Rama, the Adultress

by Sahebji

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Cheating, Group Sex, Orgy, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: On the flight to London Rama, a sexy married lady travelling alone, sat next to me. Over a drink we got acquainted. It was her first visit to the British capital. One thing led to another. I promised her to show her around London. While I showed her London Rama showed me...

My name is Saheb Sahebji. I am young, tall and slim. By profession I am a freelance commercial artist. The episode I am about to narrate took place when I was still working for a local advertising company.

On my flight to London, as I sat on my seat next to the window, I saw a paragon of beauty walking down the aisle towards me. Man was she sexy. My eyes traveled from her head down to her toe pausing briefly at her tit and crotch level and then back to her head.

She was tall, slim with a fantastic figure. She had shoulder length hair done in the latest style. Her big eyes were like two big sparkling diamonds. Her red lips sported a sexy smile. A triple pearl string enhanced the beauty of her swan like neck. She wore tight fitting blood red blouse, jeans with matching high-heeled sandals. Her clothes fitted her so snugly that they underlined every curve of her sensuous body. She was carrying a small overnight bag and a vanity case.

Just looking at her gave me a terrific hard on. The aisle seat next to me was still vacant. I prayed that this sexy creature would come and sit next to me and keep me company on this long flight.

She came nearer and nearer looking at the row numbers and her boarding pass. Damn, she stopped one row before my row and looked around for a place to stow her bag. I got up and said, 'May I help you ma'am?' she broke into a dazzling smile, 'Yes please, thank you.'

Her smile played havoc with my hard on. I placed her bag in the overhead storage bin. She took the window seat in the row just ahead of me. I cursed my luck on losing out on her company.

As I reconciled myself to my loss, I saw a hostess hurrying down the aisle with a distinguished looking couple in tow. 'May I see your boarding pass ma'am' she said to the beauty.

After inspecting it she said, 'Ma'am this is not your seat. Your seat is this one' she said pointing to the vacant seat next to me. I looked up towards the sky and murmured 'Thank you Lord for small mercies'.

She sat down next to me and leaned towards me to look out of the window. I got a whiff of her exhilarating perfume. 'Would you prefer to sit near the window? I asked.

She looked at me with her big bright eyes and said, 'Yes, thank you.' As we changed seats our bodies brushed against each other. My hard on kicked wildly. I sat down quickly on my seat and placed a pillow on my lap to hide my bulging crotch. Dear readers it required super control on my part not to have grabbed her right there and ravish her but somehow I managed to control myself. She sat looking out of the window.

The flight was ready to take off.

The hostess announced the departure of the flight and requested us to fasten our seat belts. The beauty looked at me buckling up and tried to fasten her seat belt. I said, 'May I' and buckled it for her. With a disarming smile she said, 'Thank you. I am so clumsy with these things'.

As the plane took off I asked, 'Is this your first flight?'

She laughed nervously, 'Is it so obvious?'

'I would be lying if I said no' I said with my best smile.

'Shit, all that practice down the drain' she said and laughed.

When we were in the air the airhostess came around with the drinks trolley. As the airhostess approached us I asked the beauty, 'Tum kuch peena chahogi. Muft ka hai (Would you like to drink something? It is free)' I asked her.

She laughed and asked, 'Are you going to have a drink?'

'Me? Of course' I said.

The airhostess asked, 'Madam would you care for a drink?

'May I have a Campari with orange juice and some ice please' she ordered.

When the hostess looked at me I said, 'A scotch and soda with lots of ice please'.

I raised my glass and said, 'To your health. My name is Saheb Sahebji'.

'Cheers. I am Rama. Is this also your first visit to London?' she asked.

'No, I have been to London once before. Are you visiting relatives or is it a holiday trip? ' I said.

'It was supposed to be a holiday but everything got screwed up' she said.

Really what happened? I asked.

'Since my marriage we did not go on a holiday, as my husband was always busy with is work. This year we planned this holiday to London and the Continent. It was supposed to be our second honeymoon. Everything was settled. We had rented a flat in London and had flight bookings but at the last moment my husband got involved in some important work and could not leave for another week. He will join me later' she explained.

'You could have postponed your trip by a week' I said.

'That is exactly what we wanted to do but the real estate agent in London said if we did not pay the full rent by tomorrow then our advance will be forfeited. So here I am travelling alone on my honeymoon' she said with a weary smile, 'what about you. Are you also on a holiday or is this a business trip?'

