Terri and Sammy

by hotwetnshaved

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Oral Sex, Petting, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: A young business woman hires an assistant, but found more, much more

Terri smiles to herself as she watches her mummy pulling the stockings up over her long suntanned thighs and clipping them to the delicate lacy suspender belt around her waist

She's sitting on her daddies lap, legs apart and squirming with pleasure as he lovingly strokes the inside of her thighs. She too is wearing stockings but hers are hold ups, she likes to wear extra long ones that she can feel brushing her puffy little cunt lips as she walks.

Her daddy is completely naked, his hugely thick penis nestling between the juncture of Terri's thighs, he can feel the moisture from her cunt seeping through her panties onto the gnarled, throbbing cock.

"Aren't you going to get ready daddy?"

Ronny moves a hand further up onto his daughter's panties and runs it lightly over the gossamer thin lace, pressing it gently into her hairless slit.

"There's no hurry sweetheart, the party doesn't start until nine"

"I know daddy" she giggles, "But I'm horny now"

He slips a finger under her panties and eases it gently in between her beautifully soft labia.

"I think mummy's horny too" he laughs and smiles at his wife who's now sitting with her legs apart, casually fingering her own wet cunt.

"I need some meat tonight" she says softly, "Some long, thick black meat"

"Oh mummy" giggles Terri, as she feels her daddy's finger slipping into her own hot little cunt, "You're such a fucking slut"

"Will I be able to have some cocaine again tonight?"

"Of course you can darling" Says her mother as she picks up a tiny black g-string, "But only if you'll come and help mummy get dressed"

Her daddy pats her bottom as she goes over to take the g-string from her mother's proffered hand and squats down between her open thighs,

"Well you'll have to close your legs you know" she laughs.

"Oh all right then, but I thought that, well you know!"

She slides forward on the chair, still with her legs wide open,

"I thought you might like a little taste of me first"

"Mmm, yes please mummy" she licks her lips in anticipation, "You know what I'm like with pussy"

"Oh yes" giggles mummy, "I know what you're like with pussy all right"

She sighs with pleasure as her daughter's lips brush lightly over the freshly shaved mound just above her glistening slit,

"I still remember the last party when you and that German girl Hilda, gave us all a little show in the middle of the dance floor!"

A pleasurable thrill courses through the girl as she inhales the heady aroma of her mother's sex juices, she touches a finger lightly to the woman's little brown hole and prods gently as she uses her tongue to part the fleshy cunt lips.

She remembers Hilda too, she remembers how they swayed together on the dance floor, the girl's pert little bottom pressing into her groin as she'd lifted her short skirt.

Hilda's father had sat on the front row of seats watching as Terri's fingers fluttered lightly over his little girl's abdomen,

"Look at him Hilda" she'd whispered, "Look at your daddy, he wants to see your pussy darling"

Behind Terri, her own daddy strokes his cock as he looks at her sexy little bottom almost completely exposed by the narrow strip of lace between her cheeks and he remembers the German girl, he remembers her mother too!

She'd been sitting on his lap, his cock buried to the hilt in her tight little anus as they watched his daughter slipping her daughter's panties down over her thighs.

Beside them, Hilda's daddy watched in fascination as Terri flicked her tongue into the German girl's ear and whispered to her,

"He's looking at you Hilda, look, your daddy's looking at your cunt baby"

She'd taken the girl's hand in hers and together they'd caressed each hairless labia before delving into the sweet, warm wetness between them,

Terri had beckoned him up onto the dance floor and gestured for him to squat down between his little girl's feet, her panties had been saturated with her juices as she'd lain a hand on his head and urged him forwards until his tongue could almost have flicked out and touched her.

Hilda had moaned softly and looked down at her daddy's face so close to the source of her lust, she felt her juices running as she whispered softly,

"Kiss me daddy"

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