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Sex Story: A dark story about a naive young pastor and his wife who look for new thrills while vacationing in the big anonymous city. They find much more than they bargained for in the dingy booths of an adult sex shop. A story of innocence lost entirely.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Mult   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Blackmail   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Humiliation   Interracial   Oral Sex   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Size   .

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A giant neon sign flashed "XXX Adult Super Store," but it was a small handwritten sign in the corner of the window that got Jill Scott's attention. "Gloryholes!," it read.

"What in the world is a gloryhole?" she asked her husband. There was a twinkle in her eye.

Jill felt great, almost giddy. She and her husband, Jack, were on vacation in the big city and away from all the cares of their small town, ordinary lives. This was the first time they had ever been on a romantic vacation just for the two of them.

Jack was the very popular pastor of the First Baptist Church in their little hometown and Jill was his beautiful, dutiful wife of nine years. They had married while in college. Both technically were virgins when they wedded, although Jill had given a hand-job to the quarterback of the high school football team in the backseat of his car on Prom Night while he fondled her wet pussy through her panties. For a long time after that night, Jill felt horribly guilty, not because she had done it, but because she had liked it! After all, it was sinful to do such things. Her shame and excitement strangely mixed together and confused her greatly.

She and Jack had settled into a fairly stimulating, but routine sex life. After their first child arrived, Jill worked very hard to get her body back into the shape that she had enjoyed in her younger days. She had been elected Homecoming Queen both in high school and college. She wore her lithe beauty proudly and she knew that a handsome, attractive family was very helpful to her husband's career in church ministry. She enjoyed making love to Jack very much, even thought they followed the same routine almost every time.

Now Jill and Jack were enjoying big city sights and sounds without being concerned that parishioners were watching their every move. Rev. and Mrs. Scott already had gone to a wonderful gourmet restaurant and even had shared a bottle of wine--something they rarely ever did at home for fear of discovery by a church member. The effects of the alcohol and the wonderful freedom of anonymity were stimulating and refreshing to both Jack and Jill. Jack had playfully run his hand under Jill's skirt during dinner. To her shock and delight, he had felt his way up her silky pantyhose-covered leg almost all the way to her tingling pussy. She later had returned the favor by dragging long fingernails along the inside of his thigh. That sensation had jerked Jack's cock to attention. They had giggled and laughed at their public mischief. Now while walking the dazzling streets of the city, both were happy and horny!

On the way back to their hotel, Jill noticed the adult bookstore and sex paraphernalia shop. Her first instinct was to walk away quickly, but her second notion was one of great curiosity.

"Jack, let's be really naughty and look inside that place." She pointed sheepishly toward the flashing "XXX" sign. "I've always wondered what they have in places like that."

"Jill! We can't go in there. It's a sinful, pornography place. Only sleazy perverted people go I places like that," answered Jack. Just as he spoke, a clean-cut businessman carrying a briefcase emerged from the adult store's opaque door followed by an ordinary looking, well dressed woman.

"He doesn't look much like a pervert. Neither does she. Come on, Jack. Aren't you a little curious about the sexy stuff in there." Jill had a noticeably wild gleam in her eye.

"I'm telling you, Jill, they have gross, immoral stuff in there," argued Jack, "plus, what if someone sees us?"

"How do you know what they have in there? Ever been in one of these places before?"

"Well, no," said Jack truthfully.

"And, look. The sign says that they have a 'gloryhole,' whatever that is. You preach about glory often so perhaps this is something you should learn about." Jill smiled wickedly and clutched her husband's arm. She gently rubbed her breasts against him as she spoke, then laughed aloud at the ridiculousness of her own argument.

"I have no idea what a gloryhole is either, but I can assure you that it is something sexual!" Jack paused and looked into his wife's eyes. "You are serious about this, aren't you?" It was clear that curiosity and her share of a bottle of wine had gotten the best of Jack's sexy wife. "Ok, but remember that I warned you against this."

"This is no time to be a fuddy-duddy. We're on vacation!" laughed Jill pulling Jack toward the mysterious door.

