Her Happy Day

by JAX

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Fiction, Incest, Sister, Group Sex, White Couple, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Young sisters invite wedding photographer into their lives

I work most weekends, freelancing for a small photographic firm mostly doing wedding, then hand over the rolls of film to be developed and packaged by them for the customer to view later at the reception. I had been doing this for some time to help to pay my University fees.

I knocked at the door to be greeted by this vision of loveliness.

"Hi," I said, handing over my card, "I'm here to take your picture for your wedding album."

"Oh no," she laughed, "It's not me, it's my sister you want. I'm just a bridesmaid."

Somehow I was relieved that this gorgeous girl was not the one getting married. I followed her into the lounge only to see another vision, an older and shapelier version of the first one.

"Hi," I said again, "you must be the bride to be."

"Yes" she said getting up to shake my hand. Now I've seen hundreds of brides over the last two years but none were as gorgeous as these two sisters.

"My name's Wendy and this is my sister Kate, where do you want us?" she said with a smile to tell me she knew of the double meaning.

"Upstairs in your bedroom would be nice," I replied in the same vane.

"Have you got your dresses yet?" I asked, as we climbed the stairs.

"Oh yes," she said, " they came last week."

"Good, we'll start with them then," I said.

I explained what I had in mind was for the pair of them to appear to be trying on the wedding dresses in the privacy of their own room. The sisters agreed to this with some enthusiasm. I was shown into the large bedroom that they shared. The dresses were fairly low at the front and very low at the back. This would be a problem for the dresses couldn't be worn with a bra underneath for it would show. The sisters seemed unfazed with this though and started to strip off.

"I'll wait outside" I offered and turned to leave.

"No, that's all right," said Wendy, "just turn your back for a while ok."

I heard rustling sounds for a while then Kate said I could turn around.

"Very nice girls," I said.

I switched on my flashgun and focused on the girls.

"Ok girls, Wendy turn away slightly please, that's right, look back over your shoulder at your sister, and Kate stand behind her as if you were doing up her zip, great," I said.

I took a number of shots.

"Ok girls change places shall we, that's good," the girls followed my instruction; time to change the film.

"Ok girls are you going to wear stocking on the day?" they both nodded. "Good, Right if you both put them on, I'll do some leg shots of you pulling your stockings up, ok."

"Right," said Wendy, "if you turn round again we got to take our dresses off first."

I turned back facing the door again, I could hear the girls giggling behind me as they whispered to each other.

"Ok how's this" Kate said.

I turn around to see both girls dressed just in knickers, suspender belts and stockings, leaving the rest bare.

"What do you think?" smiled Wendy, I was speechless for some seconds before I managed to sputter out.

"Great, lovely girls," I fired off the camera before this vision in front of me disappeared.

"Could put one leg up, that's right," I said, as both girls put the right foot on the bed, "now lean forward as if you would adjust your stocking for me, lovely, look up at me please, good."

Their naked breast looked beautiful. I finished of the second film, firing off one frame after another.

"Thank you girls for a most memorable afternoon," I said, packing up my equipment.

"Before you go, could you do us a favour," said Kate giggling. "Well you know my big sister is getting married next weekend and she would like a little fling before she does."

"Oh no, don't you dare say that," shouted Wendy at her sister.

"I'm only repeating what you said earlier," pointed out Kate.

I was looking from one girl to the other as this conversation raged back and forth like a tennis match. They seemed oblivious to my presents and to their state of undress. After much discussion Kate came over to me and grabbed my hand.

"Well it seems that as my silly sister declines, and as I did promise you, you'll have to make do with me ok."

To say that I was stunned would be an understatement. She led me over to the bed and pulled me down on top of her. For the next five minutes I'm totally engrossed in kissing and stoking this beautiful girl, with all other thoughts out of my mind. After awhile I open my eyes and see Wendy sitting on the dressing table stool watching us intently. It was a bit off putting but Kate's actions beneath me was pulling me back to the job in hand. Kate pulled her knickers off and threw them at her sister, then she unzips me and snakes out my now rock hard cock. "Oh I know I would like you when I first saw you," she whispered to me, "now stick it in me please," she pleaded.