'Well it is a little of both. I had designed a publicity campaign for a company. Their local office approved it but the final green signal has to be given by their head office in London. To save time and correspondence they have sent me here. My job is to clarify and make changes if required by them. My boss told me before I left 'Sahebji don't come back without the required approvals'. I will have lots of free time'.

'London is a great city. You will have a good time. You must know a lot of people in London? I said.

'That is the problem I don't know anyone. Queenie my college friend shifted to England after her marriage but I don't know how to locate her. I forgot to bring her address' she replied.

'If you know her husband's full name and the city they live in then may be we can still locate them' I told her.

'All I remember is that her husband's name is Hari. I don't even remember his surname' she wailed.

'Maybe your husband can tell you when you talk to him next' I said.

We talked about many things. As we were finishing our drink I offered her a cigarette, 'Would you like to smoke?'

'No thank you, I smoke only after s... 'she suddenly stopped and blushed. Although I guessed what she was about to say I pretended that I had not heard her. We had another drink followed by dinner.

After dinner I said, 'Rama if I had been your husband I would not have been so foolish to let such a pretty and sexy lady like you travel alone in this big bad world' I said.

With an annoyed look she said, 'Don't you dare call my Vizi foolish. No I am the foolish one to be travelling alone. I wonder how I will pass my time. I am going to get thoroughly bored but I will have to manage somehow till my husband joins me' she lamented.

'Rama, consider me as your friend. If you need any help just tell me. I will be pleased to help in anyway' I told her.

'You will! That would be nice thank you. I hope this is not an idle promise because I might just take you up on it' she said.

Before we disembarked she said, 'The estate agent will receive me at the airport and take me to the flat. Here is my telephone number. Don't forget to call me'.

That day I called her in the evening. She nearly screamed at me, 'Where have you been? I have been waiting for your call since morning'.

'Hey, calm down. What is the trouble? Are you okay? I asked.

'Of course I am all right only I haven't eaten since morning. I am famished' she screamed.

'Why not there are so many good eating places near your flat' I said.

'I was too scared to go out' she said.

'Rama there is no cause to be afraid. London is a civilized city you know' I said imitating the British accent.

'Very funny. I know that I was scared of getting lost. Now stop being cute and get your ass here as fast as you can and buy me a sumptuous meal. I am waiting' she said and slammed the phone down.

Within ten minutes I was at her apartment. 'That was quick' she said.

'I flew. I couldn't leave a beautiful lady like you starve. Are you ready? Let us go and get something to eat' I replied.

'Be serious for a change. Tell me how you managed to come so fast? She asked. I laughed and told her that my hotel was just round the corner.

We ate and then walked around doing window-shopping and enjoying the mild summer evening. As we were saying goodnight she asked, 'You will come again tomorrow? I don't want to spend the whole day alone getting bored'.

'Sure it will be my pleasure. Tomorrow is Sunday and I am free the whole day. We can do some sightseeing if you want' I said.

'I would love that. See you at ten in the morning. I will be ready. Good night' she said.

At ten sharp I was with her. We spent the whole day sightseeing. She was most impressed by the Crown Jewels in the London Tower and Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. When we were saying goodnight Rama said, 'Sahebji thank you, it was a lovely day. When do I see you tomorrow?'

'Tomorrow is Monday. I have to work but I will be with you as soon as I can. I will call and tell you' I replied.

On Monday and Tuesday I met her at about five in the evening. We went shopping. Rama was shopping as if there was no tomorrow. 'Rama, seeing you shop I get the impression that your husband is a rich man' I asked.

She laughed, 'You may feel that my husband is foolish but one thing he is very clever at and that is making money'.

While we were eating dinner she said, 'I have got fed up of eating restaurant food. Tomorrow I am going to cook. Why don't you join me for lunch?'

'I would love to but it is a working day. I will call you if I can make it' I told her.

'Try otherwise or you will have to eat it for dinner' she replied.

On Wednesday there was not much to do in office as the management was discussing the campaign. I decided to take the afternoon off. I called Rama and told her that I will be with her at one and she should lay an extra table.

The food was very tasty and wholesome. 'Rama thank you, the food was very tasty. You are a rare combination of beauty and a good cook' I said.

Rama smiled and said 'Thank you'.

