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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, School, .

Desc: Sex Story: Heather, a budding young photographer on assignment for her campus paper, accidentally discovers Jon and Julie, one a voyeur, the other an exhibitionist, each on a collision course with the other. A bit of blackmail and deception allows Heather to coerce both Jon and Julie into a photographer's dream session. But who ends up shooting whom?

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Heather slowly panned her telephoto lens around the crowd of music lovers in the park. She had been assigned to cover the local jazz festival in her role as photographer for the university newspaper. More importantly, this provided her a chance to capture some great shots for her senior portfolio. Her viewfinder found the image of a guy in a tie-dyed shirt and dreadlocks dancing to the wailing saxophone on stage. Heather quickly framed the shot and caught him with hair flying in very direction.

That will be a keeper, she thought.

She moved the lens a little to the left and, quite by surprise, a familiar face filled her viewfinder.

Ah, Jon from my photography class! What a hottie, he is! Very nice ass, thought Heather. She had watched Jon from afar, just as she did most of the cute guys on campus. Much to her dismay, guys rarely noticed her in return.

Like most photographers of substance, Heather worked hard at blending into the background. She didn't want her subjects to see her at all. Unfortunately, she went unnoticed even when she wasn't trying to do so.

Hot guys, like Jon, probably don't see much promise in a girl who always dresses in grubby clothes and has an assortment of cameras and lenses perpetually hanging from her neck, surmised Heather. "Oh well, that's the price we artistes must pay for our art," she mumbled to herself. A long sighed followed the comment.

Heather zoomed in on Jon. She always received a little thrill in looking at people through that long lens and knowing that they had no idea they were being observed so closely. Heather noted that Jon was curiously obsessed with something in front of him. Heather re-focussed to see what occupied such rapt attention. It was a tiny, digital camera! She wasn't surprised that Jon had a camera. He was a photography student too. The weird part was that Jon's body was turned toward the stage, but his camera was turned 90-degrees to the side.

"That's strange," said Heather, again talking to herself.

Jon's camera had a tiny TV screen for a viewfinder that could be tilted in a variety of directions. Now it lay flat on the picnic table in front of him. The camera also had a lens much bigger than the camera itself. The lens pointed to the side and was covered, in part, by Jon's hat.

This gets stranger and stranger, thought Heather.

Heather moved along the side of the crowd until she could line up her camera in the same direction as Jon's. Her autofocus snapped from blur to sharp. "So, that's his target," laughed Heather.

Sitting on the opposite side of the grassy amphitheater was a beautiful girl with long golden hair wearing a bright yellow sundress and hat. She rested in a very low slung beach chair facing in Jon's direction. She was basking in the warm sun while concentrating on a book in her hands.

So, Jon, why the secret camera work, Heather wondered.

All at once the girl shifted her knees up and her dress fell away from the backs of her legs.

Jon, you naughty little lecher! mused Heather.

Heather moved her camera back and forth, first looking at Jon and then at the girl. Each time the girl moved her legs, her tiny white panties came into full view. Each time panties were displayed, Jon adjusted his camera and fired away.

Heather felt a little stirring as she looked through her long lens. The girl in the yellow dress was gorgeous. Her long, lithe legs moved in amazingly sexy ways. Her golden blond hair fell across her face just so.

How do girls like her get their hair to do that, thought Heather running her hand through her own thoroughly straight, rather mousy hair.

Heather captured the entire moment on film not knowing exactly why.

Somehow, these pictures will come in handy, she thought.


The luxurious sun, the music, and reading simply for pleasure for the first time in a long while made Julie feel more relaxed than she had felt in months. The cool breeze flowing over her skin felt terrific. The wind suddenly caught her soft, yellow dress and it billowed up.

"If anyone was looking this way, they probably got a good view just then. What a naughty, but nice thought!" Julie laughed to herself.

She closed her eyes and let her imagination run freely. Her fantasy starred a handsome, dark man with flowing hair and broad shoulders sitting opposite her. He was quietly powerful-the strong, silent type. She imagined that he was looking at her and that she was peeping back at him unobserved from under her hat. She parted her legs and felt the wind under her skirt. The handsome observer smiled a toothy, bright smile and stared directly at Julie's tingling panty-covered pussy. The jazz from onstage seemed to become background music for Julie's little fantasy. Her nipples hardened. She could almost feel his eyes penetrating her. She sensed his growing erection and her moistening vagina. She parted her legs just a little more just for his benefit. She saw a stirring in his crotch. Oh, how her nipples ached to be touched-to be kissed.

Julie was jolted back to reality by a dog barking nearby. She moved her legs together, blushed, and secretly grinned.

What a beautiful dream, she thought.


When the concert ended, Julie collected her things and walked back toward her dormitory. This had been one of the best, most relaxing afternoons of her life. She felt wonderful.

