Red Room

by frog

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Reluctant, Coercion, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Humiliation, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: An enterprising young university dean, his even more ambitious and beautiful wife, and their colleagues finally are invited to a party at the home of one of the world's wealthiest philanthropists. These enterprising academics see this as the golden opportunity to raise money for the University and advance their own careers. Surprises await them!

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The long, sleek, black limousine seemed almost out of place as it made its way along what appeared to be a simple country road. The tree-covered lane served as a three-mile long driveway leading to the mansion of Harlan W. Box, one of the wealthiest men in the world.

Dr. J. Rexford King stared out the limo window as the green canopy of majestic maples sheltering the road passed overhead. He smiled as he reflected on the remarkable journey that had brought him to this moment. Rex King was the youngest person ever to graduate in engineering from Rice. His MBA from Stanford and Ph.D. from Yale followed quickly, as did his career as a college professor. By the ripe old age of 29, he was already a distinguished professor at Princeton and now he had just been appointed the youngest Dean of Arts & Sciences in the history of prestigious Westwick University. What a ride it had been! Rex had it all--boyish good looks, an enchanting smile, and a gorgeous, sexy wife, Kathy.

"One does not often see three miles of manicured front lawn," said Kathy King. His wife's comment interrupted Rex's musing. He turned his attention her and, as always, he was taken by her stunning good looks. No matter how many times he gazed at her, her remarkable beauty always took him by surprise.

Many upwardly mobile academic deans shed their graduate school wives for "trophy" wives, but not Rex. Kathy was the perfect dean's wife--beautiful, charming, and dignified, with a lithe body and sparkling eyes that made every head turn when she entered a room. Kathy had been one of Rex's undergraduate students. She had immediately recognized him as her future husband on the first day of class. He simply did not know it at the time. By the end of the term, she had him hopelessly in love with her. Now after twelve years of marriage, she was the driving force behind Rex's career.

"So this is how the really rich and famous live. I sure would hate to have to mow his yard," quipped Kathy as she surveyed the acres of carefully landscaped, rolling hills surrounding the Box Estate.

"You might even need a riding mower," laughed Larry Connors. Larry quickly glanced at the tops of Kathy's perky white breasts-two small, firm, flawless globes that seemed to float underneath her emerald green silk gown. Lawrence Connors was Westwick's Vice-President for Development, a title that meant he had one and only one purpose in life-raising money the University. His wife, Darla, was as voluptuous as Kathy was slim. As a matter of fact, she was different from Kathy King in virtually every way possible. Darla's full lips, curvaceous figure, blond poufy hair, and somewhat trashy look stood in stark contrast to the slim, demure, elegant Mrs. King. Larry had worked for months to get an invitation to a Harlan Box party and tonight was the night.

"Wow! Get a load of that mother of a house!" Darla whispered to no one in particular. "Takes one's breath away." Her sweet pussy still throbbed from the little session she and her vibrator had had while she was getting ready for the party. Dressing up in eveningwear always made her super horny, a condition she treated fairly regularly through mechanical means.

The limo pulled to a stop in front of Harlan Box's mansion just as the sun was setting over the glistening lazy river that flowed past in the distance. "What a night this is going to be," said Darla prophetically. The limo's four occupants didn't realize just what an extraordinary night this would turn out to be-one that would change them forever!

The Party

The chauffeur opened the door and the humid, earthy smell of the country rushed into the limousine. Rex caught a glimpse of Darla's ample cleavage as she crouched to get out of the car. A little electric twinge shot through his groin. She is one sexy lady and with amazingly bodacious tits, he thought. The two couples made their way up the long front stairway to tall, oak and brass entry doors. A tuxedoed doorman swung open the huge doors to reveal a massive vestibule filed with glamorous looking people.

"We are going to make some money tonight," whispered Larry through a fixed smile.

Indeed, the crowd included senators, business leaders, CEO's, and a host of those whose full time jobs simply were managing their fortunes. It certainly was not the kind of group with whom college professors usually socialized.

