My Brother's Wife

by JAX

Caution: This Lesbian Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Lesbian, Group Sex, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Lesbian Sex Story: young sister visits her brother's wife for a night of wild stories and sex

I was a little jealous when my brother got married to Lee-Ann, he was the only adult male I have ever been in contact with. Not that we had done anything together of course, but I would see his semi naked body coming from the bathroom, or smell his maleness in the laundry basket. Lee was a nice girl though, we got on great; she had these long, long slim legs, much nicer than mine. Her bust was large for a slim girl, but mine were even bigger. After they came back from their honeymoon, they moved into this small flat and eventual I was invited over for the evening.

While Pete organised some drinks, Lee showed me around; in the bedroom, over the headboard there was a large Nude picture.

"Oh my," I said when I noticed the model was Lee herself. It wasn't a blatant sex picture, but it showed her lying on a white rug, resting on her elbows, her head towards the camera. She was totally naked, her large breasts hanging almost touching the rug; her long legs curled around slightly.

"Nice isn't it," Lee said when she noticed my stare, "a friend of mine took it."

"Didn't Pete mind you taking your clothes off in front of some other guy?" I asked.

"No of course not," she said with a smile, "tell you what come around one night when Pete's not here and we'll have a girlie chat, ok."

"Yeah sure," I agreed, as I turned to go I caught sight of a vibrator resting on one of the bedside tables.

It wasn't for a few weeks that I was invited over again, Pete was away on a Business meeting and wouldn't be home for a couple of days. Lee poured me a glass of white wine and we settled down for a relaxing night.

"Tell me about the picture?" I asked, for I've been bursting to know all about it.

"Oh yes, it's nice, isn't it?" she smiled, well I've known Simon long before I met Pete, we were at College together," she curled her long legs under herself, moving to get comfortable.

"Did you, you know do it with him?" I asked more than slightly embarrassed.

"Yes of course," she chuckled, "I was a bit wild in those days, I would fuck anything that moved."

"Oh," I said, despite her sluttish confession, I like her even more for her honesty.

"You should see some of the pictures he took of me back then," she smiled, "Pete would have a fit if he ever saw them."

"Oh, but don't you worry that this Simon will show him?" I asked.

"No, why should he?" she said, "he's a friend."

"Oh," I said again. I'm not sure I would be comfortable having naughty pictures of me in somebody else's hands.

"I'll introduce you to him some time," she smiled at me, "he'll love you, with your great figure."

"What, no, I couldn't," I said, "anyway I much too fat."

"Fat, I doubt there's an ounce of fat of you," she said, "I just wish I had your curves."

"Don't be silly," I said a bit surprised at her words, "you have a perfect figure."

"Not as good as yours, my legs a too thin, where yours have shape," she said, "and the less said about my tits the better."

"What, you have great boobs," I stared incredulous at her, not believing she was being so critical about herself.

"You've got to be joking," she said, "great fucking things on my skinny frame makes me so top heavy. On you, they'll look great, what size are you anyway, I'm a eight going on ten, but I can't ever get anything to fit what with these great lumps," she cups herself.

"Well on a good day, I'm a twelve, but usually I go for a fourteen," I replied. I wasn't aware of her dress size might be a problem, until she had mentioned it.

"I'm a thirty four C," she said, "but on my skinny frame they look bigger, what about you?"

"I'm a D," I said, but I'm a thirty eight to go with it."

"What about the rest?" she asked.

"I'm twenty five, thirty six," I said running my hands down over my figure to indicate my size.

"Wow, I just wish I was a bit more hippy," she said, "I don't mind having a narrow waist, but my hips are only thirty three."

By now the wine bottle was empty and Lee got up a bit unsteadily to get a new one. She uncorked it and poured out two full glasses. To be honest I felt a little light headed myself, I'm not used to drinking much.

"Tell you what, I'll show you some more pictures Simon took of me," she said getting up again, "come with me."

