Red Room

by frog

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Reluctant, Coercion, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Humiliation, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: An enterprising young university dean, his even more ambitious and beautiful wife, and their colleagues finally are invited to a party at the home of one of the world's wealthiest philanthropists. These enterprising academics see this as the golden opportunity to raise money for the University and advance their own careers. Surprises await them!

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The long, sleek, black limousine seemed almost out of place as it made its way along what appeared to be a simple country road. The tree-covered lane served as a three-mile long driveway leading to the mansion of Harlan W. Box, one of the wealthiest men in the world.

Dr. J. Rexford King stared out the limo window as the green canopy of majestic maples sheltering the road passed overhead. He smiled as he reflected on the remarkable journey that had brought him to this moment. Rex King was the youngest person ever to graduate in engineering from Rice. His MBA from Stanford and Ph.D. from Yale followed quickly, as did his career as a college professor. By the ripe old age of 29, he was already a distinguished professor at Princeton and now he had just been appointed the youngest Dean of Arts & Sciences in the history of prestigious Westwick University. What a ride it had been! Rex had it all--boyish good looks, an enchanting smile, and a gorgeous, sexy wife, Kathy.

"One does not often see three miles of manicured front lawn," said Kathy King. His wife's comment interrupted Rex's musing. He turned his attention her and, as always, he was taken by her stunning good looks. No matter how many times he gazed at her, her remarkable beauty always took him by surprise.

Many upwardly mobile academic deans shed their graduate school wives for "trophy" wives, but not Rex. Kathy was the perfect dean's wife--beautiful, charming, and dignified, with a lithe body and sparkling eyes that made every head turn when she entered a room. Kathy had been one of Rex's undergraduate students. She had immediately recognized him as her future husband on the first day of class. He simply did not know it at the time. By the end of the term, she had him hopelessly in love with her. Now after twelve years of marriage, she was the driving force behind Rex's career.

"So this is how the really rich and famous live. I sure would hate to have to mow his yard," quipped Kathy as she surveyed the acres of carefully landscaped, rolling hills surrounding the Box Estate.

"You might even need a riding mower," laughed Larry Connors. Larry quickly glanced at the tops of Kathy's perky white breasts-two small, firm, flawless globes that seemed to float underneath her emerald green silk gown. Lawrence Connors was Westwick's Vice-President for Development, a title that meant he had one and only one purpose in life-raising money the University. His wife, Darla, was as voluptuous as Kathy was slim. As a matter of fact, she was different from Kathy King in virtually every way possible. Darla's full lips, curvaceous figure, blond poufy hair, and somewhat trashy look stood in stark contrast to the slim, demure, elegant Mrs. King. Larry had worked for months to get an invitation to a Harlan Box party and tonight was the night.

"Wow! Get a load of that mother of a house!" Darla whispered to no one in particular. "Takes one's breath away." Her sweet pussy still throbbed from the little session she and her vibrator had had while she was getting ready for the party. Dressing up in eveningwear always made her super horny, a condition she treated fairly regularly through mechanical means.

The limo pulled to a stop in front of Harlan Box's mansion just as the sun was setting over the glistening lazy river that flowed past in the distance. "What a night this is going to be," said Darla prophetically. The limo's four occupants didn't realize just what an extraordinary night this would turn out to be-one that would change them forever!

The Party

The chauffeur opened the door and the humid, earthy smell of the country rushed into the limousine. Rex caught a glimpse of Darla's ample cleavage as she crouched to get out of the car. A little electric twinge shot through his groin. She is one sexy lady and with amazingly bodacious tits, he thought. The two couples made their way up the long front stairway to tall, oak and brass entry doors. A tuxedoed doorman swung open the huge doors to reveal a massive vestibule filed with glamorous looking people.

"We are going to make some money tonight," whispered Larry through a fixed smile.

Indeed, the crowd included senators, business leaders, CEO's, and a host of those whose full time jobs simply were managing their fortunes. It certainly was not the kind of group with whom college professors usually socialized.

