Bi-Curious Experience

by Hooterz

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, BiSexual, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Yet another scenario imagined between my "lover and i" this one written for me by him, after hinting at my curiosity to take a bisexual lover.

You are at work on Friday night, you are walking around the pool tables watching the guys and girls drinking and playing, admiring the arses of the guys as the bend to play their shots. One guy in particular grabs your attentionas he stands and walks toward you, the bulge in his pants is very noticeable and you being you, make it quick clear to him that you are admiring what he has to offer. He winks and smiles as he reaches the table for his shot, looks deep into your eyes and places his hand on his jeans and rubs his cock before he leans down to shoot, as he leans forward you look at his arse and your mind starts to wander with thoughts of him standing over you naked commanding you to taste the head of his cock.

As you take it into your mouth you begin to understand just how large it is as you struggle to swallow it all, you are beginning to get very wet and excited just as he pulls out from your mouth, calls you a dirty slut and tells you to get on you knees with your hands behind your back. He walks away from you as you sit staring at his nakedness you start to rub your nipples and your cunt, he turns with a rope in his hands and yells at you " DO AS YOU ARE TOLD WENCH" you are startled and excited by this and place you hands behind your back as instructed. He ties them tight so you can't move, then proceeds to run the head of his cock over you lips teasing you, knowing you can't grab hold of him. You stare at his purple head and his balls swinging in front of your face getting more excited with every touch of his cock and at his sweaty smell as he becomes excited with the control he has over you.

He reaches forward pulls your hair forces his cock into your mouth and you start to gag, "TAKE IT ALL SLUT, YOU ARE MINE TONIGHT" you try to relax but you are so wet and horny that you begin to orgasm on the floor, the pain of the rope and him pulling your hair combined with the excitement of the situation is to much as your juice runs down the inside of your thighs. You can start to feel his balls tighten and his cock twitch as he is about to explode into your mouth and you desperately want his huge manhood buried in your arse, he is almost cumming when...

Excuse me, Excuuuuse me,

You suddenly realise you are still at work and there is a woman standing beside you, tapping you on the shoulder. You are a little embarrassed as you come back to reality and realise you have been gently rubbing yourself while standing there. She whispers into your ear that she has been watching you rub yourself and said that she was getting very turned on by this fact, even though she has not experienced a woman before she says that you got her so horny just by watching you. She hopes you are not offended by the comment and you quickly reassure her that you are not. She smiles and leans across to give you a friendly hug and to press her pert breasts against you, this only helps to keep your juices flowing as you smile and ask her to hang around for a while.

After composing yourself and doing the rounds to ensure everything is a-ok you head back to where this woman was, as you look you see her sitting at a table in a darkened corner of the room, as you approach she sees you and smiles wickedly and you notice her hand under the table moving up and down rapidly. The thought of another women masturbating to,for and because of you is such a turn on your stomach gets butterflies thinking about this thing you have desperately wanted to try for so long. As you reach her you lean in to tell her that you are burning to taste her and ask if she'd like to meet you after work. Your heart sinks as she says no, then she replies that she wants to fuck you now, in the club. You smile with relief and anticipation as you both head off to the toilets.

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