by S.A. Ninian

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Interracial, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Alice's friend Carol sows a seed that falls into fruitful ground.

Chapter 1

'What you need, Alice, is a good regular shagging!'

Alice Mavers stared at her friend in amused shock. 'Carol! That is shocking! I'm not going to have an affair! That's a recipe for disaster.'

The two life-long friends were having their weekly coffee morning, and as usual Alice had been having a moan about her boring life as a suburban housewife, a role she had now filled for over six months, ever since she had packed in her teaching job after a terrible term with a horrendous class of spoilt cheeky children.

Alice and Carol had been friends since childhood. Both had married in their early twenties: Carol to a now very successful banker, and Alice to an oil rep. Both women were in the last year of their thirties; Carol had had only one child, Gemma, but Alice was childless, a matter of great sadness to her. Gemma was away for her first term at Uni and Carol and Alice met regularly, as both women, now with time on their hands, sought to adjust to a new life-style.

They were quite unalike, these two boon companions: Carol Dempster was a tall willowy blond of about 5'9", with slim hips and a biggish bust that she liked to display in tight sweaters - sweaters that Alice always thought were at least two sizes too small for her friend. Her face, framed by her shoulder-length honey-blond hair, was very attractive, with cornflower blue eyes, a sensual mouth and a rather suggestive smile.

Alice on the other hand was smaller -about 5'4" - and gave an appearance of plumpness, particularly round her hips. Her bust was rather indeterminate, due to the loose blouses and dresses she favoured. She did have nice shapely legs though, with plump rounded thighs - features her friend Carol urged her to show off by wearing shorter skirts.

'My bum is too big', Alice had protested, 'besides I am not going around as mutton dressed like lamb!'

Alice had a wide mouth usually set in a rather serious grave expression, with greeny/brown eyes and dark hair cut in a short page-boy style. On not a few occasions when they had been out for a drink together, people had assumed they were lesbians. An observation that gave Carol great amusement but annoyed Alice intensely.

'Who said anything about an affair?' Carol leaned forward on the settee, her long legs curled under her.

'An affair's far too problematic. All those secret meetings - and looking over your shoulder all the time in case somebody sees you. I'm simply saying a good fucking once or twice a week would do you the world of good.'

Alice laughed, 'Carol, I think you're incorrigible. It's a good job I know you. Anybody else would think you were serious'.

Carol drank her coffee and looked at her friend over the rim of the cup.' But I am, ' she said solemnly, ' I recommend it.'

Alice stopped smiling and drew her own legs under her, gazing at her friend in puzzlement.

'Are you saying that you're involved with somebody else? That you're cheating on Eric? I don't believe you!'

Carol finished her coffee and put the cup down on the glass top of the table.

'I'm not 'involved with somebody else' as you put it, darling. And as for 'cheating on Eric' I'm not doing anything that in any way deprives him. I cook his meals, I wash his clothes, I keep his house, and he fucks me whenever he wants to - usually once a week, nearly always on a Saturday night unless he is too drunk and can't get it up, and sometimes on a Sunday morning when he wakes up with a hard-on... So there!'

Alice was laughing again after her friend's frank and amusing description of her married life. At the same time she thought, 'She's got a much better sex life than me, if Eric's doing her as much as that. I get it once a month, if I'm lucky - and it's not that good, even then!'

'I don't' understand. What are you saying then?', she queried, 'you implied that you were having sex with somebody else. '"I recommend it"'.you said.'

'I am - and I do', said Carol.

Alice stared at her friend. 'Are you really telling me that you are having an... af... that you are... '. she stuck, lost for words, then: 'that you are screwing somebody... regularly?' She put emphasis on the last word.

'Yes, I am', Carol leaned forward, resting her chin on one hand as she surveyed her friend. 'I've been dying to tell you for a while, I really have. But it never seemed right. Then today when you were so obviously unhappy about your life and about Morris, I just decided that I wanted to tell you that it can be different. That you can have fun - without it destroying all the things marriage gives you.'

There was a long silence in which they both looked at each other.

