Ladies' Night

by Frank Jackson

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Lesbian, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Water Sports, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Nina goes to a club looking to widen her horizons. She could hardly guess what she was in for when drawn to a brunette named Jo and her hot friends.

The Marque is not specifically a gay bar exactly. More accurately it caters to people of divergent sexual preferences -- kinks or fetishes if you prefer. Neither did Nina consider herself a lesbian. Bi, perhaps, although she was not sure whether a person was bi after her first homosexual encounter, once she admitted to herself she would try it again or not until she had actually done it twice. Nina had not done it twice, yet, but was trying to get something going.

This was no easy task for a neophyte. At age 24, the dirty blonde with pointed nose and thin lips was not automatically attracted to all women. She was not even sure what she looked for in another female, beyond a willingness to get intimate. Certainly there were enough of those at The Marque that night. Some younger than she, most older, but few caught her attention. Most of those who did lost it after the first giggle, sassy remark or alcohol induced flirt. There was one, however, she kept coming back to.

Not that the woman paid her any attention. She scarcely gave Nina a second glance when the blonde flashed a smile in passing. She was not exactly pretty. Handsome better suited her. It was a feeling that attracted Nina back to the quiet brunette's table, a churning excitement in her stomach that grew stronger the nearer she got to her. Once within arms' reach the sensation was so powerful that Nina felt compelled to speak.

"I can't believe how packed this place is tonight," she said off handedly. "I don't suppose I could share your table until something opens up, could I?"

The stoic brunette looked at the blonde intruder, studied her for a couple of long seconds before looking away.

"I have friends coming," the woman said, "but you are welcome to sit until they arrive."

Thanking her, Nina sat in the chair opposite her. They both ordered, and small talk passed between them. The woman introduced herself simply as Jo. She was older than Nina. Nina wondered if it were the woman's transparent blue eyes that drew her, or the severely tight-to-the-head helmet of short brown hair. Maybe it was her quiet manner, a distance behind the eyes. She accepted a dance, but neither offered a smile or touch of encouragement. Nina decided she was wasting her time, but could not bring herself to leave Jo before her companions arrived.

When they did they crowded around the table, bring chairs from near-by tables to sit on. There were four of them and had been conducting several separate conversations as they settled in and continued talking in many directions despite Nina's presence. Draining her glass, the 24-yer-old excused herself, only to be held in her chair by one of Jo's friends.

"Have another drink, hon. Abby will dance with you while you wait if you show the slightest interest." Introductions were made all around. Hanna had invited her to stay. She was a redhead. Abby was the blonde blonde. Jazzy Jones and Elaina were too busy talking to do more than nod. For her part, Jo brightened a little. Her eyes lit somewhat, but no smile graced her full, naked lips. Nina would have guessed that Hanna might be her particular interest, but there was no outward sign of it from the brunette.

Abby did dance with Nina. Two or three songs, Nina wasn't sure. It didn't matter. The friendly blonde didn't seem to mind getting close on the dance floor, and gave her partner looks of complete willingness. Nina guessed she did that for everyone, but that too didn't matter. At the moment Abby was more sure a bet than Jo seemed to be.

The blonde certainly was attractive enough. Her hair was cut short, curls lifted like a mushroom cap so that it revealed her dainty face lit by an ever-present grin of big white teeth. Nina guessed the girl, close to her own age, would wear a B-cup when she did. It was obvious she did not, at the moment, have a bra on under the yellow short wasted tank top splashed with lightning bolts of neon colors. Below her bare midriff black Spandex outlined her hips, thighs and ass. Nina couldnt see any panty lines, but the lighting was contrasty at best. There was no hiding how the tight material shaped the woman's buttocks separately, and even creased at times in the front.

Yes, Nina thought Abby would do well as her second experiment in sex with her own gender. She hesitated in making a move, though. She was new to this group of women, and stepping on someone's toes was a good way to get shut out -- or worse. Besides, as new to the game as she was, Nina decided waiting to accept Abby's next advance would be her best bet.

It did not come. A nod from the blonde's head turned Nina's attention across the dance floor where Jazzy and Elaina danced together. They could not be mistaken for twins. Both had jet black hair, but there the similarity ended. Jazzy was tall and skinny, all arms and legs in the black tank and gray miniskirt. Elaina, on the other hand, was short and buxom. She was not fat, but her ultra-wide hips and ample rear gave her a pear shape that only her pretty face and seductive moves could balance. The two did appear inseparable though, bodies locked together at the abdomen like Siamese twins.

Elaina's face was buried between Jazzy's boobs and her hands held the other woman's ass, pulling her to her as they swayed to their own music. Jazzy's eyes were closed. Her hands fondled the sides of her partner's breasts, clad in a lacy black chemise. The shorter woman's strong legs came out of her hot pants, also black, at an angle so they could clamp tightly to Jazzy's knee, which was tucked firmly against Elaina's crotch.

Abby lightly touched Nina's cheek to get her attention. Now she pointed a finger at their table. Hanna was noticeably absent, but Jo sat facing the dance floor, the table at her side and her legs parted slightly. Most people in the place were involved enough in their own game not to have noticed. Even the casual observer, however, would not miss the fact that the brunette sitting alone at the table had a hand working in the crotch of her red satin slacks.