After we had washed the dishes Rama said, 'Sahebji Do you have any thing in mind for the afternoon?'

'If I tell you what I have in mind then you will not only be very angry but throw me out of your apartment' I ventured.

She laughed, 'I would never throw you out. Yes if you are very rude then I might scold you a teeny weenie bit. Okay I am waiting'.

At first I hesitated but then blurted it out, 'From the moment I saw you in the plane I have wanted to grab you and make wild love to you'.

She laughed, 'Is that all? Go on who is stopping you'.

For a moment her reply took me by surprise but then I quickly moved towards her and she glided smoothly in my arms. I pressed my lips on her half open red lips. She immediately stuck her tongue into my mouth. With one hand I squeezed her exquisite boobs and with the other I pulled her hips towards me and pressed her choot (cunt) against my hard on. She moaned loudly.

After a long passionate kiss, when we came up for air she grabbed my hard on and panted, 'Now I am going to see how big your lund (cock) really is' and started to unzip my fly.

'What makes you think my lund is large? I asked

She giggled, 'You can't hide a big lund from Rama. I got the measure of your large cock when our bodies brushed against each other as we changed seats on the plane. I could hardly restrain myself from giggling when you tried to conceal the big bulge under a pillow. Wow! it is much larger than I had imagined'.

'Come and make wild love to me as you promised' she said pulling me towards the bedroom by my cock.

In the bedroom we started to undress. Rama was first to get naked and threw herself on the bed and said, 'Hurry Sahebji I want that big man root of yours in me as soon as possible'.

I looked at her. She was looking divine. Her black hair was contrasting against the white bed sheet. Her big eyes shining with lust. A sexy smile was on her red lips. Her tits firm with light brown hard nipples pointing towards the ceiling. Her choot was devoid of hair. Her legs slightly apart, the cunt lips just letting the excited clit to peep out. I could not take my eyes off her.

'Sahebji kiya meri choot ko nihaarte hee rahoge ki usse chodege bhi (Sahebji are you just going to stare at my cunt or you will fuck it also)' she said impatiently.

I quickly undressed and bending her legs rammed my lund into her waiting choot. 'OOWWW lagta hai (OOWWW that hurt)' she screamed.

I had wanted to fuck Rama since the moment I saw her. I was too hot to fuck her with long slow strokes. I rammed my cock in and out viciously. She moaned loudly. I continued to bang my lund inside her choot. She grabbed me and pulled me to her. Her hips were moving in rhythm of my strokes. Her body arched and pressed against my crotch.

'Yes Sahebji that is good. I love to be fucked with hard strokes. Oh, oh it feels great. Y... hes bang it into me. Y... hes harder and faster. OOUUU I am nearly there. Y... hes y... hes I AAAMMM COMMMIINNNNGGGGgg' she shouted and fell back panting.

Two strokes later with a loud 'AAAHHhh' I shot my load inside her waiting choot.

We lay panting. I lit two cigarettes and gave one to Rama. 'Didn't you say you smoked only on this occasion'.

She laughed, 'Yes it nearly slipped out in the plane didn't it?'

For a minute we lay enjoying our smoke then Rama said, "How I wish Queenie was here. She always boasted about the large cock that had popped her cherry and when she sees your lund she will forget her first lover'.

'You both seem to be very close' I remarked.

'Yes we are very close. We are like two bodies but one Soul. I know about all her sex experiences and I have told her about mine' she said.

'All your experiences? Have you had many affairs?' I asked.

'Yes nearly a dozen' she said giggling.

'That many? I don't believe it. You are much too young for that' I said. She didn't like that. She said, 'You don't believe me. I will tell you about them and you keep count. Okay?'

'I am ready when you are' I told her.

She said, 'I grew up in a joint family. As young a girl I was very horny. I learned very early the pleasure to be experienced by rubbing my choot. I masturbated whenever I was alone. One afternoon when I was busy enjoying myself my cousin saw me. He said, 'Rama tu kya kar rahi hai? Yeh khel aisse nahin khelte. Aa main tujhe sikhata hoon (Rama what are you doing? One doesn't play this game like that. I will teach you)'. By the time he had finished explaining the rules of the game I was no longer a virgin.

I said, 'One'.

She smiled and continued, 'Sahebji I liked what we had done. There after we fucked whenever we could. One afternoon when my cousin was screwing me our old servant Birju discovered us. My cousin and I nearly shat in our pants. We begged him not to tell anyone. My cousin even tried to bribe him with money equal to Birju's one-year's wages.

