Best Friends

by thundrnlitng

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: The story of one of my best friends girlfriends and how we later became best friends

I pulled back and thought to myself, 'What the hell am I doing?' Instantly the little voice inside my head said, 'You know EXACTLY what you are doing.'

I smiled, and ran my hands through Laurie's hair. I heard her make a little moan of pleasure as I pulled her back to me and I leaned in to kiss her again.

When I first saw Laurie Duchow, it was early November just before the end of the football season. She was walking with one of my best friends and they stopped at my locker after school. James introduced her to me and I smiled sweetly at the petite girl who I was told was a junior. James and I were seniors. As I scoped Laurie out, James continued to babble on about how they were in the same art class, and all the things that they had in common. I barely heard him as I took inventory of Laurie's dark brunette hair and icy blue eyes, which was a very nice combination. She was also fairly big chested, which on one so petite (about 5'1"), made them look a bit bigger than they really were. The most incredible thing though was her lips, which were colored with a nice pinkish-red lipstick and then covered with a slight gloss. When she was not smiling they looked like they were already puckered up and ready to kiss someone and when she smiled they parted to reveal a set of straight white teeth and the smile lit up her whole face.

In short, no pun intended, she was very cute, and bordering on beautiful.

James continued to talk and I listened to how he had asked her out this weekend and she agreed to go to the movies with him. I was happy for him as he needed a girlfriend and I was interested in a girl from my English class named Monica.

As time went by it became habit for Laurie to meet me by my locker (which was a few over from James' locker) and wait for James with me. They became better friends and soon were definitely a major couple. James was seriously smitten and that was good for him. I would tease him every so often and start hugging Laurie when he came into view and he would play along with it as he got into a mock hissy fit and then pretend to be angry with me. We all laughed as Laurie would then leave my arms and melt into his and give him a big kiss with those lips.

Now I do have to admit that holding her felt nice... VERY nice in fact, but I swear, at that time, I did not have any ulterior motives or plans to steal her away from him. I could see that he was too happy, as was she, and that I wasn't going to get into the middle of that. I liked both of them too much to do something like that to either of them. Besides I didn't want to mess up my chances with Monica, which were looking up.

Time went by and we continued to be very good friends. At the beginning of second semester, in January, I had a study hall the last period of the day and Laurie had gotten a schedule change so she was put into a study hall the same period but in a different room. I found this out when I was in the library doing some homework and she came up behind me and covered my eyes and startled me when she lightly blew in my ear and whispered, "Guess who?"

Well I instantly recognized her voice but I wanted to tease her a bit for scaring me, so I started to name off a few other girls who I had gone out with, "Um Becky?... no, not her she won't even talk to me anymore... hmmm let's see Sarah?... no, she is in psych. class now... and I know that Monica is in German."

At that moment I felt Laurie lean over me again and I could feel her tits press into my back as she leaned down to my ear and whispered. "C'mon you can do better than that... if you can't, you don't get your hug today."

"Oh well then if that's the case" I teased, "then I'd better say that it's Tracy then, I don't want to miss out on one of the best huggers that I've ever met." I teased

Laurie pulled her hands away from my eyes and slapped me on the back of the head and said, "Oh!! You jerk!!! You are soooo mean!"

We laughed as she came around to the other side of the table and set her backpack down. "Serves you right for startling me like that." I said defensively, not wanting her to get too mad at me.

We continued to talk quietly for the rest of the class and walked to my locker together and waited for James to get from his class to us.

For the rest of January, Laurie continued to show up in the library and we continued to talk, or do homework together, and then go and meet James as he came back from class. Laurie continued to greet James with a hug and somewhat passionate kiss (we were in high school after all so it couldn't be too passionate due to the 'passion police' -- READ: Teachers).

In early February, James took Laurie to the Senior Ball and I went with Monica, who I had started officially dating in the last part of December.

I had a good time at Senior Ball, but for some reason Monica didn't as she broke up with me a few days afterwards. I, being the high schooler that I was, went through a day or two of devastation which James and Jeff, another friend, helped me out of very quickly.

I also asked Laurie about what she thought had happened, and I wanted to try to get a girls opinion.

"Well, I don't know for sure, but there HAD to be some reason to break up with you." Laurie told me in the library one day after talking at length about it. "She can't be that crazy to dump you for no good reason. I'll ask some of her friends to see if I can find out if she ever said anything to them." This, of course, helped my bruised ego a bit and it also made me a bit nervous as to actually find out the REAL reason.

A few days later when I saw Laurie at the library she pulled me from our usual table and we went to a table in a more deserted section. "I found out what her problem was with you," she said.

