Thoughts of a Boy

by Adam Bookbinder

Copyright© 2002 by Adam Bookbinder

Erotica Sex Story: Chris Burton wrote erotic short stories about women having sex with young boys. The first one Alison read had left her very aroused, and the second, which appeared in the same newsgroup about two weeks later, had got her hooked. Surely they were destined to meet and, when they did, it was a match made in Heaven.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   .

A warning to readers: This story is about a man and a woman fantasising about the woman having sex with underage boys. If this is likely to offend you, please read no further.

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When Alison Ford met Chris Burton, the sexual chemistry between them was close to explosive. They'd corresponded by e-mail for several months after Alison had written to comment on an erotic story he'd written for the internet. Their correspondance was exciting, and it wasn't long before both of them were becoming interested in the possibility of taking things further. When they realised they lived in neighbouring towns, a meeting was inevitable.

Chris Burton wrote erotic short stories about women having sex with young boys. The first one Alison read had left her breathless, and the second, which appeared in the same newsgroup about two weeks later, had got her hooked. Alison loved to fantasise about young boys at the onset of puberty, but her private thoughts had always remained just that... private. But now she was reading erotica by a man whose own fantasy involved women with boys. Surely they were always destined to meet and, when they did, it was a match made in Heaven.

A note from the author

This story is loosely based on a relationship I had many years ago. It was every bit as exciting as I've described in the story; the only thing that's really different is the fact that our meeting had nothing to do with the internet. We actually met by the river in Chester, one long hot summer's day. I was just climbing into a rowing boat when she tripped up behind me and accidentally knocked me in, head first! Anyway, I dedicate this story to her and to the great fun we had together. If you enjoy reading it then please feel free to drop me a line and pass comment.

Chapter One

Alison Ford had walked past the cafe in the arcade six times in the last 15 minutes. So far there had been no sign of the man she'd arranged to meet at half- past-twelve, but then she was almost twenty minutes early and he'd promised not to be early himself. It was one of the conditions she'd set if the meeting was to take place at all. She didn't want to run the risk of him seeing her first, because if she didn't like the look of him, she'd just walk away; it was as simple as that, and she knew it would be embarrassing if they made eye contact.

Although they'd described themselves to each other during their long e-mail correspondence, they hadn't exchanged photographs and Alison's description could fit any number of women who were shopping in the arcade or sitting in the cafe. Chris Burton however, the man she would soon meet, had told her exactly what he would be wearing and had promised to identify himself by placing a single red rose on the table in front of him. He'd also said that he'd be reading a book, and would refrain from looking up to prevent any possible eye contact that she might find uncomfortable.

Satisfied that he hadn't arrived yet, she left the arcade and entered a newsagents shop just round the corner in Mersey Square. The next time she walked past the cafe it would be twelve-thirty, and Chris should be sat at one of the outside tables reading his book with the rose in front of him. It was twelve-twenty- four; just six minutes to go.

The store was busy with lunchtime shoppers and Alison's minutes dragged slowly as she pretented to browse the magazines in which she had absolutely no interest. 'Spice up your sex life,' one of them announced on its front cover. She smiled... with luck, that was exactly what she was about to do.

Twelve-twenty-seven. She wasn't going to leave now, he'd probably only just be arriving and she wanted to walk past when he was settled with a cup of coffee and engrossed in his book. Knowing her luck, if she left now she'd end up passing the cafe just as he was about to sit down, and their eyes would surely meet. If that happened, she was certain he'd know instantly who she was. Her eyes would give her away. Better to be a few minutes late and have the chance to see him before he saw her. Then, if he was an ogre, she could drift away and disappear into the crowd.

She momentarily wondered if perhaps she ought to do that anyway. Everything about what she was doing felt so unatural, and yet at the same time it was one of the most exhilarating things she'd ever done in her life before. Lets face it, this man she was about to meet was a complete stranger and yet he knew more about her sexual fantasies than any of her previous boyfriends or even her ex husband. And he knew all these things about her before she'd even looked him in the eye. Maybe that was what was giving her such an adrenalin rush.

Twelve-thirty-three. It was time to make a move. It was now or never. She left the newsagents and turned left into Mersey Square. Crowds of shoppers milled in every direction and she was pleased that the town was so busy. So much the better if she decided to make a quick get away. Her heart was in her mouth as she turned left into the arcade. The cafe was about half way down on the right-hand side; there was no turning back now.

The tables outside the cafe were about half full and some of the customers had been there the last time she walked past. As she got closer she realised there was someone new there, and, yes, it was a guy. 'Oh my god,' she thought, 'and he's reading a book!' He was slim, with blonde hair and, just as he'd said, he was wearing a navy T-shirt and beige chinos.

