by Hooterz

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Slut Wife, Group Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: The seduction of a patron and his slutty wife.

Looking at your business card I pick up the phone and dial, anxiously waiting for you to answer. Having met you and your hot wife 3 nights ago at the bar, I think its time to pay you a courtesy call. "Jeff, how is your slutty wife today" I ask "is she aching to have my tongue licking at her cunt"? "I want you to spear and nail that bitch for me while I suck on her nipples, pulling them out hard and pinching and twisting them, making her scream for me to kiss them better". "fuck that slut hard, make her body slam against the floor make her scream from the pleasure and the pain of our hunger for her body". "As I move up and face you, with my cunt over her face and make her taste my juice as I cum over her watching your cock disappear in and out of her, yes in and out in and out in and out hard and fast I want to watch you fuck her baby fuck her helpless body as you watch my pussy grind against her pretty face". Hear me moan as her tongue licks the walls of my hot aching cunt. listen to my screams as I cum repeatedly over that slut you call your wife". "when you cum, cum harder and deeper than you have ever filled her cunt before, fill her pussy up with your seed for me and for you". "When your creamy jets have emptied into her fuck hole, pull out of her and bring your cock to my lips, let me taste you and your wife's hot sexual fluids from your spent cock, let me suck you clean, let me breathe in the aroma of your mixed juices and let it intoxicate my mind and body". "Stand above me as I suck you, still grinding my sweet cunt into her face while you yell at us both to suck and lick harder". I want you to grab my head and hold it tight as you fuck my face, choking me with your fullness and fill my hungry mouth with your semen as I again flood your slutty wife's mouth with my own orgasmic milk".

The sound of your breathing is all I hear down the phone line muffled with an occasional moaning and grunting, I know ive succeeded in seducing you for these past few minutes, telling you what you want to hear and what you want to re-live, just as I had reeled you in the other night over a casual drink, openly flirting with you in front of your wife who was my target from the moment I saw her step out of the cubicle in the ladies toilets, adjusting her blouse and reapplying her lippy. As I had watched her lipstick brush pass over her lips I imagined my tongue flicking over them as my hands would wander over her body, gently caressing her and stimulating her enough to let me take her as my lover. I had watched her skin glow as she realised I was watching her and she responded by pouting her lips in the mirror, her eyes glancing sideways briefly to check my reaction, more so has she undid another button on her sheer blouse before walking out of the bathroom, back to your table.

Having made small talk before during my working hours, I felt confident enough, especially after our toilet encounter to approach your table and ask if you both would mind me joining you while I waited for my partner to arrive, of course he wasn't coming in, but again part of my ploy to get closer and more acquainted with you both.

"oh god Tracey, you have to let me make love to you" you spoke quietly to me on the phone, obviously not wanting anyone in your office to over hear you. " I could tell also from your quivering voice your other hand was still busy jerking your cock off over my opening to my call. You were actually of no importance to me, I had come to realise however that the two of you came as a package deal, and I wouldn't have the pleasure of being with your wife, unless you also played a part in our lovemaking. I was aching for your wife's skin to be rubbing against my own again, her tongue was magical the way she worked it over my pussy and her own hairless mound exuberated a desire which I could not resist. " If you want to fuck me, meet me after work, outside the bar, and tell your slutty wife to be ready to be picked up from her office at 5.30 sharp".

You seemed to love me referring to your wife as a slut and a bitch as I heard your breathing quicken when I used those words to describe her, and I could picture your grip on your cock tightening as I pictured the three of us naked and you both responding to my orders.

The call ended with you agreeing to meet me and that you would call your wife as soon as you hung up from our call.

Flicking your card in my hand, I smiled, and headed for the bathroom to shower and change for our second encounter.

As the hot shower ran over my body i closed my eyes and momentarily dreamt of the night ahead of us. The overwhelming temptation to fall back against the wall and mastubate myself was nearly too great, if not for the more powerful desire to wait and have your wife satisfy my needs with her outstanding body draping over mine and her fingers parting my pussy lips open in readiness for her expert tongue.

I shook my head and opened my eyes, reaching for my towel as I turned off the water and stepped out of the shower and stood naked in front of the mirror, patting the towel over my body, watching as my breasts swelled from my own touch and nipples stood erect and hungry for her mouth to envelope them.

I rushed for the door, throwing the remainder of my clothes on as I went, realising how late I was running now.

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