Rex, baby. You've come a long way from Amarillo, thought Dr. King as he strolled into the world of the wealthy with his faithful wife beaming at his side. A willowy blond with an extremely low neckline and very erect nipples pressing through her gown's soft fabric caught Rex staring at her deep cleavage. Instead of protesting, she simply smiled. Before he could truly enjoy the moment, Rex felt a stern poke in the ribs from Kathy.

"Watch it, buddy," said Kathy smiling all the while.

"I am. I am! Watching 'it' very closely, as a matter of fact," retorted Rex.

"Hello, I'm Sarah Box." A tall, attractive, older woman with perfect hair, perfect teeth, and major-league jewelry came toward them with hand outstretched. "You must be the good Doctors King and Connors. Welcome to my home."

Sarah Box's eyes moved up and down Rex's body like a dirty old man contemplating a nubile young maiden at a peep show. Rex blushed as he shook her hand. Kathy's eyes widened, but quickly her dean's wife decorum returned.

"We are delighted to be here," Kathy said.

"They didn't make college professors this handsome when I was an undergraduate," Mrs. Box said. In mid-sentence her attention shifted to Darla's ample breasts spilling over the top of her gown. An awkward silence followed this rather shocking behavior. Before anyone else could think of something to say, Mrs. Box swept away to greet other guests who had just arrived.

"She's a piece of work," said Darla as they made their way to the bar.

"A real bitch, I'd say," whispered Kathy still smiling, at least on the outside.

In the next hour, the party had come into full swing and the little band of Westwick University representatives had met a host of influential people. Rex had been promised luncheon meetings by at least six important potential donors and Larry was chalking the event up as a magnificent success.

"There is a poker game in the drawing room that looks very interesting," said Larry. "I think it is time to stop working and start partying, if you will excuse me?"

"Don't lose the family jewels," giggled Darla.

"Shame on you, Darla!" blushed Kathy.

As Larry walked away, Rex slid his hand down around the gentle curve of Kathy's silk-draped ass. Kathy recoiled quickly.

"Rex!" she whispered through a forced smile. "People will see you... you dirty old man."

Abruptly a most effeminate man rushed toward the Kings as if he was a long, lost friend. He was so blatantly gay that he seemed almost a caricature of real homosexuality. Nonetheless in a matter of moments, he endeared himself to everyone. He had that quirky charm that took everyone by pleasant surprise.

"Darling, that is the most marvelous gown. You look fabulous. I wonder if it comes in my size! He-he, just kidding, NOT!" The man giggled like a schoolgirl. "By the way, my darlings, I'm Bruce, Mrs. Box's favorite designer."

For the next ten minutes, Bruce delivered a constant stream of stories about the Boxes, gushed praise for both Kathy's and Darla's gowns, and bit his lip when he looked at Rex. Finally, he took a breath, paused, and asked, "First time at a Box party?"

"Yes," answered Kathy.

"Oooooo, fresh meat! I love newbies at Box parties."

Kathy glanced at Rex and Darla trying to stifle her urge to burst out laughing. Without warning Bruce took on the demeanor of a secret government agent, drew the three of them close to him, and whispered, "Can you keep a secret, my sweet things?" Blank stares and puzzled nods came from all three.

"I take it that you have not yet seen... the Room!" lisped Bruce, eyes flashing.

The Room

Bruce led the trio upstairs to a long hallway with many doors. Some distance down the hall was a small connecting corridor with a velvet rope obstructing the entrance. Bruce looked all about and unhooked the barrier.

"Come quickly," he whispered.

Around the corner was another innocent looking door that seemed to be a maintenance or maid's closet.

"Don't tell anyone that I showed you," giggled Bruce opening the door. "Enjoy!" he said as a swept away and headed back to the main party.

On one side of the closet were assorted brooms and mops, but on the other side was a dark passage draped in a black velvet cloth. Darla held back the cloth and peered into a dark, L-shaped passageway. "What in the hell is this?" she exclaimed.

"I don't know, but let's take a peek," said Rex. "It must be something weird, if Bruce recommends it."

"I don't feel right about this," ventured Kathy. "This looks off-limits to me."

"Oh, Kathy, you're such a wimp!" sighed Darla. "This is either a closet or an adventure." Darla plunged into the darkness dragging Kathy along with her.

They found themselves in a dark room.