She grabbed my hand and together we went into the bedroom, there she opened up her wardrobe and took out a shoe box. We settled down on the bed and she handed over the first picture. It was obviously the same session as the one over the bed, again she was totally nude on the white rub, but in a slightly different pose.

"Let's not bother with these," she said dumping a thick pile of pictures on the bed, "now look at this one."

"Oh my," I said.

"Yeah wicked isn't it," she smiled drunkenly, "Pete never seen these, so don't mention them ok."

"Sure," I agreed, looking at a younger Lee. She was still naked. But this time the picture was blatantly sexy. One of her hands was squeezing her own boob, while the fingers of the other hand were inside her pussy.

"We used to have great sessions," she sighed at the memories, "Simon would take a whole lot of shots, then we would fuck ourselves senseless." Each picture she handed over was more of the same, although sometimes there would be something other than her own fingers in her pussy.

"No I better not show you that one," she said giggling like a young girl.

"What, you must," I begged.

"Oh all right, but you mustn't laugh," she said. There was nothing to laugh at, the cock in her mouth was huge.

"Is that Simon then?" I asked.

"Oh no that's," she paused, "you know, I've forgotten his name, but he was a friend of Simons. But I remember that session well, they darn near fucked me to death."

"You mean they both?" I said.

"Yeah of course," she smiled drunkenly at me.

"Oh," my mind was in shock, I had heard stories about girls who took on more than one guy at the same time, but I never expect to meet one and certainly not my own sister-in-law.

"I've shocked you, haven't I?" she said, "sorry I didn't mean to, I told you I was a little wild when I was younger."

"No that's all right," I said, "show me some more."

"Oh I don't think I should," she giggled, "they get a little naughty." A little naughty, good grief she had already shown me one with a cock in her mouth.

"Ok, but not a word to Pete ok," she said.

"Yeah ok," I promised. She handed over the next picture, oh my, I see what she means. This one showed the same guy and another guy, I presume was Simon, one at each end of the naked Lee.

"I use to love that," she giggled, "you know, being taken at each end."

"Is that Simon then?" I asked.

"Yeah, he put his camera on a stand thingie and took the picture remotely," she said, "he used to do that a lot, when it was just the two of us."

The level of the second bottle when down and so did the pile of pictures.

"That's all the ones I have," she said, "Simon must have thousands more, he's even got a video, I think, although he may have dumped it by now."

"A video," I said.

"Yeah," she giggled, "not very naughty though, just me dancing about naked."

"Oh," I said.

"Anyway let's go to bed," she said, "it's late.

"Yeah," I agreed, I was feeling a little tired myself. I had a quick wash and stripped down to my knickers, I never wear anything else in bed.

"Wow, you look hot," she said, "I just wish I looked as good stripped."

"Come off it," I said, "you look great."

"I'll really must introduce you to Simon," she giggled, "he'll just love your curves."

"Please no, I couldn't do what you did," I said.

"I'm sure you could," she said, "but we'll talk about it later, now let's gets some sleep." I slipped under the covers, feeling her naked skin next to mine. I never ever had any thoughts about being with another girl, but she did feel nice next to me.

"Let's cuddle up," she said. I felt her large boobs against my back, her hands hugged and cupped me.

"Your tits are nice and firm," she mumbled, "mine used to be like that when I was younger."

"Thanks," I replied feeling slightly embarrassed, but her hands continued to lightly kneading me.

"I'm glad you here," she whispered, "I don't like sleeping on my own, never did; luckily I didn't have to much," she giggled. My temperature was rising from the action of her hands on my body, then she kissed the back of my neck; sending a large shiver up my spine.

"Oh stop that," I said, but I didn't really mean it, much. Her hands became more urgent until she turned me over and kissed me directly on my lips.

"Come on, lets have a little fun," she giggled again.

"I don't think," I started to say, when she kissed me on the lips and her free hands moved between my legs.

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