Birju said, 'Hum paisse ka kya karenge? Chodo bitua khoob chodo hum kissi se kuch nahin kahenge (What will I do with money? Fuck children fuck.I am not going to tell anyone)'.

We continued our love games. One afternoon my cousin told me that Birju wanted to fuck me'.

'No way' I replied. Sahebji I don't know but somehow I abhorred the very thought of screwing a servant.

My cousin said, 'Since weeks he has been dropping wide hints but I ignored them. Today he made himself quite clear either he gets to fuck you or he will tell on us. Rama you have to decide. Remember if he rats on us then we both will be fucked but in quite a different way'.

I had no choice so I agreed.

That night after dinner I told Birju, 'Main darwaza khula chord doongi tum aa jana (I will leave my door unlocked you can come)'.

With a big grin he asked, 'Chudai hogi na? (Will we fuck?)'

I nodded and went to my room. I switched off all the lights except my reading lamp and after changing into my nightshirt lay down in bed reading. I don't remember when I dozed off.

Suddenly I felt cold and opened my eyes. I saw Birju pumping his erection. He had lifted my nightshirt and was staring at my naked choot. The sight of his erection frightened me and with a small cry I tried to run. Birju caught me by my hair and threw me on the bed.

He hissed, 'Haramjadi bhagti kahan hai? (Where do think you are going bitch?)'

He caught me by my ankles, spread my legs wide, and rammed his cock into my choot. He was like an animal. Then he started to fuck me with savage force. He withdrew only after I felt him release his seed in me three times.

'Bitua aaj teri chudai dhang se hooyi hai. Main kal phir aaunga. Darwaza khula rakhana (Baby today you have been fucked properly. I will come again tomorrow. Leave the door unlocked)' he said and crept out of the room.

I lay with my legs in the air. For several minutes I could not move. Slowly, slowly I put my feet down and straightened my legs. My choot was sore. I had never been fucked so viciously before. Sahebji you won't believe me but I loved it. After that day my cousin screwed me in the daytime and Birju banged his lund into me at night.

Some months went by. My cousin flew to the States for higher studies and I joined college. A new chapter in my life started. There I met Gopal, a boy in my class. He was from out of town and lived in the hostel. He was tall and handsome. We went out together and soon started to fuck. Whenever we had a free period we went to his room and screwed. Queenie was also in our class. We were friends but not intimate.

One day when Gopal and I were fucking the door opened. We saw Ali, Gopal's room mate and Queenie framed in the doorway.

'Yaar kya kar rahe ho? (Friend what are you doing?)' Ali said.

'Jo tum karne aaye ho,chudai. Dekh kya raha hai. Chudai main sharam kya, shuru ho ja (What you have come to do, fucking. What are you waiting? There is no embarrassment in fucking go on start)'.

Ali pushed Queenie on his bed. I heard Queenie say, 'Inke saamne nahin (Not in front of them)'.

Ali ignored her protests and shoved his cock inside her. Queenie moaned 'AAHHh' as Ali's lund entered her choot.

Gopal laughed and said, 'Ali is inside Queenie's choot' and released his load inside me.

We watched Queenie and Ali fucking. I wondered how it feels to be fucked by a circumcised cock.

Gopal said, 'Queenie is very pretty. Did you see her tits, they are like melons?'

I saw his erection and laughed, 'It seems you want to fuck her. Go ahead. I don't mind'.

He laughed, 'that's great and Ali can keep you happy'. I nodded with a grin.

When Ali withdrew from Queenie's choot Gopal said, 'Ali you look after Rama and I will give Queenie a taste of my laurda'.

Queenie welcomed him with open arms. After that day we all four fucked together. Queenie and I became fast friends.

'How did you like a circumcised lund? I asked.

'Mmm both are just as nice' Rama giggled.

'Sahebji' she continued, 'chemistry was one subject I never understood specially organic chemistry. In the first year finals I managed to scrape through the theory paper but flunked my practical exams. I was required to clear the repeat test to be conducted in the vacations. I had better things to do during my holidays than mugging chemistry. I took the pleasurable way out. I seduced the chemistry lab assistant a Mr. Singh, a family man with a fearful moustache. After that it was plain sailing for me.