Nina's brow knotted in confusion. Desire twisted in her loins. How could Jo's friends abandon her in so obvious a state of need? Nina turned to Abby.

"Where's Hanna?" she said to her dance partner.

"Around," Abby said with a shrug. She smiled at Jo, still rubbing her pussy through her Capris. "Isn't she wild?"

"Why is she doing that? I thought Hanna was her -- you know, partner."

"Hanna? No way. I don't even think they like each other, let alone sleep together. Oh, they'll cop a feel of each other once in a while. We all do that. But Jo just likes to watch. And if she's in a good mood she buys the drinks."

"But how does she get away with it? I mean right here, in a public place?"

"The management bends the rules a little on Ladies Night. Besides. We all have our little quirks. Live and let live and all." Abby nodded to the "twins" again. "Look at them. I'm guessing those two are thirsty tonight."

Jazzy and Elaina were kissing -- sucking tongue was more apt a term. The skinny one had to bend way down and the other look straight up, but they looked comfortable enough to have done this many times before. Closer inspection found Elaina's hand between Jazzy's thighs, and the tall girl's inside her partner's bodice, kneading a tit. It was so obvious to Nina, even from a distance of 20 feet or more. How did no one else notice?

The answer, she realized, was that no one cared. Everyone was having their own fun, so no body intruded on anyone else's. Jazzy's expression told anyone who looked at her that she was enjoying what Elaina was doing to her. The same was true of Jo, her free hand toying with her own breast, fingers pinching at the nipple. The sexual tension crowded in on Nina, arousing her. Even as the musical number drifted to its ending she turned into the blonde's arms.

Abby's sigh seemed more a kitten's purr. She let Nina hold on to her while the DJ spun a romping tune. The twins returned to the table hand-in-hand. Jo waived to the server, a handsome guy who seemed totally oblivious to everything going on around him. Abby took Nina by the arm and turned her toward the table also.

"We'll see if Jo accepts you into our little game," said the blonde. "The trick is to make it last all night. Her tab I mean."

Nina understood that as long as Jo was getting a show, she would buy the table rounds of drinks. Jazzy and Elaina were already seated when she and Abby got there, one on the other's lap. Hanna was still absent, and the new girl wondered if that meant she didn't care to play the game. The drinks came: none for the redhead. The gay waiter put a vodka highball in front of Nina, the same she had ordered while sitting alone with Jo.

Abby patted her forearm and raised her eye brows as if to say "you're in baby."

Over the next hour Nina learned that Jo's friends took turns giving the elder woman something to keep her hot. It not only kept the drinks flowing, but everyone at the table maintained a high level of arousal throughout the evening. Each of the girls seemed to have their own kink. The twins had each other, and kept fondling each other through or under their clothes where ever they were. Abby liked to dance dirty. Her partner's gender didn't seem to matter. Hanna's specialty came as a bit of a surprise.

Nina finally spotted the woman sitting at the bar. The redhead dressed more conservatively than everyone else, with the single exception of Jo herself. Her maroon blouse, though only half buttoned, had sleeves and complimented her puce midi skirt. Dark red heels brought the outfit together. The fact she wore no bra was missed by no one. She was drinking beer and chatting with some guy who seemed very interested in her. Hanna, however, did little to encourage him. She sat on the stool facing Nina, or more likely Jo, and between parted knees her white panties could be seen. The man's hand was on Hanna's bare knee.

Jo ordered another round, keeping her eyes on the redhead. Hanna excused herself to her admirer and left the bar. She came to the table and stood beside Jo, a blank yet coy expression tinting her face. Nina could see more than hear the conversation between them. Between lip reading and the snatches of words that came through the music and general racket, the blonde could follow their dialogue.

"I hope you will forgive me for not sitting with you," Hanna said, her demeanor meek. "I met this guy at the bar, and he's coming on pretty strong. I know you want me to spend some time with you, but I don't want to blow my chances with him either."

"You are right, I haven't seen much of you tonight." Nina couldn't tell whether Jo was angry. "Turn around. Let me look at you." Jo looked the other woman up and down as Hanna slowly turned her back to the matron of the table. The stain in the back of her skirt was obvious even to Nina.

"It appears you have had an accident, Hanna dear." The brunette raised a hand to the spot just below the redhead's buttocks. Hanna faced Jo again and lifted her hands in a helpless gesture.

"The bathrooms are always so busy. I hate how filthy they are." She stepped closer to Jo. "I'm afraid I leaked a little in a moment of weakness."

Nina blushed a little when she saw Jo stroke the outside of Hanna's bare leg. It was the first physical contact the elder woman had with any of the group. Witnessing the intimate touch gave Nina hope that her own needs might be met, at least in some degree.

"I kind of hate to ask," Hanna said as Jo's hand slid up under her hem. "But, could I use your tab for my friend and I? I could pay it back. I'm just short on cash right now."

