Summer Vacation

by Sausage Dog

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Drunk/Drugged, BiSexual, Swinging, Group Sex, Orgy, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Anal Sex, Fisting, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: My wife was a true conservative, however I learned she is just your "Red Blooded American Girl" after she has a few drinks

Chapter 1: First Day

My wife really wasn't a prude, I would call her extremely conservative. She was a beautiful woman when we married and she has not lost her beauty. Our marriage of fifteen years has been a good one; I have no complaints, other than Mary being conservative. When I say conservative I mean it and every sense possible, grocery shopping, automobile purchases, necessities for the house and our clothing. Its true, our savings account is much fatter under her guidance where it would be very slim if I were in charge.

Connie, are fourteen-year-old daughter, is almost a duplicate image of her mother with the exception of height. Connie stands at five-five compared to Mary's five-eleven. Connie's weight is within two pounds of her mother's one-thirty-five, and her cup size is a 'B' compared to her mother's 'C', each measuring thirty-four inches. On many occasions, they dress alike, often mistaken for sisters, and not mother and daughter. I would be unable to tell you their best features: either their long well shaped legs, beautiful large brown eyes, jet-black hair falling six inches below the shoulder, or their beautifully shaped lips. Whether they are alone, or walking together, they never fail to draw stares from the opposite sex, young and old alike. In fact, I am at my proudest when I see men staring at them, and I just say proudly to myself, 'eat your heart out' because they are spoken for.

Mary, scrutinized winning a two-week, all-expenses-paid, summer vacation for two, to the point the travel agent simply threw up his arms and said, "Look, I've tried everything you asked and I cannot get it changed. You have two options, you either leave on the scheduled date or you lose the vacation, it's your choice to make." The vacation was a blessing, actually falling on our anniversary; however, I felt the same as Mary, eight days were going to be spent on a ship. She made proposals to get the vacation shortened and we would fly, however that was a flop and didn't happen.

We farmed our daughter out to her uncle and flew to our port. The trip started out a disaster, first our airline reservations were unconfirmed, we didn't sit together, and upon arriving at the ship, our stateroom wasn't ready for three hours. Our supper, the first evening was a disastrous occasion, twelve people assigned to a table seating eight... The food was good however, not excellent just good. The stateroom was made available to us after we finished supper and that is when we found another problem. My wife brought Connie's suitcase, and the ship's store carried no suitable women's clothing in my wife's size. The alternative, my wife had to wear Connie's clothes. I found it suitable and pleasing on the eyes however, my wife was very upset, and this was unusual for her. She always appeared calm, cool, and collected, one never to lose her temper. Needless to say, we remained in our stateroom the first evening.

Connie's clothes stopped six inches above her knees, pleasing me, and disturbing her. Initially she refused to go topside, but I convinced her she couldn't stay in the stateroom for eight days. Once topside, she began to feel much more comfortable in as much as most of the women were showing much more than she was. Although uncomfortable with her dress, she made the best of a good thing and I was proud, as she drew stares from every male and majority of the female passengers. By the end of the first day, she was almost her normal self, laughing along with others and enjoying herself. She accepted an invitation from another couple, to join them for dinner, and the dance party later in the evening. This was out of character for her because she scrutinized people, the same as she did everything else.

The dress for dinner was semi formal and of the three choices available, she chose the one I liked the best. The dress was low-cut when Connie wore it, on Mary, it was a dream come true for every red-blooded American male. I expected her to fall out each time she moved, and apparently, she did also, she made every movement slow. The couple sharing our table could not keep their eyes off her chest all evening, and I must admit mine remained on her chest also. I had to be the proudest husband at the dance, and my wife the most popular. I was fortunate enough to dance with her on three occasions, the first dance, and two dances somewhere near the middle of the evening.

