End of the Line

by Justice Fingers

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Masturbation, .

Desc: Sex Story: Man meets woman on train and things develop leaving the man in need...

It was a hot sultry afternoon. One of those humid, balmy sort of days that we occasionally get in England during the summer. There was no a trace of a breeze to be found at all. The air hung like a veil in the sky. You could slice through it with a knife. Even the birds were having a day off. It was also one of those pleasing days for blokes, as the ladies wear less clothing and more revealing outfits than usual as it was so hot.

In the carriage of the train it was even hotter. Few of the windows would open and the sun beamed down on to the coach, turning it into an oven. As it was early afternoon and such a hot day, few people were around. In the carriage that I was in was an old dear who appeared to be chatting quietly to herself, a down-and-out who was snoring quietly on one of the seats, probably having hit the booze (too early and myself).

I was sitting at the other end of the coach reading my book. I had finished work early as I had been up since 4am setting up a new system. I was knackered and trying to stay as motionless as possible in order to try and keep some comfort in the intense heat. My head was stuck in a fantasy novel that I was halfway through. A wizard was about to zap the baddies who had harnessed a dragon.

We had pulled into a station and the door opened. I looked up to see the figure of a woman outlined against the brightness of the sun. As the door shut I got a better view of who had just entered the train. She had shoulder length black hair and gorgeous brown eyes. Her figure was just right, not skinny like you see in the magazines. She must have been in her middle thirties and what I would call fit! She was wearing one of those white knee length dresses that have buttons all the way down the front and are light and cool in this sort of weather. As she turned around to put her bag on the overhead rack I noticed that I couldn't see a knicker line and it was obvious that she definitely wasn't wearing a bra. She turned around again and sat down in the seat facing me, glancing up. I looked across at her and she smiled.

"Hi" she said, "It's a bit warm today, isn't it!"

"You can say that again!" I said as I put my book down. Something more interesting than wizards and dragons had caught my imagination!

"Where are you going to?" she asked.

"To the end of the line" I replied. "I get off at the last stop."

"Mmm, me too. Have you just finished work? It's a bit early!".

"Yup" I said, heaving a sigh. "I've been up since 4 this morning and I'm cream crackered".

"That's a long day! What do you do?"

"Oh" I said, trying not to sound geeky. "I look after the computers for a large company in London. I have been setting up a new system and it went live this morning". I pulled out a business card and showed it to her. "Here, this is what I do" I said. "I never use these and have a load in my drawer at work. God knows why they gave me any, but they did. I don't get to meet anyone to whom I could give them to".

She held out her hand. "Hi Simon, i'm called Tess." We shook hands.

"What does the N stand for?" she asked, looking at the card again.

"Oh that!" I said, slightly abashed. "Nicholas! I hate the name but they insisted on including my initials. I never usually use it. As a kid I always remember being teased by my brothers and friends, saying 'knickerless boys shouldn't climb trees'".

"Well in this weather I don't bother wearing any" Tess replied, "so I had better not do any climbing then, but it is certainly nice and cool!".

I had noticed the lack of a knicker line but decided to play along so I laughed and jokingly said "Yeah sure. I wish!"

"Yes really. Look!" she replied earnestly, lifting up the side of her dress to reveal a

lovely cream thigh making me want to run my hand over that smooth skin, but the rest of her modesty was covered by the dress.

I stared in awe, but caught myself just in time. Thinking devious thoughts to see how far she would go I said "You could be wearing one of those G-strings things with the high legs or something!" I gave a chuckle to hide my guile.

Tess then looked me straight in the eye and gave me a mischievous grin. She then glanced around the coach briefly. "Alright then, I'll show you". She started to raise her dress slowly, ever so slowly up her legs, revealing more of her silky skin. A bit further up and I could almost see between her thighs. She stopped and I almost groaned in

disappointment but she smiled and then lifted the dress up to her waist. Her legs were

slightly parted revealing a gorgeous pair of thighs and a neatly trimmed bush. I caught

my breath as I glimpsed her moist pink pussy glistening. As she opened her legs wider

her lips parted slightly and I could see down into the Promised Land.

"Do you believe me now?" Tess asked with a smile.

"You're dead right, I do now," I croaked. "Absolutely gorgeous".

My trousers were starting to get a bit tight and uncomfortable so I rearranged myself

while keeping an eye on the delights spread out before me.

"I notice that you like what you see," she said, nodding towards my bulge. "Would you like a closer look?"

"Mmmmm" I nodded, too dumbfounded to speak.

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