Jo's answer didn't seem like an answer at all to Nina. Not at first. Once she recalled Abby's explanation of the game they all played it made sense. Jo told the redhead that small, controlled releases might make it possible to hold her bladder all night. Nina's heart quickened as Jo's hand moved to the inside of Hanna's thigh.

Moments of suspended animation passed during which nothing seemed to happen. When Nina saw the blossoming of a stain in the front of Hanna's skirt she realized something had been going on -- Hanna had been relaxing so her urine could flow, running through her panties and down her leg to Jo's waiting hand. Now the blonde could see it dripping between the naked legs onto the floor.

"Buy your friend a drink, dear," Jo said, her hand sliding along the bare skin of Hanna's thigh, spreading the woman's piss around. "And let's see if he likes how wet you are."

"Thanks Jo," Hanna said. She bent and kissed Jo on the lips, then headed back to the bar. Jo licked her fingers and watched her go, her other hand busy between her own legs again.

Nina couldn't believe the scene she found herself part of. The drinks Jo bought for her were doing their job, and Nina wondered how she might repay the woman for her generosity. She would ask Abby when she got back to the table. In the mean time she would make the best of things. She leaned into the table, arching her back so as to tilt her hips as she spread her knees wide. This put her pussy between the chair seat and the weight of her body, and was one reason she preferred to wear shorts when she went out. Slight changes of position then teased her mons to heightened arousal, secretly masturbating while she sipped her highball.

Her eyes scanned the night club for Abby, but her interest was for show. Only she and Jo sat at the table now, and knowing how worked up they both were kept the other woman's presence very nearly all Nina was aware of. Everything else was merely an aura around the almost tangible magnetism connecting the two horny women.

Nina chanced a glance at Jo, hoping to find her still rubbing the crotch of her slacks or kneading the silvery cable-knit halter supporting her breasts. Instead their eyes met, and held. Jo had been watching her, knowing all along what Nina was doing to her chair. The blonde smiled lazily, tossed her hair back and purred as she ground her throbbing bug onto the seat. Her secret out, Nina guessed she might as well let the other woman watch her get high on lust.

The blonde gazed unseeing over the crowd as she rocked her pussy on the chair. Under her folded arms she let her fingers play over the side of her breast. The blouse Nina wore was silk and tight fitting, molding the shape of her bosom in a shiny green second skin. The hand caressed the curvature of the tit closest to Jo so as to be seen. The gentle swipe of the finger tips made Nina hotter still.

Her blurred vision focused as she recognized Abby on the dance floor. Her male dance partner held her to him. The woman gyrated, her back to him, hips grinding into his groins. His hands cupped her tits, kneading them as they undulated together. Nina cupped her own breasts fully to experience the sensation the platinum blonde felt. She scarcely noticed the waitress approach the table, leave drinks in front of her and pass a knowing hand over Nina's back.

The waitress smiled as their eyes met. She turned to leave, but took another look before disappearing into the crowd. So many women, Nina thought in her alcohol and desire fogged mind, so little time! The man dancing with Abby, if what they were doing could be called dancing at all, let go of one of her boobs and dropped his hand to the front of her Spandex. Nina watched his fingers curl into the blonde's crotch, and the need to live that same feeling was too strong to deny.

In peripheral vision Nina saw Jo move to a seat closer to her. Sipping from her glass Nina leaned back in the chair and let the brunette see what her hand was doing in her crotch. Her fingers traced the seam back and forth along the length of her hidden gash. The material had become damp, even through her panties. Jo followed suit, and Nina wondered if the other woman's crotch was getting wet too.

The blonde watched, her head buzzing with the booze high and her loins aching from sexual excitement. Her eyes saw the other woman's middle finger disappear into the crotch of her slacks, but her mind did not comprehend. It was true enough. Jo's finger, bent at the knuckle to form a stiff right angle with her other fingers, drew out of the material and slipped back in. There must be a hole she did not notice before, Nina thought, but the more important fact was that Jo's finger was in direct contact with her pussy. The brunette was finger-fucking herself right there in front of her!

The realization made the younger blonde clutch at her own pussy. God, Nina thought, this was one wild night! Jo, sweet Jo. Let me join you. Without consideration for anyone else seated around them, Nina deliberately pulled the pant leg of her short's to one side, showing Jo her black panties first, then pulling their crotch away to display her genitals for the other woman. Nina dipped a finger deep into her vagina.

Dismay seemed to replace the blasÈ expression on Jo's face. The eyes did not stray from the blonde's pussy and the hand diddling it. Nina saw her admirer bite her lower lip, but thought nothing of it until Jo's hand eased out of her crotch. Guessing they were about to be admonished by the management for indecent exposure, Nina sat up and wrapped her slimy fingers around her cocktail glass.

The waitress reached between the two women, setting fresh drinks on the table. The girl smiled again at Nina, her gaze directly into the blonde's eyes. Their knees touched, and Nina felt a charge of desire shoot through her. The waitress stalled long enough for Nina to play a card: she pushed the cocktail napkin off the edge of the table. The girl in the gaping white blouse took the hint. Crouching, she reached for the lost napkin, her eyes leaving the blonde's face and followed her curves downward as she knelt.

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