Jon strolled a safe distance behind her. Occasionally, he focussed and shot Julie's lovely trim ass as she walked. Intermittently, the setting sun caught her dress just right allowing someone with the correct angle to see right through it. The sun's illumination made her long, lithe legs seem even longer.

Heather, fully in invisible photographer mode, moved quietly behind both of them.

This gets more interesting by the minute, she thought.

When Julie arrived at her dormitory, she turned left into the building. Strangely, Jon turned right into the now empty, recently condemned classroom building across the street.

Weird, thought Heather. She stood observing, but not knowing which way to go.

In the gathering dusk a few moments later, Heather saw a light flash on in a window on the top floor of the dorm. At the same time, a brief movement up and to her right caught her eye. She looked up and, at first, saw nothing. Then she saw movement again, this time on top of the old academic building. She zoomed in with her telephoto lens. It was Jon with his camera... he was focussing on something across the street.

"I'll be damned," whispered Heather to no one in particular. She thought to herself, I believe that Jon is being quite the voyeur here. I'd bet large amounts of money that the girl in the yellow dress is in the room across the street. Tsk, tsk, Jon. You are a naughty boy!

Heather inconspicuously walked into the girl's dorm and bounded up the stairs.


Jon was sweating by the time he reached the roof of the academic building. A piece of duct-tape had assured his access to the utility room. A dysfunctional latch on the roof access had allowed him outside, just as he had planned. The University's own staff photographer had shown Jon the way to this secluded vantagepoint. Jon had assisted in taking some rooftop panoramas of the campus. That day he had watched young coeds moving around in their rooms across the street and had made a mental note to return here as soon as possible.

The girl in the yellow dress walked across her dorm room and actually opened the curtains wider to let in the soft light. It was clear that she thought she could not be seen all the way up on the dorm's top floor. All windows in the vacant classroom building across the street were lower. The roof, however, was higher.

Jon zoomed in his lens as the girl tossed her hat on the bed and began to comb her long, blond hair in front of a mirror. Sweat popped out on Jon's forehead in anticipation of what was about to happen. He momentarily shifted his body around so he could lay behind a small wall on the roof's edge. He raised his camera, but the strap was tangled beneath him. He straightened the strap and returned to his target. The girl still stood at her mirror brushing her long locks.

Julie, brush in hand, was humming the last jazz tune from the festival aloud when she caught a glimpse of something out of the ordinary in her mirror. Then she saw it again.

There's someone on the roof across the street, she thought. She squinted into her mirror. It's a guy... maintenance man, I guess.

Then she saw the figure hold up a camera. The light from behind him made the camera's shape easy to identify. The man's head ducked behind the edge of the roof, but the lens of the camera caught a bit of a reflection.

He is taking pictures, thought Julie.

Then the reality of the moment hit Julie like a ton of bricks.

He is hiding on the roof taking pictures... of me! He is a voyeur!

She started to whirl around and phone the police, but then she stopped and realized, "He is waiting to see me undress. Hmmm..."

With the help of her park fantasies, Julie had grown very horny. Now the thought of stripping for her mysterious admirer shot through Julie's brain like a lightening bolt. Her pussy was throbbing with excitement.

"Do I put on a show for him or not?" she mused.

She put her hairbrush down and began to slowly unbutton her yellow dress. Tension began to build within her. She kept her back to the window and stared intently into the mirror.

Maybe this is simply a product of my vivid imagination. Maybe he's a regular old maintenance man doing his job, she thought. Just then she saw the top of a head bob up, then down, a camera again was silhouetted in the evening light, and then it returned to the shadows.

He's there for sure! And, that has to be a camera, thought Julie. Let's see how he reacts to this!

Julie's pulse quickened as she slipped her dress off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She could almost feel his eyes on her shapely back. Julie took a deep breath and turned toward the window. She walked to the center of the room and glanced down at herself. She was wearing a soft white bra and matching panties with little strings on the sides. A thin triangle of cloth barely covered her pussy that now was beginning to tingle unmercifully. She rubbed her hands across her full breasts, reached in front, and unhooked the clasp on her bra. Her hands began to tremble as she felt the bra relax against her. Gently she allowed her firm, round breasts to come free. Her nipples instantly hardened into little pink pebbles. She caressed each breast with her hand. When she touched her nipples, surges of sexual energy shot through her. Her excitement was building to a fever pitch. She felt new wetness between her legs. She had never felt so naughty, yet so nice in her entire life.

Across the street Jon was in ecstasy. This was beyond his wildest dreams. He squeezed off shot after shot while fumbling either with camera discs or with his now rock hard cock. When the girl in the window removed her bra, Jon almost shot his load on the spot. Her pink nipples seemed to dance on the ends of her breasts. Jon unzipped his pants and freed his throbbing meat while still framing and shooting at the girl in the window.