I happily oblige; her hips move under me, pushing me in and out of her without the need for me to move much at all. I pick up her rhythm and we bang together till she froze in her orgasm, one more thrust and I came too.

"Oh you are a lovely feller, you can come back anytime," she cooed at me. "There sis, I bet you sick now you didn't give him ago yourself, aren't you?" she directed at Wendy from under my shoulder.

Wendy got up off the stool and walked over to us on the bed. She knelt down and took hold of my limp cock and fed it into her hot mouth. If I was stunned the first time, I was doubly stunned now. Being young and horny I quickly become hard again

"There I said he was a lovely feller," cooed Kate, "all nice and hard for you."

Wendy flipped me on my back and sat astride me, impaling herself on my cock. I slipped into her wet pussy very easily indeed; she was obviously turned by watching our lovemaking. I sat back and watched her beautiful body move on top of me. Her tits are bigger than her sister's, but still firm with very little sag. In the end I had to close my eyes to blot out this vision or I would come much too quickly. When I detect her rhythm changing and I knew she was about to come; I opened my eyes again; I reached up and squeezed her tits hard. Her head went back as her orgasm hit her. She then collapsed on top of me.

When we had all recovered I get myself dressed and picked up my camera again. The girls are still on the bed naked and looking a picture. I pointed the camera at them and took a final shot.

"Goodbye," I said as I open the bedroom door, "I've had a great afternoon and I'll see you both on Saturday ok."

I let myself out.

Saturday dawned bright and clear, I was looking forward to seeing both girls again. I packed my trusty TLR Rolli with its ultra quite shutter and then as an after thought I put my Nikon with a 40-80mm zoom in my bag as well.

I called round the bride to be house and was met with total panic, the flowers hadn't arrived yet, the bride hair was still in curlers, her father was already hitting the sherry, in fact, situation normal for a wedding morning. I introduced myself to the girl's mother, a real stunner herself in her time by the look of her. I said hello to the Kate and received a big kiss back. I was walking on air.

Eventually everyone was ready and I composed the Bride and her Dad leaving the house, then I shot off to the church to do the Groom and the Best Man. The wedding proceeded as planned, and when I had finished taking all the proscribe pictures it was off to the reception to do the cutting of the cake. Then I'm off again to the processing house to hand in my rolls of film.

I waited for the proofs to roll off the production line, then back to the reception to allow everybody to view the pictures and to take orders. Kate came up to me with a big kiss.

"It's almost time for the Bride and Groom to go and change, do you want to come?" she said with a big smile.

"I'll love to come with you, on you or in you," I replied for which I received a light-hearted punch.

Just then Wendy passed by heading for the back stairs.

"Come on," said Kate, grabbing my hand and we followed the Bride upstairs.

When we arrived at the right bedroom, Wendy had already removed her wedding dress and was now starting to remove her underwear.

"Shut the door you two" she shouted, "it's draughty in here" she added.

She didn't seem to mind being near naked in front of me, but there again she had nothing to be ashamed off. Kate and Wendy were talking about the forthcoming honeymoon while I just drank in the sheer beauty of this naked girl in front of me. I picked up my Nikon and fired off a few shots of her from being naked to being dressed in her going away outfit. Eventually she was ready to go back downstairs. Before she did she gave me a big kiss and thank you for the great pictures she had seen earlier. My hardon was hard up against her stomach, which she couldn't possibly miss.

"Now you look after my baby sister while I'm away ok," she said running her hand up the front of my trousers.

"It will be a pleasure," I replied with a big smile on my face.

When the reception started to break up, Kate came up to me.

"Can I come home with you tonight?" she asked.

"Sure," I replied, "if you don't mind the mess."

"Ok hang around and I'll try to get away as soon as I can," she said.

There was some clearing up to do, but soon we were on our way. Her clothes were off as soon as we were alone and she pulled me on top of her.

"Weddings make me randy," she cooed pulling me into her.

"Oh please fuck me harder," she pleaded.

Her hips were moving hard against me making it difficult to delay my own orgasm. Good job she was so turn on. Just when I thought I couldn't hold back any longer, she froze in her own orgasm. I pump my sperm deep inside her.

