Mom's Observation of Son's Examination

by bentreed

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Desc: Incest Sex Story: A 14 yr old male asks his mother to observe the unique examinations he has been receiving from his Dr since he was 12 yrs old

"I made you an appointment with Dr White" my mother, Ms. Jane smith, tells me as she stands in the doorway to my room. I look up at her; I am laying on my bed reading. I don't say anything; I just look at her with the same humiliation and embarrassment I always feel when this comes up. "You do want the appointment right"? She says. "I mean it is time for you to get one of his examinations, it's been six months." My face flushes, "yes mom" I say, "I want the appointment" I stare down at the floor, embarrassed. "Ok" she says, "tomorrow after school, the usual five o'clock, ill drop you off"

Once every six months I would receive a very special physical examination from Dr White. I had started getting these exams when I was twelve years old. I was now fourteen, and the exams had changed a lot from when I first started receiving them. What would occur during my check-ups was a secret between my mother and me. She understood about it, and she knew I might go for the examinations with or without her approval.

It all started once while receiving a physical. Dr. White had me on his table, shirtless, and his attractive nurse was assisting. He had my briefs pulled down, examining my young penis. I became erect during the exam, but they continued like they didn't even notice. When he told me to pull up my underwear, I couldn't help it, I asked him not to stop, to continue examining my erect 12-year-old cock. He looked at me coldly, and he stared at my hard penis. "No son", he said, "get dressed", and they left me alone to do that, filled with shame and humiliation at what I had asked him to do.

When I had dressed and went back to the waiting room, I saw that my mother was sitting in his office, I was told by her to wait outside, and then the nurse shut the door. I was horrified; I knew he must have been telling her what had happened.

After about 30 minutes the door opened and my mom came out, a calm look on her face, she did not seem angry or upset. "Come on, let's go," she said.

She didn't say anything during the ride home; she seemed to be in deep thought. Once we got home though, she told me that she needed to speak to me. We both sat in the living room, I was still very afraid that she might know exactly what had happened at the doctor's.

"I had a talk with Dr white", she said. "I know what happened while you were being examined" I stared at the floor, too ashamed to look at her. "Its ok" she said, "I'm not upset, really I'm not". I was confused; I thought she would be very upset. "I'm going to ask you something, and I want you to be very sure about this" she said. "The next time you receive a check-up, and if that happens again, do you really want him and the nurse to do something about it"?

I was shocked; I couldn't believe I was hearing this. "Because if you want that, they will do it, but only if I tell them they can, and I will only do that if you are sure it's what you want" I didn't know what to say. "Its something they do for special patients" she said, "a check-up that's also a sexual education and pleasure session".

I looked up at her now, I wanted to say no because I was so ashamed, but I couldn't, in fact it really turned me on to think about it. "Yes mom, its what I want", she nodded, "ok" she said, "next time you go to the doctor, it will be very different, just be sure this is what you want" I nodded again. "Before your next exam Ill phone Dr Whites office and let them know"

The next time was indeed very different. My underwear wasn't just pulled down, it was pulled off, and my feet were placed in stirrups, my legs spread wide as my asshole was probed by my Dr's gloved fingers, my cock stroked in his hands until I ejaculated.

The examinations changed, as I grew older, they became much more detailed and involved. Sex toys were now used on me, enemas given, and most often I would be placed in restraints, even though I never struggled.

Now when I received my examinations, I was taken to an exam room set up for special physicals, it was much different than the usual room. Instruments trays contained various shapes and sizes of vibrators and dildos. There were anal plugs, assorted enema nozzles, and different types of restraints hung on the wall, along with a large illustrated chart of the male sex organs.

At first mom would just sit in the waiting room as I was examined, but later as the exams became more involved and took up more time, she would drop me off and pick me up after a few hours. On exam days I was always embarrassed and humiliated around my mother, but she was always very understanding and cool about the situation.

After my last exam though, my mom began to express more curiosity about the examinations. As we rode home that day, she began to ask questions, "So, do you really enjoy these appointments"? I told her yes, I enjoyed them or I wouldn't still continue to go". "Nothing goes on that you don't want to happen does it"? She asked. "No mom, I'm not forced to do anything I don't want to". She was quiet for a few minutes, and then said "well, as long as you say it's alright and you wish to continue, then it's fine with me, you know I'm very open-minded".

Her questions got me to thinking that maybe my mom was more curious than she led on. I felt that maybe she would like to know more regarding the specifics of my exams, but she would never ask because she would not want to make me even more uncomfortable or embarrassed about my appointments with Dr White.