Alison was close enough now to see the table and yes, there was a single red rose on it. Her pulse raced and her breathing became ragged. The guy whose erotic stories she'd been reading, and with whom she'd been discussing her most secret sexual fantasies was sat at a table no more than about 15 feet away.

She had to keep moving but as she got closer she began to get a much clearer view of his face. Rather than being the ogre she had feared he might be, Alison was pleasantly surprised to note that he was not bad looking at all. He certainly didn't look his 38 years; in fact, Alison could think of a lot of younger guys who looked much older than he did.

Although she walked past slowly, there were other women around her and three of them had stopped, as if making their minds up about whether or not to go in. Chris, true to his word, was keeping his eyes firmly fixed on the book, although Alison was convinced that he was dying to look up to see if he was being watched. As she walked past a second time her heart soared. He was gorgeous and he had kept every promise he'd made in his last e-mail.

'Is this seat taken?' she asked walking up to his table.

For the first time he looked up from his book and smiled. He had a warm, friendly face and Alison knew immediately that she was going to get on with him.

'Hi there! You must be Alison. It's great to meet you at last. Sit down. Would you like a drink?' It was obvious to Alison that he was as nervous and excited as she was, but he was doing his best not to let it show.

'I'll have a tea, and a Valium if they've got any,' she chuckled.

'No, I'm afraid not, I've already asked! I think I could do with one too. Let me order you a drink first and then we'll talk.'

Alison tried to conceal her excitement as he returned a few minutes later with a cup of tea for her. He was actually one of the most fanciable guys she'd met for a long time, and rather sweet too.

They spent the next 45 minutes feverishly discussing all the things about each other that they hadn't covered in their e-mails. They already knew that they had a lot in common as far as sexual fantasies were concerned, but they also had a lot of other things in common too. They liked similar music, the same sort of films, books and restaurants. But most of all they liked each other and Alison was thrilled when Chris gently held her hand over the table.

It was Chris's idea that they take things slowly. Their e-mail had been very sexual and he felt it could spoil things if everything they did now was purely sexual too. Sex had brought them together but he wanted to see how well they would get on without sex being a part of the equation. Alison agreed, although she could quite easily imagine sleeping with this man. The wait would be like a tease that would heighten their anticipation and excitement for when they did go to bed with each other.

They agreed that they would both like to see each other again and met the following evening in a little Italian Restaurant in the middle of town. It was one of Chris's favourites. He enjoyed the good food and atmosphere followed by a few drinks in the pubs around the old market.

They met again two nights later and then spent most of the following weekend together. Chris was so easy to get on with and Alison was beginning to enjoy his company more and more. It was obvious that Chris adored her and, although so far they'd done nothing more than kiss, they were urgent, hungry kisses and there was a passion in his eyes that told Alison everything she needed to know.

Finally, at the end of a virtually platonic first ten days, they slept together in a luxury hotel bedroom not far from where they had first met. But again, they agreed not to discuss their sexual fantasies during lovemaking. They knew that the fantasy they both shared would drive them wild, but they needed to know how sexually compatible they were without it.

Over the next six weeks their relationship went from strength to strength. They were both falling in love and realised that although their fantasy had brought them together on the internet, it wasn't what was keeping them together now.

Chapter Two (Six weeks later)

Alison's heart was pounding. It was early Friday evening and she'd just got home from work. Chris had sent her a text message on her mobile late in the afternoon, telling her to look for him on ICQ as soon as she got home. The kettle was boiling and the modem was screaching and squealing as it negotiated with her ISP's main server.

She was on-line and her hands shook slightly as she heard the fog horn announcing that ICQ was loading. She stirred her tea in the kitchen and walked through to her computer in the sitting room. The TV was on and the six-o-clock news had just started, but she grabbed the remote to turn it down. This cyber chat with Chris promised to be far more interesting.

Sure enough, his name was lit up in her list, indicating that he was online, and she couldn't click on the incoming message fast enough when ICQ's 'uh oh' announced it's arrival.

Chris: Hello darling, how's your day been?

Alison: Hi sweetheart, it's been okay, but it's getting better now that I'm chatting with you :-)

Chris: Oh you're so sweet! I've just been thinking that maybe we ought to celebrate this weekend. It's three months tomorrow since we first met in that little cafe and I can't believe how lucky I am to have met you!

Alison: You're pretty sweet yourself. I think we should make the whole weekend a celebration. Starting tonight, if you want. What do you think?

Chris: You bet! What do you fancy doing?

Alison: YOU!

Chris: How does Italian food, champagne and lots of nookie grab you?

Alison: Not sure about the Italian food and the champagne!! ;-)

Chris: Okay, well how does lots of erotic sex and me talking dirty about little boys sound?

There was a pause before Alison replied. They hadn't discussed this subject for three months, in fact they hadn't mentioned it since they'd met, but now Chris was ready to start palaying, and she knew there would be no holding them back. Her heart was racing. The prospect of having the man she adored make love to her and talk openly about her most secret fantasy was incredibly exciting.

