Her Happy Day

by JAX

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Fiction, Incest, Sister, Group Sex, White Couple, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Young sisters invite wedding photographer into their lives

I work most weekends, freelancing for a small photographic firm mostly doing wedding, then hand over the rolls of film to be developed and packaged by them for the customer to view later at the reception. I had been doing this for some time to help to pay my University fees.

I knocked at the door to be greeted by this vision of loveliness.

"Hi," I said, handing over my card, "I'm here to take your picture for your wedding album."

"Oh no," she laughed, "It's not me, it's my sister you want. I'm just a bridesmaid."

Somehow I was relieved that this gorgeous girl was not the one getting married. I followed her into the lounge only to see another vision, an older and shapelier version of the first one.

"Hi," I said again, "you must be the bride to be."

"Yes" she said getting up to shake my hand. Now I've seen hundreds of brides over the last two years but none were as gorgeous as these two sisters.

"My name's Wendy and this is my sister Kate, where do you want us?" she said with a smile to tell me she knew of the double meaning.

"Upstairs in your bedroom would be nice," I replied in the same vane.

"Have you got your dresses yet?" I asked, as we climbed the stairs.

"Oh yes," she said, " they came last week."

"Good, we'll start with them then," I said.

I explained what I had in mind was for the pair of them to appear to be trying on the wedding dresses in the privacy of their own room. The sisters agreed to this with some enthusiasm. I was shown into the large bedroom that they shared. The dresses were fairly low at the front and very low at the back. This would be a problem for the dresses couldn't be worn with a bra underneath for it would show. The sisters seemed unfazed with this though and started to strip off.

"I'll wait outside" I offered and turned to leave.

"No, that's all right," said Wendy, "just turn your back for a while ok."

I heard rustling sounds for a while then Kate said I could turn around.

"Very nice girls," I said.

I switched on my flashgun and focused on the girls.

"Ok girls, Wendy turn away slightly please, that's right, look back over your shoulder at your sister, and Kate stand behind her as if you were doing up her zip, great," I said.

I took a number of shots.

"Ok girls change places shall we, that's good," the girls followed my instruction; time to change the film.

"Ok girls are you going to wear stocking on the day?" they both nodded. "Good, Right if you both put them on, I'll do some leg shots of you pulling your stockings up, ok."

"Right," said Wendy, "if you turn round again we got to take our dresses off first."

I turned back facing the door again, I could hear the girls giggling behind me as they whispered to each other.

"Ok how's this" Kate said.

I turn around to see both girls dressed just in knickers, suspender belts and stockings, leaving the rest bare.

"What do you think?" smiled Wendy, I was speechless for some seconds before I managed to sputter out.

"Great, lovely girls," I fired off the camera before this vision in front of me disappeared.

"Could put one leg up, that's right," I said, as both girls put the right foot on the bed, "now lean forward as if you would adjust your stocking for me, lovely, look up at me please, good."

Their naked breast looked beautiful. I finished of the second film, firing off one frame after another.

"Thank you girls for a most memorable afternoon," I said, packing up my equipment.

"Before you go, could you do us a favour," said Kate giggling. "Well you know my big sister is getting married next weekend and she would like a little fling before she does."

"Oh no, don't you dare say that," shouted Wendy at her sister.

"I'm only repeating what you said earlier," pointed out Kate.

I was looking from one girl to the other as this conversation raged back and forth like a tennis match. They seemed oblivious to my presents and to their state of undress. After much discussion Kate came over to me and grabbed my hand.

"Well it seems that as my silly sister declines, and as I did promise you, you'll have to make do with me ok."

To say that I was stunned would be an understatement. She led me over to the bed and pulled me down on top of her. For the next five minutes I'm totally engrossed in kissing and stoking this beautiful girl, with all other thoughts out of my mind. After awhile I open my eyes and see Wendy sitting on the dressing table stool watching us intently. It was a bit off putting but Kate's actions beneath me was pulling me back to the job in hand. Kate pulled her knickers off and threw them at her sister, then she unzips me and snakes out my now rock hard cock. "Oh I know I would like you when I first saw you," she whispered to me, "now stick it in me please," she pleaded.

