Insurance Executive

by Conniele

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Desc: Incest Sex Story: Young Woman's experience as a summer Intern

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Between my Junior and senior years in high school I had a job as a Summer Intern at an insurance Company. My Coworkers were Amy, Jeff and Will. They were in their mid 20s and were in the managment development program. That means they worked for menial pay in the hopes of finding a Mentor who would get their career going. It goes without saying that ass kissing and sexual favors were more important than the ability to make money for the Company.

Amy used to kid me about my sexy looks and delighted in telling me about her latest conquest.The guys just ogled me in my sexy clothes that Amy had helped me pick out. It was good fun but because I was a minor it was hands off.

I had broken up with Steve the previous winter and because I was working so hard to keep up my grades I hadn't found any one else. No problem, Steve had been the first and only Guy to ever fuck me. Probably because we were both inexperienced it had been no great shakes for me and that I was scared to death of getting pregnant. So when it ended I spent more time learning to pleasure myself.

When the surgeon General of the US advocated teaching Masturbation I was not among those who called for her dismissal.

Most of my masturbation fantasies that Summer were centered around Amy and Jeff... I had never even been close to an encounter with a woman but I felt it was one of my options and as a masturbation fantasy,who will ever know.I didn't really know how women had sex with one another,so most of my fanasies had her helping Jeff fuck me. Guiding his cock as he entered my hole, sucking him to hardness after he had cum in me so he could fuck me again and again. My experience with Steve had not taught me that good lovers don't cum after 30 strokes, so in my fuck fantasies Amy resurrected Jeffs cock again and again so he could fuck me to orgasm.

About two weeks before my 18th birthday Amy started stopping by my desk and under the guise of giving me job instruction started whispering erotic nothings in my ear." Nice blouse honey, I can see your lovely nipples sticking out." "are you thinking of me sucking on them?"

Our work cubicles were private enough that a girl could masturbate at her desk. I had done so many times and I had heard Amy having phone sex with a wrong number once.

The Supervisor of our section was an average looking man Mr Martin. Mrs Martin was super visor of another section. About 35 she appeared to be focused totally on her career, dressing expensively but tastefully. Rumor had it that one of the employees attending a swing party saw Mrs. Martin being fucked by three guys at once. One in her cunt as she straddled him, another in her ass from behind and one guy fucking a big cock in and out of her mouth.There was no way of knowing if the story was true but it only enhanced an already awesome Reputation. This was not lost on me as I was constantly looking for role models and more importantly what facade I wanted to display to the Corporate world. I already knew that everyone who wasn't Psycho had different faces they put on depending on where they were and who they were with.

Mr. Martins Boss was Iris Huntley. She was my Mom's best friend and the one who had gotten me this job. Beyond that I didn't and wouldn't expect any favors from her. She held her employees accountable and she carefully measured the results of every employees efforts.

On the morning of my eighteenth birthday Mr.Martin told me that in appreciation of my" hard work" he was giving me the afternoon off and that Amy was taking me to lunch. It later turned out that my hard work was not all that he appreciated

As Amy and I left there was a chorus of Happy birthdays. When we got to the street I asked "where are we going?"

"Hotel California."

I didn't care that much for their lunch menu but since it was a free lunch I didn't say anything

When we passed the restaraunt I looked questioningly at Amy.

"Be patient dear this is a birthday surprise."

On the ninth floor we got out and entered a spacious room.

Two hotel staff were setting out lunch for 2.

feeling honored I nonetheless wondered why they would go to this expense to celebrate the 18th birthday of the newest girl in the Department.

"Honey you are old enough for me to fuck now, I am going to seduce you Honey."

"No seduction needed" I thought " I hav e been masturbating to the thought of you for the last 2 months."

The hotel wait staff gave knowing looks to one another as they removed the last of the plates and folded the linens into a bag.

"Sorry Guys Amy told them she's mine and you can't have her, eat your heart out."

Very well, have a good day they said as they took their tip and left.

