Best Friends

by thundrnlitng

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: The story of one of my best friends girlfriends and how we later became best friends

I pulled back and thought to myself, 'What the hell am I doing?' Instantly the little voice inside my head said, 'You know EXACTLY what you are doing.'

I smiled, and ran my hands through Laurie's hair. I heard her make a little moan of pleasure as I pulled her back to me and I leaned in to kiss her again.

When I first saw Laurie Duchow, it was early November just before the end of the football season. She was walking with one of my best friends and they stopped at my locker after school. James introduced her to me and I smiled sweetly at the petite girl who I was told was a junior. James and I were seniors. As I scoped Laurie out, James continued to babble on about how they were in the same art class, and all the things that they had in common. I barely heard him as I took inventory of Laurie's dark brunette hair and icy blue eyes, which was a very nice combination. She was also fairly big chested, which on one so petite (about 5'1"), made them look a bit bigger than they really were. The most incredible thing though was her lips, which were colored with a nice pinkish-red lipstick and then covered with a slight gloss. When she was not smiling they looked like they were already puckered up and ready to kiss someone and when she smiled they parted to reveal a set of straight white teeth and the smile lit up her whole face.

In short, no pun intended, she was very cute, and bordering on beautiful.

James continued to talk and I listened to how he had asked her out this weekend and she agreed to go to the movies with him. I was happy for him as he needed a girlfriend and I was interested in a girl from my English class named Monica.

As time went by it became habit for Laurie to meet me by my locker (which was a few over from James' locker) and wait for James with me. They became better friends and soon were definitely a major couple. James was seriously smitten and that was good for him. I would tease him every so often and start hugging Laurie when he came into view and he would play along with it as he got into a mock hissy fit and then pretend to be angry with me. We all laughed as Laurie would then leave my arms and melt into his and give him a big kiss with those lips.

Now I do have to admit that holding her felt nice... VERY nice in fact, but I swear, at that time, I did not have any ulterior motives or plans to steal her away from him. I could see that he was too happy, as was she, and that I wasn't going to get into the middle of that. I liked both of them too much to do something like that to either of them. Besides I didn't want to mess up my chances with Monica, which were looking up.

Time went by and we continued to be very good friends. At the beginning of second semester, in January, I had a study hall the last period of the day and Laurie had gotten a schedule change so she was put into a study hall the same period but in a different room. I found this out when I was in the library doing some homework and she came up behind me and covered my eyes and startled me when she lightly blew in my ear and whispered, "Guess who?"

Well I instantly recognized her voice but I wanted to tease her a bit for scaring me, so I started to name off a few other girls who I had gone out with, "Um Becky?... no, not her she won't even talk to me anymore... hmmm let's see Sarah?... no, she is in psych. class now... and I know that Monica is in German."

At that moment I felt Laurie lean over me again and I could feel her tits press into my back as she leaned down to my ear and whispered. "C'mon you can do better than that... if you can't, you don't get your hug today."

"Oh well then if that's the case" I teased, "then I'd better say that it's Tracy then, I don't want to miss out on one of the best huggers that I've ever met." I teased

Laurie pulled her hands away from my eyes and slapped me on the back of the head and said, "Oh!! You jerk!!! You are soooo mean!"

We laughed as she came around to the other side of the table and set her backpack down. "Serves you right for startling me like that." I said defensively, not wanting her to get too mad at me.

We continued to talk quietly for the rest of the class and walked to my locker together and waited for James to get from his class to us.

For the rest of January, Laurie continued to show up in the library and we continued to talk, or do homework together, and then go and meet James as he came back from class. Laurie continued to greet James with a hug and somewhat passionate kiss (we were in high school after all so it couldn't be too passionate due to the 'passion police' -- READ: Teachers).

In early February, James took Laurie to the Senior Ball and I went with Monica, who I had started officially dating in the last part of December.

I had a good time at Senior Ball, but for some reason Monica didn't as she broke up with me a few days afterwards. I, being the high schooler that I was, went through a day or two of devastation which James and Jeff, another friend, helped me out of very quickly.

I also asked Laurie about what she thought had happened, and I wanted to try to get a girls opinion.

"Well, I don't know for sure, but there HAD to be some reason to break up with you." Laurie told me in the library one day after talking at length about it. "She can't be that crazy to dump you for no good reason. I'll ask some of her friends to see if I can find out if she ever said anything to them." This, of course, helped my bruised ego a bit and it also made me a bit nervous as to actually find out the REAL reason.

A few days later when I saw Laurie at the library she pulled me from our usual table and we went to a table in a more deserted section. "I found out what her problem was with you," she said.

'Boy! No beating around the bush,' I thought, 'sounds bad.' "Ok," I told her, "what was it?"

"Well," she started, "You do know how she is a bit on the religiously strict side don't you?"

"Kinda," I replied, "It wasn't as if we ever sat down to debate the finer points of religion and all, or even her thoughts on the subject." I attempted a laugh at the weak humor, and continued, "but I do know that she is pretty religious, she didn't want to do much more than just make out. It had taken me a while to NOT have her slap my hand away from the outside of her blouse, and even afterwards she said now she'll have to stay longer in confession for that."

Laurie smiled at the image and said, "Well I heard that she was upset at your, and I quote 'happy pants'."

Laurie tried to stifle a giggle and when I looked at her a bit confused for a second she laughed out loud and then quickly covered her mouth, and looked around for the librarian.

By this time I had finally figured out what Laurie was talking about, but she continued, "Seems that you were a little TOO excited a few times during the dance and that she didn't like that, so you became history."

All I could say was "Ah."

I thought back to the dance and remembered that twice while holding Monica close and feeling our bodies fitting together like two pieces of a puzzle that I got an erection. Now this is a normal reaction for any male who has had no release for a while except the occasional meeting of Rosy and her five sisters.

"But it happened only TWICE!" I said. "Besides you know how it is when you fit together perfectly with James... there is a part of you that gets as turned on as he does."

I had heard from both (unbeknownst to either) that this had happened on more than one occasion. I never asked for more details but I knew from "slippages" that more had happened between Laurie and James than what had happened between Monica and me.

"Well yeah," Laurie said quietly, with a slight smile, "but Monica thinks a bit differently about it than I do... besides she also said that she wasn't going to do that until she was married and since you weren't the one she was gonna marry... well, enough said."

"I can see her point," I answered back. "I don't want to really marry her either. Hell I'm only in high school after all!" I continued, "well, I guess I can't be mad at her for that. However, I DO think I can be a bit irritated at her for not telling me herself, so that we could have possibly worked through it or at least around it."

We smiled as I said that last sentence and Laurie nodded in agreement. "Well that is true she could've at least given you a reason instead of just cutting you off like that."

"Gee, I'm soooo glad I could convince you to see my point of view." I joked to her.

"Oh, c'mon I would've taken your side EVENTUALLY." Laurie teased back. "Unless of course, you were some kind of MAJOR jerk to her... although I don't think that's possible. Besides I never did think she deserved you anyway... she was always kinda stuck up to me."

I smiled and asked, "Oh really and just WHO deserves me?"

"I don't know," she replied thoughtfully. "I can't think of anyone I hate enough."

I called her a poop and we started laughing until the librarian shushed us for making too much noise.

Later we met James and I again gave her a hug as he walked down the hall to us. This time however, I thought that she hugged me a little tighter.

(Author's note: Looking back on this incident years later, I am still not sure)

Things continued as before, except I did not have a steady girlfriend. I dated a few times while James and Laurie seemed to be doing great. Laurie came to the library and sat with me and we talked about almost everything. I was glad that James was going out with Laurie, as I was happy to have her as a friend.

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