In Heaven

by JAX

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Mind Control, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, Incest, Brother, Sister, Gang Bang, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Young guy wakes up in hospital and his life is never the same again

I opened my eyes, I was in a completely white room, this must be heaven. But why was I in heaven? That was the next question I asked myself. I reached out with my other senses, I couldn't hear anything, but I could smell a sharp antiseptic smell. That sorted it, I was in a hospital. Next question, why was I in a hospital? Well I've no idea, ok, what did I remember, I knew my name, Bill Thomas, good, so what was the last thing I remember? I was going to work on my bike, ok, a good guess would be that I was knocked off my bike.

I rested now I knew what was going on, then the next question raised it ugly head. How badly was I injured? Well I could see and smell, although I couldn't hear anything. I moved my legs, they seemed there and so were my arms. Ok, I was intact. I rested again then the door open and an angel walked in to my room, she was dressed all in white with short, dark hair and a big smile. Her mouth opened and closed but I heard nothing. She left and returned with a guy, a doctor I suppose, in his white coat. I indicated that I couldn't hear anything and he looked into my ears and eyes, then he wrote on a sheet of paper for me to read.

'You've have concussion, your hearing should return shortly'

Well that was good to know, I smiled at them both.

"What happened?" I asked, the words ringing in my head; again he wrote.

'Knocked off you bike'

"Am I ok?" I asked.

'You're fine, you should make a full recovery'

Good, I closed my eyes and I must have slept for when I opened them again, it was dark and I was alone. My ears were now ringing, which I took to be a good sign. I lay there not sleepy now, wondering what to do. Thoughts of my angel nurse came back to my mind, boy was she beautiful. Thinking about her caused my cock to harden, and it was nice to know that that still works too. Now all I need is for my angel to give me some relief, a blowjob would be nice. I lay there thinking about it when the door opened and in she walked. She smiled at me and said something, all I heard was mush, but at least I heard something. She sat on my bed and smiled at me, her hand moving over my groin and rubbing my hard cock. I lay there in shock, all the while she carried on talking and rubbing. She got up and checked the door for a few seconds, then came back to me. She pulled back my covers to expose my hard cock; her head dropped and took it all into her hot mouth.

Oh my, then I wondered, with a big smile, if this was a private hospital or was I getting this on the National Health. She was an expert and before too long I was spurting down her throat; she didn't loose a drop. She covered me up, smiled then left. I slept after that, with a big smile on my face.

I didn't see her again, not her shift or she had moved wards, but two days later I was released. My married sister Wendy picked me up and drove me to my flat. My hearing was improving with every passing day, but it was still a little fuzzy.

"You need a nurse to look after you," Wendy, my sister said, "pity you broke up with Clare."

Clare was up too recently had been my girlfriend, and we hadn't broken up, she had dumped me. Wendy talking about her had brought a small tear to my eye, for Clare was very beautiful and I still loved her dearly. What I needed was her on her back with her legs open wide and me pounding between them.

"I'll just make you comfy, do some tea and then I must be off," said Wendy.

"Thanks sis," I said.

"Right I'll be off," she called out, "Oh, I'll answer it," she added as the doorbell rang.

"Look who's here," she said, letting Clare enter my bedroom.

"Hi Bill, how are you doing?" she asked.

"Much better now, thanks," I replied, I was just happy she was here and didn't really care why.

"Heard about your accident, so I thought I come over," she said.

"I'm be off now," said Wendy, "nice to see you again," she said to Clare.

"So how are you really?" she asked and sat on my bed.

"They tell me I was unconscious for two days," I admitted, "but other than fuzzy hearing, I seem ok."

"Oh good," she smiled at me, "I didn't realise how much I'll missed you until I thought I may lose you."

Oh my, I thought, does this mean she's coming back to me.

"That's nice to know," I said. My cock was getting hard just by looking at her pretty face.

"I see that's missed me too," she giggled, and pointed at the tented bedcovers. Her laugh was always very sexy. "Are you up to it then?" she challenged.

"Sure," I said my chest feeling tight from the lust.

She stood up and quietly strip off her few clothes, dress, bra and knickers. I had forgotten how good her body was, slim with bigger tits than her body should have, even though I knew they were only a 'C' cup. She pulled back the covers and joined me in the bed. My hands roamed over her, she was already very wet between her legs; she pulled me on top of her.

"Just put it in and fuck me," she shouted. I slipped into her and started to bang into her hard. Ten good hard stokes and she was coming, I followed two stokes later.

"I must go, Carl will be wondering where I am," she said pulling her dress over her head. Carl was the guy she dumped me for.

"Ok," I said feeling down now that she was leaving, "please call again soon."

"Of course," she said, and kissed me on the forehead.

I was alone again, even sadder if anything, now that Clare had visited me. My bed was full of her smell and I knew she was not coming back to me. I slept, suddenly tired, probably from all that fucking. When I awoke it was dark and a thought past through my mind, I rejected it instantly but it just wouldn't go away. That nurse in the hospital, I had thought about her giving me a blowjob, and she did. Then it was Clare, I thought about her in my bed and along she comes. No it was silly I knew, but it kept nagging at me. I slept again and didn't wake until Wendy popped in next morning.