"Oh my god, that was great," she sighed.

With that she rolled over and almost immediately started to snore.

Next morning I was awoken from my slumbers with a great feeling in my groin, I open my eyes to see Kate with my morning hardon in her mouth.

"Morning lover" she smiled up at me, "good job you're awake I was getting desperate."

She lowered herself on to my cock and started to ride me. Compared with last night frenzy this was a more leisurely fuck. I couldn't help but compare her figure with that of her sister who I had fucked in similar fashion only last week. Kate's tits were smaller, but just as, if not more beautiful; in fact her whole body was slimmer than her more curvaceous sister.

One evening, two weeks later, Kate and I were lazing about when the doorbell went and on the doorstep was a very brown Wendy.

"Hi guys," she says.

Kate and Wendy kissed and I was forgotten for a while as the sisters sit down and chatted. I brought over of glass of wine for each of them and listened to her honeymoon stories. When the pace of the conversation had subsided I piped in with.

"You're a great colour, you must have spent lots of time on the beach," I said.

"Yeah we did" she relied, pulling up her skirt to show me some more leg.

"Is it all over?" asked Kate.

"No but I went topless of course but there wasn't a nudist beach near us," replied Wendy.

"Oh show us then," enthused Kate.

Wendy looked at me for a moment.

"Ok," she said.

She got up and unbuttoned her blouse and unclipped her bra. I can't get over these two girls stripping off like they do.

"Wow" said Kate, "what do you think?" she said looking at me.

Well I was speechless for the minute, but I expect my face said it all as both girls collapsed in laughter.

"Get you camera out and record this," said Kate, "no better still let me do it. I've always wanted to be a photographer."

I went and got my Nikon out of the cupboard.

"Show me how it works please" Kate said.

Then she started to order her big sister around, taking shot after shot of her near naked body.

"The bloody thing not working," she says holding the camera out to me.

"I'll expect it's run out of film" I said, "hold on I put a new one in."

I rewind the colour film and insert a new 36 exposure one.

"Why don't you get in the picture as well," I said to Kate.

Now Kate and I have already had one great session with her naked in front of my camera, so she agrees straight away. It takes her 15 seconds to strip off to her knickers and join her big sister on the couch. Two rolls of film later, I'm pulled onto the couch to join them; all this beautiful flesh surrounds me. I'm a bit surprised by Wendy's behaviour though, she's just back from her honeymoon and yet here she was indulging in sexual antics with me; believe me I'm not complaining.

We were all completely naked and I'm slowly fucking Wendy thrusting in and out of her wet pussy, while all the time I was kissing and fondling Kate. I was not going to last long with all this stimulation, I did manage to hold out long enough to bring Wendy off to orgasm, then I let go and pumped my sperm into her.

"What about me then," wailed Kate.

"Give me a few minutes please," I said.

She cuddled up to me, rubbing my limp cock in her hand.

"Ok lover," she cooed.

"Here let me," said Wendy, "it's my fault he in this condition."

Wendy knelt down at my feet and pushed her generously sized tits around my limp member.

"There sis, as good as new," said Wendy when my cock sprang back to life from her administrations.

"Oh goody, goody, move over sis let me get at it," laughed Kate.

In no time Kate was impaled on my newly hard cock riding me like a horse. Now it was her turn to come too quickly almost falling off me as she came.

"Oh good, there's enough left for seconds for me too," cooed Wendy as she replaces her sister astride me.

The way she was acting, you wouldn't think she had been getting any in the last two weeks, instead of being on her honeymoon. We dozed for a while, all this beautiful flesh surrounding me, and it's like a dream. Here I was, just an average looking guy who was sandwiched between two of the most beautiful girls I had every seen. I don't know what they see in me, but I hope they carry on seeing it. Kate was the first to wake and tried to put some life back into my limp cock. It took a while but in the end she managed it. My hard cock came out of her mouth with a loud plop, she smiled up at me.

"I've always said you're a lovely feller," she said.

I rolled over between her open legs and thrust into her wet pussy.

"Oh lovely, nice and slow, make it last please," she said.