"Ouch," said Rex as he stumbled against an overstuffed couch in the middle of the floor. As their eyes adjusted to the darkness suddenly there was movement near them. Kathy gasped as she saw a young woman enter an opulent bedroom decorated in red.

"I'm sorry," stammered Kathy, "We didn't... uh... know... well... we... ah." Kathy frantically tried to think of an alibi when suddenly she realized that the young woman was not responding.

"There's a window there," said Rex. "We can see her, but apparently she can't see or hear us. This is too fucking weird."

Suddenly a light appeared illuminating the bed and the young woman whirled around wearing a look of genuine fear. She stared at the door.

"Oh, my gosh, it is Senator Hastings' wife. We just met a little while ago," whispered Kathy. "And, the guy coming in the room... wearing a bathrobe is NOT the Senator. Oh, my god."

"Sweet Jesus!" said Darla. "It's a one-way mirror and I don't think we are supposed to be seeing what we are seeing."

The dark, muscular man made his way over to the wide-eyed Mrs. Hastings and gently touched her long blond hair. His hand followed the curve of her neck downward and landed on the first button of her blouse. He gazed into her eyes and slowly unbuttoned the top button while kissing her partially opened mouth.

"Now I know we are not supposed to be seeing this," gasped Kathy. "Rex, let's get out of here. Right now!"

"Are you kidding," said Darla. "What do you think this room is for, Kathy? It's for viewing! It is planned that way."

The three of them stood mesmerized as the man unbuttoned the young wife's blouse to reveal a lacy white bustier. The young woman stood stark still as the man continued. Quickly he unzipped the bustier, and her firm taut breasts sprang free. The man leaned over to kiss each pink nipple and to unzip her long skirt. It fell to her ankles. Her half-slip followed gathering gently at her feet. The man lifted Mrs. Hastings onto the giant red bed and in one motion tore her panties from her. The woman seemed to tremble all over and to shake her head, "no."

"I think it is show time, folks," said Darla in awe.

"If someone comes in here, I'll die," said Kathy.

The man in the red room threw off his robe and stood naked before the Senator's wife. His large penis already had begun to engorge and grow erect. With one strong hand, he guided the woman's hand to his hardening organ and placed her fingers on it. With his other hand, he pulled her head slowly against him finally placing his red-tipped monster on her lips.

"Holy shit," said Rex. He found Kathy's arm and pulled her in front of him. Kathy backed gently against Rex. He rested his hands on her shoulders and said with a little laugh, "I don't think we are in Kansas anymore, Toto." Rex was vaguely aware that Darla had silently drawn away from he and Kathy.

Reluctantly at first, the Senator's wife took the muscular man's cock into her mouth. The effect of her mouth on the cock was immediate. The man began to plunge his member in and out of her red lips. She grasped the slippery cock as if that was the only way to hold on. The man grabbed a hand full of her blond hair and pressed his fully erect cock into her mouth again and again.

"Slowly, my lovely. I don't want to cum yet," a loud speaker over Rex and Kathy's head barked. The man's voice seemed too loud to be quite real.

"We can see and hear," mumbled Kathy. "This is wrong... badly wrong." She spoke, but she did not turn away from the spectacle unfolding before them.

The man removed his glistening cock from the woman's lips, turned her across the bed, and positioned her on hands and knees. Now she was looking directly at the three peepers without a hint that they were watching her. Passion gripped her face. The man plunged his moist dick into her from behind and the young wife's face reflected passion with every stroke. The fear on her face had changed to sexual ardor.

Rex unconsciously moved his hands down Kathy's arms and gently took a silk covered breast in each hand. Kathy gasped as he did so, but didn't move to stop him. She pushed back against Rex's hard bulge. She could feel his cock stiffen against her. With that awareness, she slowly began to grind her ass into his bulging groin.

I have never seen anything like this before, thought Kathy in amazement. In truth, she had only seen two penises in her entire life, Rex's and that of the high school boy who took her virginity. Neither of them was as large as the cock that plunged in and out of the woman in the next room. The man looked as if he was splitting the woman in half.

