Drink at the Mall

by Jeff501

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Fiction, Group Sex, White Couple, Lactation, .

Desc: Sex Story: A young man finds himself seated beside a nursing mother at a mall. The mother seems to be in some discomfort with her child. The young man gets more than he bargained for.

Lauren was a pretty 35 year old mother of three who delighted in all facets of parenting and child rearing. In fact she was the type of woman who enjoyed being pregnant, feeling like a complete woman when her tummy was full with a child. In addition to her love of being pregnant, Lauren also found great pleasure in breast feeding, feeling a bond with her child that no man could ever truly understand. The idea of bottle feeding her child seemed foreign to Lauren and she resorted to such methods only in cases of extreme emergency.

Less than one month after the birth of her first child Lauren and her husband became concerned at the size of Lauren's breasts. Lauren had always been a chesty woman since age 18, wearing a 36D bra much to the delight of her husband. However, her 36D measurements quickly ballooned into a 36F size mere weeks after her milk appeared. Lauren was one of these rare women who could nurse all day long and still have ample supplies. She rejoiced in her womanly figure but at the same time felt a great burden, walking around with what could only be described as watermelons hanging from her front. The attention that men gave her was fantastic she thought but the weight was too much, particularly since her first born was a light eater.

Lauren and her husband talked at length about her problem and decided a visit to the doctor's would be in order. Lauren left her child at home with hubby and proceeded to the doctor's office for a consultation. Within minutes of being in the doctor's office Lauren had her shirt removed, exposing her white nursing bra which could barely contain her expanding melons. The doctor looked at his patient up and down, asking many questions about the child's feeding habits and Lauren's health. "Doctor you have to help me, I'm a 36F now, I can barely walk sometimes they are so large. As Lauren spoke her breasts pushed out hard against the panels of her nursing bra for the doctor to see. "Lauren I'm afraid you are one of about 5% of women who have such a rush of hormones at birth that your breasts are simply going to be this large as long as you are nursing," the doctor cautioned "I'm afraid there is nothing I can do for you except to tell you always to drain them every time you nurse."

"Can you do that, can you get the baby to help you out, you know it's a relationship, the baby needs you and you need the baby." the doctor warned, pointing to how swollen and tender Lauren's breasts had become.

"I will try doctor but the baby is such a light eater, how will I get some relief when he is not interested in me?" Lauren asked in a desperate tone, her heavy breasts bulging out of her bra for the doctor to see. "Well every time the child feeds make sure you use both sides and if you are still not drained you will have to do it yourself." the doctor added. "I see, and how should I do that?" Lauren asked, knowing she could not suckle on herself to drain every ounce. "Well let me show you." the doctor replied, reaching for a sterile cup. Lauren knowing what the doctor had in mind, reached down and unhooked the front panel on her right side, allowing her immense breast to fall into view. "Yes that really is very large." the doctor added, as he held the cup below her nipple. 'Now place your thumb and forefinger above your nipple and start to push and squeeze until you can feel the milk coming out and then continue that until you are drained, or you can buy a pump if you find this too arduous."

Lauren watched as the doctor held the cup and began milking her tit, pushing the skin around her nipple and then pushing out to the nipple itself until a high pressure stream of milk hit the base of the cup. "Now you just keep doing that until you are drained." the doctor stated, pushing hard on her nipple and squeezing the flesh of her breast to force as much milk out as possible. Lauren could not help feel a tingle between her legs as her doctor repeatedly played with her huge nipple, causing her milk to spray out. "Now look you have letdown on the other side too." the doctor mentioned as he pointed to Lauren's left side, her bra panel soaked through completely. Lauren watched as the milk sprayed out until the doctor lifted his grip, asking her if she understood what to do. "Yes doctor but I think I should get the pump, you have been doing that for a few minutes and they are still huge, right?" Lauren asked.

"Yes you do have a lot in there Lauren, for now you can do this until you get the pump ok?"

Lauren pushed her breast back into the bra and clipped it up, feeling satisfied that her pain might be relieved, and also feeling wetness dripping against her panties after having a man, other than her husband, playing with her sensitive nipple. Lauren had gotten used to feeling slightly wet between the legs after nursing but this was different, having a grown man play with her breast had her pussy absolutely gushing with wetness as she imagined what it would be like to get nursed by a lover.

Lauren left the office hoping that her pain would be relieved, steadfast in the belief that breast feeding was something she would never give up, as long as she had children.

Eight years had passed and Lauren was now with her third child, a 2 month old son. She had learned to deal with the discomfort of breast feeding with frequent use of her pump and always forcing her children to eat as much as possible on both sides. Still she found it difficult and resorted to the pump frequently, allowing her to lead as normal a life as possible. Although her children were spaced out each by 2 or more years Lauren had never completely lost her ability to spray milk, throughout the entire time. Her husband, who was never a very passionate man, had not shown any interest in milking Lauren, thinking it was reserved for the children. Lauren had long wished to have her husband nurse from her but her desires went on deaf ears. To add to Lauren's sexual tension, her husband had been recently diagnosed with a heart condition limiting his ability to exert himself in bed. Lauren was a horny woman, with a husband who could provide minimal stimulation to her incredible desires. Instead, Lauren had turned to frequent masturbation, massaging her aching clitoris with one hand and pulling on a nipple with the other hand as she lay on her back in bed. The fullness of her breasts added to the erotic feelings as milk sprayed out under her touch until finally climaxing, her pussy throbbing and her milk spraying out no less than 2 feet in the air. Lauren continued this practice whenever she felt the need, feeling her full breasts added to the experience, however, she longed to have a man suckle from her.