We kissed and moved slowly together. Wendy was now awake and taking an interest, I reach over and kissed her and fondled her tits. We were one big mass of flesh moving on my bed, moving, sighing and moaning, until the slow rhythm increased into a frenzy and we all come close together.

Wendy got up and dressed; she lent over and kissed me full on the lips.

"Goodbye for now lover" she said with a satisfied smile, "If I get pregnant you never know, you may be the father."

With this bombshell she left, quietly shutting the door on her way out so as not to wake her sister. I stared up at the ceiling thinking about what she had just said. I smiled to myself, do I fancy being a father to her kids, of course I do, especial if I can get to practice with her some more. I looked over to my sleeping Kate; my eyes travel up and down her perfect body.

"And I would like to father your kids as well," I whispered.

I laid back and drifted off into a satisfied sleep.

As it turned out Wendy wasn't pregnant, after two weeks on honeymoon where she was getting her husband sperm pumped into her at least three times daily and she still wasn't pregnant. I found out via Kate, that Wendy's husband Phil had taken a test where it was found he had a low sperm count. Soon after Wendy came round to see us and to have a good cry.

"It's not fair," she wailed, "all we want is kids."

"It still not impossible is it," comforted Kate.

"No but it's not bloody likely," sobbed Wendy.

"I'm sure we can find a way around it," said Kate, "you can even get done, you know, at the hospital."

I wanted to pipe in that I'll impregnate her any time she wanted, but I thought it best if I kept my mouth shut.

When she had left, things were quite for the rest of the evening, and later in bed, Kate for once didn't feel like sex.

"Lover?" she said next morning, "can I ask you a favour?"

"Sure" I replied

"Well, you know about Sis's problems, well I was wondering if you can help her out."

I tried to keep cool even though my brain was racing ahead and thinking about being with Wendy again.

"What do you mean?" I asked innocently.

"You know what I mean?" she said jumping on me, "I mean you getting Sis preggers."

"Well I don't know, how would you feel about it?" I asked.

"As long as I'm there, you know, I think it would be ok," she said.

"Ok, suppose she has my child, what about later when it's grown up?" I asked.

"I don't know lover, I hadn't thought of that, how would you feel?" she asked.

"As long as no one knows, it well be ok, I think," I said.

"Ok, ok, so it's more complicated that just getting her preggers then," she laughed, "but it's good fun being together, you know, the three of us."

"Sure is" I replied drifting off into a daydream.

She started talking to me again but I'm miles away, sandwiched between these two sisters. I came back with a bump when Kate gave me a playful punch.

"Are you still with me?" she said with a smile, "I bet I can guess where you were, seriously though, what do you think?"

"I suggest we leave it to Wendy, ok," I said.

"Ok lover," she snuggled up to me, "how about we have a little practice of our own?"

"Good idea," I said with a smile on my face and a bulge in my boxers.

Kate must have talked to her sister about our discussion, for the next time she was over she mentioned it.

"Don't take this the wrong way," she said to me, "but lets think about it, if I had your child, how would you and Kate feel about it in the years to come?"

"Yes, we understand, in fact we did talk about that very thing the other night," I replied.

"So what are you going to do then Sis?" asked Kate.

"Well I might start cruising the singles bars, looking for a suitable donor," she replied with a smile. "Honestly I don't know, but from now on, when we, you know, get it on together, you better wear some protection," she said, the last bit aimed at me.

These sisters still amaze me, here was my girlfriends older sister talking about us having sex together, when she only got married two month ago.

"Yeah, that's good idea," said Kate, "why don't you come on over on Saturday night for dinner if you can, is Phil still working?"

"I'm afraid so, he will be for a few weeks yet," she admitted "but yeah I love to, say about seven, ok."

"Great," said Kate, "we'll show you the latest pictures, you know the ones we took when you came over after getting back from your honeymoon."

"Oh good, look forward to it, and you," she looking at me, "gets some condoms."

With that she kissed me and Kate and left.

"Looks like you were right lover," Kate said, "in some respects I'm please. It's one thing sharing you with her, but for you to father her child might be a bit hard to take."

"I'm glad too, the last thing I want is to make you unhappy," I said.

