Rama, the Adultress

by Sahebji

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Cheating, Group Sex, Orgy, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: On the flight to London Rama, a sexy married lady travelling alone, sat next to me. Over a drink we got acquainted. It was her first visit to the British capital. One thing led to another. I promised her to show her around London. While I showed her London Rama showed me...

My name is Saheb Sahebji. I am young, tall and slim. By profession I am a freelance commercial artist. The episode I am about to narrate took place when I was still working for a local advertising company.

On my flight to London, as I sat on my seat next to the window, I saw a paragon of beauty walking down the aisle towards me. Man was she sexy. My eyes traveled from her head down to her toe pausing briefly at her tit and crotch level and then back to her head.

She was tall, slim with a fantastic figure. She had shoulder length hair done in the latest style. Her big eyes were like two big sparkling diamonds. Her red lips sported a sexy smile. A triple pearl string enhanced the beauty of her swan like neck. She wore tight fitting blood red blouse, jeans with matching high-heeled sandals. Her clothes fitted her so snugly that they underlined every curve of her sensuous body. She was carrying a small overnight bag and a vanity case.

Just looking at her gave me a terrific hard on. The aisle seat next to me was still vacant. I prayed that this sexy creature would come and sit next to me and keep me company on this long flight.

She came nearer and nearer looking at the row numbers and her boarding pass. Damn, she stopped one row before my row and looked around for a place to stow her bag. I got up and said, 'May I help you ma'am?' she broke into a dazzling smile, 'Yes please, thank you.'

Her smile played havoc with my hard on. I placed her bag in the overhead storage bin. She took the window seat in the row just ahead of me. I cursed my luck on losing out on her company.

As I reconciled myself to my loss, I saw a hostess hurrying down the aisle with a distinguished looking couple in tow. 'May I see your boarding pass ma'am' she said to the beauty.

After inspecting it she said, 'Ma'am this is not your seat. Your seat is this one' she said pointing to the vacant seat next to me. I looked up towards the sky and murmured 'Thank you Lord for small mercies'.

She sat down next to me and leaned towards me to look out of the window. I got a whiff of her exhilarating perfume. 'Would you prefer to sit near the window? I asked.

She looked at me with her big bright eyes and said, 'Yes, thank you.' As we changed seats our bodies brushed against each other. My hard on kicked wildly. I sat down quickly on my seat and placed a pillow on my lap to hide my bulging crotch. Dear readers it required super control on my part not to have grabbed her right there and ravish her but somehow I managed to control myself. She sat looking out of the window.

The flight was ready to take off.

The hostess announced the departure of the flight and requested us to fasten our seat belts. The beauty looked at me buckling up and tried to fasten her seat belt. I said, 'May I' and buckled it for her. With a disarming smile she said, 'Thank you. I am so clumsy with these things'.

As the plane took off I asked, 'Is this your first flight?'

She laughed nervously, 'Is it so obvious?'

'I would be lying if I said no' I said with my best smile.

'Shit, all that practice down the drain' she said and laughed.

When we were in the air the airhostess came around with the drinks trolley. As the airhostess approached us I asked the beauty, 'Tum kuch peena chahogi. Muft ka hai (Would you like to drink something? It is free)' I asked her.

She laughed and asked, 'Are you going to have a drink?'

'Me? Of course' I said.

The airhostess asked, 'Madam would you care for a drink?

'May I have a Campari with orange juice and some ice please' she ordered.

When the hostess looked at me I said, 'A scotch and soda with lots of ice please'.

I raised my glass and said, 'To your health. My name is Saheb Sahebji'.

'Cheers. I am Rama. Is this also your first visit to London?' she asked.

'No, I have been to London once before. Are you visiting relatives or is it a holiday trip? ' I said.

'It was supposed to be a holiday but everything got screwed up' she said.

Really what happened? I asked.

'Since my marriage we did not go on a holiday, as my husband was always busy with is work. This year we planned this holiday to London and the Continent. It was supposed to be our second honeymoon. Everything was settled. We had rented a flat in London and had flight bookings but at the last moment my husband got involved in some important work and could not leave for another week. He will join me later' she explained.

'You could have postponed your trip by a week' I said.