'Boy! No beating around the bush,' I thought, 'sounds bad.' "Ok," I told her, "what was it?"

"Well," she started, "You do know how she is a bit on the religiously strict side don't you?"

"Kinda," I replied, "It wasn't as if we ever sat down to debate the finer points of religion and all, or even her thoughts on the subject." I attempted a laugh at the weak humor, and continued, "but I do know that she is pretty religious, she didn't want to do much more than just make out. It had taken me a while to NOT have her slap my hand away from the outside of her blouse, and even afterwards she said now she'll have to stay longer in confession for that."

Laurie smiled at the image and said, "Well I heard that she was upset at your, and I quote 'happy pants'."

Laurie tried to stifle a giggle and when I looked at her a bit confused for a second she laughed out loud and then quickly covered her mouth, and looked around for the librarian.

By this time I had finally figured out what Laurie was talking about, but she continued, "Seems that you were a little TOO excited a few times during the dance and that she didn't like that, so you became history."

All I could say was "Ah."

I thought back to the dance and remembered that twice while holding Monica close and feeling our bodies fitting together like two pieces of a puzzle that I got an erection. Now this is a normal reaction for any male who has had no release for a while except the occasional meeting of Rosy and her five sisters.

"But it happened only TWICE!" I said. "Besides you know how it is when you fit together perfectly with James... there is a part of you that gets as turned on as he does."

I had heard from both (unbeknownst to either) that this had happened on more than one occasion. I never asked for more details but I knew from "slippages" that more had happened between Laurie and James than what had happened between Monica and me.

"Well yeah," Laurie said quietly, with a slight smile, "but Monica thinks a bit differently about it than I do... besides she also said that she wasn't going to do that until she was married and since you weren't the one she was gonna marry... well, enough said."

"I can see her point," I answered back. "I don't want to really marry her either. Hell I'm only in high school after all!" I continued, "well, I guess I can't be mad at her for that. However, I DO think I can be a bit irritated at her for not telling me herself, so that we could have possibly worked through it or at least around it."

We smiled as I said that last sentence and Laurie nodded in agreement. "Well that is true she could've at least given you a reason instead of just cutting you off like that."

"Gee, I'm soooo glad I could convince you to see my point of view." I joked to her.

"Oh, c'mon I would've taken your side EVENTUALLY." Laurie teased back. "Unless of course, you were some kind of MAJOR jerk to her... although I don't think that's possible. Besides I never did think she deserved you anyway... she was always kinda stuck up to me."

I smiled and asked, "Oh really and just WHO deserves me?"

"I don't know," she replied thoughtfully. "I can't think of anyone I hate enough."

I called her a poop and we started laughing until the librarian shushed us for making too much noise.

Later we met James and I again gave her a hug as he walked down the hall to us. This time however, I thought that she hugged me a little tighter.

(Author's note: Looking back on this incident years later, I am still not sure)

Things continued as before, except I did not have a steady girlfriend. I dated a few times while James and Laurie seemed to be doing great. Laurie came to the library and sat with me and we talked about almost everything. I was glad that James was going out with Laurie, as I was happy to have her as a friend.

One Monday in mid March, Laurie didn't show up to the library as normal. James didn't stop by at his locker either, so I didn't see him before I had to leave to get the bus home. (I know a senior who had to take the bus WAS pathetic but my older brother drove the car to work or to college and besides the bus driver that I had was a major babe)

Later that night I called James to find out what was going on, as he was nowhere around earlier.

"Hey man," I started, "where were you today at the end of school? What happened to you?"

"Oh, hi" James said sadly.

I thought to myself 'oh shit what's happened? This doesn't sound good, James usually is in a good mood... not like this.'

"What's wrong, dude?" I asked genuinely concerned.

"Laurie broke up with me." James said in a monotone.

"Shut up!" I interrupted. "Really? Wow, I'm sorry man, what happened? What did she say? Is that where you were? Talking to her?"

"Yeah," James stated. "I was trying to get her to explain to me what was wrong. All I really remember is that she said that she didn't want to hurt me, because she liked me but that she didn't want to go out with me anymore."

"Wow, really." I replied in a show of implied understanding.

"Look, I gotta go." James abruptly said. "My folks are calling me. I'll see ya tomorrow at school."

The next day at school was weird.

Normally before school all of our friends sat in the cafeteria and talked before classes started. This day when James walked in we could tell that he was depressed but as he got closer it was as if there was a zone of sadness and misery around him.

