Their First Night

by interested1uk

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, .

Desc: Sex Story: the games they play aftertheir first date

They had enjoyed their first night out together, they had both sensed a common feeling of sexual attraction. She had made every effort to dress attractively for him. From the short, frothy skirt, with tiny panties underneath, to the 4-inch stilettos. The effect of these "fuck me" shoes was to highlight her round, pert arse that was barely covered by the short skirt. These items were complimented by lace- topped hold-up stockings that displayed her shapely legs to perfection.

Her voluptuous 38dcup tits were encased in a delightful lace bra, revealing a full cleavage through a semi-transparent blouse that held promise of treats to come.

He, for his part, he had made every effort to dress appropriately for their first date, wearing a smart lounge suit.

She had been giving off subtle hints of sexual promise throughout the evening, and had already made her mind up to fuck his brains out at her apartment, when she invited him back "for coffee."

Leaving his car outside her apartment block, they made their way to the elevator for the ride to her 12th floor apartment. No sooner had the elevator doors slid to a close behind them, t6han he took her into his arms for a long, deep kiss. Soon she felt his hand slide under the hem of her short skirt, and seek out the bare flesh above the tops of her stockings

Her breathing increased as she felt his searching fingers discover her pussy lips through the fabric of her tiny white cotton panties; her body gave away her desire for his cock, by moistening the lips of her pussy. She would have let him fuck her there and then, but the elevator doors slid open at her floor.

Anybody that had been waiting for the elevator, would have been treated to the sight of her panting with arousal, with her skirt about her waist and her legs spread to allow him access to the treasures that he was seeking between those shapely pillars of flesh.

Hastily, she lowered her skirt in an effort to cover herself in preparation for the short walk to her apartment.

No sooner had the apartment doors closed behind them, than she stood with her back to the wall and raised her pretty skirt to display her hidden charms and invite him to return to where they had been interrupted earlier.

Not wasting a moment, he pressed himself hard against her in order that she may feel the stiffness of his erect cock against the puffy lips of her cunt, through her little knickers. With almost animal passion, he ripped the flimsy panties from her pulsating cunt,, revealing the neatly trimmed lips of her pussy, which were by now glistening with moisture that had leaked from her cunt, displaying her own arousal to his eager gaze.

They both did not want to wait to fuck, but were mature enough to want comfort instead of a knee-trembler in the hallway. She eagerly led him to her bedroom and started to remove his clothes. Teasing herself, instead of simply unzipping his trousers to get his cock into her mouth straight away without finesse; she chose to help him undress completely so that she could have a good look at what she was about to get.

He had a good body that showed that he worked out, and told her that she was not going to be disappointed; particularly when she saw his erect cock that she guessed must be a full 8 inches. He wanted to even things up, so he gently removed her clothes, admiring her wonderful body at the removal of each garment.

The large tits that sprung into view when he removed her bra, were too much to resist and he eagerly cupped one in each hand then lowered his mouth to the fully erect little nipples to suck on each one in turn. As he playfully nipped the little buttons with his teeth, he drew gasps of pleasure from her.

With rising excitement, he drew his searching fingers down her flat stomach to seek her cunt, into which he slid in two fingers when he found the wet slit. Once he felt the moisture dripping from her pussy, he removed his hand, raised it to his mouth to taste the honey flavour of her juice.

She also wanted to taste her own flavour, so took his fingers between her ruby lips and licked off every drop. "That was delightful, but I want to taste you now,." She sighed. At this point she lowered herself to her knees in front of him, until her mouth was level with his erect cock. Without hesitation she opened her mouth to take all his cock until it reached the back of her throat. "I need you to cum in my mouth," she murmured round his throbbing cock.

Looking to his left he was confronted with the erotic vision of her in a full-length mirror. She was a picture of sexual delight, on her knees naked, sucking his cock whilst fingering her wet cunt with her other hand. The sight was enough to send him over the top, with a gasp of "I'm cumming, I cant hold it." With that he spurted all his hot cum down her throat, and was amazed at the sight of her swallowing every drop, not spilling any. As he withdrew his satisfied cock from her mouth, he gave one last spurt of cum which landed on her chin, and dripped down to her tits.

"Please do me now," she begged then spread herself on the bed on her back, legs open, her arse just hanging over the edge.

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