With that she came into my arms.

"Well if you really want to make me happy," she said with a twinkle in her eye, "you know what you have to do."

"That smells nice," I said, "what is it?"

"It's a beef curry" she replied, "is that ok?"

"Yeah, great," I replied, "and I've got a couple of packets of, you know what."

"Two packets, in your dreams," she laughed.

"Yeah, ok, well I also bought some colour film," I said, "so you can have a go with the camera again."

"Oh good idea lover, I can put into practice all those things you have taught me," she said. "I'll ring Sis and tell her to bring over a few outfits ok."

"Good idea," I said.

Wendy arrived dead on seven; I poured out the drinks and let the sisters chat for a while. I just topped up their glasses from time to time. Dinner was finished and the washing up done.

"Here sis, look as these," said Kate opening the album.

"Hey these are good," said Wendy as she turned the pages showing her tanned and near naked body.

"Yeah I took those, don't you remember," said Kate.

"That's right, but these ones you took," she said looking at me, for they showed both sisters together.

Slowly she turned the pages, the photographs got hotter and hotter.

"Oh my, look at this," said Wendy; the picture showed Kate's fingers deep within her older sister pussy.

"And this," turning the page, "I must have taken that one," said Kate, for it showed me lying between Wendy spread legs.

"Look at the expression my face" Wendy laughed, "you must have be doing something right."

The pictures were forgotten when Wendy makes a grab at me.

"Please," she begged.

"Hey he's my boyfriend," shouted Kate, "I should get first dibbs."

I broke the kiss.

"Get the camera out and start taking pictures," I said then I get back stuck in. Wendy's body was as beautiful as I remembered, her full tits are firm and sensitive; her legs open to my touch.

"Oh yes" she moaned, "Stick it in me, please."

I thrust my hard cock into her. All the time I could see the flashes going off as Kate fired off the camera.

"Don't forget the condom," shouted Kate.

"Oh shit," I said, I had forgotten; I pulled out and with Kate help, soon I'm thrusting back into the very hot Wendy.

"Oh yes, yes" she moaned then she came.

Wearing the condom has delayed my own orgasm so when I withdraw from the now sated Wendy I can thrust my still hard cock straight into Kate.

"Oh you are a lovely feller," she cooed pulling me closer and wrapping her arms around my neck.

"How does this thing work?" asked Wendy, who had picked up my Nikon.

Well I'm not going to stop now just to show her. I manage to hold off just long enough to bring Kate off.

"Oh that was something lover," Kate cooed.

"Well as you two are finished, can you show me how this works," Wendy asked again.

"Yeah, in a minute, please," I begged, "let me rest for awhile."

When I've rested for few minutes I showed Wendy how the camera worked, I inserted a new film, then Kate and I get stuck in again, this time Wendy records our passion. Afterwards I totally drained.

"Ok girls, you two have ago, ok," I said.

I watched as the two sisters embrace each other. I fired off the shutter while their hands squeeze each other's tits and then they moved on down to each other's pussies. Their moans got louder as they mutually fingered each other to orgasm.

"How was that girls?" I asked.

"Great" they said in unison, bring a smile to both their faces, "and it also raised the dead," said Wendy, pointing at my new hardon.

I am pulled down on to this mass of beautiful fresh and I'm lost in heaven for the next thirty minutes. Later Wendy got herself dressed.

"Got to go guys, Phil will be home soon," she lent over and gave me a big kiss.

"Look after my baby sister, ok" she said.

"Sure, she everything to me, you know," I replied.

"Good, I pleased to hear that," she smiled at me, "make sure you tell her that too, ok."

"Kate" I said, "I've got an idea, how about I find three of four guys, you know, to help Wendy out. No I don't mean all at the same time," I added seeing the look on he face. "I mean over the course of a week, I know some guys who would fit the bill, they're all similar in looks to Phil. We don't have to tell them the reason so if it was successful; a, they wouldn't know anything and therefore can't cause any trouble; and b, Wendy also wouldn't know who the father was. What do you think?"

"It might work, we'll pass it by Wendy next time she over, these guys are alright are they?" she asked. "Sure, there're not friends as such, just guys I know from my wedding business," I said, "they all work for the processing house I use."