'Who is it?' Alice wasn't smiling. 'It's true', she thought, 'Carol is having sex with another man. My God!' Then out loud, 'Is it somebody I know?' Is it... ?

Carol cut in, 'No! It's no-one you know. He's my insurance man. He comes to collect my premium every Wednesday and he fucks me. There, now you know.'

Alice looked at her friend in disbelief, 'Your insurance man?! What insurance man? People pay their insurance by cheque or through direct debit. How can you have an insurance man coming to your house every week? You're winding me up, Carol. This is a game.' Alice was annoyed. Carol had led her on and it was all a lot of nonsense.

Carol laughed, 'Look darling, please calm down. I'm going to make some fresh coffee and then I'll tell you the whole story. Honestly.'

They sat sipping the hot coffee, then Carol began to speak:

'Do you remember when old Mrs. Edmonds in the church got out of hospital and you and I took turns to visit her?' Alice nodded.

'You remember you went on a Thursday and I went on a Tuesday afternoon. Well, it was the second time I went and she had somebody there when I arrived. I was a bit earlier than we'd arranged and she was sitting chatting to this young man when I let myself in. She introduced us and that was how i first met Roger'.

Alice started to interrupt but Carol put her finger to her lips. 'No, let me tell it. You can ask me afterwards.' She reached for the biscuit barrel and held it out. Alice took a chocolate mint.

'Roger didn't stay long, and after he had gone, I asked Mrs. Edmonds about him. She explained that she had a little annuity policy and Roger came every week to collect her premium. When I asked her why she didn't pay it through the bank, she laughed and said she enjoyed him coming, and that he stayed for about half-an-hour each time and had a cup of tea and a chat.

''He's such a nice young man", Mrs Edmonds said, "Not a gossip you understand, he doesn't talk about other clients but he is so well mannered and he cheers me up. And don't' you think he is so good-looking with that dark curly hair? I do enjoy my Tuesdays.'

'Well, Alice, I made a point of going at the same time on the next Tuesday and I again arrived just as Roger was leaving. We chatted in the hallway as I let him out and there was something in his manner that made my pulse race. He held my hand for a bit longer than was necessary and I felt his eyes were reading my thoughts. As he turned to leave, I just asked him on impulse if he could give me some advice on insurance. He gave me his card and suggested i call him on his mobile any morning between 9:15 and 10:00 a.m. to arrange a meeting.'

Alice took a long drink of her coffee, ' This isn't true, is it, Carol? You're making it up, aren't you? It's one of your wind-ups.'

'No, darling, I'm not.winding you up, I assure you' Carol smiled at her friend, then grew serious. 'Anyway let me finish:

'I thought about it and thought about it over the next few days, then on the Saturday at that awful party at Linda's for her fortieth, Eric got very drunk and we fought all the way home and never spoke on the Sunday

I phoned Roger at 9:30 next morning.

I was so nervous, Alice! I could hardly speak. Anyway he said he'd call about 2 p.m. that afternoon. I don't know how I put the morning in - the clock just dragged by. I couldn't settle to anything. I could hardly eat any lunch. I nearly called him up twice to put him off. But I had a long soak in the bath after lunch and then I got dressed.'

'What did you wear?' Alice, despite her disapproval and her doubts, was beginning to be intrigued by the story, and she leaned forward, her eyes searching Carol's face.

'I wore that little black suit - you know the one you like. You always said it contrasts so well with my hair and colouring.'

'And it shows off your long legs, as well you know.' Both women laughed, and leaned forward to give each other a friendly pat on the thigh. 'Go on then, tell me.' Alice was now agog with curiosity.

'Roger arrived at two on the dot. It was pouring with rain and I was so anxious to get him into the dry that I quite forgot to be nervous. I remember as he gave me his raincoat to hang up, he asked if he could take his shoes off because of the rain. He never waited for an answer, just slipped them off and walked ahead of me into the lounge in his stocking soles, carrying his brief case. He seemed so at ease. And so sexy.