Each dance number saw my wife being asked by at least two gentlemen for the opportunity to dance with her. She was hesitant at the first request however, after the first dance with a stranger, she relaxed, and began to enjoy herself. Much of her relaxation came at the expense of the men who purchased the drinks, which she consumed quickly. The drinks provided were exceptional, and you were unaware of the amount of alcohol you were consuming, until it was too late. Mary, not a drinker, became tipsy and very friendly with each of her dance partners. Midway through the evening, when I had the opportunity to dance with her, I was surprised, pleasantly, at her grinding her mound into my midsection, giving me a hard on. From that point on, I noticed that each man bringing her back the table also sported an erection, and many did not try to conceal it.

It was not alone after our dance, as I was dancing with the women at our table. I noticed Mary had not returned to the table for over an hour, and I assumed I missed her as I had been dancing, and not watching her every move. I made a trip to the restroom and heard the gossip about the woman in the yellow dress taking on a few of the man in the game room. Mary was wearing a yellow dress and I had not seen her in over an hour, and as soon as I finished my business, I walked into the game and stood in a far corner watching everyone. I stood in the corner long enough to finish a drink before I saw three men lead her from a storage room, her clothing askew. She could barely stand, and as she would pull her dress down on one side, one of the men would lift the other side. She was really lit because she was laughing at her inability to keep her dress down, and they were laughing at her because the dress was the only article of clothing she wore. Sometime during the evening, she lost her panties.

I was initially upset however, deep inside I enjoyed watching them handle her body. I ordered another drink and sat near the game table where they were seated. They were playing some type of a card game, which I was unfamiliar with, therefore I was quite certain Mary did not know the rules. I soon learned it would have made no difference if she knew the rules, because they were passing cards under the table, and in her inebriated state, there was no way she could win. The game lasted about three hands and the men escorted her into the storage room.

I waited about five minutes and walked to the room, easing the door open and looking inside. My wife was leaned across a small table, her dress was pulled up, and revealing her backside and one of the men was fucking her from behind. The second man was standing in front of her, and she was sucking his giant prick, while the third man was standing beside her and she was giving him a hand job. I knew I should have intervened, instead I got a hard on like I could not remember ever having. I watched as the men took her, rotating positions after each came in her cum-filled pussy. When each had fucked her, I stepped behind her, lowered my trousers, and I fucked her. I fucked her the same as they had, I just put the prick to her for my own pleasure. The men did not say a word, and I fucked into her hard, and as deep as I possibly could. I did not speak for fear she would recognize my voice.

When I finished, I dressed and returned to the game room, leaving her with the three men. I waited, and they returned to the room minutes later, her dress tucked where her pussy was showing, much to the pleasure of the men sitting close to the storeroom door. One of the women assisted her, and helped her from the room, realizing she was drunk and incapable of taking care of herself. I followed and I thought they were going to our room; however, they stopped three doors from our room and went inside. I waited for over an hour, and Mary finally came out of the room alone, and due to the amount of alcohol she consumed, she was actually unaware she was on the ship. I walked to her, and taking her arm, led her to our room.

Once inside our room, I could see traces of sperm in her hair, her ears, and on her chest. I went into the small bath and adjusted the shower, intending to bathe her, however when I returned to the stateroom, she was passed out on the bed. I left her to sleep and I used the shower instead.

I presume I could be classified as a pervert now. I woke early and went to breakfast, leaving Mary sleeping, and later went to lunch. I stopped at the ship's store and purchased Neosporin and cleaning pads with alcohol. I cleaned and put medication on the scratches I found on her once flawless skin, after I undressed her. I caressed her naked body, sucked her nipples hard, and bit them, drawing blood on one. I could taste the strange taste of dried sperm, and she was in need of a bath, however I found it strangely exciting to manipulate her body in ways she rejected in the past. I fingered her pussy, and I even fisted her a while after I found I could easily get four fingers inside her pussy, and there was still room for a fifth. I tried fisting her a few times when she had a few drinks; however, in the past she had enough control of her senses to stop me.

She had been sleeping twelve hours and after I fist her again, I will wake her. I am going to wake her the way she likes being awakened best; I am going to be eating her pussy, but my fist in her pussy is going to be a surprise to her. I am sure she will awaken when I bite her clit hard.

