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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Mind Control, Magic, Fiction, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Transformation, .

Desc: Sex Story: Mike discovers something impossible but true. Hunting for some way to prove he was not hallucinating he enlists the aid of his friend Josh. What happens to them is NOT what they expected to prove.

No one would believe me if I didn't have proof to show them and even then most people would think it was some kind of special effect. I had stumbled onto something that plainly could NOT exist, yet it did. Now to figure out some way to capture proof, if not for others at least to convince myself I hadn't been dreaming.

I work as a Park Ranger for the National Parks Service. I'm not your typical Ranger Rick. I do sweeps of the meadows and woodlands far from where most tourist go to see if there is going to be ample grazing to get the herds of deer, elk and the few buffalo we have through the winter months. It's from my estimates that we purchase hay to see the herds through the season until new grass grows in the spring.

Finally I thought of the ideal person to contact to help me get the proof I needed. When I got in contact with him I cut straight to the chase with none of the usual pleasantries.

"Josh, Mike Rainey here. You about ready for field testing on that new camera you were telling me about? I have a spot that I think would be ideal to test it and some wild life I would like to check out for movement at night."

Josh Bailey worked for a company that produced video cameras. He LOVED his job as he worked in the R&D section so was aware of the cutting edge stuff they were working on. Josh and I met when he visited the Park and wanted to field test some of their new stuff and get away from the usual crowds. As the back area expert for the Park he was teamed with me and surprisingly we got on well. He is an outdoors person and liked what I had to show him. He moved well in the woods without scaring the animals, kept quiet during a stalk and a wait. Do you know how unusual that is? For someone to be able to sit for hours without saying anything, even with another person there? To sit still and not move for fear of scaring something you can't even see? We have been together for several tests and become friends. For his vacation a couple of times he had trekked along with me on some of my sweeps of the high meadows and so on. When quiet is not called for Josh can be quite funny and fun to be around.

"Mike, good to hear from you. Yes, it's about ready. Do you have something special in mind?" he asked.

"Yes and while it's very short notice can you be here, with the equipment by noon Friday? Saturday is a full moon and will give us more available lighting to check movement."

"Mike, why do I get the feeling that it's more than just some movement of wildlife you're checking on? What equipment do you think we'll need?"

"I can't explain it all over the phone my friend but I need the remote controls you were telling me about. The wireless mikes, the controls and the small monitor. I need to be there and set up before dusk so I can hide and await development. I can't tell you more now." I hoped I had told him enough to peak his interest and curiosity.

"Sorry Mike, but as new as this stuff is I have to go with it. It's not something I can explain to you and let you borrow to field test for me. I go with the package or no dice and yes, I can be there ready to go by Noon Friday. OK?"

"I'll tell you more when I see you. The earlier the better and plan on camping out for at least two nights. Thanks buddy."

I hung up and began to make the rest of the preparations for what we would need and so on.

It was 10 am on Friday when Josh showed up. Josh is my height, 6'2" and lanky like me. He kept himself in shape by jogging and working out in a gym so was ready to go. After greetings and hand shakes he showed me the equipment which was already field packed and ready to go.

We moved his equipment and gear to my truck and less than an hour after he showed up we were on our way. I had been going over maps of the entire area and had found a way to get in closer. The walk in would be rougher but not anything Josh couldn't handle and it would save us a couple of hours even with the slower pace.

While driving I started to tell Josh what I had found. "I can't tell you all of it and surely not over the phone. You would swear I was nuts and never show up. Josh, do you believe in fairies? The Little People? Nixies, Water Sprites?"

"Don't look at me that way. That's exactly why I waited until we were on our way to tell you. You think I'm hallucinating, on drugs or something. That's what I thought when I first saw what I'm about to show you. Only I never DID drugs, even in college as hard as that will be for you to believe. Beer and booze were drugs enough for me. I like to be more in control of my actions and state of mind than to use chemical to fuck it up. I drink, sometimes get high but never drunk. It might seem to be a fine line of distinction there but there is one."

"Ok Mike, I'll wait to see what you show me before I say you're abso-FUCKING-lutely bonkers! This better be good!!"

By Four o'clock we were at a small meadow with the most beautiful little mountain pond you have ever seen. After pointing out the area I wanted covered by the camera Josh was setting it up while I went about constructing a Hide for us. I wanted us to be able to watch and tape what would appear and not have to worry about our movements. The Hide would keep us from being seen from the front and had a partial block to the sides. I was well finished by the time Josh was through and had joined me.