Even more shocking to Kathy was the look on the woman's face. The young wife obviously was in sheer ecstasy. Her face was clinched as if in the simultaneous throes of joy and pain. The woman's look and Rex's touch sent chills coursing through Kathy's body.

Suddenly, the man turned the woman back toward him and plunged his dripping dick again into her full lips. She attacked his member this time with both hands and a willing mouth. After several strokes, the man withdrew his cock and sprayed cum all over the young woman's face. She continued to jack him until he was fully spent. Her delicate tongue reached out and tasted the cum dripping from the tip of his cock. With that, the woman fell back in a heap on the bed. The man calmly moved off the bed, put on his robe, and left the room. The Senator's wife slowly sat up on the side of the bed and began to cry as she wiped her face with the bed sheet.

Rex glanced to his left. Darla had her hand inside the top of her dress and was fondling her breasts while she straddled the arm of the couch. She also rubbed furiously against the couch's arm until she realized that Rex was looking her way. Quickly, she stood and broke the silence, "That was about the damnedest thing I have ever seen. I still can't believe it was real."

Kathy was ablaze. The sights in the room and Rex's hands had turned her into a madwoman. Darla's comment brought her back to reality and she tried desperately to rearrange her disheveled clothes. Rex had a raging hard on. One more of Kathy's touches and he would have cum in his pants. The sight of Darla humping the couch had turned him on as well. He had this mad urge to tear the clothes off both women and fuck them together, but he resisted.

"Let's get out of here," Kathy said. She dragged Rex back through the narrow passage into the hall. All three emerged gasping and sweating.

The Ask

"I need a drink!" said Kathy.

"Me, too," echoed Rex and Darla.

The drink in Kathy's trembling hand divulged her continuing excitement. She was trying to calm herself when to her amazement the good Senator Hastings' wife, every hair in place and wearing her best beauty pageant smile, came sweeping elegantly down the long main stairway. She made her way over to the Senator who was in a heated debate with two other white-haired gentlemen, kissed him on the cheek, and smiled graciously as she hung on his arm.

"If I didn't know better, I'd say that woman had balls of steel," said Darla. "Larry is not going to believe this." With that she headed off into the crowd toward the poker room.

Kathy stared at Rex. Her heart was still pounding, her pussy throbbed, and she could barely speak.

"I thought things like this only existed in dirty novels. Jesus Christ, Rex, he was fucking her brains out... and we were watching!"

Before Rex could respond, he saw the host couple, Harlan and Sarah Box, make eye contact from across the room and begin coming toward them.

"I think we are about to meet the famous Mr. Box," said Rex.

Harlan Box's eyes were glued on Kathy. He looked at her from head to foot while he moved through the chatting crowd. Sarah Box whispered in his ear as they came nearer and a big smile swept over Harlan Box's face.

"So this is the lovely Mrs. King. Sarah told me that you were stunning, but she certainly understated the issue." Harlan Box had the suave manner of someone who enjoyed "old money" and power.

Kathy blushed and said, "Oh, you charmer. I am most flattered."

"You are a lucky man, Dean King, in many ways." Harlan Box's attention shifted to Rex. "Can we find a quiet place to talk for a moment?"

Sarah led them to a small sitting room off the main hall. Harlan Box closed the door behind them.

"Let me get right to the point, Dr. King. My wife and my taxman think I need to make a significant gift to someone. They think I need my name on something or other at Westwick University. I'm an alum, you know. So, give me the numbers on... oh... let's say, naming the entire College of Arts and Sciences. Frankly I'm not so much interested in some building that will grow old eventually, but my name on a vibrant academic School appeals to me very much."

Rex King was flabbergasted. He expected to someday make an "ask" of Mr. Box, but not quite so soon. He tried to speak, but the words stuck in his throat. Where was Larry when he needed him?

"Well sir, we would hope to receive... uh... about... ah... well... $60 million for naming the entire College... but, you... I mean, one would not have to pay all that at once. And, of course, you would have other benefits... uh... like football tickets, and... ah... library privileges." Rex couldn't believe what he had just said. Library privileges? What the fuck was he thinking? He was talking to a man who could buy the fucking Library of Congress.