Second year finals came. With a satisfied Mr. Singh, chemistry practicals were a breeze but I was still required to clear my theory paper. I went after the chemistry professor. The poor old dear, he had never encountered such a situation during his long teaching career. He resisted but who can resist Rama for long. In the end he succumbed. I graduated without any further hiccups. In the final year my choot was well looked after by Gopal and Ali during college hours, chemistry professor and the lab assistant after college and the redoubtable Birju at night. Immediately after my graduation I got married to Vizi. Vizi loves sex and I was happy. Now you.

She asked, 'Sahebji how many did you count?'

'Your story was so interesting that I forgot to keep count. Hold on cousin, Birju, Gopal, Ali, Singh, professor, husband and me. That makes only eight'.

'Are you sure? I thought there were more' she said.

'Maybe you missed a couple' I said.

'No I don't think so' she replied.

I laughed and said, 'Don't worry you are still young. You will surely cut a dozen soon'.

She grimaced, 'Stop being rude and fuck me'.

Later I asked, 'Rama you were screwed by so many and for so long were you not scared of getting pregnant?'

'Yes I was but I did not get pregnant. I thought I was just born lucky. After my marriage we wanted a baby but I did not conceive. I under went a thorough examination. The doctors identified some abnormality in my fallopian tubes, which can be corrected surgically. I was scared to under go surgery. This trip is as a matter of fact a bribe from my husband for under going surgery on our return' she explained.

On Friday when we lay smoking after a satisfying fuck the telephone rang. 'I bet this is my husband. You lie here quietly and don't make a sound just listen' she giggled.

'Don't forget to ask about Queenie? I reminded her. Queenie's choot was available why should I lose it I thought.

She pressed the speakerphone button, picked up the receiver, and said, 'Hello'.

'Hello, darling how are you? Are you missing me' I heard Vizi say.

She said, 'First you send me here alone and now you want to know if I am missing you. Of course sweetheart I miss you a lot. When will you come?'

'My work is nearly finished. I have to just tie the lose ends. I should be with you next week' Vizi said.

'Another week. You are very cruel' Rama said.

'Don't worry I will make it up to you. It is a promise. It must be afternoon in London, now what are you doing?' Vizi asked.

Rama gave me a naughty smile and placing a finger on her lips said, 'Remember I told you last time that I met a nice young man on the flight'.

'Yes what about him?' Vizi asked.

'I am lying naked with him in bed and he has just fucked me silly with his real big laurda. That is what I am doing'.

'Rama you and your fixation about screwing a big lund' Vizi said laughing.

Rama said, 'Darling I am feeling very horny. Why don't you eat my pussy?'

'Eat your pussy? On the telephone are you mad? Vizi said.

'Please my love, indulge me. Stick your tongue out and come between my open thighs' she said and motioned me to take that position.

'Is your tongue ready? Rama continued.

'Okay, okay but only this once' Vizi said.

'Thanks dear, now start eating and hear me enjoy' Rama said and pressed my head on to her cunt.

'Yes darling your tongue feels great. Lick harder. Yes eat my pussy darling. Eat me like you have never done before. Higher, higher yes lick my clit. Y... hes that is the place. Take it in your mouth and bite on it. Ooooo it feels so nice. Yes love now stick your tongue in my choot. ARRGH y... hes, now tongue fuck me. Y... hes it feeeels soooo good. More yes more. I am about to come. Faster man faster. YEESSSS I AMMMM COMMMINNNGGGggg' she screamed and flooded my mouth with her juice.

Vizi said, 'Rama, Rama are you still there?'

'Yes' she said gasping for breath 'just give me a minute to catch my breath'.

'Did you enjoy it? Rama inquired.

'Yes darling I did' Vizi said.

'Darling you were so good' she asked, 'Vizi are you horny?'

'With a performance like that who wouldn't get stiff' Vizi replied.

'Stick your cock out I am now going to give you a blow job' she told Vizi.

'Are you mad? Have you forgotten that this is an international call? Who is going to pay for it?' Vizi complained.

'You darling you have lots of money. You are alone in the office aren't you?' Rama asked.

'Yes of course I am alone'.

'Then shut your mouth and open your fly and produce your dear lund for me to suck' Rama said.

'Okay, okay I will do it but it is madness' Vizi said.

'Are you ready, good. Now let me hear how much you enjoy it. I am starting' Rama said and took my erection in her mouth and commenced to give me a blowjob.