The night before my exam an idea came to me, and it actually turned me on to think of it. Maybe instead of talking about what went on during my exams, I could show her what went on by asking her if she would like to observe tomorrow's examination. It was wild idea, and a pretty twisted and kinky one, but I couldn't help but to feel I owed it to her to ask. I had to do it.

So, before I went to bed that night, I gathered up the courage to go to her room. The door was open, she lie in the bed reading. I knocked on the doorframe to get her attention, she then looked up from her book to see me standing there standing there, "what is it son"? She said.

I hung my head; I couldn't look at her face because I was so embarrassed about what I was getting ready to propose to her. "Is something wrong"? She asked. "No mom" I said, "its about tomorrow" I continued to stare down at the floor, humiliated but I had to tell her this. "Well, what is it son, what about tomorrow"? This was tough, harder than I expected. "Go on" she said, "you can tell me, no need to be embarrassed."

Well, here goes I thought, nothing to lose. "Its just that I thought that tomorrow, while I'm getting my exam." I hesitated; this wasn't an easy thing to do, to invite your own mother to watch as you were stripped naked on an exam table, feet placed in stirrups, legs open wide as a male Dr and his nurse had there way with you, but I owed it to her if she chose to watch the exam, she was after all the one who allowed it to happen. "Come on son" she said, "what is it that you want to say"? I found the nerve then "I thought tomorrow if you want, you could watch them exam me". I then looked up to see her face, she looked a bit taken by surprise, but she remained calm and cool. "I see," she said "wouldn't that be uncomfortable for you, to have me in there while they did these very private and personal things to you"? I stared down at the floor, still embarrassed, "maybe mom" I replied, "but I would like you to see just once what goes on, if you don't like it, you wouldn't have to watch the entire exam, I just feel that you should see for yourself what happens during my examinations".

She looked at me, saying nothing for a few seconds. "Well" she said, 'I can see this is important to you, and thank you for asking, but I'm going to have to sleep on it, ill let you know tomorrow ok"? I nodded my head, "ok mom, goodnight" I said. "Goodnight son", she said, "see you tomorrow".

The next day I felt my usual excitement mixed with apprehension about seeing Dr White, but this day it was even more due to the fact that I realized that my own mother just might watch as I was on the exam table.

I readied myself, as always by neatly trimming my pubic hair, Dr White required this. I dressed in a t-shirt, white cotton briefs, and cut off jeans. I wore sneakers and white sweat socks. Just before five I went into the bathroom and masturbated, I did this because I didn't like to be overly aroused at the beginning of my exam.

Near five o'clock I met my mother outside as she pulled up in the car. "All set"? She said as I got in. "yeah mom' lets go" my mom was dressed in a black skirt and white blouse. She wore heels and pantyhose. She was in her late thirties, her body still sleek and thin, breasts small and firm. She wore her jet-black hair short and fashionable. She was a very attractive woman.

She said little as we drove. I wanted to ask her what her answer was, but I was feeling too embarrassed. "How was school today"? She asked making small talk. 'Fine mom" I said, almost glad she was avoiding the subject of my upcoming exam.

We pulled into the parking lot of Dr White's office; it was almost empty of all cars except for a few. My exams were always given after normal business hours. Usually my mom would just drop me off in front of the office, but today she parked the car. She looked at me and smiled. "You still want me to come with you today"? She asked. "Yes mom, I do". I felt mixed emotions about it, but I still wanted it to happen. "Well then" she said, "lets go, they're expecting us".

We got out of the car and went into the office. Dr White's sexy nurse greeted us; she was in her late twenties, blonde, slim, shapely body, long legs, and beautiful blue eyes. She wore a typical nurse's uniform except that her skirt was very short; it showed off her nice legs, which were encased in white stockings. Her breasts were large for a woman who was so slim, but they were nice and firm.

She smiled at my mom, "hi, you must be Miss Smith"; she said, "I'm Lisa, Dr. White's nurse, I understand that you will be observing your son's examination today". My mom smiled and said, "yes, I guess that's the plan, although I'm really not sure what to expect, but my son felt I should at least once see what goes on during the exam" the nurse grinned, "well, you might be quite surprised, shocked even" she said, "your son has been receiving our unique examinations for a few years now, we consider him to be one of our special patients, and the Dr. performs his exam accordingly".

"Well" my mom said, "I'm quite prepared to see things that will surprise me, in fact I'm very curious and open-minded about what I might see today, I had a conversation with Dr. white before coming here, he tells me that just because I'm going to be in the exam room, that little if anything will change because of my presence, in fact I would hate to think that things would change because of me"

The nurse smiled, "that's great" she said, "a fantastic attitude" the nurse took hold of my arm," well, lets get started then shall we?" she then led us down the hall to the exam room. I walked into the well-lit room, my mother behind, her eyes taking everything in.

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