Jack looked around the street as if he needed to be incognito, pulled his collars up a bit in a feeble attempt to hide, and followed his wife into the sex shop. Immediately their senses were overwhelmed by the huge amount of merchandize for sale and the dirty pictures covering every inch of space in the store. Jack took Jill's arm and turned to leave. Jill resisted.

"Come on, Jack. We are in this far, so let's take a look," whispered Jill. She was amazed by what she saw. Giant rubber penises occupied a whole wall; videos with people doing the most intimate acts were everywhere, and a host of gadgets and things hung here and there--Jill had no idea about most of their purposes. The whole place smelled like cheap disinfectant and a tired looking woman with bright red hair sat behind an ancient cash register near the door.

A croak two octaves lower than anyone would expect from a woman emerged from the cashier's lips. "I need to see some ID." The voice was tired and bored.

Jack froze. "ID? Surely you know we are older than 21." Jack laughed uncomfortably.

"I don't care how old you are. They say check ID's, so I check ID's. You too, Missy," said the red-haired woman barely looking up.

Jack noticed that a very large, burly, bald guy had stopped sweeping and was looking menacingly at them.

"Come on, babe. Let's go," Jack said quietly. Then he noticed that Jill already was showing her driver's license to the woman. Jack rolled his eyes, opened his wallet, and flashed his driver's license as well. The woman seemed interested for a moment, but then returned to reading a tattered copy of the "National Inquirer."

Signs littered the wall behind the woman. "You open it, you buy it," proclaimed one. "No loitering," said another. Jack's attention was drawn toward a curious sign, "Booths available, all lockable--buy tokens here--special booths marked with stars."

Jack was thunderstruck by the sinfulness of the place-the gates of hell for sure, he thought-yet he felt his cock involuntarily begin to grow erect. The images surrounding him were extraordinary. Real people's breasts, vaginas, penises, mouths, and anuses were on display in every combination imaginable. He looked at one particularly beautiful woman's picture. She was holding an erect cock in one hand and smiling at the camera.

"How could a woman do that?" he thought aloud. "How could anyone have asked her to pose like that in the first place? Where do they find these women?"

He looked at the woman's large breasts with oval-shaped areolas and suddenly envisioned his wife's. The two were very similar. Without warning, an image of his own wife in the same nude pose flashed through his mind. He blushed at the thought and looked quickly at his beautiful wife to see if she noticed his shame. He was shocked to note that Jill's nipples were clearly erect and poking against the soft fabric of her silk blouse. Reverend Jack Scott, pastor of the First Baptist Church, at once realized that he had a raging hard on and that his lovely wife was just as turned on as he was.

"This is amazing," whispered Jill. Her eyes swept the room. Several men were looking at racks of magazines and videos. More people seemed to be coming and going from a mysteriously dark doorway in the back. Over the doorway, a sign read, "Private booths."

"Let's go check out the booths. Go get some tokens from the lady," urged Jill.

"You've got to be kidding. And, that's no lady!" argued Jack. The look in Jill's eye told him that he had lost the argument again. He hesitantly approached the woman and held out a ten-dollar bill.

"The special rooms have stars," she reminded.

"Special rooms?" said Jack.

"The ones with gloryholes," whispered the woman rolling her eyes.

Jack returned to Jill who was wide-eyed as she looked at a picture of a man with a penis inhumanly large. "Has to be trick photography," she said. "Look at the size of that... ah... thing."

"I think we are supposed to use the booths with stars," said Jack, "but, I'm not sure why."

Several men gawked when Jill turned and walked through the doorway. Jill could feel them staring, particularly at her breasts. She felt a surge of excitement. She wondered what they must have been thinking of her.

Inside the doorway more ogling men and narrow, dark, foreboding hallways lined with doors greeted the naïve couple. One man rubbed against Jill as she passed. She felt his hand brush across her buttocks.

Shocked, Jill thought, "He did that on purpose!"

Jack located a door with a star and quickly ushered Jill inside. There they found a bench across from a small television screen. Two boxes of Kleenex were attached to the dingy walls along with a control box for depositing tokens. Jack dropped in a token and the television screen sprang to life. A white woman with enormous breasts moaned while a black man furiously drove his dick into her shaved pussy. The woman's heavy breasts undulated with every stroke.