Vizi said, 'Darling your mouth feels so good. Yes swallow more of it. Yes deeper darling. Your warm, wet mouth feels heavenly. Suck yes suck harder. Squeeze my nuts. Yes that is the way. Move your head up and down. It feeeels great. Daaaarling it is goood I am about to shoot my load. Y... hes it is COMMMIINNNGGGg' he shouted and at that very moment I blew my stack.

'MMmmm darling today your cum is so thick and creamy. Did you enjoy yourself? Rama said.

'Yes I did very much' Vizi panted 'now I have some work to do. Bye darling I will call again on Sunday'.

'Hey hold on give me Queenie's address' Rama asked. Vizi gave her Queenie's phone number and signed off.

'Na Sahebji what do you think of my performance? Rama said laughing loudly.

'It was really fantastic. You should get an "Oscar" for it' I said, 'but it was very mean of you to make poor Vizi so horny'.

'Poor Vizi' she said scornfully 'do you know what he is doing at this moment?'

'What can the poor fellow do other that take a cold shower' I opined.

'I guarantee that just now that bitch Sheila, his secretary was sucking his cock and now he is humping her on the office couch' Rama replied scornfully, 'I know he was screwing her before our marriage and he still fucks her'.

Let us not talk about Vizi any more. I am also feeling very horny. Sahebji fuck me and fuck me real hard'.

When we had finished she said, 'Now we will call Queenie. You remain quiet as before'.

'Hello Queenie it is me Rama' Rama said.

'Rama what on earth! Are you okay? Is everything all right with you?' Queenie asked.

'Of course I am fine. Why so worried?' Rama asked.

'You have never made an international call to me before so I got worried' Queenie said.

Rama laughed, 'Darling this not an international call. I am speaking from London'.

'What and you have not come to visit me? Is Vizi with you? When did you arrive?' Queenie asked.

Rama said, 'When Vizi arrives we will come and visit you. Why don't you come to London? I have a flat'.

'I would love to but at the moment I can't' Queenie replied... '

'Listen you dumbo I arrived by the Saturday flight and on the plane I met a very nice young man... '

Queenie interrupted her, 'Let me guess. Saturday you met him and I bet you screwed him by Tuesday. Right?'

Rama laughed, 'No not really. It was on Wednesday'.

'Rama, Rama you are slipping' Queenie laughed.

'Stop horsing around. Believe me Queenie this man has got a huge cock. It is so large that a replica of it should be placed in the Madame whatever wax museum in London for all women to see. When you see it you will forget about the one you keep boasting about. Come to London, we will fuck him together like old times'.

'Well if you put it this way then I will have to come' Queenie said, 'is he there with you now?'

'No of course not' Rama lied.

'Are you sure?' Queenie asked.

'Would I lie to my best friend?' Rama said in a hurt tone.

'I don't know but I wouldn't put it past you. Listen my boys are going back to the boarding on Sunday, okay I will be with you on Monday morning' Queenie said.

'That would be great. See you then. Prepare your cunny for a real treat. Bye' Rama said and hung up.

Turning to me she said, 'Sahebji you will love Queenie.She has real bumper boobs'.

On Monday, a vaguely familiar girl opened the door. One look at her melon like bust I exclaimed, 'Rani what are you doing here?'

'Oh Sahebji it is you' she said embracing me, 'what are you doing here?'

'Rama invited me to meet her friend Queenie' I replied.

Rani laughed, 'Come on in. I am Queenie' she said, 'Rani in English means queen. In college somehow everyone called me Queenie and the name stuck. All my friends now know me as Queenie only. So you are the person I am supposed to meet. Did you tell Rama that you know me?'

'How could I? I did not know myself that it was you'.

'Don't tell her, we will have some fun with her okay. Remember to call me Queenie and not Rani' she said.

'Who is there?' Rama called from the bedroom.

'Some guy called Sahebji. He says you asked him to come' Queenie shouted back.

'Good that he has come. He is the man I met on the plane. Please entertain him. I will join you in a minute'. Few minutes later Rama joined us looking sexier than ever.

Rama said, 'Have you introduced yourselves?

'Yes we have' Queenie said.

Rama was not one to beat about the bush. She went straight to the heart of the matter. 'Sahebji doesn't she have real big boobs like I told you'. I smiled and nodded.

