My Ex-Wife's Sister

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: after splitting up his ex wife's younger sister comes around to cheer him up

I was feeling down, it was now three weeks since my wife of five years had walked out. In the post this morning was a letter from her solicitor concerning our divorce. How can I divorce her when I still loved her, there had been no one else since I first saw her, all those years ago.

I still dressed in my dressing gown, unshaven and dirty when the front door bell went off.

"Oh shit," I said aloud, the last thing I wanted now was visitors. I thought about ignoring it, then it rang again, so I answer it.

"Hi Matt," she said, standing in my doorway was Emma, my wife's younger sister.

"Hi, do you want to come in?" I asked.

"Please, if I can," she replied. I followed her into the lounge, instantly I felt embarrassed, the place was a mess, housework was the last thing on my mind.

"Sorry about the mess," I said moving some dirty washing off a chair.

"That's ok," she smiled at me, "perhaps I could come around sometimes and help, you know clear thing up."

"No that's ok," I said, "my mess, I'll clean it up." She sat down on the chair, I noticed that her hands were shaking from nerves.

"I'm sorry about my sister," she said not looking up.

"Yeah, it's was a last to know job," I said sadly. I had heard that everybody had known about my wife's affairs, of course, except me.

"I wanted to tell you, but I just couldn't, I'm sorry," she said head still bowed.

"That's ok Em," I said, "nothing would have changed if I had known, except things would have come to ahead sooner."

"Yeah, I suppose," she said, "anyway I better go, I had to tell you." She got up and I escorted her to the door. Once there she turned towards me again and to my surprise she hugged me hard.

"I'm really sorry Matt," she sobbed, "if there's anything I can do, ok."

"Sure, thank you Em," I said, my trousers suddenly tight from holding her. Ever since I first met Emma, I had lusted after her sexy body, even though she was just a teenager at the time. Seeing Emma made me think about getting on with my life, although I still love my wife, Emma had brought home to me that there were other girls out there.

Next day I showered and shaved for the first time in days, then set about the flat. It took all day and then I had to shower again, as I was that filthy. I sat down with a glass of beer and smiled at my achievement. I just started on my second glass when the doorbell rang.

"Hi Em come on it," I invited.

"Oh look as this place," she said, "here I was, coming around to help you clear up."

"Well have a drink instead," I offered.

"Sure love to," she said taken off her coat. She was dressed for housework in old Jeans and a T-shirt, but she had an effect on me.

"My, look at you," I said, "you look great."

"Oh thank you," she said looking shyly at the floor. I poured her a drink and we chatted about nothing in particular.

"Do you fancy going out for a bite to eat?" I offered.

"Yeah, love too," she smiled.

After that night she would come around once or twice a week and we would go out. One night about three weeks later we had just come in from the pub with a take-a-way meal. After we had tidied up our mess she snuggled up to me on the sofa. With out any pre-planning I put my arms around her and I kissed her neck.

"Mmm, that's nice," she cooed. She turned and kissed me full on the lips.

"You know of course that I've always fancied you," she said, "ever since Gail brought your home for the first time."

"But you were only a school girl at the time," I observed.

"Well so what," she laughed, "I remember I used to flaunt myself at you, don't you remember?" thinking back, yes I could remember times when she would wander about without her top on. I can also remember Gail shouting at her for her to get dressed; I had forgotten.

"Mind you I didn't have much to flaunt in those days," she giggled, "not like now."

"Yes I've noticed," I smiled.

"God I can still remember, Friday nights I used to come in from school, have a bath and then measure myself to see if I they had grown any," she laughed, "I can remember going from an 'A' to a 'B', I was over the moon, so to speak."

"So what are you now then?" I asked.

"Would you believe I'm a big girl now with a pair of 'D's," she giggled, "bigger than Gail even."

"Yeah," I confirmed, I had bought Gail underwear, a time or two while we were married and she was a thirty-six 'C'. We kissed again and I let my hands become familiar with her size 'D's.

"Mmm, that nice," she cooed, "here let me," she said pulling her T-shirt over her head and then reaching around to undo her bra. Oh wow, will you look at them, I thought.

"What do you think?" she asked, knowing she had something special.

"Well, I can confirm there're bigger than Gail's," I said, "now let me." I gently moved my hands over her perfect orbs. "Yes they are definitely as firm a hers.

"Only as firm," she pouted.

"Well considering their size," I said, "they ought to be a bit droopy, but they aren't." In no time I stripped her out of her Jeans and knickers until she was beautiful naked.

"Here let me," she said attacking my trousers, soon my hard cock was exposed to her hands.

"Oh my, will you look at that," she said, "as we are talking about size, how big is it?"

"Last time I actually measured it, it was eight and a quarter inches," I said proudly.