Most every one of our friends stood around and listened as James described how Laurie had taken him aside after their art class and told him that she didn't want to go out with him anymore. He then told how they skipped their next class as they talked about it and that all James could get out of her was that she liked him and that she didn't want to hurt him but she didn't want to go out with him anymore. During this retelling, James seemed almost about to cry and Jeff caught my eye. We instantly knew what could happen, and what we should do. Rather than have James break down in front of everyone, it would be better if it was in a more private place.

"James," Jeff interrupted, "why don't you come over to my house tonight and we can talk about it more there... the bell is about to ring and we all gotta go."

I nodded in agreement and said, "Yeah man, I'll even pick you up since it's on my way and we'll talk about it later. OK?"

You could see James pull himself together as he replied, "Yeah, OK, that sounds cool. I'll see everyone later."

I didn't see Laurie that afternoon in the library. I wanted to ask her about what happened, and hear her side of the story.

That night at Jeff's house James was a walking depression zone again and Jeff's mom tried to lift James spirit by giving that old line about how there were more fish in the sea. As James walked down the hall to Jeff's room I heard him mumble what sounded like, "but Laurie was MY fish."

During our conversation with James we asked him to retell what had been happening during the last few weeks and what he thought could've gone wrong.

The only thing that we could get out of him was that everything seemed fine and that they were very much in love and then out of the blue she said she didn't want to go out with him anymore.

Jeff and I asked him if he said anything or if he saw any kind of warning signs and he said no, everything seemed fine before she did this to him.

The next day at school I waited in the library hoping to see Laurie and ask her HER side of the story.

When I saw Laurie I smiled and waved her over to sit next to me.

Laurie smiled as she sat and said, "Well I guess you aren't mad at me for breaking up with James.'

"No," I answered, I'm not... unless you were a real bitch to him." I smiled and continued, "But, I can't see you doing that to him."

Laurie just grinned back at me with that lovely smile.

"So tell me already then," I went on, "what happened between you two?"

"Well," she started, "why don't you tell me what he said happened?"

"Let's see," I began. "He said that everything was fine and that you both still loved each other and then out of the blue you dumped him."

"What a crock!" Laurie whispered loudly, trying to keep quiet because of the librarian.

I almost laughed at how angry she looked instead I just smiled and said; "OK... then I guess something was lost in the translation."

Laurie softened and smiled then began, "we've been having some problems for a while."

I just nodded and said, "OK" to keep her talking.

"After you and Monica broke up it got me to thinking," she continued. "James is nice and all and maybe later, who knows what would happen but like you said, I'm only in high school I don't want to get married yet. I tried to tell James on at least a few occasions that I wanted a little more space to do things with my other friends, but he would either show up where I would be going or talk to my other friends and kinda talk them into inviting him. It seemed like he wanted to try to hold on to me even tighter. I started to feel like I was suffocating. I tried to make excuses to him not to do things together just so I could get some room. If I said I wasn't feeling well, he would come over with a get well card. He just wouldn't give me any space and I told him at least twice that I needed some space or we couldn't continue. When I did that he would back off for a week or so, then it would be just as bad if not worse. Hell, he even started talking about marriage and that's when I knew I needed out!"

"Whoa!" I thought. Good thing I got both sides of the story. "And you told him, in words that even he could understand, that you needed more space and that you didn't want to get too serious?" I asked.

"Yep." Laurie answered. "We had a big talk about it a couple of weeks ago. I told him that I loved him but that I thought it was going too fast and that I wanted us to slow down. I said that I wanted some time off... we'd still be boyfriend/girlfriend but just not soooo involved with each other for a while. He then asked if I wanted to break up, and I told him no. 'Cause I just wanted some space to do some things on my own... without him."

"What do ya want to do?" I asked.

"Are all guys the same?" Laurie asked me. "James said the same thing to me."

I laughed and said, "Yep that Y-chromosome makes us all basically clones... it has all that 'guy stuff' on it."

"Oh! That explains it." Laurie giggled.

"Well?" I continued, "what did you tell him?"

"That I wanted to do things by myself", she started, "and with other friends of mine... FEMALE friends... don't look at me like that!"

"What? I didn't say a word." I objected.

"You didn't have to," she interrupted. "You had that look on your face like you were thinking something evil."

"Moi" I said with feigned innocence.

"Oui, vous." Laurie responded and we started laughing.

I am sure that Laurie was laughing because we were joking around, but I was laughing out of nervousness. I adored the French accent and when Laurie responded in French not only did she say it with the proper accent but the way her lips puckered up and formed the words, my mind flashed on her with those lips smashed against mine and then wrapped around my cock.

After school again Jeff and I tried to talk James back into good spirits but he was still that walking depression zone. I asked James since she was only a junior and we were going to be gone at college next year if Laurie, maybe, thought that the two of them were getting too close. He instantly said no way she would never say that. When I asked him to consider the possibility of that but she didn't know how to say it to him he snapped back that he knew her better than I did since he did go out with her and she would never say anything like that.