"The Harlan and Sarah Box College of Arts and Sciences... hmm... I like the sound of that. Don't you, sweetheart?" Sarah Box simply nodded. "That's a good fit," said Harlan as if he were picking out a new shirt. "It's a deal!

Both Kathy and Rex gasped audibly.

"I don't know quite what to say, sir," squeaked Rex. "But, this is a wonderful moment in the history of Westwick! We are overwhelmed by your generosity."

"Great! Well, you can have your legal folks start working on the paper, but..."

There was a long pause as Harlan looked directly at Kathy.

"There is one... uh, small condition before we can close this deal."

The Poker Game

In the drawing room, things were not going near so well for Larry. Larry's salary in comparison to that of the faculty at Westwick was very large, but not in comparison to the incomes of the businessmen seated around the poker table. They were all having a great time, laughing, joking, and acting generally rowdy. Larry was not having a good time. He already had run out of cash and had been given $10,000 worth of chips on the promise that he would certainly pay later. Now most of that was gone.

Well, so much for the new dining room furniture and a whole bunch of other stuff, he thought. How could I have been so stupid to get involved in this game?

Now he was stuck. Just then, a very flustered Darla burst into the room and rushed over to Larry's side.

"We have to talk," she whispered.

"Can't right now, honey, " Larry retorted. You have no idea how badly in trouble, I... or we... are, he thought.

"Ah, Mrs. Connors," said one smiling older man. "How nice of you to join us."

Darla looked up and realized that most of the men's wives were behind their husbands watching the game with interest and chatting among themselves.

"Thank you," she said as she slipped up on a stool behind Larry.

Playing seven-card stud made for enormous pots along with the temptation to stay in the game just to see those last few cards. That had been Larry's downfall, but now he sat looking at two Kings down and another up. This could be his chance to win big because on the face of it to the others around the table, he seemed to have a nothing of a hand.

Betting progressed until two people and a giant pot remained.

"Isn't this exciting? I love this stuff!" exclaimed the man with silver hair sitting across from Larry. "I'll raise you... say... $10,000."

Larry was out of chips, deep in debt, and holding a winning hand.

"Sir, you seem intent on buying the pot. You know that I didn't come prepared for this game tonight."

"Well, I would be happy to float you another $15,000 or so to keep the game going, Dr. Connors. You've been a good sport and I have taken a good bit of your money already."

Darla suddenly realized what was happening. Oh my god, she thought. I'll bet that stupid idiot, Larry, has lost our savings and more. She glanced at his down cards when he turned up their corners and quickly looked around the table. He has three Kings and the pile of chips is huge, she thought. With this hand, we can win our money back and get the fuck out of here. Darla breathed a sigh of relief.

Larry glanced up at her and caught her knowing look and slight wink.

"Ok," he said quietly. The dealer dealt another round of cards. Larry's heart almost stopped when another King landed at his fingertips. Darla tried desperately to keep a poker face.

Larry was equally shocked when the other man said, "I'll raise you another $10,000." The guy just had a bunch of small cards and a 10.

He must have three, maybe four ten's. No problem, Larry reasoned to himself.

"Will you take my marker once again, sir?"

"No," said the man with a smirk.

"What!" shouted Larry.

"Now take it easy, Dr. Connors. I have an idea. I won't take your marker, but instead I will allow you to bet... let's say... your wife's clothes!"

There were subdued chuckles and murmurs from around the room. Darla gasped. Cold chills burst through her.

"My wife's clothes, sir?" choked Larry.

"Yes, you win, you take all the money on the table and all your markers. You lose and I get the money and your wife's clothes. Seems fair to me."

Everyone sat in silence. All the air seemed to leave the room. Seconds seemed like hours. Finally, Darla broke the silence.

"We'll see that bet and call," she said resolutely. She was sweating and had chill bumps all over at the same time.

"Are you sure, baby?" said Larry in a stage whisper. "We can just walk away... you know that, don't you?"

"And let him buy the pot? I don't think so. I'm game, if he is."

"A woman after my own heart," smiled the silver-haired man. "A real risk taker!"

Larry proudly flipped over his cards, "Four Kings." He grinned broadly and reached for the pot.

"Wait," said the man. He rearranged the innocuous set of cards before him. "That's two, three, four, five, and six of..."