"Sleep well," she asked, I knew she was also dying to know about Clare.

"Yes thanks, Clare left soon after you," I said, which was almost the truth, "she said she'll pop back later."

"I like Clare," she said.

Yeah so do I, but she's never coming back to me so I might as well forget all about her. Wendy's comment however brought an image of Clare and Wendy naked in my bed. Wendy although older than me, still looks good, having no kids helps of course. What is she? Well she's three years older than me, so that would make her twenty-seven; boy she looks good for twenty-seven. Bit of extra weight on her hips and bust, but her waist was still trim.

I got out of bed and Wendy made me breakfast of toast and coffee.

"I'll be back later, when I seen to Del," she said, Del's her Husband, she left me with my thoughts.

I watched some daytime telly, but the image of Clare and my sister kept returning. That knock on the head must have rattled my brain about more than I had though. After a week I had mostly recovered, the occasional headache and my hearing still a little fuzzy.

"Look who I bumped into?" said Wendy and together with Clare they walked into my lounge.

"Hi sis, Clare," I said, "I'll put the kettle on."

"No, no, I'll do that," said Wendy, "you and Clare have a chat."

"You feeling better?" she asked when Wendy had left the room."

"Much thanks," I said with a smile, "your last visit did me the world of good."

"Oh good," she said looking a little sheepish.

"Here you go Bill," said Wendy handing me a cup of tea, "if you don't mind Clare and I want to use your bedroom, got a few new things we like to try on," she picked up a couple of carrier bags of the floor and held them up.

"Yeah sure," I said, I sat down and sipped my hot tea. Although my hearing was still a bit fuzzy I started to hear noises from my bedroom. I opened the door a crack and there on the bed was the two girls in each other's arms, both beautifully naked; I've never seen my sister naked before. She was on top of the writhing Clare, licking and biting her tits for all she was worth, while her free hand was between Clare's legs; the sight gave me an instant hard on. Just then Clare's eyes opened and she saw me standing in the doorway.

"Oh yes, give us your cock," she called out.

My sister stopped her mauling of Clare's tits and she too called out to me.

"Yes brother, we need your stiffy," she giggled. I didn't need a second invitation but joined the two girls on my bed. I thought it best if I didn't fuck my sister, so I slipped between Clare's legs again.

"Oh yes you big bastard," she sighed, "fuck me hard." it was hard not to notice my sister naked body lying next to me on the bed, for she was again paying attention to Clare's tits. I never know Clare to be so turned on, within seconds she was bucking under our joint onslaught.

"Oh yes, yes," she screamed and became limp. Shit I hadn't come yet, but my sister had a solution to my problem.

"Here stick it in me brother," she said and she pulled me on top of her.

"I don't think," was as far as I got before she grabbed my cock and shoved it into herself.

"Oh yes, brother, that's great," she cooed and pushed back at me. This was all too much for me and I started to come; feeling me spurt, my sister banged into me, extra hard, a couple of time and she came too.

I just lay there, my mind in a spin, didn't I think about doing this just the other day, what with the previous incidence as well, things were definitely strange.

"I'll got to be off," said Clare, not catching my eyes as she dressed and was gone in minutes.

"I've got all afternoon," giggled Wendy, "so if you can get it up anytime soon."

"Look sis, I'm not sure about this," I said.

"It's ok, Bill," she said, "we're both adults, and you do have a nice size cock, much bigger than Del's anyway."

"Sis," I started to say, I wanted to tell her about my suspicions, but she took my still limp cock into her mouth; after that, all intellect thoughts left me.

"There we go, all nice and hard again," she sighed and pulled me between her legs. "Nice and slow brother, we got all afternoon." My hands became full of plump tits and thighs, and slowly I thrust into her wet pussy.

"Oh yes, that's nice," she cooed, her legs locked behind my back to control my movements.

"Oh yes, you do have a lovely big cock you bastard. Oh yes faster now, oh yes."

Her hips picked up speed and banged back at me hard. Even though I had already come once, I wasn't going to last at this pace. Just before I knew I couldn't hold on any more, her body jerked and was still, I pump my second load into her.

We lay there cooling down, hand in hand.

"Oh my, where were you when I was a teenager and in desperate need of a cock in the night," she giggled.

"Next door and dreaming of a pussy to put my cock into," I said.

"Well we certainly made up for lost time," she giggled again.

"Sure did," I agreed, "what happened with you and Clare earlier?"

"Don't know really," she said, "we were both stripping off to try on some new underwear when we started to giggle and I suppose we fell into each other arms, we both needed a good seeing too I expect. Del isn't the most passionate of guys."

"Well he needs a good kick up the backside sis," I said, my hands had a mind of their own and were moving over her silk like skin. "You're one sexy lady."

"Thanks brother," she giggled, "that's what a girl like to hear. Well I suppose I'll better go, he'll be wanting his tea."

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