'Queenie, Sahebji has such a big lund that even you will think twice before fucking it. Sahebji show her your formidable weapon' Rama said.

With a wide grin demonstrating the length and thickness with her hands Queenie said, 'You mean his lund is so big and so thick'.

Rama made a face, 'That is not fair. You have already peeked'.

Queenie laughed aloud. 'What the heck are you laughing at?' asked an irritated Rama.

'At you stupid. I know Sahebji since years. He is the man who introduced me to fucking'. Queenie then related the whole story. Rama looked at me and I nodded.

'It sure is a small world. I never did believe the description of your first cock but now I have to accept it' a disappointed Rama said, 'well so much for my surprise'.

'Don't be silly' Queenie said embracing Rama, 'you couldn't have given me bigger and better surprise than meeting Sahebji. I never thought I would meet him ever again. Thank you dear friend'. This brought a smile on Rama's lips.

'How are Madhu and Sudha doing?' I asked Queenie.

'Now who are they? Rama asked.

'Madhu and Sudha are fine and having a rollicking time. Madhu was my best friend in those days and Sudha is her younger sister. Sahebji popped their cherry also, naturally with my help' Queenie explained and turning to me, 'Sahebji you should have fucked their mother also when you had the opportunity. You missed out because of your stupid principles'.

'I don't believe it' Rama said, 'you mean Sahebji passed up a chance to fuck a willing woman'.

'Yes. Madhu's father had been on posting for nearly a year. The mother was short of cock. One afternoon I saw her sleeping. She was moaning away and moving her hips in such a manner that I could tell she was screwing in her dream. She was ripe for the picking. I asked Sahebji to help her out of her misery but he refused as he had given his word to Madhu that he would not try to screw her mother. Can you believe it?'

Rama looked at me, 'Why man, why?'

I shrugged, 'I don't know how you feel about it. As far as I am concerned, a promise is a promise. However hard it may be to keep'.

'You are digressing from the subject. I asked how the girls were doing not their mother' I reminded Queenie.

'I will tell you everything' Queenie said, 'you will see how foolish you were and how stupid Madhu was when she took that promise'.

'Listen. Few months after you left, Madhu told me, I quote, "One afternoon I returned home unexpectedly and found my mother screwing two college boys, who lived in the neighborhood. When mother saw me she asked the boys to grab me. I protested slightly and struggled feebly but let them lead me to the bed. With the help of my mother they proceeded to fuck me. I told Sudha all that had happened. Sudha wanted to join in. Few days later with my help Sudha had joined the group" unquote.

'Sahebji you see if you had fucked her then not only would you have enjoyed yourself but also done her a favor by fucking her with your large laurda' Queenie said.

'What about you dear Queenie, you didn't join in the fun? Rama asked smiling.

'No I didn't because in the meantime I had developed other interests' Queenie replied, 'actually two other interests and my choot was happy'.

'In college both Madhu and Sudha went wild and fucked all and sundry' turning to Rama she added, 'you didn't get to know them as they went to the other college. They even brought boys home to give their mother a treat. As luck may have it they married identical twins on the same day. Within a month they were fucking each other's husbands. Today between them they have five kids. Nobody knows which of the twin is their real father and they don't care. They all love the children as their own' Queenie concluded.

With all this talk about the past, Rama was getting bored. She said, 'Enough of the past. Let us go to bed and fuck'. We adjourned to the bedroom. First I screwed Queenie. 'Oh Sahebji it feels so good to have your lund in me again' Queenie said. Then I fucked Rama.

Queenie said, 'Sahebji I would like you to fuck me in my ass hole'.

Rama was aghast, 'What! You want to get your gaand fucked?'

'Yes, why not, it is lovely. Your Vizi has never fucked your butt?'

'Never. He wants to all the time but I won't let him near it. What about your husband?' Rama said.

'He loves to but I let him only to reward him or bribe him. My gaand is my best bargaining chip with him. Rama you are stupid. You should do the same' Queenie said with a smile and added, 'Sahebji you can have me in the ass hole later. First you must fuck Rama's virgin gaand'.

'No Queenie. Please not in my ass hole. It will hurt a lot' Rama pleaded.

'Saalon se tune apni gaand Vizi se bacha ke rakkhi, lakin aaj meri pyaari Rama teri gaand ko phatne se kaun bachayega (For years you have been able to protect your gaand from Vizi but today, my dear Rama, no one can save it from being ravished)' Queenie said.