To Larry, the number and suit on the last card seemed at least three feet tall.

"... Clubs-a straight flush, I believe," said the man with a flourish.

Darla gasped and sought Larry's steadying shoulders. The room seemed to begin to spin. Lights seemed to flash. She looked frantically from one person to another. All eyes were on her. Faces of rich, old people leered at her from every direction. Some began to applause. Larry couldn't take his eyes off that last card.

How could he have not seen that possibility? What a fuck up, he thought.

"Mrs. Connors, I believe you owe me a set of clothes... and lovely ones, at that. I'd appreciate payment of your bet... now."

"I can't believe this. This is not happening," cried Darla clutching at her neckline for a nonexistent collar. "Surely, you can't really expect me to go through with this... here... now... in front of everyone."

"Yes, I do, Mrs. Connors... and don't call me Shirley!" There were gales of laughter from around the room. "Perhaps, you would like to stand here on top of the table where the rest of the bets were placed."

At that suggestion, two men sprang into action, lifted Darla down from the stool and helped her step up on a chair and then to the tabletop while others whisked away chips and cards. Larry sat in silent pain.

"Need a little help?" said one of the women. She reached up and unzipped the back of Darla's dress.

This was happening too fast. Darla grasped her neckline and began to shake all over. She was hot and cold at the same time. Her heart pounded as if it might leap from her chest.

"We haven't had a table dance in a long while, Earl," remarked someone behind her.

"Finally, we have someone at this fucking party pretty enough to be worth it," said another.

"Hey, what are we? Chopped liver?" shouted one of the wives.

The conversation and the room whirled around Darla. Finally, she looked into Larry's sad, frightened eyes.

"I'm sorry," he mouthed and looked away.

With a trembling hand, Darla slipped her gown from one shoulder, then the other. She thought that she might faint at any minute. With the zipper down, her long gown slipped off easily and dropped to the table. Probing eyes completely surrounded her. For a moment, she simply stood there with arms crossed on her full breasts.

Polite applause followed.

"Well? The rest, please?" said the proud winner.

"Ok," Darla whispered, more to herself than anyone else.

She took the two sides of her camisole and slowly lifted it over her head revealing her black satin and lace bra. Her nipples pressed against the soft fabric of the bra and were telltale signs of her growing excitement. Whistles and cheers greeted the new revelation.

Oh god, how do I get out of my pantyhose? Darla thought. She kicked off her shoes and tried to slip her pantyhose down quickly. Bending over was the bad part. When she stooped to pull the hose from her feet, she realized that her thong-covered ass practically touched several men's-and women's-faces.

A woman standing directly behind her caught Darla's attention. "Oh my," said the woman. She was staring directly at Darla's protruding, panty-covered vulva. Darla watched as a man standing behind the woman snaked his hand around her and cupped one of the woman's full breasts. The woman, in turn, ground her ass into the man's crotch.

"Mr. Connor, you don't seem to be enjoying this as much as the rest," said the beaming winner. "Your wife is extraordinarily beautiful. You should be very proud."

Larry could not utter a sound.

"Let's see those major melons, Mrs. Conner," continued the man lewdly.

"I can't..." Darla said. Tears began to well up in her eyes.

"Oh, but you must," said the man.

Darla tried to give the man a look that would kill, but she suddenly realized that the man was not giving her his complete attention. The woman next to him was stroking his cock through the cloth of his tuxedo pants. Another woman was nibbling another man's ear while he caressed her ass. All were laughing and leering.

Barely holding back the tears, Darla reached in front and unclasped her bra. The two halves fell away from her ample breasts. Darla's large, voluptuous breasts sagged slightly under their own weight. Her nipples were large, brown, and her aureoles covered most of the tips of her breasts. She turned slowly around as she regained her composure. She was beginning to feel more in control.

"Like what you see, boys and girls?" she said defiantly. With that, she gave her full breasts a shimmy.

A cheer went up from the group. The crowd had grown significantly larger since this strip tease had begun.

"And now the main event!" shouted the silver-haired man.

