On The Couch

by Mtnz

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Anal Sex, Fisting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: I give my slave a treat, involving all the other senses than sight. Written as an email reminder to a real person based on true events. Really designed for a female reader.

You are on time, which is excellent. As I open the door your long coat covers you. I kiss you as you enter, and tell you to be seated on the low couch in the middle of the room. I sit across from you, and watch as you carefully unbutton the coat, and shrug it off your shoulders. You're talking, in that slightly forced jocular manner I know hides a powerful sexual tension. You pretend to be blithe as you throw the coat over the end of the couch, but you're excited. Your braless nipples press out against the fabric of your top, and as you sit your brutally short skirt rides up over your cream thighs. Your 4 inch hells scrape on the wood floor. You notice me staring at you, and you are uncomfortable, your body almost turned away from me.

"Show me," I command.

"No," you say nervously, not looking at me.

"Show me. Open your legs."

"No." But less strong this time.

"I've got a very special surprise for you today. But only if you show me."

There is silence for a time.

"Show me your pussy. Please."

You are very still. Then suddenly you burst into life.

"Oh alright. Here."

Your body twists, your thighs open, and there it is, already shiny with your juices.


You force your legs slightly further open. Your entire crotch is shiny, and your large breasts are rising and falling in sync with the short gasps of your breathing. Your head is tossed back, your eyes squeezed shut. You can feel the cool air on the lips of your pussy. You know you are soaked.

You hear me rise from the chair, and move about the room. Suddenly you feel a blindfold against your face.

"Today is going to be very special, do you know that? Today you are not going to move from how you are now do you understand? You are not to move a muscle without my permission, no matter what happens. Am I making myself clear?"

Your voice is tiny.


"No movement. Put your arms out on the couch. They are not to move, do you understand?"


The blindfold is tight against your eyes. You open them, and see nothing but black.

"If you move I will tie you up, and whip you senseless. OK?"


"Good. Now listen, and learn."

You hear me leave the room. Your heart is pounding. What is going on? What is about to happen?

The door reopens. You can tell immediately that I am not alone.

"Do you see what I mean? Doesn't she have terrific tits? And look at that pussy, so wet."

Who am I talking to? You can hear what sounds like kissing. Yes, definitely, kissing. And small moans.

"God yes, such a wet little pussy. Do I get to play with her?" A woman's voice. One that seems familiar.

"Only if you're a good girl. I'm really going to enjoy fucking you. Tell her how you want me to fuck you."

"God, I want it everywhere. I want it hard, I want it deep in my pussy. I want you to fuck my mouth. I want you to split me open. I want everything. Oh god, yes, keep doing that..."

There are rustling sounds, and the liquid noises of mouths and tongues. You can feel your pussy throbbing, your pulse alive in your groin. They're going to fuck. Right now. While you listen, forced not to move. Then you feel fingers running over your cunt, smearing your juices. The touch is incredible and you come.

"God what a wet pussy. I love it," she says.

Her fingers are curious, inquisitive. They feel wet against your clit, which she rubs in just the right way.

"Get on your knees," you hear me command her.

You can feel her between your thighs.

"Finger her while you suck me."

You feel her enter you with what feels like two fingers. And the sounds! You know that my thick cock is in her mouth. Another finger now. She is opening you up, you feel the fingers twist and pull. Now they are fucking you, in hard little jabs. The slurping sounds are incredibly erotic. You want to move to see. To grab her hand out of your pussy, to see my cock move in and out of this woman's mouth. But you are frozen. Frozen, and coming, again.

"Fuck, she's so fucking wet," she says breathlessly,"I'm going to fist the bitch."

"Oh yeah, fist her while you suck me."

And she does. Another finger, then her thumb. You feel the knuckles of her hand against your entrance. God, you want to see it! Her hand in your pussy.Her whole hand. Your juices are pouring out of you now, your ass completely wet. You are moaning heavily, struggling to breathe. God, you're going to come again.

"Come here, I'm going to fuck you now."

Her hand leaves, and your juices are running from your pussy. You hear us move behind you. You feel a presence above you, and feel hot breath on your neck.The strong zing of pheromones mixed with perfume.

She speaks, and you realise her head is above yours.

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