"Oh, my gosh, Jack. Those people are actually doing it. That's not fake. Oh my! They actually let someone film them having intercourse," whispered Jill.

Jack couldn't believe his eyes either. He knew that this sort of thing existed, but he had never witnessed it in person. Jill and Jack sat on the bench clutching one another without speaking. They were mesmerized by the images on the screen.

Jill nearly jumped out of her skin when a voice that seemed to be in the room with them said, "Looking to party tonight, mister?" The voice came from a hole in the wall about waist high. Neither Jack nor Jill had noticed it before. Both recoiled to the other side of the booth.

"Oh, I see you have company tonight, governor." Two fingers with bright red painted nails rubbed the inside of the hole. "That's $10 for hand, $20 for a blow. How about it?"

"Ah... no thank you," croaked Jack.

"Suit yourself," answered the voice.

The image on the screen changed to a tanned young woman who was taking a man's gleaming cock into her mouth.

"Oh," sighed Jill. "Oh, oh, oh." A tingle of sexual energy shot through her. She backed up against Jack and was shocked to notice that his penis was fully erect.

"Oh, OH!" she repeated pulling slightly away from him.

Jack stared at the hole in the wall.

"Is that woman still looking at us?" he whispered.

Jill warily sneaked across the small space and carefully peeked through the hole in the wall. On the other side she saw a woman, naked from the waist up, busily doing something against the far wall. The woman pulled back for a moment to reach for some Kleenex and then Jill saw it. A man's penis protruded through another hole in the far wall. It was fully erect and glistening. The woman stroked the cock two or three times and deftly caught streams of semen that spewed from its tip.

"That's it, baby, give it to me," the woman exclaimed. The woman collected the cum in a Kleenex, then turned and directed a chilling grin right at Jill.

Jill couldn't believe her eyes. Her own vagina began to contract, sweat popped out on her face and hands, and her knees became weak. The full realization of what she had witnessed sank in and she jerked away from the peephole.

"Jack," she gasped. "There's a naked woman in there and you won't believe what she is doing." Jill pointed frantically at the television screen where a woman was bringing the giant cock to climax with her mouth and hand. Then she pointed at the hole.

"That's what she wanted to do to you," Jill blurted. She abruptly realized the true definition of gloryhole. "Oh, my gosh!"

"I can find a nice cock for you too, honey," said the voice through the hole. "$50... a bargain."

Both Jack and Jill gasped. They clutched one another and ran quickly out of the tiny room. The booth door slammed loudly as they exited and a woman's laughter followed them down the dark hallway. They burst into the street and headed for their hotel room.

Later that night Jill was a wild woman in bed. The image of that large cock protruding through the hole was burned into her mind. She replayed the vision of spewing jism over and over in her imagination. In her entire life, Jill had only seen one adult male penis--her husband's. She didn't have brothers and seeing her Dad's was unthinkable. She actually didn't see Jack's very often either. They always discretely turned off the lights when they made love.

"You got hard watching those movies, didn't you? You liked it, didn't you?" Jill teased while she fondled Jack's rock-hard prick. This time they were illuminated by the bright glow from the light in their bathroom. Jill had purposely left it burning. She studied Jack's cock with new fascination. She noted that his penis was not as large as the one in the gloryhole, but that his had the same dark veins and a deep red tip. Jack's cock also curved curiously upward like a parenthesis. She watched it curiously while she stroked it just like the woman in the room had done.

"Jill, baby, oooooh, that feels, ooooooh, you're going to make me, oooooh," Jack groaned in ecstasy.

The fingers of Jill's other hand secretly found her own clitoris. She hadn't touched herself like this since college. Soon lightening bolts were firing through her groin. She rubbed her firm breasts against Jack's soft, yet mysteriously hard cock and the lightening bolts shifted to her nipples. In a moment, she felt as if she was losing control completely. It was frightening and wonderful at the same time. Jill suddenly felt the urge to have Jack's cock inside her... immediately.

"Jack, I want you now. Now, Jack! I want to fuck you now!"

Jill couldn't believe that such crude language had come from her own lips. Neither could Jack. The whole encounter seemed surreal to both. Instead of assuming her usual "missionary" position, Jill without warning climbed on top of Jack, guided his swollen member into her throbbing pussy, and began to lunge up and down. Jack was taken completely by surprise. Jill's pussy gripped his dick like a fist. He came instantly and spouted cum up into Jill with reckless abandon.