Rex, baby. You've come a long way from Amarillo, thought Dr. King as he strolled into the world of the wealthy with his faithful wife beaming at his side. A willowy blond with an extremely low neckline and very erect nipples pressing through her gown's soft fabric caught Rex staring at her deep cleavage. Instead of protesting, she simply smiled. Before he could truly enjoy the moment, Rex felt a stern poke in the ribs from Kathy.

"Watch it, buddy," said Kathy smiling all the while.

"I am. I am! Watching 'it' very closely, as a matter of fact," retorted Rex.

"Hello, I'm Sarah Box." A tall, attractive, older woman with perfect hair, perfect teeth, and major-league jewelry came toward them with hand outstretched. "You must be the good Doctors King and Connors. Welcome to my home."

Sarah Box's eyes moved up and down Rex's body like a dirty old man contemplating a nubile young maiden at a peep show. Rex blushed as he shook her hand. Kathy's eyes widened, but quickly her dean's wife decorum returned.

"We are delighted to be here," Kathy said.

"They didn't make college professors this handsome when I was an undergraduate," Mrs. Box said. In mid-sentence her attention shifted to Darla's ample breasts spilling over the top of her gown. An awkward silence followed this rather shocking behavior. Before anyone else could think of something to say, Mrs. Box swept away to greet other guests who had just arrived.

"She's a piece of work," said Darla as they made their way to the bar.

"A real bitch, I'd say," whispered Kathy still smiling, at least on the outside.

In the next hour, the party had come into full swing and the little band of Westwick University representatives had met a host of influential people. Rex had been promised luncheon meetings by at least six important potential donors and Larry was chalking the event up as a magnificent success.

"There is a poker game in the drawing room that looks very interesting," said Larry. "I think it is time to stop working and start partying, if you will excuse me?"

"Don't lose the family jewels," giggled Darla.

"Shame on you, Darla!" blushed Kathy.

As Larry walked away, Rex slid his hand down around the gentle curve of Kathy's silk-draped ass. Kathy recoiled quickly.

"Rex!" she whispered through a forced smile. "People will see you... you dirty old man."

Abruptly a most effeminate man rushed toward the Kings as if he was a long, lost friend. He was so blatantly gay that he seemed almost a caricature of real homosexuality. Nonetheless in a matter of moments, he endeared himself to everyone. He had that quirky charm that took everyone by pleasant surprise.

"Darling, that is the most marvelous gown. You look fabulous. I wonder if it comes in my size! He-he, just kidding, NOT!" The man giggled like a schoolgirl. "By the way, my darlings, I'm Bruce, Mrs. Box's favorite designer."

For the next ten minutes, Bruce delivered a constant stream of stories about the Boxes, gushed praise for both Kathy's and Darla's gowns, and bit his lip when he looked at Rex. Finally, he took a breath, paused, and asked, "First time at a Box party?"

"Yes," answered Kathy.

"Oooooo, fresh meat! I love newbies at Box parties."

Kathy glanced at Rex and Darla trying to stifle her urge to burst out laughing. Without warning Bruce took on the demeanor of a secret government agent, drew the three of them close to him, and whispered, "Can you keep a secret, my sweet things?" Blank stares and puzzled nods came from all three.

"I take it that you have not yet seen... the Room!" lisped Bruce, eyes flashing.

The Room

Bruce led the trio upstairs to a long hallway with many doors. Some distance down the hall was a small connecting corridor with a velvet rope obstructing the entrance. Bruce looked all about and unhooked the barrier.

"Come quickly," he whispered.

Around the corner was another innocent looking door that seemed to be a maintenance or maid's closet.

"Don't tell anyone that I showed you," giggled Bruce opening the door. "Enjoy!" he said as a swept away and headed back to the main party.

On one side of the closet were assorted brooms and mops, but on the other side was a dark passage draped in a black velvet cloth. Darla held back the cloth and peered into a dark, L-shaped passageway. "What in the hell is this?" she exclaimed.

"I don't know, but let's take a peek," said Rex. "It must be something weird, if Bruce recommends it."

"I don't feel right about this," ventured Kathy. "This looks off-limits to me."

"Oh, Kathy, you're such a wimp!" sighed Darla. "This is either a closet or an adventure." Darla plunged into the darkness dragging Kathy along with her.

They found themselves in a dark room.

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