"What the fuck was Gail doing playing around when she had this monster at home," she said; her hand gently rubbing it. I didn't want to think about Gail at this moment, what I wanted now was to fuck this beautiful creature.

"Come on, stick it in me," she said, opening her legs wide. I manoeuvred myself into place between her legs, taking it slowly; savouring each and every inch as it went in. But before I had got halfway in, she thrust against me hard, ramming me all the way home.

"Yeah that better," she said, "you don't have to treat me gently, I won't break, ok."

"Sure," I said, slamming into her hard, "like this?"

"Oh yes," she sighed, "don't stop, fuck me hard." her hips were banging back at me equally as hard; we weren't going to last long.

Gail came around to picked up her clothes, the divorce settlement was for me to keep the flat, with its negative equity, she would keep the Audi and our joint saving account; I arranged to be out when she called. My first action now was to change all the locks, then I sat down and got drunk. This is how Emma found me.

"Do you still love her?" she asked.

"You don't stop loving someone, you just stop liking them," I replied.

"Oh," she whispered.

"Look love," I said, taking her hand and pulling her down beside me, "love needs nurturing or it dies ok."

"No not really," she whispered, "I've loved you for years without anything from you."

"Look," I said, the drink had made me a bit lyrical; "love needs hugs to sow its seed, kisses are like water to make it grow, and a bit of dead heading, in the form of augments, allows for new growth.

"What a load of Bollocks," she laughed, her mood lifting at my words.

"Well I thought it was rather good," I smiled, "now get your kit off."

"Always the romantic," she giggled, but she was naked in seconds.

"There you are my master," she giggled again causing her tits to wobble delightfully.

Up to now we hadn't broadcast our relationship, but now my divorce had come through, there was no need to keep it secret. We were at a party when I spotted Gail and her new feller.

"Don't look now," I said, "but your sister is over there."

"Where? Oh yes I see her," said Emma, "she looking daggers at us, reach up and squeeze my tits."

"What?" I said.

"Squeeze my tits, so she can see," she repeated.

"How's that," I said, my hands moving over her large breasts.

"Perfect," she giggled, "she's gone now, I hope that upset her."

"You're a pervert," snapped Gail when I saw her in the kitchen later when I was getting new drinks.

"Me?" I said faking my innocence.

"She's years younger than you," Gail snarled, "only just out of school."

"Gail my love," I sighed, "she's older than you were when I married you. She's over eighteen and is quite capable in making up her own mind."

She glared at me for a few seconds then turned away.

"And her tits are bigger than yours too," I said as a parting shot and then went back to find Emma with our new drinks.

"You didn't, oh my god, she'll go ape shit," gasped Emma, when I told her of our conversation.

"Who give a shit what she thinks," I said, "unless you want to invite her back for a threesome."

"She was right in one thing, you are a pervert," she giggle, "if you want a threesome, I know a few girlfriends who might be interested."

"Oh really," I looked at her with interest, "and I know a few guys who would love to shove it into you too."

"Stop being so crude," she said, but the smile on her face told a different tale.

"Can we go home now, I'm feeling a little flushed," she asked.

"Sure," I smiled, "but before we do, go to the ladies and take your bra off."

"What, why?" she said.

"Because you have the most beautiful pair of tits and I love looking at them and watching them move when you're braless," I said.

"Ok," she giggled, "but I'll expect to be paid when I get home."

"Don't worry," I said, "I might not last until we get home and we may have to stop on the way."

"Oh my, that sound exciting," she said, "I'll be back in a minute."

Boy did she look good; her erect nipples clearly visible through her thin knitted top.

"What do you think then?" she smiled.

"What do I think," I said, "my trousers are so tight I may have to get it out."

"Go on then," she giggled.

"Oh for fuck sake, stop that," I said, her wobbling tits only making it worse.

"Why?" she giggled again, "I thought you like looking at my tits."

"Come on you slut," I grabbed her arm and steered her out the front door, "let's get you home."

"Yes sir," she giggled again.

Just as soon as I slammed the front door behind us I threw my coat on to floor.

"Ok slut get those tits out," I demanded.

"Oh I love it when you're so domineering," she giggled. Her thin top joined my coat on the floor. "Would you like a tits fuck?" she asked, oh my God would I.

"Yes please," my voice cracked with lust. Her two beautiful orbs engulfed my hard cock.

"Like this?" she said.

"Oh yes, my slut," I sighed, oh shit I was coming already. I splashed all over her chest and neck.

"Oh boy, that must be a record," she giggled, "you must have lasted all of ten seconds."

"Shut up slut," I growled.

"I bet I can get you hard again," she said.

"I counting on it slut," I smiled down at her, "now get the rest of your kit off and get into the bedroom."

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