'That is exactly what we wanted to do but the real estate agent in London said if we did not pay the full rent by tomorrow then our advance will be forfeited. So here I am travelling alone on my honeymoon' she said with a weary smile, 'what about you. Are you also on a holiday or is this a business trip?'

'Well it is a little of both. I had designed a publicity campaign for a company. Their local office approved it but the final green signal has to be given by their head office in London. To save time and correspondence they have sent me here. My job is to clarify and make changes if required by them. My boss told me before I left 'Sahebji don't come back without the required approvals'. I will have lots of free time'.

'London is a great city. You will have a good time. You must know a lot of people in London? I said.

'That is the problem I don't know anyone. Queenie my college friend shifted to England after her marriage but I don't know how to locate her. I forgot to bring her address' she replied.

'If you know her husband's full name and the city they live in then may be we can still locate them' I told her.

'All I remember is that her husband's name is Hari. I don't even remember his surname' she wailed.

'Maybe your husband can tell you when you talk to him next' I said.

We talked about many things. As we were finishing our drink I offered her a cigarette, 'Would you like to smoke?'

'No thank you, I smoke only after s... 'she suddenly stopped and blushed. Although I guessed what she was about to say I pretended that I had not heard her. We had another drink followed by dinner.

After dinner I said, 'Rama if I had been your husband I would not have been so foolish to let such a pretty and sexy lady like you travel alone in this big bad world' I said.

With an annoyed look she said, 'Don't you dare call my Vizi foolish. No I am the foolish one to be travelling alone. I wonder how I will pass my time. I am going to get thoroughly bored but I will have to manage somehow till my husband joins me' she lamented.

'Rama, consider me as your friend. If you need any help just tell me. I will be pleased to help in anyway' I told her.

'You will! That would be nice thank you. I hope this is not an idle promise because I might just take you up on it' she said.

Before we disembarked she said, 'The estate agent will receive me at the airport and take me to the flat. Here is my telephone number. Don't forget to call me'.

That day I called her in the evening. She nearly screamed at me, 'Where have you been? I have been waiting for your call since morning'.

'Hey, calm down. What is the trouble? Are you okay? I asked.

'Of course I am all right only I haven't eaten since morning. I am famished' she screamed.

'Why not there are so many good eating places near your flat' I said.

'I was too scared to go out' she said.

'Rama there is no cause to be afraid. London is a civilized city you know' I said imitating the British accent.

'Very funny. I know that I was scared of getting lost. Now stop being cute and get your ass here as fast as you can and buy me a sumptuous meal. I am waiting' she said and slammed the phone down.

Within ten minutes I was at her apartment. 'That was quick' she said.

'I flew. I couldn't leave a beautiful lady like you starve. Are you ready? Let us go and get something to eat' I replied.

'Be serious for a change. Tell me how you managed to come so fast? She asked. I laughed and told her that my hotel was just round the corner.

We ate and then walked around doing window-shopping and enjoying the mild summer evening. As we were saying goodnight she asked, 'You will come again tomorrow? I don't want to spend the whole day alone getting bored'.

'Sure it will be my pleasure. Tomorrow is Sunday and I am free the whole day. We can do some sightseeing if you want' I said.

'I would love that. See you at ten in the morning. I will be ready. Good night' she said.

At ten sharp I was with her. We spent the whole day sightseeing. She was most impressed by the Crown Jewels in the London Tower and Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. When we were saying goodnight Rama said, 'Sahebji thank you, it was a lovely day. When do I see you tomorrow?'

'Tomorrow is Monday. I have to work but I will be with you as soon as I can. I will call and tell you' I replied.

On Monday and Tuesday I met her at about five in the evening. We went shopping. Rama was shopping as if there was no tomorrow. 'Rama, seeing you shop I get the impression that your husband is a rich man' I asked.

She laughed, 'You may feel that my husband is foolish but one thing he is very clever at and that is making money'.

While we were eating dinner she said, 'I have got fed up of eating restaurant food. Tomorrow I am going to cook. Why don't you join me for lunch?'

'I would love to but it is a working day. I will call you if I can make it' I told her.

'Try otherwise or you will have to eat it for dinner' she replied.

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