"Ok, but I expect Wendy will want to vet them first," with that she collapsed in laughter.

"What?" I asked.

"Well knowing Wendy like we do," she giggled, "her idea of vetting them would be to try them out first, you know, in bed."

She had a point there. What I haven't mentioned to Kate was that these guys having already seen Wendy's pictures, they do process my film after all, and had asked after her, Kate too for that matter.

"Well I don't know," said Wendy, when we told her of my plan, "I'll have to see them first, What!" she added when both Kate and started to laugh.

"Nothing," I said, "just a private joke, how about I fix up a quiet drink somewhere, with all of us there?"

"Ok sounds ok, I suppose," said Wendy, still a little unsure, "you two will be there right?"

"Of course, just as long as you want," I re-assured.

"Ok, set it up, but I'm making no promises," she smiled at me.

The three of us sat in the lounge bar of this village pub some miles away.

"You ok?" I asked Wendy.

"Sure," she replied, but she looks nervous.

"I can't remember being this nervous for years" she confided, downing her third G & T.

"Here they are," and I called out to them.

We all settled down for a drink and a chat. I watch Wendy closely for a while and I can see that's she's impressed. After awhile Kate nudged me and whispered.

"Let's leave them to get to know each other, Ok," she said.

"Ok if you think it's alright?" I replied.

"We make our excused and move to a corner table where we can be alone," she offered.

"Didn't you see?" said Kate.

"What?" I asked.

"Wendy gave me the nod, you know, to leave them alone," she explained.

"Oh no I missed it," I said.

Shortly after we had moved to a nice corner table, I looked up and they were gone.

"Hi guys, good news," said Wendy excitedly, "I'm preggers."

"Oh good," replied Kate and she hugged her older sister, "Is Phil ok?" she asked.

"Ok yes, he's over the moon, I think he thought his manhood was under threat, you know from that hospital report, but now he's a man again," said Wendy with a smile. "Men have such fragile egos."

"Great, we must have a party," suggested Kate.

"Yes that's why I came over, we're have a family do next weekend, you two, of course are invited," she said.

"Great we'll be there," enthused Kate.

"Looks like your cunning plan worked," Kate said, once Wendy had departed.

"Sure looks like it, or it could still be Phil's you know," I answered.

"Yeah right" she said with a smile.

The party was in full swing, I had already downed two pints and was feeling no pain.

"Lover," Kate cooed when she found me in the garden.

"Yes my love" I answered in good humour.

"Will you do me a really big favour?" she asked

"Sure love," I reply.

"I want you to keep your hot little hands off my cousin Dawn," she asked.

"Dawn, who she?" I asked, now all interested.

"She's a little tart who has just arrived," she said, "and I don't want her to get her sticky little hands on you."

"Ok love" I confirm, but my brain was befuddled, it's all right for me to dally with her big sister, but not with her cousin; something tells me that there was something behind this.

So when I talked to Wendy next, I brought it up.

"Dawn, is she here, where's Kate?" she asked concerned.

"Why? What's going on," I asked.

"It's a long story, but those two don't get on," she said.

"That's pretty obvious, but why?" I asked again.

"Well there was this guy, a long time ago, that Kate was fond of, I mean really fond of, and Dawn took him away from her. There's not been anyone since, till you came along," she added with a smile and she touched my arm.

"Oh," I'm not sure I want to hear anymore, "thanks," I said, and move away to find Kate.

But then this gorgeous girl in a low cut dress waylayed me.

"Hi I'm Dawn," she said.

Well I had guessed, sexy good looks seemed to run in the family.

"Hi yourself" I said, "have you seen Kate?" I asked.

"No, but will I do," she said trying to look alluring.

I look her up and down, then to her pretty smiling face.

"No," and I walk away. I could feel daggers in my back.

Later Kate snuggles up to me.

"What did you say to Dawn?" she asked.

"Me, nothing, I just asked her where you were, that's all," I said innocently.

"You must have said more that that, you should hear her go on about you," said Kate with a smile. "You must have really rubbed her up the wrong way."