Darla hooked her thumbs in her black satin panties and pulled them slowly down. When she leaned forward to remove them, Larry, for the first time, looked up at his shapely wife. Her pussy glistened red and puffy labia showed between her legs. Despite his humiliation, Larry felt himself getting aroused. She does have a beautiful pussy, he thought.

Darla straightened up disclosing to everyone that she was not a natural blond. Her bush was trimmed neatly and it was dark, curly, and thick. It finally struck Darla that she was getting turned on by the escapade-so turned on that her inner labia began to engorge and show through.

"What a magnificent pussy!" a voice exclaimed.

Darla had never been so simultaneously mortified and excited in her life. She pirouetted slowly around. The room began to blur. Yellow stars appeared from nowhere. The audience started to applaud.

Someone banging on a glass jolted Darla back to reality.

"Bravo, Mrs. Connors. Well worth my $5,000 or so dollars!" He extended his hand and helped her down from the table. Darla thought she might throw up. Larry awkwardly rose from his seat.

In some respects, putting her clothes back on was more humiliating than taking them off. People were milling around chatting, while Darla struggled to get dressed again. She felt eyes all over her. She gave up on the pantyhose and shoved them into Larry's coat pocket.

"Zip me up, Larry!" she wheezed.

The silver-haired man strolled over to Larry wearing an oversized smile.

"Now about that roughly $30,000 that you still owe, sir?"

A lump caught in Larry's throat.

"$30,000," gasped Darla.

"Sir, you have humiliated me and my wife in front of all these people. I now I must suffer another humiliation. I hope you understand that, while I raise millions of dollars for the University, but I don't receive a huge salary. I'm afraid that I... uh... we would be sorely pressed to come up with such a large sum quickly. But, I am a man of honor, so you can expect to receive every cent in due time." Larry looked forlornly at the man hoping he would forgive the debt in the spirit of fun.

"I'm afraid that is unsatisfactory, sir, most unsatisfactory! As a matter of fact, I am a personal friend of the President of Westwick University and I don't think he will be impressed at all by having one of his top administrators run up a $30,000 gambling debt, much less having a Westwick wife take her clothes off at a party. The campus newspaper would love that story, wouldn't they?"

Larry and Darla glanced at one another. A great evening had gone very, very sour.

"I see your distress," said the man. "And, I'm a compassionate man. Perhaps, we can come to some... ah, other... arrangement suitable for us all."

The Catch

"Small condition, Mr. Box?" said Rex. The Boxes and the Kings stood facing each other in the finely appointed anteroom. Conditions on contributions were not unexpected. Rex knew that all donors wanted something in return for their gifts--special treatment, lots of attention, names in the society pages, etc.

What will wind your clock, Mr. Box, wondered Rex.

"I'm a man who doesn't beat around the bush, so let me get right to the point here, Dr. King." Harlan Box spoke in a very businesslike manner. He gazed around the opulent room and gestured as if he were at the rim of the Grand Canyon. "We pretty much have all the stuff that money can buy, don't you think? So, our tastes-Mrs. Box's and mine-are a bit... ah... unconventional, perhaps. Especially in comparison to yours, I would guess."

"That's not a problem, sir. For a $60 million donation, we would hope to provide you with whatever would make this transaction most fulfilling for you." Rex smiled his most deanly smile. Kathy beamed. She was so proud of her husband in moments like this. This kind of gift would make Rex a star in university administrative circles worldwide.

"Good," said Harlan. "Then you will understand our request. In return for the $60 million, we expect, shall we say, certain sexual favors... from your wife!"

"Excuse me," said Rex not believing his own ears. Kathy almost spilled the drink in her hand. Harlan Box simply smiled.

"Are you saying that in order to receive this... ah... gift, you want my wife to have sex with you?" Rex was in total disbelief.

"No," said Harlan calmly. "Not with me... with my wife!"

Sarah beamed at the revelation. Kathy began to feel faint.

"That's preposterous, sir!" shouted Rex. "And, insulting. And, denigrating to my wife!"

"Before you rip your drawers there, Rex... can I call you Rex? Before you do something rash like pissing away $60 million, a donation that will get you a university president job somewhere, I'll bet, please think this over. Its just money and a little fun... we, Sarah and I, get really bored with our life sometimes. This kind of thing keeps us lively and vigorous! Now you two go over there and talk about this. But, decide quickly. The offer stands only for the next 10 or 15 minutes."