Tonight is another night, and I am hoping she will attend the dance after supper. We still have six nights remaining on the ship, and I am hoping for the best, whatever it may be. If anything of interest happens, I will write about it.

Chapter 2: Second Day

Mary was sleeping; however, her body was reacting to my fist maneuvering inside her pussy. Her pussy was tight, a sign she was waking and had partial control of her body. I removed my fist slowly and she moaned loudly at the sudden ejection, her pussy forcing my hand from her opening, once the fattest part of my hand slipped from her pussy.

Burying my face in her opening, I licked the juices her pussy released, flicked my tongue across her clit, as she pushed at my head, trying to force it from her 'V'. "I need a shower," she mumbled sleepily. Forcing my head from her mound, she twisted her body where I was unable to make contact between her pussy and my mouth.

I sat upright, and she scampered from the bed, rushing to the small bathroom. I heard the shower start and sat back waiting for her to return. I picked up the entertainment schedule and began reading, noticing the dress for the dance for the evening was casual.

I read almost every article in the pamphlet before laying it down. Picking another brochure from the nightstand, I read it and lay it back on the stand beside the entertainment guide. I could still hear the shower and realized Mary had been under the water for twenty-five minutes. My curiosity was aroused and I walked to the door and called out, "Mary, honey are you alright?" I waited for a full minute before I heard a response.

"Yes," she replied, however her voice sounded muffled, and I opened the door.

I could see her sitting on the floor of the shower and I quickly opened the door. I saw she was crying, and the cold water was pelting her body. Shutting the water off, I stepped in and lifted her, her skin was ice cold from the water. I toweled her dry while she stood trembling, her crying continuing.

I lifted her, and carried her to the bed. After removing my sweats, I slipped in beside her and pulled the blanket over us. Pulling her close, I was using my body to warm hers. I held her close for ten minutes before she stopped trembling, her body had warmed, and she relaxed in my arms. She was continuing to cry intermittently. We lay coupled for a long while and I even dozed a few minutes, until I heard her speak.

"Carl, I don't want you to divorce me, I love you. Please, I'll do anything for you; just don't ask me for a divorce." She began crying softly again and her arms pulled me close, her bare breasts pressing against my bare skin, causing me to become erect.

"Divorce!" I exclaimed rather loudly, "I never said anything about a divorce, what are you talking about?" I was in a state of confusion, my first thought was she had been dreaming and woke to soon.

"I'll do anything," she said, "I'll be your slave if you want me to, just don't send me away, PLEASE!" Her voice had changed and she was begging me now.

"Wait," I said still confused, "Wait just a minute, what are you talking about? Divorce, why would I ask for a divorce? I don't want a divorce, what gave you that idea?" I was totally confused and wanted her to explain.

"I'll do what you ask, anything you want, just don't divorce me. I will learn to make love the way you want me to, and I will be much better than Connie will, you will see. Just give me another chance, please, I'm begging." She started crying again and pressed her body closer to mine, if that were possible. She was already pressed against me, our bodies almost one.

"Honey, what brought this on?" I asked, and a thought flashed through my mind, she could have a boyfriend or lover, I was still confused.

"Then you won't... , " she paused a moment and wiped her eyes, "you won't tell Connie," she said pulling back and looking at me for the first time since I woke her.

"And just what am I promising not to tell Connie?" I asked.

"You won't tell Connie about last night, if I promise to do what you ask," she said, as she looked at me hard, her brows wrinkled.

"Mary, Connie is a thousand miles from here and no, I am not telling her anything."

Then it dawned on me, she was worried about the previous evening, and I chuckled to myself. I enjoyed her letting it all out, I even fucked her while she was in her drunken state and she was none the wiser. I did think about her remarks, one in particular, she would do anything I asked.

"About last night," I paused when she looked at me sharply, "did you enjoy yourself?" I asked turning her head in my direction, my hand on her chin.