"I don't think I said more than ten words to her," I replied.

"Ok lover, one day perhaps you'll tell me." she said and kissed me. "And thanks."

Wendy came over the next day.

"What on earth did you say to Dawn?" she asked.

"Nothing," I said, "I just asked her were Kate was, that's all," I repeated.

"No there's got to more to it than that, I've never seen her so angry," mused Wendy.

"I've always said he was a lovely feller," cooed Kate giving me a hug and a big kiss. "It really made my day."

I poured the drinks and let them chat for a while, happy that I made my love happy.

"Oh those guys," cooed Wendy, "it's a shame I can't see them any more."

"Oh good, they were ok then," I asked, this was the first time Wendy had talked about that evening.

"Oh yes, they were great," said Wendy, remembering with a smile.

"Well tell us then," encouraged Kate.

"Well I shouldn't really, but ok," she said, "ok, they took me back to Jim's flat, he was the tall dark one, and I stayed there till morning. Good job Phil was on nights." Wendy confided with a giggle.

"Oh tell us more," Kate eyes were bright with excitement, "what happened, you didn't did you?"

"Of course I did, at least twice with all of them, and Tom, bless him, he was the cute fair one, came back for thirds," Wendy giggled again.

"Oh my," sighed Kate, "I'll bet that was fun."

"Oh yes" Wendy's eye were glazed over, "talking about fun," she said coming back from her day dream, "you've got me all hot now, thinking about them, so shall we have some fun of our own," she said pulling me on top of her.

"At least now I preggers, you don't have to wear one of those beastly things," laughed Wendy.

My hands were filled with beautiful breasts and thighs, as clothes were shed in a great hurry. Wendy's account of her debauched evening must have stimulated both sisters. First I slipped into Wendy's hot Pussy, but she was so turned on, she doesn't last more than six good hard thrusts. Her orgasmic cries were still dying down, when Kate pulls me off her sister and on top of her where she too was hot and very ready for me. Soon after I come deep within her as she too cried out with pleasure. Now that they have exhausted me, they carried on pleasing each other till I'm ready to get stuck in again.

"You know I love you." I said being serious for a change. We were lying in bed after an energetic bout of lovemaking the following day.

"Yes of course," she smiled at me, "and I love you too, you're such a lovely feller, when did you first know?" she asked.

"That first day," I replied, "when you answered the door and you told me you weren't the bride, I was so relieved. I know it sounds silly now, I didn't believe I would have any chance with you, then, you know, pulled me on to the bed."

"Oh yes, you looked so stunned," she laughed.

"What about you?" I asked.

"The same, when I opened the door, you looked so forlorn just standing there, and then your face light up when I said I wasn't the bride."

"What are we going to do about it then," I said.

Kate sat up looking at me; her bare breasts were magnificent. After a long pause I ploughed on.

"I would love to spend the rest of my life with you," I said "I got two more years at University, then we can get married if you want; say something please" I begged.

After a few long seconds, she jumps on top of me.

"Are you serious?" she asked.

"Of course," I replied.

"Yes please," she said, "are you going to buy me an engagement ring then?"

She smiled at me.

"First thing tomorrow, if you want," I agreed.

"Oh goody, goody, can't wait to show Dawn," she laughed.

In the end Kate helped me pay for the ring for the one she really wanted was out of my price range what with my overdraft and all. Her Mum and Dad were very happy indeed and set about arranging a party for their youngest daughter. When Wendy found out she was came around straight away.

"Oh great," she enthused, "about time to."

"Thanks sis," said Kate as the two sisters hugged each other. Kate flashed her new ring at her sister.

"What do you think?" she said.

"Oh my," said Wendy, "it's really nice, Dawn will go green; are you going to invite her?"

"Sure, can't wait to see her face" said Kate, "come on what did you say to her at Wendy's party?" they both turn towards me expecting an answer.

I thought it about time I came clean.

"Well she waylaid me like I said and I asked her if she knew where you were, she said no but then she offered herself to me instead, but I said no."

"No wonder she was raving on about you, oh my, I just wish I could have seen her face," said Kate hugging me tight, "isn't he a lovely feller."