My heart was wearing a hole in my chest. He complimented me on the house and on my taste. Then he said how elegant i looked in my suit. And you know, Alice, he just seemed so laid back and, well, as I said, so at ease. He slipped his jacket off and then sat down, here on the settee, and began to take papers out of his case. I'd made coffee and, after I'd poured it, I went to sit in the armchair. He immediately asked me if I'd mind sitting down beside him on the settee so that he could go over the papers with me.

I felt my heart racing as I sat down. He moved quite close and pointed to the brochures he'd spread out on the coffee table and he began to talk about the types of insurance. I hadn't a clue what he was saying.All I could think of was how the fine black hair on his wrists contrasted with his white shirt and how lovely his hands were.

I don't know when I became aware of it but i suddenly realised that his knee was pressing against me and his toes were touching my foot. I wanted to look at him but I daren't. I didn't move away though and he gradually leaned closer with his elbow pressing against my boob. I could feel the heat of his thigh against me and I felt myself getting... well... you know... turned on.

Then he asked me a question,

'Have you thought about what exactly you want, Mrs.Dempster? ' I looked at him. His stockinged foot was between mine, his toes touching my ankle and I was practically sitting on his thigh but his face showed no sign of what he was feeling.

'You see, Mrs. Dempster', he said, looking straight into my eyes, ' I'm sure I can provide you with what you need but I have to be sure that you are quite clear about things. I don't want to offer you something that you don't really want or that you might regret later. Do you understand? I think I've made things quite clear. '

He was gazing into my eyes as he spoke, Alice, his mouth seemed so sexy and I just wanted him to to kiss me.

I looked straight at him. He must have seen by the pulse in my neck and from the way I was breathing that I was really excited but he just looked at me as calmly as if we were really negotiating insurance. The tension between us was electric and I suddenly decided that I was going to do it.

" I'm quite clear about what I want, Roger ", I said. " Quite sure. I'd like something for me. Something that would be... personal. Just mine. If you see what I mean. I... I'd really like you to take care of it. Of me. Personally, I mean. Could you call once a week in the afternoon? I would be ready for you... like Mrs. Edmonds." I cocked my eyebrow and gave him what I hoped was a sexy look...

Just after I'd said those words, some papers sort of dropped off the coffee table and landed at our feet. Roger reached down with one hand to retrieve them. As he did so, his other hand slid up my leg and came to rest a little above my knee. He at once reached over with his other hand and took the papers and spread them back on the table using just the one hand.

He then began to point to them and as I leaned forward to look, his hand very very slowly moved from my knee and inched up my thigh, stopping every few seconds - as if he was waiting for the all clear before proceeding. After what seemed to me to be an eternity, his fingers touched the bare skin at the top of my stocking.

And all the time he kept talking about my insurance while I struggled with my breathing and my heart pounding in my throat. Wanting him to touch me. Willing him to. Yet frightened to do anything that would scare him off... And then I felt his finger touch my panties. I was soaking by now and when I felt that finger press into my wet knickers I lost it. I flung myself at him and kissed him.'

Carol paused and looked at her friend. Alice gazed at her, eyes wide. Her friend gave a great stretch then bent to brush some crumbs from her lap

'Well tell me. What happened next? What did he do then?' Alice gasped.

'And then he fucked me, of course', Carol said in a matter-of-fact tone. 'Just there on the rug. And I liked it. Very much. And he's been fucking me every Wednesday since the third of March.'

Chapter 2

Alice lay in bed. The radio alarm showed 2 a.m... She couldn't sleep. Morris's snoring wasn't helping either. For the umpteenth time she pushed at the portly form of the man sleeping next to her and once more he rolled on to his side and his breathing settled to a gentle wheezing.

'God!' Alice thought, 'I wish he would get more exercise' Almost immediately her mind turned back to Carol: 'She's getting plenty of exercise', she thought wryly. And again she thought of their conversation the previous morning:

'But didn't you feel guilty... afterwards?' she had asked, ' how did you face Eric when he came home?'

'I gave him the fuck of his life almost as soon as he got in the door', her friend chuckled.

'Carol! Be serious! You don't expect me to believe that you had sex with your husband an hour or so after you were unfaithful to him. You couldn't do that.' Alice was outraged.