Now was the hardest part, we just waited. Not wanting to light a fire or cook anything due to the smell it would make we ate cold rations and waited. I already knew Josh was good at that so I wasn't worried about him.

It was full night and the moon was coming up when I reached out and squeezed Josh's leg. He had been putting away his canteen after taking a small drink when I spotted bubbling in the pool. Working the controls Josh had the camera on the bubbles and zoomed in some when slowly a small head appeared.

The water seemed to just sheet off of her, even her hair, as she came more and more out of the pool. She was beyond Lovely, she looked like an oversized, living Barby doll. She was about 18" high and just floated an inch or so above the surface of the water as she looked down into it and laughed. Her laughter sounded like the tinkling of silver bells, clear, distinct and lovely.

Josh was watching the monitor to make sure we stayed centered on her when I spotted more movement. With another squeeze I called his attention to it and he moved the camera to capture two more emerging from the water. This time one was a male an inch or two taller than his female companions. His legs, chest and arms were well muscled, the thinner ropy muscles, not the bulky, bulgy kind. One thing that made it much easier for us was that they seemed to glow. Either something internal or from the moonlight but they each glowed.

The three of them laughed and began to join hands. Music faintly appeared and they began to dance. It took your breath away as they moved. Not only were they moving back and forth like normal dancers, they also went up into the air and spun and whirled. Their movements were so fluid they simply flowed from one step to another. We were so transfixed by watching them we hadn't even noticed the emergence of others until they joined the dance. There were now ten or fifteen of these small beings, call them fairies, nixies, water sprites or what ever but they were lovely, enchanting, mesmerizing.

As the moon rose higher and higher they moved closer and closer to the water's edge and closer to our Hide. The music seemed to move with them and it, their laughter and the sounds of their voices became clearer and clearer.

It was then that something happened and ended it all. One of us moved, made noise or something to attract their attention. They looked in our direction and we both blacked out.

When I came to it was morning, the sun was up and I was naked. Looking over I could see that Josh was naked as well and had a smile on his face. Sitting up I saw that the equipment had been turned off and someone or something had been through our packs. My watch said it was 10 am so I should have had plenty of rest but my body said it wanted to go back to sleep. I ached for some reason!

Josh chuckled which drew my attention back to him. He was still asleep but it was then that I noticed something and looked closer. His whole lower face was shiny and his mustache was matted with what I would swear was dried pussy juice! Glancing down I could see that his pubic region was the same. Matted hair and shiny from something that had dried. That's when I looked at myself and saw the same thing. Moistening my finger in some water I rubbed on the shiny stuff and then smelled it. It WAS dried pussy juice. Sometimes during the night we had encountered females and had been well fucked!

I gripped Josh's arm and shook his a bit. As he sat up he was still grinning. "I was having the most wonderful dream, why'd you have to wake me."

"It might not have been a dream. Look at your crotch. Then look at mine and my face. It's probably as shiny as your's is," I told him.

After checking like I had told him he began to check the equipment. I noticed he was moving slower than usual also. Using the remote he started to play the chip he had recorded. One of the nice things about digital recording is you don't have to wait for the thing to rewind. He would play a bit and then forward it again and again. We had several hours of a Beautiful little mountain pool with the moonlight reflecting off it. Nothing showing the Little People, none of their dancing, nothing but the pool.

Checking over the pack I could find nothing important missing and stowed it all away again. I took a short swim in the pond to get wet, soaped up and then swam again. I was sitting in the sun drying off when Josh joined me. The brisk cool water had removed some of the lethargy I was feeling but not all of it.

"I guess we won't be staying another night, right? If they know we're here they won't return."

"Right, clean up and we'll pack up and leave. No sense wasting more time but at least you saw them. You know I'm not, how did you said it 'abso-FUCKING-lutely bonkers'?"

With a chuckle he replied, "No, I saw them and from the looks of me they saw me as well. Saw me and enjoyed me several times but how? We are at least FOUR time their size."

After Josh was done with his bath we packed up the gear and hiked out. We were both tired and the hike out seemed to take much longer. There wasn't much conversation on the ride back and as Josh was going to stay over and leave the next day like he had planned we drove straight to my small cabin.

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