"

Elisha jerked her head up, looking at Mia now with a bit of anger. How dare she ask that?

"What did you say?" Elisha said, her face a mixture of anger and curiosity.

"I said did you cum. Did you get off?"

"That's... that's none of your business..."

"No, maybe not. But for my money, I don't think you did. Because if you had, you wouldn't be so tense right now," Mia said with a smile. She moved her hand outward, stroking it across Elisha's cheek. Elisha jumped back instinctively for a split second, suddenly realizing that she was against the wall once more.

"I think you had better leave Mia," Elisha said, trying to sound determined.

Mia looked at her with a look of bemusement.

"Why? Did I touch on a sensitive subject, so to speak? You need to lighten up Elisha, everyone does it on the set to kill time too you know. Just sometimes, they have a partner," Mia said. "And believe me, with a partner it is much more fun,"

Mia stepped back away from Elisha, a fake resigned look on her face.

"But if you want me to go... I'll leave you alone," she said, walking towards the door.

At first Elisha had been afraid of Mia finding out. Then when she did, Elisha was pissed that she would be so blunt about something so personal. But now, in spite of herself, Elisha was curious about Mia's last comment about a partner. She had been without sex for so long and...

"Mia, wait," Elisha said, her voice sounding not like her own now. Her body was in complete control, and Elisha's mind and reservations had been kicked out of things, left as observers to whatever her body wanted to do. "Is it really much better with a partner?"

Mia pivoted on her foot to look at Elisha, Mia's long brown hair swishing over her shoulder. She smiled broadly at Elisha, and for the first time Elisha could feel something in her stirring. It was a funny feeling, one that she had never really felt before. The way Mia was standing there, the framing of her face, the outline of her body, the cold and alluring tone of her eyes...

"Only one way to find out Elisha. I think you know that," Mia said, walking now slowly back towards Elisha. Mia seemed to exude a predatoril sexiness about her as she moved, as every step was not just a step, but a sort of slink motion. Elisha couldn't believe she hadn't noticed this before when talking to her or seeing her around the set, but then again, she had never thought about her like this before either.

Mia stopped again in front of Elisha, their eyes locking in the prolonged moment between them. Elisha was trying to come up with the right words to say, to say SOMETHING to describe the myriad of emotions rushing through her right now. But Mia halted any attempt at that by wrapping her arms around Elisha's waist, pulling her close to her mouth, and then planting a soft, delicate kiss upon Elisha's lips.

Startled by this, Elisha simply stood there like a dead weight, not even close in knowing how to react. Mia's kiss didn't linger for too long, but just long enough for Elisha to know that there was more where that came from, should she want it.

"Mia, I... I'm not like that. When I said partner I meant..." Elisha babbled, her words slurring together as she tried to make rational sense over what was going on, her mind trying once again to enter her body and help control her actions.

Mia placed a finger across Elisha's lips as she smiled at the young actress.

"You don't have to be 'like that'. I'm not like that. But who says that a little fun is suddenly a treatise against what you were born to follow?" Mia whispered as the two blue eyed actresses stared at each other. Mia slowly removed her finger as Elisha started to speak.

"I know but, well, I've never done that sort of thing before and..."

"Don't worry babe, I have, and I'll show you ALL the little tricks in the book. That is, if you want to of course,"

"I... I don't know if I do or not... it's all happening so fast..."

"Let me give you something to help sway your vote," Mia said. She reached down and in one smooth motion, pulled her shirt off. Elisha barely had time to glance at Mia's breasts before suddenly Mia was pressing her hard against the wall, her lips locked onto Elisha's once more. Mia grabbed Elisha's hands forcefully and placed them directly onto her breasts, Elisha's fingers instinctively squeezing the flesh tightly as she felt Mia's hard nipples pressing into her palm.

Elisha could not only feel Mia's breasts, but the forceful girl was now working her tongue into Elisha's mouth, the alien invader pressing through Elisha's lips and teeths to the sweet home inside. Within a moment, Elisha could feel Mia's small tongue probing her mouth and as arousal over the touch of Mia's skin against her hands and the delicate exploration of the girl's tongue in her mouth, Elisha's body finally won out and began to respond, her tongue coming to life.

As Elisha held onto her breasts, Mia began to rub her hands all over Elisha's body, fingers seemingly everywhere at once as she touched her back, then to her stomach and up her shirt to just below her breasts, to her ass and thighs and then finally between her legs as Elisha felt the pressure of Mia's palm and fingers squeeze her mound gently through the jeans. Had her mind actually been able to regain control of her body, it wouldn't have known where to start - every where and everything that was taking place all over Elisha's body was seeming to happen all at once, all but her pleasure receptors being blocked out by the now intense arousal she felt.

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