'Darling. Why are you so upset? I am serious. Eric loved it. Of course I hadn't planned for it to happen. After Roger left I had another long soak in the bath. Do you know, Alice, I felt so ALIVE. And so randy. Now don't look like that! I just did! I couldn't sit still. After my bath, I polished the furniture and then I hoovered - and after that I made the meal. And when it was in the oven, I just frittered around cleaning things.

Eric came in as usual at six 'clock. I was in the kitchen and I didn't know he was in the house till I heard him shout hello, just as he always does. He shot upstairs to change before I caught even a glimpse of him. We don't make a thing of greeting each other, anyhow.

A few minutes later I went upstairs and into our room. He was standing with his back to me in his boxers. I crept up behind him and put my arms round him. And grabbed... well you can guess how I grabbed him. He laughed and protested and tried to push me away. We don't usually do that kind of thing at that time of day. But I persisted. I wouldn't let go and all the time I kept kissing his neck and his ears and nipping him with my teeth -and, well, he began to get... you know... aroused. And we had good sex. Not as exciting as with Roger but good.

And when we went to bed that night we had sex again. I think Eric thought he'd died and gone to heaven. I... we... that is I... did stuff I'd never done before... not with Eric.'

For the first time Carol had looked embarrassed, then she tossed her head and continued, 'So darling, I'm afraid I don't feel guilty at all. All I know is our relationship is better than it's been for years. Maybe better than it ever was. Eric is happy; Roger is happy. I'm happy - and nobody is getting hurt. And there's no reason why they ever should. I recommend it, darling. As I said, you can't beat a good regular shagging. Or better still a regular good shagging!'

She laughed and stroked Alice's cheek fondly, "don't look so worried. I've not become a charity case. I've got an insurance policy to boot!' They both laughed...

'Now let's talk about something else - unless you have a dark secret you want to tell me.' Carol looked at her friend with amusement., And they had laughed together and things went back to normal. Or as normal as they ever could be again...

... Morris turned on his back and began to snore again. Quietly Alice slipped out of bed and went through to the bathroom. She slipped off her nightie and looked at herself in the long mirror.

'What's wrong with me?' she asked the woman in the mirror. The woman who stared back at her - although Alice would have laughed at the idea - was the type of woman men of an earlier century found very desirable, she stood about five foot four with powerful shoulders and strong upper arms; her breasts were more the size of melons than grapefruit with brown aureoles and big nipples. No child had ever suckled at Alice Dempster's boobs and they showed no hint of sagging; nor was the swell of her round tummy marred by any stretch marks.

The pubic hair on the plump prominence of her mons veneris was a luxuriant black curly bush that hid the secret of her cunt. Her thighs were well muscled and shapely while the twin white globes of her biggish bottom thrust out firm - 'No heading South there', she thought to herself as she tightened her buttocks and turned sideways to admire her bum...

There was nothing thin or angular about Alice. She herself thought she was somewhat overweight - but in those parts of the world which have not succumbed to the hype of Western advertising, Alice would have been prized indeed. Only her hair, short and boyish in its style, paid any service to modern fashion. Alice held up her breasts with her hands and jiggled them. She pictured her friend Carol tall and willowy with small peach-like tits, and once again in her mind, she saw Carol with her legs around a stranger's back as he thrust fiercely into her.

'My God! I've got to stop this', she thought. She donned her nightie and returned to the bed room. But as she lay with her head under the pillow vainly trying to shut out the trumpeting snoring, she could not rid herself of the images of Carol and her lover.

Chapter 3

The interior of the coffee-shop was cool and dark and Alice thought how fortunate she was to have found such a uniquely peaceful refuge from the bustle of the town. She wondered where Marcia had disappeared to. For five weeks now she and her new-found friend had come here after the gym but today Marcia had not turned up, nor was she answering her phone.

They had met for the first time at the gym that first Wednesday morning when Alice just couldn't get Carol and Roger out of her mind... The young Italian girl had started chatting to her when they had been on adjacent bikes in the gym and had invited her for coffee afterwards.