The sun was shining and I had a pint glass in my hand. Kate's Dad was cooking on the Barbie.

"How are things lover?" Kate inquired.

"I'm a bit confused with all these relatives," I said.

"Never mind, you already know all the important ones," she said, kissing me on the forehead and disappeared again.

Wendy came up to me next and hugged me.

"Congratulation your going to be family now, I like a bit of incest you know," she laughed.

"Yes I have a bit of first hand knowledge of what you like," I replied with a big smile.

"Good, well we've got a few months before my lump arrives," she said patting her flat stomach, "be careful Dawn just arrived ok."

"Ok, thank sis," I said.

I return to the bar and immediately bump into Dawn, she was a gorgeous as I remembered, this time her dress was very low cut, showing off her breasts nicely.

"Hi" she said, "remember me?"

"No sorry, who are you?" I could see her smile freeze on her face at my reply.

"I'm Dawn," she said, moving in close to kiss me, pushing her tits into my chest.

"Hi Dawn, sorry, yes now I remember, nice to meet you again, nice tits," I said, looking down the front of her dress. "Sorry, must go I need a refill," I said, holding up my empty glass, "and then I must find Kate, I hope I will see move of you later," I said making a show of looking at her exposed tits again, "which reminds me, would you like to model for me sometime? I'm a photographer by the way."

"Sounds like it might be fun," she replied, smiling sweetly at me.

"Good, I call you soon," I said.

"You didn't" said Kate later when I told her what I had done.

"Sure," I said, "I thought we could sell them, you know, put her face and body all over the Internet."

Oh my what an idea, can you do that?" she asked.

"Sure easy, I know two or three guys who would snap up her pictures," I replied, "and you can trust me to keep my hands off her," I added.

"I know I can lover, never crossed my mind that you wouldn't, that is till you mentioned it," she smiled at me. "Might be a good idea if we can get someone else in the pictures as well," she said with a wicked grin, "just think of it, a picture of her with a hard cock in her mouth, oh my, I go all weak just thinking about it."

It was so easy, Dawn was so eager to impress me and perhaps take me away from Kate if she could, that she stripped off to show me her assets at our first session. Her body was truly breathtaking, but I was almost immune to her charms, if it wasn't for my love for Kate, I would have dived straight in.

"That's right Dawn, stick them out at me, good, now turn and bend over, oh great, you sure are a great model," I instructed from behind my camera.

"Do you really think so?" she replied breathless, excited from exposing herself to me.

"Oh yes Dawn, I think I might give your name to some colleagues of mine if that's ok" I added.

"Oh would you, I'll be ever so grateful," she said seductively.

"No problem, beautiful models like you are hard to find," I said laying it on thick.

My only problem now was to get away unscathed.

"Sorry my love" I said, "I must dash, I've got to see my publisher, I'll call you soon, if I may."

"Sure," she said, but I could see she was disappointed in not nailing me, after all what man could pass up her body.

"Oh my, look at the body on her," said Wendy, holding a glossy 8x10 colour photo of the naked Dawn, "pity she's such a bitch, we could've have such fun together."

"Yeah, we though we would sell them, you know put her face all over the Internet," said Kate.

"Good idea but you can't, not really," said Wendy, "firstly, she family and secondly, it would be stooping to her level."

"Oh pants, yeah you're right of course," said Kate sadly, "shame really."

"What about the session I have set up with a couple of my mates?" I said.

"Oh, to do what?" Wendy asked.

"Too have some fun with her and to take some naughty pictures," I said feeling slightly embarrassed now.

"Well we wouldn't want to stop them having fun, now would we," smiled Wendy, "but asked them not to publish any of the pictures, ok, in fact they can send them to us to keep."

"What going on in that devious mind of yours?" asked Kate.

"Well she doesn't know we wouldn't publish them, now does she," answered Wendy.

"Oh that's naughty," laughed Kate, "she'll have to be nice to us, wouldn't she."

Wendy was still looking through Dawn's pictures.

"How come you haven't taken any of me?" asked Wendy, "my Phil would love some of me looking like this."

"Oh, he's done me loads of times, here look," said Kate getting up and bringing over a thick album.

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