Julie pretended to look out the window at nothing in particular. She placed her thumbs at her waist, hooked them on the strings holding her panties in place, and, in one motion, pulled them down. She kicked the tiny panties aside. Her auburn bush glistened in the light from the setting sun. Electricity seemed to surge through her only to merge at her tingling pussy. She tenderly took one nipple and tweaked it softly. Again, lightening bolts shot through her. Her other hand found her waiting clitoris. Her knees became weak as she stimulated her most precious spot.

I can't believe I am doing this in front of a stranger, she thought. But god, does it feel good! I'm gonna cum! Oh god, I'm gonna cum!

She closed her eyes and focussed only on her sweet, throbbing clit.

Jon witnessed all this with awe. He stared through the telephoto lens on his camera while franticly stroking his engorged dick. When the girl in the window began to finger herself frantically in obvious passion and pain, he shot his load all over the roof in front of him.


Jon opened the large envelope in his mailbox and gasped at the contents. Inside was a full color picture of him in the park hunched over the small camera that he obviously was hiding under his hat. Another picture had him in the foreground and a girl in a yellow dress prominent in the background. The third picture took his breath away. It was a close-up of the girl in the yellow dress with eyes closed, hard nipples pressing against the yellow fabric, dress blowing in the breeze, white panties in clear view underneath. The photo was so crisp that he could see individual pubic hairs curling out from under the thin strip of white cloth. The girl's labia were clearly outlined in the fabric of her panties.

The next picture caused Jon to gasp in horror. It was an amazingly clear photo of him lying on top of the academic building roof with camera pointed across the street.

Anyone with that angle had to be on top of the girl's dorm, he thought. His mind raced. Who could have taken these? Who could have seen him in the park and the rooftop?

The last two pictures were even more shocking. In one, Jon's grimacing face was fully lit in the golden evening light as he lay on his side peering over the roof edge. His fist-covered dick was in clear view as well. The second, somewhat grainy picture was blown up until only Jon's body from mid-chest to knees was visible. It showed white sperm spewing from the end of his purple dick in living color.

The note attached said simply, "Gotcha! Let me have your picture discs, and I mean all of them, or my pictures will find their way onto Internet sites around the world. Your friend, Heather."


Jon sheepishly handed Heather a set of discs after class the next day.

"I believe you've been a naughty little boy, Jon!" said Heather getting directly to the point.

Jon had a difficult time looking Heather in the eye. His face began to betray his embarrassment by turning bright red. Heather loved the sudden rush of power that she felt.

"I believe that these should be very interesting," said Heather as she put the first disc in her laptop.

"So, what do you want from me?" said Jon. He wanted to get out of this situation a soon as possible. He simply could not believe that this girl had pictures of him window-peeking and jacking-off.

"Oh my!" Heather's attention was drawn to the images of Julie on her screen. The first disc included photos of Julie's lovely body, her stiff nipples, panty shots, and the like from the park.

"You are a bad boy, Jon. I believe that you have a thing for this girl. This qualifies as stalking. You seem to have gotten yourself in some trouble here," Heather said sarcastically.

Heather's jaw fell when the images on the second disc began to load onto her computer screen. She couldn't believe her eyes.

These pictures belong on an Internet porn site, thought Heather.

Then an incongruity in the photos struck Heather like a ton of bricks. The girl looked radiantly beautiful as she masturbated standing in the middle of the room.

Standing? Masturbating standing? In the middle of a dorm room... in front of the window? Normal girls would not do that... unless... oh my god... she knew... she knew... the fucking girl knew she was being photographed! Holy shit!

In an instant, Heather's new plan became clear to her.

"Jon, here's the deal. I'm going to keep all this... ah... 'evidence.' I'll be in touch." Heather disappeared out the door before the dumbfounded Jon could react at all.

Plans and Schemes

It didn't take a great deal of detective work for Heather to identify Julie. She only had to show a modest headshot of Julie to about three guys in the campus newspaper office before one recognized her pretty face. A phone call to an unsuspecting, cooperative professor revealed Julie's name and the campus directory provided her dormitory room number.

Heather sent a lovely, demure photo to Julie with a note saying, "I am a photography student working on a class project. Your photo from the park turned out so beautiful that I wondered if you would do some modeling for me. If so, call me at the campus newspaper office. P.S. I hope you don't mind that I took your picture without permission. I was just snapping whatever I saw and ended up with this great shot. I hope you will let me shoot some more, Heather."

Julie's response was positive and quick in coming.

The beautiful photo, vanity, and some curiosity took Julie to Heather's apartment for the photo shoot later that week. Julie was greatly relieved to see a living room filed with professional looking equipment and a seemingly nice photographer.

"I've never done any modeling before," admitted Julie. "I'm a little bit intimidated by this."