Jill came also... again and again. In their usual lovemaking, Jill only had orgasms occasionally. This time was very different. One after another, the fires seemed to originate deep within her and work their way out through every fiber in her body. She began to shake all over. Finally she dropped in a breathless heap on top of Jack. They both lay there for a long time in silence.

Jack finally spoke. "I think I'll take you back to that dirty book store again. Wow! That was fantastic!"

Jack rolled over and sleep immediately overtook him. Jill, however, was wide-awake. She could not get all the images from the sex shop out of her mind. In her imagination, the woman in the booth smiled at her over and over again. The same feelings of guilt and shame that she had experienced in high school spread over her, again not because of her actions. She felt ashamed because she knew that she had to have more!

The next day, Jack awaken from a deep sleep to see his lovely wife puttering around the hotel room.

"You are up early," Jack said wiping the sleep from his eyes.

"I feel great today, honey! You made me a new woman last night!" Jill beamed as she leaned over and kissed Jack. "You just rest while I go shopping for a while. I'll be back for an early lunch!"

"Ok," said Jack snuggling back under the covers. After a while, he heard Jill bustle out the hotel room door.

By the time Jill got down to the hotel lobby, her pussy was throbbing. She looked at her watch. Plenty of time, she thought. Jill had been considering, planning, and scheming practically all night. Now her mind was made up. She was going back to the sex shop... alone.

Hiding behind sunglasses, she made her way down the busy street and into the gaudy entrance to sex shop. The bald man who had been sweeping out the night before sat behind the counter.

"Back today?" he remarked with a lecherous smile. He took her ID, but, instead of simply looking at it, this time he ran it through a scanner.

Jill felt awkward when she realized that he had remembered her, despite her feeble attempt at disguise via sunglasses. She gave him a forced smile.

"Enjoy," he said.

Jill at first looked around the shelves, but her real destination was in the back. The dark hallway was deserted in the early morning. She found a booth with a star and locked herself inside. Her pulse was racing. Her hands trembled.

This is the most sinful, devious thing I have ever done, she thought. I hope God will forgive me. She blushed deeply with no one around to see.

Jill looked at the gloryhole as if by cue two manicured fingers appeared from the other side.

"Looking for some fun, deary," said a tired voice from the hole.

Jill stood frozen.

"You have to use some tokens if you want to stay, honey," the voice warned.

Jill put a token in the slot. The room brightened with images dancing across the television screen. A woman had one man fucking her from behind while she sucked the cock of another in front of her. A third man stood nearby stroking his engorged dick. Jill gasped at the sight. Adrenaline coursed through her. What would that be like in real life, she wondered. Then horrified, she drove the evil thought from her mind.

"What'll it be today, deary" said the woman on the other side of the hole, "me or some big old cock maybe?"

On the television, the camera zoomed in until a man's cock filled the entire screen. The actress's lips slowly enveloped the entire length of the shaft.

"How much for... ah... cock?" said Jill. She could barely get the words out.

"For you... $20... the morning rate... you can fuck or suck... he, he... whatever you want, hon. Don't go away. I'll be right back with some fun for you. Twenty, please."

Jill shoved a bill through the hole and heard a door slam shut. She fought to get control of her trembling hands. A little voice deep inside her seemed to say, run away, but the itch between her legs made a stronger impression.

Jack lay awake in the hotel bed. His thoughts also returned to the night before. "Ten dollars for hand, twenty for blow," kept running through his mind. When would he ever have this chance again, he thought. "Never," was his final conclusion. Jack jumped out of bed and threw on his clothes.

There's plenty of time before Jill comes back for lunch, he thought as he hurried out the door. Already, Jack was in a cold sweat. The temptation of sexual sin had the young pastor in its grasp.

Minutes later, the large, bald man smiled and scanned Jack's driver's license. Jack grabbed his tokens and headed for a booth. Safe inside, he began to reconsider what he was about to do.

I shouldn't do this, he thought, but then fingers with bright red nail polish appeared through the glory hole in front of him.

"Looking for fun, mister?"

