Cell Block-54

by Aldo Rosado

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, First, .

Desc: Sex Story: This story is a twitch of murder and fraud. The murderess is unknown that her skeems are used against her to identify the real murderer and release the innocent man in prison.

Guards of the Catalina prison watched over inmates as they entered the lunchroom. Sounds, yells and screams hollered by Psycho Maniacs and Sociopath personalities wail across the room. Mr. Jack Gann was an appointed guardsman to relieve Mr. Mark Tripper, who was terribly ill from consuming bacteria infested tuna fish from, a snak-pac vender machine located in the premises of the Olowasee Catalina Prison break room.

Inmates sat down and eye balled Jack. He was a notorious man with no feeling of guilt or remorse for all the prisoners. Jack stood seven feet tall and slightly stoop-shouldered. His face was weatherdried, deep grooves running from ears to mouth. His hair shaved completely off. He wore dark sunglasses and carried with him his personal nightstick. It was carved from an Oak tree that was struck by lightening in his yard at home near Shady Oaks Estates.

Rumors that crawl every space within the prison gray walls told a story that Jack once beat a man to death with his stick. He was neither convicted of the crime nor punished. In fact he was never charged with any crime. The prison officials claim that nobody in Olowasse prison was a bonafied citizen except a guard or the warden. It was their rules of conduct and code. All prisoners were expendable at any cost. They might have not realized where justice was nor would it prevail. Olowasee carried no justice. You were a dead man when you walked in the front gates of hell.

Jack had taken a few steps towards a table where three inmates were enjoying their meal. It consisted of rice and beans and one slice of bread. The beans had maggots crawling in it. For some inmates it was considered a good source of protein. Jack stood at the table and stared at the inmates. He uttered no words. Kevin Taylor was sitting right in front of Jack. Kevin was an honest man. He was tried and convicted of murdering Michael Turner. His wife testified against him. He was pinned out as a bad man. He was set up, but couldn't prove his innocence, with his wife's testimony against him. He lost his case and was sentenced to life in prison without the eligibility of parole. Kevin would spend his remaining life behind bars in the cell block-54 for a crime he didn't even commit.

"You dropped your fork," Jack said. He pointed his nightstick at Kevin.

"I got my fork right here sir," Kevin said. Jack flails the nightstick against the chest of Kevin. Striking hard.

"You don't understand boy, you dropped your fork."

Kevin buckled and coughed from the impact of the stick.

Immediately, Kevin threw his fork on the floor of the prison lunchroom. The room remained quite. Nobody said a word. They knew Jack meant business. The prisoners watched quietly to see what Jack was going to do with Kevin.

"Pick up the fork boy."

Kevin reached down from his chair to pick up the fork and Jack lifted his boot and kicked Kevin in his ribs sending him to the floor. Several other prisoners got up and moved their chairs out of the way.

"Jack," a voice hollered from the entrance of the lunchroom. "You got a phone call on line two."

Jack looked at Kevin lying on the floor, buckled up in a fetal position from the impact of his boot striking him. The other prison guards stood and watched saying not a word.

"Your ass is mine boy, you better watch your back, got that!" Jack said.

He slowly turned and walked away. The room began to get loud again as the prisoners started to finish their meal.

Kevin got up from the floor still coughing from the tremendous blow. He staggered up and then gently sat back down at the table. He sagged in his chair, his whole body deflating in reaction to the blow from Jacks boot and the nightstick.

Frank sighed with relief as Jacks voice faded into the other room.

Monday, 10:00 a.m. Kevin rose up from his bunk. He was awakened by the sounds of chains and keys. He hears the cell lock and the door opens revealing his cellmate.

"Kevin you got a partner." The guard said.

In walked a black man shackled from his hands to his feet. The guards uncuffed him and let him free inside the cell. The door shut loudly and echoed throughout the prison walls.

"I'm Jim." he said.

"How's it going, my name is Kevin." Kevin reached out and shook Jim's' hand.

"I got to spend six months in here. I don't know why they brought me here, but it's a mess down at the other prison." Jim said.

"What happened?" Jim.

"I don't know the whole story. They found an inmate dead in his cell next to mine. I heard Jack was there, but I couldn't speculate if he did it or not. I know this much. That man isn't cool at all."

"Tell me about it, he just about busted my ribs all to hell and back." Kevin said.

