Cheating Time

by JackSpratt

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, InLaws, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Jim is taking care of his sick mother when his sister in-law comes to visit. They both find what they had been missing in each other.

I have been divorced for several years now and I recently had to take care of my ailing mother. I sold my house and moved in, leaving behind a fairly productive sex life. The chores and regimens of helping someone recover from a stroke left little time for a sex life, not to mention being in a strange town. One frequent visitor to my mother's was my sister in law, Peggy. My hormones were raging and I needed to get some release and the object of my intentions became Peggy. First, a word or two about her, she stands about 5'6", very petite with the greatest little 34b tits I'd ever laid eyes on. I have always liked the small tittied women, my ex was a 44dd and it was a real waste. Others may dream of the big ones and call me a fool, but Peggy's tits were perfect and I always sneaked glances at them whenever she visited. She came down in the summer and went braless, I could see her nipples pressing against the fabric of her tshirt and my cock got immediately hard.

I was nervous about taking the first step, we always joked and kidded each other with sexual overtones, but this was my brother's wife after all. One morning we were in the basement (mom couldn't do stairs well, so we were safe) and she was doing laundry. After she had her hands full of clothes, I began to tickle her and she told me not to play with her fat, "What fat?" I said, the girl is a rail. My hands moved to places my mind couldn't comprehend as I grabbed her braless tits and pulled her mouth to mine. She resisted my tongue at first, but as I finally got it into her mouth, she began to respond as I felt clothes dropping on my feet. I opened my eyes and saw that hers were still closed as her nipples responded to my touch and her hands encircled me, drawing me closer. When our kiss broke, she stepped back slightly, "We can't-mom," and she slowly pulled my hands away from her beautiful tits.

Feeling like the rejected boy on his first date, I was heart broken, but she winked at me, "This should help you for now," and dropped to her knees, opening my zipper and fishing my hard cock out. Her hand stroked it as I watched it disappear into her mouth, what a hot mouth she had! In no time she had my entire length in her mouth and I felt her throat muscles contract on me, this woman could suck cock! In just a minute or so, she had me filling her mouth with cum, so much that it ran out of the corners of her mouth. She pulled her mouth off of me just long enough to swipe her lips with her tongue and gather what had leaked out, then she cleaned my cock up and put it away. By this time, my cock was once again hard and she stood and leaned over to my ear, "Later, after mom goes to sleep." She gathered up the clothes she had dropped on the floor and gave me a quick peck on the lips and sauntered upstairs, my mind, not to mention my cock, was reeling.

I stood there, motionless, for several minutes, kicking myself for not touching those tits in the flesh, but there was always later. My cock throbbed for an hour, thinking about that talented mouth of hers and I couldn't wait until mom went to bed. I considered jacking off several times, just the thought of her made me want to cum, but I decided to wait for my Peggy and do it right. Later that night, after mom had gone to bed, she came downstairs with her robe on and sat next to me on the sofa to watch TV. She began talking about medical questions she had (I'm a fireman) and I was afraid that I would not get my "later" as promised. She wanted to know what was in your abdomen that would hurt when you breathed and I explained that her diaphragm was the culprit and she asked me where it was located. I ran my hand over her stomach and began explaining its whereabouts to her when I decided that it would be better to point it out to her instead. I told her to stand up and then I stood and pulled her robe off and her nightgown over her head, I was finally seeing those tits I had dreamed about. She is in her mid forties and they stood hard and proud, just like a 14 year old, they were perfect! She had on the skimpiest pair of pale blue panties and I began to outline her diaphragm on her stomach and as I finished, I ended up with one of her tits cupped in my hand. Her nipple responded immediately and I gently rolled it between my thumb and forefinger, seeing her eyes close as I did.