Alison: I'm going all wobbly at the thought!

Chris: Is it still your favourite fantasy or has our relationship taken the edge off your kinky side?

Alison: You should know from my e-mail how much it turns me on, and nothing's changed. If anything, I like it more because we can share in it together!

Chris: Shall we share it a bit now?

Alison: Mmmm yes!!

Chris: Are you feeling horny?

Alison: I am now! I wasn't ten minutes ago.

Chris: I want you to make yourself come for me.

Alison: You dirty pervert!

Alison: No, seriously that would be hot! I'm gonna have to do it anyway after what you just said! I'm so excited!!

Chris: What have I said to make you so horny?

Alison: Stop teasing me, you know what! I want you to talk to me about young boys!

Chris: Would you like a hairless one?

Alison: Oh god, yes, you bet!

Chris: How about a 10-year-old. Nice and slim with narrow hips, flat tummy, tight little bottom and a hairless cock?

Alison: Oh yes!! I want to kiss him and feel his tongue in my mouth. I'd squeeze his bottom while we snogged and maybe push my hands down the back of his jeans.

Chris: Careful, you'll give him a hard on.

Alison: God I hope so!

Chris: Maybe you should take his jeans off and masturbate him.

Alison: Yessss. Keep going, you're making me very horny!!!

Chris: Are you touching yourself?

Alison: You bet, but it's bloody hard typing at the same time!

Chris: He doesn't stop you when you unfasten his jeans and he just watches as you pull them down over his narrow hips. His hard cock springs out of his underpants as you pull them down over his bulge. You take it in your hand and gently pull his foreskin down slowly over his swollen gland.

Alison: Wicked! I want to wank him hard, just as if it was a man I was doing it to.

Chris: Would you like to make him come with your hand?

Alison: Yes, yes, yes! And every other way too, but I want to wank him off and watch the expression on his face when he orgasms. It would be so sweet.

Chris: It's a bit naughty wanking off a child isn't it?

Alison: Yeah, but I love it. Now keep going!

Chris: You push him down onto the bed and as he lies back you gently begin to move your fist firmly up and down his erection. He breathes deeply and closes his eyes, moistening his lips with the tip pf his tongue as he does so.

Chris: Then you push his T-shirt up to his chest to expose his bare tummy. Gently you caress it with your free hand while your other moves rhythmically on his penis. He sighs and begins to move his young hips in time to your hand. The sight turns you on. A 10-year- old boy with his hips rocking up and down in an almost bestial fucking motion; it's perversely erotic.

Alison: You're driving me wild. I'm having to stop myself from coming!! Keep going! I love you! xxx

Chris: You bend down and lick your tongue across his tummy. You just want to taste his young skin and, whilst you're doing it, you start wanking him faster. He props himself up on his elbows and looks down at your fist pumping up and down like a piston on his prepubescent cock.

He frowns and sucks in his bottom lip. Looks like he knows he's going to come but he's trying to stop himself. He's worried you'll think he's dirty if he comes in your hand. You tell him it's okay. You tell him you want him to come.

His flat tummy rises and falls rapidly as he takes short little breaths. Then, suddenly, he breathes in deeply and it becomes concave. At the same time his hips begin jerking erratically and he drops back onto the bed, arching his back and moaning out loud. You can read the signs and, and, just as he's about to come, you take his stiff penis into your mouth and he cries out in ecstacy as he reaches orgasm, squirting a few small drops of sweet baby come onto your tongue.

His cupid lips form a perfect 'O' as he sighs out loud. His eyes are screwed tight shut and he's sucked his bottom lip right into his mouth.

Alison: Mmmmm, I've come too! Thank you darling, that was lovely!!! I'm glad we can play with our favourite fantasy again!

Chris: Me too! I've missed it. But I think we both know that we're not just together for the fantasy, so I don't think either of us will feel insecure if we start having fun with it again.

Alison: Definately not. Just as long as we don't ignore other things too. There's lots of other fantasy stuff that turns me on too!

Chris: Our minds are definately the most sexual organ in our bodies and it's nice to meet someone who appreciates that. Anyway, speaking of fantasies, in the last three months I've written a few stories for ASSM that are ready for posting. How about you read them first and give me your comments?

Alison: I'd love to. Why don't you just come over and we can play with our boy fantasy a bit more?

Chris: Shall we just have a night in at your place? We could order pizzas in-between orgasms and I'll bring a couple of bottles of wine.

Alison: Sounds wonderful. Get here as soon as you can. I'll get undressed!

Chris: I'll be there in about 20 minutes.

Alison: Drive safely darling.

Chris: I will. I love you. xxx

Alison: I love you too. xxx

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