by JAX

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Brother, Sister, Gang Bang, Petting, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: young guy being well looked after in hospital

Nurse Thomas, pushed aside the surrounding curtains and entered the bay, her crisply white starched uniform rustled as she moved. On the bed lay the broken body of a young handsome boy, he had been hurt in an auto accident. Nurse Thomas knew the patent, knew him when his eyes were open and sparkling with life and humour, not that he knew her of course. Her studies and shyness kept them in different circles. She sat on the bed looking down at his handsome face. The doctors had said he could awake up today, tomorrow, next week, next year, or perhaps never. Her hand moved under his sheet and found his flaccid penis, her hands gently massaged it and slowly it came to life, until it became too big for her small hand to close round.

Deep in the recesses of his brain, the signal from his penis changed the whirling patterns of colour. When was the first time his penis got hard, oh yes, his brain remembered, it was looking through a knothole in his walldrobe to see into Vicky's, his sister, room next door. She had just finished her bath and now she sat at her dressing table, brushing her long hair; a large bath towel wrapped around her slender form. As he watched, the towel fell around her waist, reflected in the mirror, he could see her small perky breasts; his cock suddenly became hard in his pants. She didn't cover herself up, why would she, she was all alone in her room. With his eye pushed hard against the wood, he watched as she stopped brushing her hairs and she started to touch herself. While her hands massaged her budding tits, his hand stroked the hardness in his pants until it exploded. Nurse Thomas wiped his sperm off her hands with a sterile wipe and went about her other duties with a smile on her pretty face.

When she went off duty that night, Nurse Thomas lay in bed thinking about the comatosed young man. She remember seeing him at a party one time, she had looked across the room at his handsome face and daydreamed he would come over to her and asked her to dance, but of course he didn't. Joined at his hip was a tall beautiful blonde, her figure spilling over from her short, tight dress, there was no way she could compete with that. Not because her figure was not as good, far from it, but there was no way she would have the nerves to wear such a revealing outfit. Her fingers found the spot between her legs and she imagined herself in his arms, superimposed on that image was her hand wrapped around his large erect cock. Her hips bucked against her fingers bringing her to orgasm very quickly; she lay there in the afterglow and slept.

Nurse Thomas read from his chart the next day, no change in his condition. She again sat down on the bed, her hand finding his cock under the crisp white sheet. As it grew in her hand, again the swirling colours disappeared in his brain to be replaced this time by his first sexual conquest. Her name was Annabelle, a friend of his sisters, while he was watching TV late one night, she had come in with Vicky, both of them very drunk. She plonked herself down on his lap and started to kiss him, much to his sister's amusement.

"Leave him alone," she said giggling, "you don't know where he's been." Taken advantage of the situation, his hands became full of her firm flesh. When he looked up after kissing and fondled this drunken girl for some time, he noticed that his sister was asleep on the floor. This was a too good an opportunity to miss, he pushed Annabelle off his lap and on to her back and moved between her legs. He un-zipped himself and manovered her knickers to one side and push his hard cock into her. In her drunken haze, she automatically pushed back at his thrusts until he came deep inside her. Once again Nurse Thomas hand became wet with his sperm.

Nurse Thomas looked in the mirror at her naked body, she wished her tits were a little bigger, but at least she didn't need to wear a bra all the time. She turned looking down at her body, her tummy was nice and flat with a good flair to her hips.

"Not too bad," she mused out loud, her best features was her bum and legs, she thought, she would've liked to wear short skirts to show them off, but she never had the nerve. She lay down on the bed, thinking about the hard cock she had held in her hand earlier; good job, she thought, she had remembered to buy some batteries on the way home. She used to have one of those shiny smooth vibrators, but now she has a nice cock shaped ones, made from a rubbery material, that felt like the real thing. At first, she moved it over her sensitive nipples, then she captured it between her small breasts, letting its movement stimulator her. At last she moved it down slowly over her naked body until it reached the centre of her sexuality. She moved it across her pussy lips, making it gush with fluids; at last she thrust it into herself hard, pumping it in and out in time with a visions inside her head of the comatosed boy fucking her; she cried out loud as she came.

No change with him again the next day; one day, she mused, she would enter his bay and he would look up at her with those big blue eyes of his, but not today. Her hand found his cock again, it grow slowly in her hand. The coloured patterns in his brain parted to reveal another memorable moment in his sex life. He was around Bill's house, one of his close friends; he was sitting on the sofa looking down to the floor where Bill was thrusting between the wide spread thighs of Vicky, his sister. His eyes moved up her naked body to where Mike, another friend of his, was feeding his hard cock into her willing mouth.

"Yeah, suck me bitch," Mike cooed, then to he looked up at Paul and winked. Bill was thrusting hard, and was nearly there, just a few more and he grunted and came.

"Your turn," Bill said to Mike, moving from between her legs, letting Mike take his place.

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