Cruise Fuck

by interested1uk

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Sex Story: Two horny uypung people get away for a sex interlude on the high seas

Have you ever taken a cruise? The open air decks, the basking in the sun, and the ever-present cool ocean breeze. The gentle swaying of the ship. It's an ideal setting to create an atmosphere for sensational sex. This tale is about one special evening, which began when we went to dinner.

Dinnertime is always a semi-formal affair on board, and you're expected to dress in suit, jacket and tie, and the women in a formal dress or pant suit.

You sit at a table with 8 or 10 others. The meals are always fit to die for, and since it's all included in the fare, you eat plenty, and drink well.

I'm wearing a blue/grey sharkskin suit, and you are wearing this filmy polka dot dress. It has bared shouldered, which show off the deep cleavage between your full, 38D-cup breasts; and at knee level it fluffs out. Your black lace hold-up stockings, which are just visible through the thin material of your dress, and your stiletto heels, add to the overall sexy image that you love to show. We sit down and talk with the others at our table, just the usual small talk and chit chat. We all order wine, and after a while it begins to take its toll.

My hand slips under the table to rest on your knee. You look so sexy and hot tonight; and the knowledge that I shall be fucking your brains out later, turns me on. Slowly, during the course of drinks, appetisers and dinner, my hand slides further up your thigh, raising the hem of your filmy dress, revealing the tops of your stockings and the bare flesh above, with a glimpse of you panty-covered cunt. When my hand reaches the bare flesh of your inner thigh, where you are so sensitive, it causes your breathing to become shallow, making your full breasts to rise and fall, indicating that you are getting hot.

You give me this devilish grin as my fingertips stroke the inside of your thighs. The tablecloth is a perfect cover for our sex play. You repay my attention to your pussy by rubbing my thighs, and moving up to feel the growing bulge in my pants. The others at the table are unaware of the sexy goings on, right under their noses. I get bolder, sliding my hand up between your thighs, feeling your now moist panties.

You squirm in your seat and part your legs, allowing me easier access to your juicy cunt. Drinking and talking with the others while my fingers are massaging your cunt lips through the white cotton knickers, making your sweet lips become even wetter, coating my fingers with your juice.

Now your hand slides up to squeeze my cock through my pants... feeling the hard-on that is stretching the seams. Then you slowly start rubbing my cock. This feels so good, and its difficult trying to appear normal as my fingers slyly work around the edge of your damp knickers at the crotch, feeling that soft tuft of pussy hair, before getting between to those moist, puffy lips of your cunt.

We give each other grins and smiles, as my fingers massage the insides of your now wet lips. You slowly lower my zipper and slide your hand inside my pants to hold my rigid cock. I squirm a little, feeling your fingers caressing my cock inside my boxers and rubbing the drops of pre-cum from my helmet with your thumb. Ah, I hope this dinner goes quickly, before our companions notice the sexy aroma of your love juice, or before I cum.

This is both fun and torture. My fingers now slide deeper between your soaking, puffy, cunt lips, as I slowly rub up and down, occasionally fondling the hard nub of your engorged clit with slow, small circles, I can feel your juices start to flow from your cunt on to your thighs.

Thank God, the coffee and dessert is over. You zip me up as I remove my fingers from your soaking pussy. We excuse ourselves, saying we're going to get some fresh air. I can smell the sexy aroma of your cunt juice on my fingers and raise my fingers for you to lick them clean of your juice. You suck your juice off my fingers with eagerness as if they were my cock.

We almost break up laughing before leaving the dining room and mounting the carpeted stairway to the deck, leaving our dinner companions totally unaware of our sex play.

When we reach the deck and into the open, balmy air, we laugh our asses off at our antics. The cooling breeze feels so good, making your nipples harden under the thin material of the dress, and they stand out like buttons. We hold each other tightly, progressing along the railing, kissing occasionally, and with me caressing your firm, round arse outside your panties, with my hand under your skirt, gently slipping my eager fingers between your, soft round arse cheeks to feel your little rosebud. At times, I press my finger between your soft arse cheeks. Feeling the resistance of your puckered hole, so I move my finger down to your cunt to scoop some of you pussy juice that will wet you enough to allow my finger to slide in up to the knuckle in your arse, causing you to gasp with pleasure. Then with mounting excitement, you push your arse back on to my invading finger, rocking back and forward until you reach a climax that has your cum dripping down your thighs and soaking your stockings.

Gradually, a few more couples venture up on deck, so we walk along the narrow side. I find a ladder that is well hidden, along the side, with a small alcove underneath.

I turn and look around, no one in sight. Its narrow, but no one should come this way. I take you in my arms, and kiss you passionately. I can tell from the way you slide your tongue past my parted lips, panting heavily, that the dining room play has got you really horny. Our hands are all over each other. Your hand slides down the front of my trousers and massages my cock through them, making it harder, until it is like a rod of iron. I take my hands from fondling your arse cheeks, and take hold of you by your trim waist, turn you round. Reaching again under your dress, raising it from behind to the waist, to reveal your long, sexy, stockinged legs that are still wet with your cum, and your panty-covered arse cheeks.

I rip your silky, wet knickers off to sniff the aroma of your pussy from the damp gusset, and then throw them over the rail into the ocean. I bend you over, drop to my knees to lap at the your wet pussy lips, and drink the nectar that is flowing from your cunt.

I resume a standing position and undo my belt and zipper, lowering my boxers. The cool air hits my hard cock... It feels so good. My hands come around to your front, lowering the shoulder-less dress a little more, so I can feel those fabulous tits with their protruding nipples.

Bending from the waist, you reach between your legs, and guide my cock into your wet, swollen pussy from behind. It slides in easily, and I hear you gasp with pleasure as my entire length quickly slides in to the hilt. We're both so horny after teasing each other through dinner. I begin pumping your cunt with slow strokes of my engorged cock at first, then short shallow ones as the pace hots up; our hips moving back and forth, in harmony. You begin to buck your ass into me harder and harder. You reach back and grab my thighs, pulling me into you deeper and deeper, all the time begging me to "fuck me deeper! Harder, harder fill my cunt with your hot cum."

My hands squeeze your full, ripe tits, pinching your nipples, which are now like little bullets. I can feel your cunt muscles tighten around my cock, while you are trying to stifle the moan that tells me you are ready to cum.

That's the signal that I am waiting for. A few more hard strokes and I spurt what seems like a gallon of cum, into your hot, waiting cunt. Both of us cum together, feeling each other's spasms. Your pussy juice overflows along my cock to coat my balls.

We pause to catch our breath, and while we are still joined to together, we hear voices and footsteps. I quickly pull out of your soaking pussy, straining to stuff my still hard cock into my pants. You adjust your dress back over your tits, and pull it down at the back over your ass and thighs. This is a bit of a disappointment for me, as it hides the view of the globes of your magnificent arse. I take your hand and we slowly walk out on to the deck and act as if nothing has been happening.

We walk back along the open deck, just as another couple comes our way. We smile at each other and wish them a "good evening". I look over the side into the ocean, and show you something strange in the waves, something lacy and white. It's your sexy panties! Oh well, we can always get more of those. We giggle like kids as we make our way to cabin, eager for more, hard fucking, on the comfort of our bed.

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