by Aeralyndal

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Sex Story: It was just a simple costume party... wasn't it?

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Magic   Oral Sex   .

"I'm sorry Milord, you may not enter. Only these people are allowed inside tonight, which one do you wish to be?" asked the gate attendant. On the wall facing them were numerous masks, each with a name tag.

"Tonight I feel like a Malcolm, tell me of him," answered the invited guest.

Assisting with the donning of the mask the attendant began to tell him about the person he was to become. "Milord, Malcolm is single, a tall, robust, blond male. His interests include fencing, usually with a saber, throwing pottery and gardening. The gardening includes both flower and vegetable types. He has won prizes both for his roses and for his tomatoes. Oh, and he has an eye for the ladies, especially the long legged variety."

With the mask in place and the litany of his attributes and likes described the guest straightened up, began to grow slightly, fill out more and his hair darkened to a blond cast. He was directed into a changing room where costumes were available, several with the name Malcolm labeled on them. As he departed the attendant turned to the next guest.

"I'm sorry Milady, you may not enter. Only these people are allowed inside tonight, which one do you wish to be?"

This guest chose to be Deborah and as the mask was attached she was informed of the likes, interests and attributes of Deborah. After she had changed to match those features she was directed to a changing room with a choice of several costumes for her character as well.

Upon exiting the changing room the guests were directed down a short passage and into the gardens where the night's soiree was being held. By now the attributes of their character was firmly fixed upon their person and they had literally become that person. Now all of the guests appeared to be between 25 and 30 years of age, medium height or taller and were ALL comely. There was not an overweight, short nor unattractive person there. One by one the invited guests joined the ones who had entered before them.

First stop was a table for liquid refreshment, alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Close by was the first of several tables spaced out around the garden with eatables and munchies. The deeper into the garden the guests wandered the more substantial the repast. In two different locations, spread far enough apart that one didn't interfere with the other or overlap were small three piece combos playing light music. Music to be used as background to conversation or to dance by on the two small dance areas constructed near them, chose as you would. Many of the guests were dancing while others roamed from group to group chatting, flirting and meeting their fellow guests. Before the party everyone knew each other but now... Now they had to find out who they were speaking with. Each voice had altered enough that it was not recognizable as the true voice and for some reason they were not able to state their true names.

Lighting was provided by torches that stood on long poles placed around the garden. Several locations had 4 or 5 cushioned chairs where the guests could sit and converse. Dark alcoves were provided in different locations as well, in each was a reclining divan for a couple to sit and converse in privacy. Shadowy movement could be glimpsed from time to time from some of them but even up close it was not possible to see the occupants nor hear what was said in the alcove. An empty alcove was quite visible but for some reason once occupied by two or more the visibility from without diminished.

Moving slowly from group to group Malcolm smiled, flirted and spoke with several of the females but continued to circulate, continued to seek. Finally his eyes fell upon a vision that sparked his interest. She was taller then most of the females there, her dark hair was gathered and hung in a single strand past her shoulders. The gown she wore had almost no back and was light enough to contrast and set off her olive complexion. The front was tight enough to highlight her breasts without flaunting them. Light from one of the torches reflected and danced off the portion of her leg that was being displayed by the long slit in the side of the gown. She seemed to sway to the music of the nearby combo while her eyes were closed and from her expression she was deep in thought. Moving towards her slowly his eyes drank in the loveliness of the vision that attracted him.

"My pardon most gracious Lady, might I join you?" he asked quietly so as not to startle her.

Glancing around she looked up at him and slowly smiled. "Join away Milord. I am Patrice."

Removing his hat and holding it as he made a sweeping bow he told her his name and replaced his hat. Placing her arm over and around his they ambled about the garden conversing quietly. From time to time one or the other would laugh quietly, provoked by a comment from the other. Replacing their empty glasses with full ones they enjoyed the evening, the company of the other and the conversation.

Finally moving into one of the vacant alcoves they sat and looked at each other before slowly leaning together to exchange a kiss. A kiss that grew from simple to very heated in just moments. As she lay back on the divan Patrice pulled Malcolm with her until he was all but laying atop her. The kiss by this time had worked it way from her lips to her neck, to her ear, to her bare shoulders and down from there.

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