Later I told Jeff what Laurie had told me and both agreed that James was in denial and he needed time to try to get used to the idea of not going out with Laurie anymore. And basically, there was nothing more we could really do except be there for him until he got over her and stopped being this walking depression zone.

Things continued like this for a few weeks. Laurie and I talked in the library and I told her things that James was saying and thinking of doing to try to win her back. She would usually just laugh and shake her head and we would talk about other things. One day when telling her about James she said, "The only thing I am kinda bummed about is that now I probably won't go the prom next month."

Without thinking I said, "I'll take you, if you can't find someone else to take you by then."

I meant this as a gesture of friendship and nothing more. I was still friends with James and he was still hurting, but I was also friends with Laurie and I didn't want her to be bummed either.

The prom was never brought up again until about two weeks later when I heard from another friend that John Freeman was going out with Laurie. That day in the library I asked her about the rumors.

"Yeah we just started dating." she answered.

"Since when did this occur?" I quizzed.

She giggled and said, "He must've been bragging with his friends... I'm not sure I like that... but he only asked me out last night for this weekend. I thought I had better accept and date a few times in case he wanted to take me to the prom." Poking at my chest she continued, "Besides I think that you've forgotten that you said that you would take me, and I would hate to be stood up since I've already bought the dress.'

I was stunned. I HAD forgotten but she could've easily reminded me. "You already bought a dress?" I asked still stunned.

"Yeah, that weekend after you asked me." Laurie explained. "Besides, by now most of the really nice dresses will be gone but guys don't know about that kind of stuff... not enough room on that Y-chromosome."

I called her a poop and we laughed then I said that I hoped she had fun and wished her the best. Meanwhile in the back of my mind, I had this vague feeling of regret like I missed something. I couldn't put my finger on what it was though since I was genuinely happy for her and really did wish her well as far as she and John were concerned.

Prom came and Laurie did go with John and they seemed like they were doing pretty well. I didn't get to see Laurie as much as before since he wasn't that much of a friend and he didn't understand our friendship, or so that is what I thought and was led to believe at the time.

Near the end of May, with less than a week before the seniors were to take their exams and get out of school ahead of the rest, I was in the library studying for my physics exam, when my eyes were suddenly covered.

"Guess who?" I heard someone whisper.

I recognized Laurie's perfume and also recognized her voice even though she was trying to sound different and trick me. "Hmmm I'm not sure." I replied. "Don't I even get a hint?" As I said that last bit I leaned forward and rested my head on my raised hand like that statue "The Thinker."

In doing so Laurie had to lean over me and she whispered into my ear, "You don't deserve to get any hints."

"Ooooooooo!! Damn!! Now who did I piss off?" I asked back. But I could also feel her breasts press again into my shoulders as she was leaned over like this. I smiled at the feeling and joked, "Oh well it doesn't matter, because all my good friends who care about me wouldn't be pissed off at me since I am nothing but a good boy." Smiling, I continued "and I have been told by some I have been VERY good, if you get my meaning."

I started to blink at the sudden brightness when her hands were pulled away, when I was suddenly smacked on the back of my head, twice.

"Damn what was that for?" I asked as I tried to duck.

"The first was for turning it around on me and not guessing... you always do that," Laurie started, "and the second was for being smart, 'very good if you get my meaning'... yeah right... you don't want to know what I have 'really' heard."

I thought about it for a second and replied, "Nope, I ain't even goin' there probably better if I just try to ease away from that one."

"Oooo good, getting a bit more intelligent I see." Laurie shot back jokingly.

"Hey that's why I are grat-u-ate-in'." I mocked. "So what's up?" I asked as she finally sat down next to me. "John finally let you out of his sight long enough to let you come see a friend?"

"Kinda," Laurie said. "Actually I just broke up with him."

"Damn," I shook my head. "Another one bites the dust... what happened? You O.K. with everything?"

"Yeah," she sighed. "I just couldn't make it work anymore with him. I gave it my best shot and I just finally had to be honest with myself that I really didn't like him that much to keep it going."

"Ouch!" I replied. "Did you tell him that, or did you make up a line to spare some of his feelings?"

"I did what any good girl would've done." Laurie stated. "I fed him a line so his big male ego wouldn't get bruised and I also made him think it was all his idea to break up in the first place."

We laughed and I said, "You wanna talk about it, or are you really O.K. with it?"

Laurie smiled, and replied, "Nah, I'm fine with it, in fact I am now more than good with it."