Alice had never known of the little coffee-shop down one of the old winding streets near the High Street, with its mysterious gypsy-like owner. She, the owner, fascinated Alice with her tall buxom frame, the strong tanned hands and the deep black eyes set in a proud almost cruel face... Alice felt she was drowning in those black pools when the woman stared at her, and she found herself held by a kind of magnetic attraction. Marcia had obviously been coming to the coffee-shop for a while because she and the owner were on first name terms.

'Rosa', Marcia had said that first time, 'This is my new friend, Alice. Isn't she lovely?'

And while Alice had blushed and protested at the compliment, Rosa had reached out and, to Alice's astonishment, had raised the surprised woman's hand to those sensual lips of hers, and kissed it, her great eyes gazing all the while deep into Alice's until the latter felt her very soul was being read.

'She is indeed, Marcia my dear', Rosa murmured, in a deep, resonant, yet musical, voice, 'You have done well. Very well'. And seeing puzzlement growing on Alice's countenance, added, 'to have such a friend. You must bring her often to see us'.

And she had smiled such a wondrously beautiful, transforming smile, with her face very close to Alice's that the latter felt her whole being drawn to this strangely erotic woman.

And so it had been that on three days of each week the two, Alice and Marcia, were to be found sitting in Rosa's dim little coffee-shop with the Eastern European tapestries covering the walls, its flickering lamps and its heady incense. And they talked. How they talked. Nibbling Rosa's little home-made brown cakes and sipping the strangely bitter coffee.

Alice could not get enough of the little cakes and once she had caused a little pregnant pause in their chatter, when she remarked with a laugh that Rosa must be putting something in them because they made her so happy and wanting of another one.

On those occasions they seemed to be the only women in the place, the other customers, when there were any, were all men: men whose appearance suggested they were from central Europe, from Turkey or wealthy-looking business men from the Middle-East. Not that the place was ever crowded, indeed very often they were alone with Rosa or sometimes the Egyptian, Achmed, a slim finely-boned young man, who was her only helper, and who glided to serve them with a silent grace and a deference of manner which Alice found so very attractive.

'You fancy him, don't you? Yes you do! I've seen the way you look at him".

Marcia had teased Alice on more than one occasion on this subject. And after many protests Alice, after several cups of coffee and not a few of Rosa's little cakes had admitted that she found Achmed 'interesting'. And they had both laughed and giggled at her confession. And in their merriment Alice in an uncharacteristic outburst had proclaimed that Achmed had 'a lovely bum'.

It had not been long into their friendship before Alice had told Marcia about her friend, Carol and her affair. No names of course. In the telling she mentioned Carol's suggestion that she too should have an affair to bring spice into her life. Marcia had not reacted to this by denouncing the idea nor had she seemed to find that advice strange.

'Is your marriage satisfying? Are you happy?. Wouldn't you enjoy some excitement?' she had asked. And bit by bit, as the friendship grew, Alice, in these coffee-shop talks, had opened up to Marcia, her hitherto secret feelings and her lack of pleasure in sex and her fear that she was incapable of sexual fulfilment. And her boredom.

Chapter 4

'Where is she?' Alice glanced at her watch. It was 2 p.m. She had been here over an hour, eating Rosa's cakes and sipping coffee, endlessly. Why hadn't Marcia phoned her? She gazed at her overnight bag. This was to have been their first week-end away together. Morris was off to Japan to some oil conference. He was to be gone a week and had been happy to hear that Alice had plans for that first week-end. Now it was looking as though she would have to trail back home and wait on Marcia getting in touch.

Rosa appeared at Alice's elbow then sat down beside her.

'Your friend not come today.' Alice was unsure if it was a statement or a question. Rosa leaned closer. Alice was mesmerised, hypnotised by the woman's face. The high cheek-bones, the patrician-like nose, the wide sensual mouth with the incredibly white teeth, and as Rosa spoke, glimpses of a flickering red tongue. And her eyes. Her eyes seemed to be bigger and to have more liquid blackness in them than ever.

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