She just stared at me and I saw the tears welling in her eyes. She started to speak; however, whatever she was going to say was interrupted by another outburst of crying.

"I had a fabulous evening," I said, "and I fucked a woman in a storeroom with three other men, and she was wonderful." This stopped her crying abruptly and she stared at me. I was smiling and nodding as I looked at her; I hoped she would take it as a sign of approval.

"You... , you... , " she said but that was all she said before she pulled me to her tightly again. "I am so sorry about last night; I had too much to drink. Please forgive me, I will never do it again, I promise."

Caressing her back, my hand sliding down and squeezing an ass cheek, I said, "You don't understand, I am glad you let loose, you were enjoying yourself and I enjoyed myself also. You should do it more often, as a matter of fact, I'm asking you to do it more often."

"But... , but... , those men they... , " she said however she was unsure what to say about the evening.

"Those men, you mean the men who danced with a beautiful woman, getting her drunk by feeding her twice as many drinks as she has ever had, and then making love to her, those men that went to their staterooms very happy, are those the ones you are speaking of," I said as I continued caressing her ass cheeks.

There was a long period of silence before I spoke again, "I bet some of those men are hoping a certain young woman comes back to the dance this evening."

"I couldn't," she said burying her face hard in my shoulder, "I couldn't go back there, I would be too embarrassed, I couldn't face them."

"You aren't going to meet them, you are going to the dance, and if they want to dance with you, then they have to ask you. That is no reason for you to be embarrassed."

Mary was showing remorse and I tried to explain to her, we were a thousand miles from home and they were complete strangers, we did not owe them anything. We were adults on vacation and we could enjoy ourselves, we were free to do as we pleased, and only after we returned home would we need to resume our old lifestyle. She was nodding and I knew she wanted to accept my answer and I understood it was hard for her; it was hard for me also.

"Mary," I asked, "how long have we been married?"

She looked up at me, a questioning look on her face, "We have been married fifteen years," she said. "Why, why are you asking that?"

"Have you had another lover in those fifteen years," I asked.

"Of course not!" she exclaimed raising her voice. "Do you doubt that I have been faithful to you?"

"No, I never thought about you having a lover, and I have never doubted you. In those fifteen years have you ever looked at another man, and thought he may be a good lover, and you would not mind him taking you to bed and fucking your brains out?" She could see the serious look on my face as I asked the question.

"Well, I... , " she did not complete her answer.

"I accept your answer, and interpret it to be a yes. You did find someone attractive, and you were tempted to make love to him. The point is you did not. You did not because of Connie, our marriage, and me. You had too much to lose, along with your self-respect. Well things are different now, we are on vacation, and we can change the rules, without it affecting our life at home. I am asking you now, throw away all inhibitions, and enjoy yourself for the remainder of our vacation. What we do, what we say, what we see, for the next week or ten days will remain here, and not be discussed at home. That is my promise to you. I love you with all my heart and I promise to love you just as much after we return home, no matter what happens on this ship." I took her hands and brought them to my lips, and kissed each as I gazed into her eyes. "I love you!"

Tears welled in her eyes and she replied, "I love you. I have loved you since the first moment I saw you, and you have made me very happy, happier than I thought I could ever be."

"I am hungry," I said, "could we get dressed and eat?"

"I am hungry also, but I'm hungry for you. Would you make love to me now please?" she asked as she ground her chest into mine.

Supper was more organized that evening; we were seated at a table of ten, and our table consisted of Noah and Clara, a handsome black couple, David and Micki, a young newlywed couple, and Sam and Edie, an elderly couple. The only couple our age, Art and Amy, reserved and quiet, and it was Amy who had taken Mary into her room the evening before. Mary recognized her also, her face turning crimson the first few times Amy spoke to her.