The voice sounded much younger than the one from the evening before.

"I do hand jobs, blow jobs, and fucks... for fucks, rubbers are required." A single eye peered at him through the gloryhole.

Before jack could respond, a door opened and closed in the other room and a man spoke to the girl. Jack couldn't make out what was said.

"Hey, the manager just told me that we have a special on this morning. Twenty for everything! It's your lucky day."

Jack's hands shook as he pushed a twenty-dollar bill into hole.

"Bring it on, big boy," the voice said.

Jack's cock began to tingle. He unzipped his pants, pulled down his underwear, and placed his semi-hard rod directly into the hole in the wall. He didn't have to wait for results. A soft hand took his member and immediately began to rub it against an even softer breast. The feeling was astounding. Every sinew in Jack's body sprang to attention. He could feel every tiny motion with his penis. He felt the difference between nipple and breast, fingertip and palm. He felt soft fingers with sharp nails scraping against his cock and balls. His dick became instantly erect.

"Mmmmm, a big one," cooed the girl.

A sensation the likes of which Jack had never felt came over him when the girl took his cock into her mouth. Jack groaned aloud. Jill had never done anything like this to him. The sensations were exquisite. Electrical sparks shot through his body. If he had not cum only a few hours earlier, he would have shot his wad immediately. Jack had not died, but he, indeed, was in heaven.

A few doors down, an unknowing Jill waited impatiently. The door slammed in the next booth and a man's voice whispered, "I have something here for you, baby! Here's a rubber, if you want it." A prophylactic appeared in the gloryhole. Jill took the rubber. Then she gasped when a penis as large as the one in the movie protruded through the hole. It was partially erect and had a huge dark bulb on its end. Moisture glistened on the tip.

For a long time, Jill simply stared at the amazing "thing." Finally, she steeled her courage and touched the organ curiously. It jerked in reaction. She felt like a scientist exploring something for the first time. She examined the growing cock and the hairless ball sack beneath. She was fascinated. She moved her hand over the shaft and it continued to grow. Dark veins bulged from the sides. Red capillaries covered the exterior of the sack. Jill moved her hand along the length of the shaft and heard a groan from the other side of the wall.

He likes this too, she thought. Just like Jack did last night. Jill suddenly felt in control of the situation.

The man continued to softly moan with each stroke.

Suddenly Jill had the mad urge to put the still growing cock in her mouth just as she had seen in the movies. She had been contemplating this all night. By now, the cock was large enough for two of her hands. She knelt in the small booth and gently gave the tip an exploratory kiss. The smell of manhood filled her nostrils. Another touch of her tongue brought both taste and smell.

"Rub your tits on it, baby," the deep voice implored. "Please... pretty please!"

Jill sized up the situation. As long as his penis filled the hole, he couldn't see her, she reasoned. Jill continued to hold the fully erect cock in her hand while she fumbled with her clothes. She modestly feared that, if she let go of the man's member, he might look at her nakedness. She dropped her tee shirt and bra to the bench and brought the cock to her breasts. It was so soft, even though it was hard. When the delicate organ touched her nipple, the bolts of sexual energy returned from the night before. Her nipples hardened instantly and seemed to beg for more.

Jill screwed up her courage once again. I may never have this chance again, she thought.

Imitating the action in the movies, she plunged as much of the big cock as she could into her mouth, licked its tender underside with her tongue, and then returned it to her breast. Now the cock glistened with her own saliva. She experienced a taste like none she had tasted before... a pleasant salty muskiness. Now it was as if she had a new toy... a wonderful toy to be played with... a toy only for her pleasure. She fondled and sucked, kissed and tasted. But, as she did, the urge, just like last night, began building within her. The urge to feel the enormous cock inside her. The condom reassured her.

"No diseases, no problems" she thought. "But, can it possibly fit inside me?" She had to know. This chance would never come again, she reckoned.

She unwrapped the rubber and stretched it over the giant cock. It felt slick in her fingers. Jill unzipped her pants and slipped them off. Next came her panties. She suddenly panicked.

"I can't do this," one voice inside her said.

"Yes, you can," said another.

"Don't look, ok?" she said aloud and then blushed at the shear silliness of her comment.

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