I felt like she was hiding something, but didn't pressure her.

The next couple of days went by in a haze of exams and studying but finally I was done and sitting in the library vegetating in the afterglow of my high school career when I saw Laurie enter. I didn't have to wave her over, as she headed for me and sat down next to me. She didn't look really thrilled to be there, which I put down to her now having to start her exams.

"What's up?" I asked. "You don't seem like your normal self today."

"Well," she started, "I just realized that most of my friends are seniors and that tomorrow they will all be gone."

"It's not like we are all dying," I said smiling, "just getting out of here. Besides, we have all summer before any of us has to go to college."

"Oh that reminds me," Laurie said suddenly. "You are probably my best guy friend, and I want to take you out to celebrate your grad-u-ate-in' from haaa-skooool."

We started to laugh and I agreed that next Saturday which was the day after commencement and after she was done with exams, I'd go over to her house to pick her up and she would tell me where we were going at that time.

Graduation went fine, I went out with some friends afterwards and partied but there were two problems. The first was that almost every one of my friends had dates or girls that they hooked up with at the party, but for some reason the girls kinda stayed away from me. Which wasn't really that much of a problem as it seemed to happen quite a bit, but still, I was at a graduation party and I still couldn't get lucky. The second problem was that I had to get up early the next morning and play golf.

That next morning went by kinda slow. Playing golf with a hangover is not something that I would recommend to anyone that I would consider even a casual acquaintance, much less a friend. Finally it came time for me to go to Laurie's.

When I got there I, of course, met her family who were all very nice to me. She had made plans, I found out in the car, for us to go to a movie and then out for some pizza afterwards. While at the movie we had some popcorn and shared a soda. After the movie we didn't really feel like eating a pizza so we just went to get a sundae at a local ice cream stand. We talked after the movie about everything... what college I was going to... where I was going to stay if I didn't get into a dorm... where was she planning on going... what was I going to study and what was she going to do next year... basically everything that was important to us at the time. We were really each other's best friends.

Suddenly it started to rain so we ran to the car which was at the far end of the parking lot where after a few minutes the damp caused the windows to fog as we continued to talk.

I remember thinking that Laurie looked gorgeous in the diffused light coming from the ice cream place through my fogged car windows. Something inside of me (I still don't know what) caused me to lean over while we were talking and slowly, gently kiss her.

We stopped talking and she asked, "Why did you do that?"

That sort of threw me for a second until I finally answered. "Because I like you, and I guess I thought that you would enjoy it... in fact thinking on it I really like you. I get along better with you than with anyone I ever went out with. Why? Do you want me to stop? Because if you do I don't want to trash our friendship... so I'll do what ever you want."

Laurie leaned back against the far door and looked at me for a few seconds. She raised her fist and pointed at me. A smile slowly spread across her lips, which lit up her whole face. She rotated her fist so the fingertips were on top. Slowly she pulled her index finger back and whispered with a passion I have never quite heard since, "C'mere"

I smiled and leaned across the car seat. Laurie held her arms open for me to enter as I tried to wrap her in my arms.

I kissed Laurie slowly and gently. Quickly however, our kisses became more passionate and intense. Suddenly my mind flashed on a picture of my friend James and what he might do if he found out about this.

I pulled back and thought to myself, 'What the hell am I doing?' Instantly the little voice inside my head said, 'You know EXACTLY what you are doing.'

I smiled, and ran my hands through Laurie's hair. I heard her make a little moan of pleasure as I pulled her back to me and I leaned in to kiss her again.

James was a good friend that is true, but over time Laurie and I had become as close and now a bit closer in a way that James and I never would be.

We continued to kiss passionately and I started to caress her neck and side as we continued. Laurie moaned as I started to slide my hand along her side. I could feel her bra through her light cotton shirt as my hand traveled down along her ribs. I was careful to try not to tickle her. I felt her tight ass from the side as my hand continued down along her jeans to her thighs. I gently squeezed and then worked my hand back upwards stopping to caress and gently squeeze certain spots.

When my hand was back up around her back she pulled away smiling and said, "Damn Glenn, you have no idea how long I have waited to kiss you like this."

This again threw me for a second, in fact for more than a second, because all I could manage to say was, "What?"

Laurie smiled and continued, "When Monica broke up with you it started me thinking. I realized after a while that James was nice and sweet but he wasn't what I ultimately wanted. So I took some time to try to figure it out and that's when we were talking a lot in the library and I finally realized that you were the type of person that I was looking for, caring but not clingy or needy." She smiled and added, "You being handsome also, didn't hurt a bit either."

"Why didn't you say something earlier then?" I asked as I hugged her tighter to me.

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