I happily oblige; her hips move under me, pushing me in and out of her without the need for me to move much at all. I pick up her rhythm and we bang together till she froze in her orgasm, one more thrust and I came too.

"Oh you are a lovely feller, you can come back anytime," she cooed at me. "There sis, I bet you sick now you didn't give him ago yourself, aren't you?" she directed at Wendy from under my shoulder.

Wendy got up off the stool and walked over to us on the bed. She knelt down and took hold of my limp cock and fed it into her hot mouth. If I was stunned the first time, I was doubly stunned now. Being young and horny I quickly become hard again

"There I said he was a lovely feller," cooed Kate, "all nice and hard for you."

Wendy flipped me on my back and sat astride me, impaling herself on my cock. I slipped into her wet pussy very easily indeed; she was obviously turned by watching our lovemaking. I sat back and watched her beautiful body move on top of me. Her tits are bigger than her sister's, but still firm with very little sag. In the end I had to close my eyes to blot out this vision or I would come much too quickly. When I detect her rhythm changing and I knew she was about to come; I opened my eyes again; I reached up and squeezed her tits hard. Her head went back as her orgasm hit her. She then collapsed on top of me.

When we had all recovered I get myself dressed and picked up my camera again. The girls are still on the bed naked and looking a picture. I pointed the camera at them and took a final shot.

"Goodbye," I said as I open the bedroom door, "I've had a great afternoon and I'll see you both on Saturday ok."

I let myself out.

Saturday dawned bright and clear, I was looking forward to seeing both girls again. I packed my trusty TLR Rolli with its ultra quite shutter and then as an after thought I put my Nikon with a 40-80mm zoom in my bag as well.

I called round the bride to be house and was met with total panic, the flowers hadn't arrived yet, the bride hair was still in curlers, her father was already hitting the sherry, in fact, situation normal for a wedding morning. I introduced myself to the girl's mother, a real stunner herself in her time by the look of her. I said hello to the Kate and received a big kiss back. I was walking on air.

Eventually everyone was ready and I composed the Bride and her Dad leaving the house, then I shot off to the church to do the Groom and the Best Man. The wedding proceeded as planned, and when I had finished taking all the proscribe pictures it was off to the reception to do the cutting of the cake. Then I'm off again to the processing house to hand in my rolls of film.

I waited for the proofs to roll off the production line, then back to the reception to allow everybody to view the pictures and to take orders. Kate came up to me with a big kiss.

"It's almost time for the Bride and Groom to go and change, do you want to come?" she said with a big smile.

"I'll love to come with you, on you or in you," I replied for which I received a light-hearted punch.

Just then Wendy passed by heading for the back stairs.

"Come on," said Kate, grabbing my hand and we followed the Bride upstairs.

When we arrived at the right bedroom, Wendy had already removed her wedding dress and was now starting to remove her underwear.

"Shut the door you two" she shouted, "it's draughty in here" she added.

She didn't seem to mind being near naked in front of me, but there again she had nothing to be ashamed off. Kate and Wendy were talking about the forthcoming honeymoon while I just drank in the sheer beauty of this naked girl in front of me. I picked up my Nikon and fired off a few shots of her from being naked to being dressed in her going away outfit. Eventually she was ready to go back downstairs. Before she did she gave me a big kiss and thank you for the great pictures she had seen earlier. My hardon was hard up against her stomach, which she couldn't possibly miss.

"Now you look after my baby sister while I'm away ok," she said running her hand up the front of my trousers.

"It will be a pleasure," I replied with a big smile on my face.

When the reception started to break up, Kate came up to me.

"Can I come home with you tonight?" she asked.

"Sure," I replied, "if you don't mind the mess."

"Ok hang around and I'll try to get away as soon as I can," she said.

There was some clearing up to do, but soon we were on our way. Her clothes were off as soon as we were alone and she pulled me on top of her.

"Weddings make me randy," she cooed pulling me into her.

"Oh please fuck me harder," she pleaded.

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