Seeing the other one neglected just wouldn't do, so I bent slightly and sucked it into my mouth, feeling it harden against my tongue. Her hands were on the back of my head now, holding it to her tit as I feasted on that delectable orb. I nipped gently at it with my teeth, feeling her body sway as I did and her hands pulled my head to the other one, where I repeated the process. I hooked my thumbs in her waistband of her panties and peeled them down her hips as they stopped at her lower thighs and my right hand cupped her mound, it was as bald as an 8 year olds, except for the small patch over her slit about an inch wide and an inch long. Her lips were soaking wet as I traced the outline of her labia, my finger getting slick. I edged my index finger inside, parting the moist inner lips as she groaned and thrust herself down on my finger. My mouth left her tit and worked down towards her mound as I still played with her tits with my other hand. My finger dipped inside of her now, her juices dripping from it as I began to smell the musky odor coming from between her legs, intoxicating me. I breathed it in as I approached and licked her hood as I sought out her clit, it was poking out at me and I encircled it with my lips, making her shudder.

I pushed my finger deeper inside of her as I nibbled at the hard bud that presented itself to me and her hands grabbed my head and pulled it into her as she gasped. I added another finger, though only briefly, as I got it wet and sought out her tiny rosebud of her ass and she jumped as I probed it, but didn't stop me. Slowly I inserted it and I could feel it against my other finger as they fucked both of her holes at once and her clit throbbed in my mouth. I could feel her knees weakening and guided her by her anus and pussy to the sofa, where she slowly lay down, I never missed a stroke or a suck as she molded into the sofa. Her moans and whimpers told me that she was building to a climax and I doubled my efforts as I reached up and began to pinch her nipples and bite a little harder on her clit. Very soon, she was thrashing on the sofa as she came, biting an old pillow that was there to keep mom from hearing us. She threw her legs over my shoulders as she rode the wave of orgasm, her feet beating into my back as I saw her jaws whitening from the intense bite she had on the pillow. As she slowly came down, I licked and gathered all of her juices that flowed freely from inside of her and looked up to see a large smile on her face as well as a look of exhaustion.

"I haven't cum like that in a very long time," she smiled at me, "Thank you." I smiled back at her, my fingers still slowly working in and out of her two holes, "I wasn't sure if you were into anal," I said as I winked at her, "But I take it that you didn't mind." She sat up on one elbow, "I'm not, but no one was ever so gentle before. You could make a girl want to be sodomized," and she grinned ear to ear. "We need a cigarette before we go on, I'm so charged up right now," and I handed her the pack of cigarettes and got one for myself, then I lit them. I could smell her on my fingers as I went to pull my cigarette out of my mouth and I couldn't help myself as I sucked her juices off of them, she smiled, "There's more where that came from," and gave me a wink as she took a drag off of her cigarette. I laid my cigarette in the ashtray and bent down and licked up the trickle that oozed from her pussy, making her tense up again, "God, I'll never get eaten enough, I love it!" she exclaimed, "So do I, " I said. "Sex is almost non existent with your brother these days, he's so wrapped up in things, he never has time. Oh, he fucks me now and then and likes his blowjobs, but it's all about him. He doesn't care if I cum or not," and I looked at her understandingly, "I love to make a woman cum. Peggy, no woman ever came as hard for me as you did, it was great!"

I gently rubbed her clit as we finished our cigarettes and she suggested we get down on the carpet, she wanted a 69. I stripped my clothes off and lay down first, she was so petite, I might have crushed her! My cock was semi erect already and she immediately went to work on it with that killer mouth of hers, "Oh no, mutual," I said as I grabbed her leg and pulled her around and over my face, she never missed a beat as she sucked me the whole time. Her fingers rubbed my balls as she worked more of me into her mouth and I felt the entrance to her throat on the head, making me suck in a deep breath and then I looked up at the sweet pussy over me and dove in, causing her to stop sucking for a moment as I attacked her clit. I reached around her hips and grabbed her ass cheeks, pulling her down into my mouth as I tongued her pussy and wet her rosebud as well. I pushed my tongue against her rosebud and she quivered and then began to push down onto my tongue, her pussy juices dripping onto my chin as I tongued her and she sucked me into her throat. She began that wonderful throat constriction again and I thought how lucky my brother was to have had this around for so long. I was about to cum and I ate her more feverishly to take my mind off of it, I wanted this feeling to last.

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