"I'll give you some advice Kevin. You best not even look at that man through them dark sunglasses. He has an evil eye. They say that nobody has ever seen his eyes. They say he's albino. I'll tell yea! You just don't look at him and stay away as much as possible. What you in for?" Jim said.


"Damn boy what the hell did you do?"

"I didn't do anything. I was set up and my wife Linda testified against me. I got a bum rap. I hope to get another trial. I have this feeling that Linda was having an affair with this guy that got shot. They say I shot him out of jealousy. My gun was at the murder scene, a.38-caliber Smith & Wesson with my prints on it. Linda is the only one that knew where I kept my gun. She testified that I threatened to kill. It's all screwed up. I'm here and she's out there. I would have never thought she would deceive me like that. It must have been money or something. Anyhow I'm here doing life as a result of it." Kevin said.

"Sounds like she's a bitch. She's out there living it up. And you're in here. Man! That's a bum rap. When is your appeal due up?" Jim said.

"I don't know. They won't tell me anything in here. Don't you remember? Nobody has any rights in Olowasee prison. Were dead when we walked in the door, so I was told." Kevin said

"You got that right? Were in hell hole."

St. Andrews Park was forty miles away from Olowasee. Their Linda sat down in her living room going over the insurance papers she'd received from Michael Turners' policy. Linda was the beneficiary. Linda Taylor gathered all her papers and filed for the insurance money. She'd carefully planned the whole murder. She put the blame on Kevin. When the money from the insurance is received she'd plan on leaving town and starting a new life elsewhere.

She turned on her computer and logged on to chat. She started to chat on yahoo and look for another man to meet as she did when she met Kevin. Her profile revealed Sexy Linda, a twenty-nine year old female in search of a hunk. She checked her e-mail and then her relations profile. She'd got no mail. She then logged off. She grabbed her purse and insurance papers. She went to the nearest post office to mail the policy.

Then she got back in her car and drove to a local tavern. She entered the room. It was quite and there was a few men sitting at the bar. The jukebox was playing a tune and some men were throwing darts. She sat down and ordered herself a mix drink. Rum and coke her favorite. Frank was nearby and noticed the gorgeous brunette sit down alone. He grabbed up his drink and eased over to sit by her.

"Hi, my name is Frank." He said. He reached out and shook her hand.

"I'm Linda, it's a pleasure to meet you."

"That will be two dollars ma'am." The bartender said.

"Allow me to pay for that," Frank said.

"Why thank you, that is very nice of you." Linda said.

Frank adored Linda and inquired to know more about her. Linda was slightly paranoid. She didn't want to start a relationship too soon with another man. She just played her time until the money arrives from the insurance. She talked about camping and the Internet. She loved the Internet. She went on explaining that she met her husband on chat. She was divorced and wanted to start a new life.

Frank told her that he was a local area network assistant for Gray and Associates. Linda was impressed.

"Maybe you would like to go out to dinner sometime." Frank asked.

"Yes, I would love that," Linda said.

Frank told Linda that he had some installation to be completed at work. He gave her his number and told her to call sometime. Linda like that allots and would take him up on the offer for dinner. Frank finished his drink and got up from the barstool staggering.

"Are you going to be all right?" Linda asked.

"Oh yea! I can handle it. I only had a few drinks. I still have to work tonight so I took it light." He winked, turned and walks to the door. Frank waved good-bye.

Lisa Thomas was a single divine woman. An Attorney at-law. She received a phone call from the Olowasee prison. Frank had told her that he was set up and the public defender didn't do a good job. He wanted to hire Lisa as his attorney. Lisa obtained the information from Frank. He was divorced. His ex wife lived in St.Andrews Park. Lisa pondered and suggested that she would have to meet with him at the prison to get more defined information.

Tuesday, 9:00 am, prison guards lead out Kevin to a room where he waited to meet with his attorney.

Lisa walked in the room. Frank stood up and saw a beautiful woman in front of him. Lisa stood five feet tall. Her hair was short and black to her neck, with green-eyes. She reached out and shook Franks' hand and told him to be seated.

"You were arrested on March 22, 2000, is that correct?"

"Yes, but I didn't do it, I swear." Frank said.

"Frank, I have to prove that in court you understand? I have to file the appeal with new evidence that proves your innocence. Right now! We have nothing. Now I need to hear your story from the start. What exactly happened?" Lisa asked. Her pretty eyes-gazed at Kevin.