Not only was the supper more organized, the meal was gourmet quality, the service first-line, and the conversation at the table was cordial and hilarious, at times. The young couple, David and Micki, was taking the brunt of most of the jokes; however, they adjusted well and laughed along with everyone else. My education came when the women excused themselves to powder their noses. The young man David, and myself were the only couples that had never been on a cruise ship before.

I was stunned when Sam, the elder man, spoke as soon as the women were out of hearing distance, his remarks coming unexpected. "This is the finest pussy I have seen in five cruises, and I am looking forward to dipping my prick into some of it. I know my wife likes the look of these pricks; she is as anxious as I to start sampling."

I looked at the other men sitting around the table; the young newlywed had the same stunned look on his face as I, the other two, smiling, and nodding. Looking back to the elderly gentleman, I knew he was serious, and the looks on the two men's faces only confirmed my suspicions. My prick jumped at the thought of screwing the young newlywed and the black girl, each were gorgeous looking women. They compared in looks to Mary, however the elderly woman looked great to for her age, as did Amy. I suddenly felt uneasy, my prick was now fully erect, and I had to shift it for comfort.

The older man, Sam, ordered another round, and the black man, Noah, spoke up, "what do you propose for the evening?" he asked, looking first at the younger newlywed, and then in my direction, and finally to the older man.

"Well, we'll just have us a fine ole time dancing, and then will meet to my stateroom after midnight, and really party. Until then, let's just enjoy ourselves, any objection to that?" he smiled as he nodded in the direction of the returning women.

I watched the women cross the floor and my prick twitched, actually, they were all good-looking, and I wanted to screw each one, especially the newlywed and black girl. After the women were seated, more drink orders were placed, and the conversation turned to the dance and other activities scheduled.

I excused myself and went to the men's room, noticing the newlywed was following. I was draining my prick when he asked, "Do you think they were kidding, or were they serious, and how do they know the women will agree?"

"I think they were just kidding us," I said, feeling like a heel. I wanted to fuck his wife as bad as the others did. I watched the young couple and I knew the drinks were getting to them already, and after a few more, they were as good as fucked.

I heard him mumbling, as he grabbed the pipe above the urinal to steady himself, and I asked, "What was that?"

"I never had a black girl before, and she sure looks fine, I would not mind fucking her. I don't think my wife would stand for it, and I know she wouldn't agree to fuck the other men, although I wasn't the first to get in her panties." He was holding the pipe tightly, for stability, as he spoke.

"I don't think you will have a problem getting into her panties, just get your wife to dance with the others and you ask her for a few dances. You can make your play at that time," I said, feeling confident I would get a chance with his wife.

"How do I get my life to dance with the others? I can't just say you need to dance with them." He looked at me with a sympathetic look after he spoke.

"Just leave that to us, and we will entertain your wife giving you the opportunity with Clara. At the first opportunity, you should ask, and don't take no for an answer," I said as I turned from him and grinned. I did not think he would have a problem with her; she had been studying him throughout the meal.

I don't know what I was expecting when we joined with the crowd moving to the dance, when it was announced. After the discussion at the dinner table, I was prepared for anything. I was slightly disappointed, the men were perfect gentlemen.

The first number was playing and Mary and I were dancing. She began teasing immediately, grinding her mound into my erection. "I had a terrible dream last night," she said, speaking into my chest. "Actually, it was this afternoon, I woke, and you were not in the room. I went back to sleep and I dreamed you left me. You and Connie were laughing as you left me on the roadside, and she was shouting at me, "I will be a better lover than you." I was so afraid I lost you, and I promised myself I would do anything you asked, if you would let me stay. In my dream, the two of you just kept driving off, and she kept shouting the same thing, repeatedly.

"I told you that we are on vacation, far from home, and no one is watching. You have my permission to do as you please, act out your fantasies, or anything else. I love you, and I want you to be happy, be yourself. Remember anything goes, and I am not unhappy about last night, I received my reward." I laughed and placed one hand on her ass and squeezed.

"I love you," she said, "Are you sure you don't mind Sam and Noah playing with my ass?" she said as she chuckled and buried her face in my shoulder.

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