'Queenie please spare my ass hole. I beg of you' Rama pleaded.

'You don't know what you are missing? No darling it has to be done' Queenie said, 'okay I will give you a choice. Either you consent then I will make sure the pain is not too much or I will ask Sahebji to take you by force and Vizi will hear you screaming of pain thousands of miles away. You have two minutes to decide'.

'This is tails I win and heads you lose situation. Okay! Queenie I give in. You have won and I have lost. I will let Sahebji fuck my gaand but I want to see him fuck your ass hole first' Rama said.

Queenie laughed loudly, 'No problem darling. Sahebji please comply with the lady's request. Go a little easy at first as I have not had such a big lund in my gaand since many years'.

Queenie then got on all fours and after wetting my cock in her choot I placed my cock on her puckered rear entrance. Amid a lot of 'ohs' 'uffs' 'slowly' 'it is hurting' by Queenie I entered it and commenced to fuck it.

After we had finished Rama asked, 'Queenie did it hurt very much?'

'Just a wee bit. Since you are doing it for the first time it will hurt more. Don't worry. I will see it doesn't hurt too much' Queenie said then turning to me,

'Sajhebji you relax while I rub Vaseline on Rama's gaand'. After applying Vaseline on Rama's gaand Queenie rubbed it on my cock and said, 'Rama get on all fours as I did. Sahebji take her butt hole cherry and make a complete woman out of her'.

Placing my cock on the entrance of her ass hole, I pressed for entry. The ass hole did not yield. I increased the pressure. The hole started to give way. Rama screamed, 'Queenie it is hurting. My God I can't bear it. Sahebji please stop'.

Queenie said, 'Sahebji what are you doing? Get inside her'. I pushed harder and the ass hole snapped open and half my lund was engulfed in it. Rama screamed, 'AAAAAYYYYIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEE I will die. Take it out. Sahebji I say take it out' and started to cry. Another push, I was fully inside her.

I started the in and out movement. Rama kept groaning and complaining of pain. I kept my movement going and rubbed her choot with one hand. After few minutes a moan of pleasure escaped Rama.

'Na Rama you are enjoying it now. Aren't you? Queenie asked.

'Y... hes, y... hes it feels great' Rama panted, 'oh Sahebji it feels good. Yes move faster and harder. Yes, yes that is the way. I didn't know it could be sooo nice' Rama shouted and lay panting. At this point I also shot my-cum into her ass hole. When I left in the wee hours of the morning I had fucked Rama twice more in her gaand and Queenie twice in her choot.

In the morning Queenie returned to her home. When I reached my office, I was told that the management had approved the project but I will get the formal letter of approval on Thursday only. I was overjoyed. In the afternoon I caught up on my sleep. In the evening I told Rama, 'Great news my project has been approved. I will be returning in a few days time'.

'Congratulations. I also have news for you. Vizi is arriving tomorrow by the early morning flight' Rama replied. That evening we fucked like mad. Rama said, 'Sahebji please accompany me to the airport to receive my husband'.

This didn't seem right to me. I asked, 'Darling do you think it is a good idea'.

'You men are all alike. You think more and do less. Yes it is a good idea. The matter is settled. Now fuck me in my bum' was Rama's reaction.

In the morning we received Vizi at the airport. Vizi was tall, slim and handsome with an infectious smile. 'This is Saheb Sahebji. He is the person I met on the plane. I told you about him on the phone. He looked after me very well in your absence' Rama said introducing me.

'Nice to meet you. Thank you very much for helping Rama' Vizi said.

'No need to thank me. Really it was my pleasure' I replied.

After dropping them at their flat, I came back to my hotel room. I did not have to go to the office. I rang up my boss at home and told him the good news. 'Well done Saheb. Don't hurry back take a few days off. Enjoy London' my boss told me. I did some shopping. I bought some articles I needed and a few gifts for near and dear at home. In the evening I went to bed early.

Next morning as I was about to leave for office, the telephone rang. Vizi was on the line, 'Sahebji, Rama and I would like you to come to dinner tonight. We hope you are free?'

'Having nothing to do, I said, 'I would love to'.

'Fine. We will expect you around six' Vizi said and signed off.

At six, when I entered their flat, I saw Rama was absolutely naked. Surprised I said, 'Rama why are you naked?' Rama laughed loudly but did not reply.

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