Paying the Debt

Back in the drawing room, Larry was confused. But, Darla was not. She was quick to see the look in the silver-haired man's eye and to understand fully.

Oh my god, I'm the "arrangement," she thought.

"Dr. Connors, why don't you go over to the bar for a while. Mrs. Connors and I will work out the payment of your debt."

The reality of what the man said hit Larry like a ton of bricks. He couldn't speak or think. All the color drained from his face.

Darla looked at the man now through new eyes. He could have been anyone's neighborhood banker or insurance executive-dignified, cultured, respectable. This most unlikely man now was negotiating for a piece of ass, namely hers.

Darla's first thought was one of horror. Her second thought was, fuck it... and fuck him. I've already gotten naked in front of total strangers, she reasoned. I have been humiliated in front of a room full of high society ass-holes. One quick fuck and our savings remain intact. Certainly it will be the most expensive piece of ass this old codger ever had.

Before anyone could utter another word, Darla had made up her mind. She steeled her resolve, and spoke quietly, "Give me the markers."

"Darla, no..." Larry looked at her with alarm. Darla put her delicate fingers to his lips and then kissed him gently.

"I love you," she whispered. "Don't think about this. Just wait for me. It will be alright."

The silver-haired man offered Darla his arm. Quite the gentleman, she thought. As they moved away, Larry collapsed in a chair. His tears came quickly.

Sealing the Deal

Rex was frantic. The bargaining with his wife's virtue was not a situation for which he had prepared as a professional administrator.

Kathy thought for a long time.

"Ok, here's the deal," she finally said. "How bad could it be, Rex? It's not like I'd be fucking Harlan. She plays with me some; I play with her a little, and it's over. It's gross-the grossest thing I have ever done in my life-but it is also $60 million for the College and a priceless boost for your career. It will be over in minutes, but the benefits will last for years."

Rex couldn't believe his ears. His conservative wife was actually entertaining this outlandish deal.

"Don't react, Rex, just act," said Kathy. "Rich people's games, that's all it is. The thrill of forcing me to do this is more of a kick than the act itself. So we, I play for the money."

Kathy spoke with greater conviction than she felt; but, after all the drinks and the sights of the evening, her decision was made easier. Without another word, she took Rex's hand and led him back to the waiting host and hostess.

"This must be discrete and once it is over, it's over for good," demanded Kathy looking straight into Harlan's dark, dancing eyes. "No contact later except on formal occasions at the University... no blackmail... no one ever knows about this deal... ever! Agreed?"

Kathy began to feel the weight of her words. Prostitution was not reserved for those unfortunates on the street. She took a deep breath. This will take us to the next career level, she rationalized. It's just a brief moment in the grand scheme.

"No blackmail, no strings," laughed Mr. Box slyly. He turned and looked at Rex. Rex was frozen. The pain showed clearly on his face. "Well then, the night is fleeting. Sarah, would you show Mrs. King to your boudoir? Rex, how about a drink?"

Sarah took Kathy's hand and led her up a small stairway. Kathy looked over her shoulder at Rex. He could see the fear in her eyes.

"You are so beautiful, Kathy. My pussy is longing for your touch already," cooed Sarah. "I know you have reservations about this, but in a little while, you will have had feelings that you never thought you could have. Trust me."

Kathy's knees almost buckled under her. She smiled helplessly. Sarah simply grinned. Most troubling was that Kathy felt that familiar tingle usually reserved for Rex's advances only.

"Wait for me in here," said Sarah.

Sarah opened one of the many doors along the darkened hallway and Kathy entered. The door locked behind her. Quickly, Kathy tried the doorknob. She was locked inside. She turned to view the room and horror sprang up within her to a degree that she had never felt before.

The room was decorated all in RED!

Inside the Red Room

Kathy sat on the bed and stared at the large mirror in front of her. This can't be happening, she thought. Who is on the other side of that mirror? Maybe no one is there? Maybe everyone? Maybe the other guests don't know about "the room." Maybe they all know! Her mind raced.

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