Missing in Action

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Rape, Heterosexual, MaleDom, Sadistic, Torture, Interracial, .

Desc: Sex Story: Young and beautiful airforce crew woman gets shot down over enemy territory

Dr Alan Johnson re-reads the notes that had been passed to him.

Subject: Mrs Rebecca Lewis

Age: 31

Marital Status: divorced

Military status: Captain, National Guard Air Force aircrew

Recent deployment: Six-week tour of Middle East

Comments: Aircraft shot down. Listed as Missing in Action for eight Weeks. Found by British troops on scheduled sweep. Physical condition poor. Malnourished and sexually and Physically abused.

The Doctor put the notes down, trying to imagine what this officer had gone through in those eight weeks. He shook his head, as a man, there was no way he could get close to her mental conditions.

"Send Captain Lewis in please Sandy," the Doctor requested over his intercom.

"Please lie down Captain," he indicated in Padded leather chaise.

"Thank you Doctor," she said. The Doctor noted that her voice held a low-throated sexual quality and she was stunningly beautiful, although dressed very conservatively in civvies.

"How are you physically now Captain?" the Doctor asked.

"Fine now thank you," she said, "I've had to undergo some surgery, but I'm fine now." The Doctor noticed her voice waver a bit.

"Good, good," the Doctor said, "now I know you've be thoroughly de-briefed by the Military G2, but I'm here to help you through this ok."

"Yes thank you Doctor," she said, "what do you need to know?"

"Well today's session we'll just start off with your mission," the Doctor said, "and I sure you've been briefed that I'm have full security clearance."

After a short pause, her voice started to recite, with very little inflection her peace keeping mission, maintaining the No-Fly zone over the Gulf area.

"We didn't pick up any threat so it must have been a HS (heat seeking) missile. I don't remember ejecting so I suspect my pilot did it for me; my first memory is being in captivity."

"Right ok, Captain," the Doctor said, "we'll stop there for today, I'll see you in, what two days, ok." The Doctor switched off the recorder for transcribing later.

"Well if you're ready perhaps we'll pick up from where we left off," the Doctor said.

"Ok Doc," she said, after a long pause she started her story. "I was hanging by my arms in the middle of a well light room. My G-suit was missing but I was still wearing my flight suit. I was all alone for a long time, my backed ached from the ejection and the leather straps hurt my wrists. The door opened and an Officer came in, no shoulder flashes but I could tell. With him were two non-comms. He spoke English with English accent, although it was not his first language, he was obviously an Arab." The Doctor made a small note about the level of details she was giving him, she was treating this almost like a second de-briefing.

"At first he asked me who I was, so I gave him the Name, Rank and number routine, but after that he wanted to know other things. My mission orders, what Carrier I flew off, that sort of things. When I remained silent I was hit from behind." She remained quite for a few minutes, the Doctor didn't prompt her, letting her dictate her own speed. "I think I greyed out for a few minutes, but I remember the Officer using his stick under my chin to lift my head." There was a long pause again, the Doctor knew something important was coming. "The Officer reached out and pulled my fight suit zip all the way down," her voice displayed her stress. "I can remember, trying to think what I had worn under it that today, but I couldn't; I found out later, I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt. The questions started again and all the time, his hand was under my flight suit touching me. I tried to detach my mind from what was happening, but it was difficult, so I tried to remember my training about being raped if I was captured. We were told not to fight it, just let it happen,

"Do you want to stop now," the Doctor said, "we can pick it up next time."

"No, that's ok," she said, "I liked to get it out of the way now ok.

"Sure, please carry on," he said.

The officer now shouted something I didn't understand and he pulled out a knife. I remember thinking, was it better to be stabbed or raped, but before I could make up my mind, he threw the knife behind me. My flight suit was literary cut off me, now the questions started again, same old one, who was commanding officer, where was I trained and so on. Then as I didn't answer the knife when to work again, soon I was hanging there naked. I could hear the sniggers from behind me but a sharp word from the officer, shut them up." the Doctor notice her chest was rising and falling rapidly and he would've like to terminate the session at that point, but he knew she wanted to carry on. "His hands now moved over my body," her voice cracked slightly then, "he was like a lover, gently fondling and squeezing me, all the time he was asking questions. His hands left me and he snapped out a new order. The two solders grabbed my ankles and my legs were pulled apart. The officer un-zipped himself and started to ask me questions again, and when I still refused to answer, he stepped between my legs and pushed his cock into me; it hurt, I was dry, but I didn't make any noise. He pumped into me, grabbing me around the waist to increase the force, and after a few minutes he came with a grunt. He pulls out of me and zipped up, with a dismissive wave and a grunted word to the two soldiers, he moved away to let them get at me. My body was invaded from the back and front at the same time, this time the pain caused me to scream out, the officer smiled at that." She stopped talking now, seeing in her mind, the cruel rape. "Thank you Doctor, we can stop now?" she said.

"Right ok, Captain, I'll see you again soon." The doctor said.

Two days later the Beautiful Airforce Captain again lay down on the doctors couch.

"Ok captain shall we continue?" the Doctor said.

"Ok Doc, where were we, oh yes, well when they had finished with me, they left me hanging there, naked and ravaged. After a long time, many hours anyway, he returned with I think two different soldiers. I was cut down and I collapsed, my legs refusing to hold my weight. I was stretch out on the rough floor and the two soldiers raped me, the officer kept saying that if I told him what he wanted to know, it would stop and I would be sent back to my unit. The pain was so bad I must have passed out, for the next thing I knew I was alone again. I remember thinking that they were going to fuck me to death, I had always thought that was impossible, but now I wasn't so sure. I knew my lower regions was taking a battering and might be permanently damaged. I was cold and hungry; I was still naked and hadn't eaten in a long time. Just then the door opened and a different soldier came in and I can remember I smiled at a thought I just had."

"You smiled?" the doctor asked.

"Yes I know it sounds mad, and perhaps I was a bit at that time, but before he could push his cock into me, I took hold of it and put it in my mouth; I sucked him off. I know it sounds mad, but I thinking that I'll could kill two birds with one stone; give my cunt a rest and to take in some protein. Of course once this got around the barracks, there was a queue out the door. I don't think Arab women do that for their men." she stopped there for a long time. "What do you think Doc, did I do the right thing?"

"Sounds like a elegant solution to me," the doctor said, "if you hadn't, you may have died from starvation, and as you said before, you're were taking a battering."

"Yeah, I think so too," she said.

"But other don't?" he asked.

"Yeah, you should have seen the G2 guy face when I told him," she said.

"Remember Captain, it you who has to live with it, and the G2 officer is a man," the doctor said forcefully, "there's no way he could imagine what it was like for you."

"Thanks Doc," she said. He could tell that a weight had just been lifted of her mind.

"What happened then?" the Doctor asked.

"Well more of the same, I was moved about a bit by truck, but the word had gotten out. Everywhere I found myself, there was an endless stream of hard cocks for me to suck. Well at least they stop asking me questions; can't talk with your mouth is full, now can you?" she laughed for the first time.

"What about the Brits?"

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