"No problem," said Heather. "I'm just glad that you are willing to do this for me. Finding models--free ones--is extremely difficult. I don't have any money to pay professionals, and you are very photogenic. I'm happy to give you copies of everything that I shoot. At least you will get some great free photos of yourself out of the deal. And, I will only use these for my class and for inclusion in my portfolio. Ok?"

Heather handed Julie a model release form to sign.

"You'll have to tell me what to do," said Julie quietly. She signed the release and gave to back to Heather.

"Did you bring your yellow dress and hat?" said Heather. Julie nodded affirmatively. "Go put it on while I set up this fan. Oh... and don't wear anything under your dress. The wind from the fan will give me just a hint of your body underneath. I don't want ugly underwear lines to show. I want to try to capture a sort of... ah... sexy innocence in this session. Ok?"

Julie was shocked, but tried not to show it. "I don't know about that... ah... I mean... like that dress is pretty thin... and... well... I... didn't wear a slip... ah... and..."

"Hey, it's just us girls here and I'm going for a little glamour here. If you get uncomfortable, just tell me. No big deal."

"Ok," said Julie. Heather seemed like a regular person trying to do a good job. She appeared very professional.

What the heck, thought Julie, another new collegiate experience, that's all.

Julie looked stunning when she emerged from the dressing room. Her hard nipples brought definition to the shapes of her beautifully firm breasts under the thin, clinging cloth. When the fan pushed to dress closer to her body, little was left to the imagination.

Heather began to work with Julie. Getting her to move gracefully took no time at all. Julie was a natural. The lights popped and Julie moved. She was pure sexual energy from head to toe.

Wow, thought Heather. She's better than a $1,000 an hour pro. This is going to be great. One-woman show, here I come.

"Ok, let's try unbuttoning a few buttons," said Heather. "I want to add shape to your neck. Throw your head back. Let your hair blow free. Play with the hat a little."

Julie hesitated only for a moment, then did as she was told. A familiar sexual tingle began to return in her.

What's up with this, she thought. I'm not showing off for a guy here, yet I am getting a little turned on by this. Go figure?

She undid a couple of buttons and let her dress fall open a bit.

"Like this?" asked Julie.

"Terrific. Beautiful," shouted Heather firing away while she moved around the makeshift studio. "Put on the hat now... yes... pull it down over one eye... that's right... now let the dress fall off one shoulder... good... look right at me. Yes! Beautiful!"

Julie let the yellow dress fall from her shoulder. Her impulse was to clutch one hand to her bosom to hold the top of the dress in place, but attending to her hat made that impossible. Her dress hung precariously on the end of one breast.

"Now twirl around," shouted Heather. "Spin like you were a little kid playing with a new dress."

Julie began to spin slowly. Her dress flared at the bottom. She began to feel like a child swirling and twirling.

"Feel the wind in your hair... throw out your arms... remember how you used to feel when you did this with a brand new full skirt on..." Heather's words droned in Julie's ears.

Julie let her arms relax and, when she did, one breast became exposed. It felt wonderful to spin around in the cool breeze. Suddenly she realized that she was exposed.

"Oh my," she said trying to pull her collar back together.

"No, let that go. You look wonderful... very sexy, yet very innocent. That's perfect, wonderful!" said Heather continuing to shoot picture after picture.

"I'm little shy," said Julie.

"No need. You look fantastic. Most women would pay a fortune to look half as good as you," said Heather. "Unbutton one more button and stand facing me."

Another electrical charge surged through Julie. She couldn't believe how much she liked doing this. She unbuttoned her dress down to her navel and let it drape over her firm breasts. Her parents would die if they saw her now.

So, let them fucking die, thought Julie with a smile, without seeing these photos, of course. She wanted to giggle at her private joke.

"Beautiful," cried Heather. "Now hold out both arms a little and let the dress fall down to your elbows."

"What?" said Julie.

"Just let it fall... eyes up toward heaven... that's it... shoulders back a little... arch your back some... yes!"

Julie couldn't believe what she was doing. She was standing in front of a person with a camera with both breasts fully exposed; tiny pink nipples hard as rocks... and she liked it! What a wonderfully free feeling, she thought. Every nerve in her began to tingle.

"Ok, now let the dress fall completely to the floor." Heather wondered if this would be the end of the session. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, she thought.

Julie paused for a moment and then let the flimsy dress cascade down to her ankles. She stood very still on the outside, but on the inside she was about to go wild with excitement. Heather moved around her changing lighting here and there trying somehow to capture Julie's magnificent body in a single photograph. Julie's pubic hair matched the honey blond color on her head. Light seemed to reflect off both equally well.

"Move very slowly for me now... keep your body in some sort of curve," suggested Heather. Julie responded by moving so erotically than Heather began to feel very aroused.

Shit, this girl is beautiful, thought Heather. She suddenly realized that she was sweating from the exertion. "At least, I think it is from exertion," Heather mused.

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