Turning to me Amy pulled me close to her and kissed me. Oh my god what a surprise. Steve had never kissed me like this. Open mouthed her tongue swabbing mine. Oh God I sucked the tongue she pushed full into my mouth. Oh golly she slipped a finger inside the gusset of my panties and tantalized my cunt lips with her featherlike touch.I almost screamed with pleasure as she played with me

"Oh oh oh oh "I moaned as she gently tantalized my cunt, never penetrating but just gently carressing my nether lips. "Aaaahhhh" I moaned as I thrust my hips back and forth seeking penetration. Not Giving in Amy continued to tantalize me only now letting her finger barely enter my crack as I hunched my hips try ing for release which was slow in coming. Going crazy I fucked my tongue in to her mouth and pinched my nipples through my clothes. Still fully dressed I was being thoroughly mind fucked by this chubby cheerleader looking slut from my office whom I had so often fantasized about. Laying me back on the bed her long blond hair spilled over me as she tongue fucked my mouth. Pulling off my panties she made a brush of her hair with which she tantalized me by rubbing it over my stomach and over my pussy. Crazy with lust I begged her to "fuck me oh Amy please fuck me."

"Aaaaaah," there she finally parted my pussy lips whith her tongue, raking through my cunt lips her breath hot on my tender flesh she surrounded my clit with her lips and my soul erupted as I came with a rush of pleasure pouring my self into her sucking mouth. "Aaaaaahh Amy my love fuck me fuck me oh God Amy its so fucking good huh huh huh huh" I moaned as another overwhelming wave of lustful pleasure took me

I felt my cunt part to make way for Amy's middle finger. " Ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh "I heard myself grunting like a pig as she fucked her digit in and out of me as she continued to suck my clit. "Oh god Amy fuck me oh fuck me, I'ts so dammned good I was telling her as Jeff opened the door and came in.

"Be patient Amy told him I almost have her ready for you."

Dropping his pants he sat in a chair as he watched Amy bring me off again. She had by now added another finger and was furiously fucking me with them as she kept sucking my clit.

It was just like my long standing fantasy when Amy had me pull my self open and she guided Jeffs cock to my burning cunthole. As my cunt stretched to accomodate him I was prepared for him to get his nuts off and give me back to Amy, But no he was careful to not hurt me inching his cock into me. I felt deliciously stretched and the motion of his cock back and forth into my cunt was making me delirious with sensation. "Ooooooh ooooohh ooooo h " I cooed as he fucked me, slowly and deliciously see sawing himself through my portal of pleasure. "Oh God Jeff Honey oh fuck me fuck me Honey oh it's so good. Fully in me now he was striking my cervix causing me to flinch each time he fucked in to me. "Shorter strokes Jeff" Amy told him putting her hand bnetween us to give me time to stretch out to accomodate the full length of his velvet cock. "Fuck me fuck" me I cried as I had an over powering orgasm, and he did fucking me into delerium time after time. I had lost count of the times he had sent me to paradise and he showed no signs of quitting.

Sometime in the afternoon Will had arrived and was fucking Amy who lay right beside me moaning out one orgasm after another. At one point the Guys had traded and I remember thinking how nice it was to finally be a slut. Neither of these guys were any bigger than Steve but there all comparisons ended. In Steves defense I thought he just needed someone to show him how, but I knew Steve really only cared about Steve.

About 6 that evening Mr and Mrs. Martin had arrived with chinese take out. Amy, Jeff and Will ate while Mrs. Martin taught me to give Mr. Martin a blowjob. I remember thinking, that's a terrible name for such a lovely act. After Mr martin had shot a big load of cum on my tits and Amy licked me clean, I ate supper while Jeff and Will Double fucked Mrs. Martin. Seeing Jeffs cock in her ass made me hope he washed before he fucked me again.

Mr. Martin was fucking Amy and let me tell you this guy was not the mild mannered Executive type tonight. His 10 inch cock was flashing in and out of Amys cunt as she held herself open like she was trying to absorb him into herself. "Fuck me har d, fuck me good " Amy implored him

After I had eaten I fell asleep for a while. When I woke Mr. Martin was tongue fucking me, Oh man he was so good at it, he could curl his tongue up to a place in the front wall of my pussy and make me come just by making his tongue quiver. I remember thinking how lucky Mrs. martin was to have such a good looking great fucker like Mr. Martin to fuck her all the time.

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