Frank's expression lightened at her question. A corner of his mouth lifted and his eyes twinkled down at her.

"You know Lisa, I'm going to like you very much." he said.

One hour later, Lisa said she would look into the case for circumstantial evidence not applied at the hearing. Frank concluded that he met his wife on the Internet and never knew that she would be capable of committing murder, but he feels that she did and used his gun. According to Frank. He would do what he could from prison to help solve the case.

"Can you get to an Internet here in the prison?" She asked.

"No, I have been beaten bad by Jack the guard and I don't get privileges."

"Let me worry about that." Lisa said.

"I need you to get as much information about Linda as you can OK?"

"OK! Lisa."

"Lisa, I must say you look very nice." Kevin said.

"Let's' stick to the case shall we. I will see you again in three-days."

Lisa stood up and called for the guard. She took one last glance at Kevin and smiled. Kevin smiled back.

Kevin was returned to his cell and later that day he received information that he would labor in the library. Kevin showed up about 8:00 p.m. He did his chores and then sat down by the computer. He logged on the computer under his cell block number 54 as required by the prison. He slowly moved on to chat and left a message for Sexy Linda. He said that he was a hunk and lived in Florida. He wanted to chat with her, but only could chat at night because he worked in the day. He closed the letter with the name Dan.

Jack walked in the library and shouted to Kevin.

"Your time is up boy." Kevin logged off and gladly got up and walked towards the door.

Jack lifted his nightstick and stopped Kevin from leaving the room.

"I don't know how you got this job passed me boy, but you listen good. I got your number and your mine got that?" Frank shook his head up and down and left slowly.

Jack immediately flail the nightstick behind Kevin' legs. He fell to the floor.

"What's wrong boy, can't you walk?" Jack asked.

Frank got up in extreme pain and limped off. Jack stood back and laughed loudly.

Jim heard the guards bring in Kevin. The door opened and Kevin was badly beaten up. He laid Kevin down on the bunk.

"My god, what did they do to you?" Jim asked.

"It's Jack. He's going to kill me if I don't get out of here."

Kevin passed out exhausted and tired.

Linda had returned from work. She logged on to her computer and read the message from Dan in Florida. She was happy and began to write back. She wanted to chat with Dan around 9:00 p.m. She asked him to log on and she would be waiting for him.

Wednesday 9:00 p.m. Kevin finished his job and logged on the computer and entered his password, Cell block-54 He scrolled on to chat and found Sexy Linda on line. He sent a message.

Dan. Hello how are you?

Linda. Fine sweetheart!

Dan. I got your message. So you're looking for a hunk eh!

Linda. Yea! I am single and I have gone through a terrible divorce. My husband left me for another woman.

Dan. Really. Gee. That guy should be shot. You sound like a lovely woman.

Linda. Thank you. I am happy I'm talking with you though. Tell me Dan, what do you look like?

Dan. I have brown hair and hazel-eyes. I live in Florida. I'm single and I have been keeping a low profile.

Linda. Can you send me a picture of your self?

Dan. Sure, but I can't do it tonight. I have to scan the picture and all that. I will put it on my profile so you can see it next time OK!

Linda. Sure. Tell me Dan. Are you seeing anyone yet?

Dan. No. I live alone in my house all to my self.

Linda. Really!

Dan yea! I inherited from my parents they died in a car accident. I was the only child.

Linda. I'm sorry to hear that Dan!

Dan. I was left with money and the house, but I miss them very much.

Linda. You sound like the kind of guy I have always wanted to meet. You're sweet and kind. You don't seem to be rusty at things.

Dan. Yea! I'm a nice guy so I was told, but I have done some bad things in my life and I have to forget them.

Linda. Yea! Like what kind of things?

Dan. I just met you and I don't know if I can trust you yet. Lets' wait on it awhile shall we.

Linda. I am not innocent either, but OK! We can wait on it.

Dan. Well, I have to go now! I hate to cut it short, but I have to get some sleep. I really enjoyed talking with you and you seem to be very sweet and I always wanted to meet someone sweet like you.

Linda. Why thank you. You're sweet too!

Dan. OK! Then shall we say tomorrow at the same time?

Linda. Sure. And don't forget the picture.

Dan. I won't forget the picture it will be on tomorrow.

Linda. OK! Good night Dan I enjoyed the conversation.

Dan. Good night sweets.

Linda. My god.

Dan. What's wrong?

Linda oh nothing. I remember being told that before.

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