Lauren found herself at home one Saturday afternoon, entertaining her two older children as the youngest one slept. Lauren felt a need to leave the home after having spent all week caring for her children as her husband worked. "Honey would you mind if I went to the mall, I need a break from all this." she complained. "Yeah sure, you can go, but you better take the baby with you, you know I can't feed him." Lauren grumbled as she realised he was correct. Still she thought, it was the two older children she was trying to escape from, surely the baby would be fine at the mall. Lauren agreed as she kissed her husband goodbye and slipped upstairs to get changed and retrieved the still sleeping baby. Lauren had initially contemplated doing her shopping dressed as she was, in track pants and sweatshirt but as she passed the mirror she reconsidered this. "This is the first time I have been out all week, I'm not going out LIKE THIS!" she said, looking at her figure in the mirror.

Lauren stripped down naked, pulling off her sweats and sensible underwear as she searched for something more womanly. Lauren slipped on a pair of high cut panties and stood in front of the mirror admiring how her large breasts hung in front of her. She flipped through her top drawer and found her nicest maternity bra and slipped it over her shoulders, hooking up the four clasps in the rear. She knew there was nothing sexy about this bra but at least it was new and crisp and pure white, free of milk stains, at least for now. The removable panels pushed hard against her nipples as she looked at herself in the mirror. Lauren pulled on a pair of wool slacks and then complemented the look with a loose fitting silk blouse. Lauren knew she wasn't some hot teenager but she felt she had a mature sexuality about her that could certainly attract men.

With the sleeping baby and car keys cradled in her arms Lauren departed on her journey to the mall, something that seemed like a luxury these days.

With her tiny baby sleeping in the carriage Lauren walked from store to store, feeling a kind of independence she had only dreamed of in recent years. However, Lauren's happiness was short lived as she felt the pressure in her bra mount, the tell tale signs that her breasts were becoming filled up and needing draining. Lauren looked down at how peaceful her child was sleeping as she contemplated the situation. At this rate she would only be able to last a few more minutes before she would have to decide whether to leave, wake her child or unhook her bra. Unhooking was no longer an option in public as she would surely garner many unwanted stares from horny men, not to mention the feeling of basketballs swinging in front of her. Lauren squirmed as she walked, the feeling of her immense chest pushing out against the thin fabric on her silk blouse.

Lauren had decided that she would make one last purchase and then depart for home, for the shelter of her room where she could not only feed her child but perhaps massage her breasts and pussy and relieve the tension she now felt between her legs after so many sexless months. As Lauren pulled her credit card out of her wallet the young female sales attendant cleared her throat 'ummm maam' was all she said, as she pointed discretely to Lauren's left nipple. Lauren looked down, much to her shock, to see her silk blouse absolutely soaked through with milk on the left side, a 5 inch diameter circle drenched, causing the silk to be see-through, allowing the clerk to see her bra, pressed hard against her nipple. "Ohh my God, thank you so much, I must have leaned up against something " Lauren replied as she held a shopping bag against her chest to cover up the milk. The clerk smiled as she handed Lauren the purchase. "There is a nursing station at the other end of the mall." the clerk mentioned as the two parted ways. "Ok thank you." Lauren returned, as she attempted to simultaneously push the carriage and cover the stain.

Lauren looked in disbelief at how far the nursing station seemed and how badly her breasts needed to be drained. Looking at her sleeping baby, Lauren sat down on a bench outside the store where she had been made aware of the problem and immediately draped a receiving blanket around her shoulder and lifted her sleeping child to her bosom. With many years of experience under her belt, Lauren undid the top three buttons on her blouse and pulled her bra panel down, allowing her breast to fall out under its own weight. With the baby under the blanket Lauren pushed his mouth to her nipple, hoping he would relieve her tension.

Lauren sat, the blanket covering her left side and the baby, as she watched the mall patrons walk past. For the most part people seemed unaware or uninterested in her activities. After a few minutes of unsuccessful feeding, Lauren sensed movement beside her, as she turned to see a handsome young man sit beside her on the bench. Lauren continued her attempts at feeding as the man beside her seemed unaware of her plight. After a few minutes of pushing and prodding Lauren sighed out loud, feeling she would be forced to get up and leave, her breasts still aching. Just then the man turned and looked at Lauren exclaiming 'ohhh maam, I'm sorry, I didn't know, I can leave you alone if you like." obviously very worried that he had made her feel uncomfortable. "Ohh no, it's ok, I should really be doing this in the nursing station but I could not wait any longer." Lauren exclaimed, looking down at her chest as she arranged the blanket to cover her bare breast but uncover her other side. The man looked at Lauren's face and the directly down at how the silk strained to keep Lauren's chest back on the right side and smiled back at her in sympathy. Lauren wondered how much of her chest was exposed at this time as she sensed the man furtively looking at her heaving bosom.

Lauren continued to stimulate her child in an attempt to get him fed. All her efforts provided no feedback, as her child slept, only providing token attempts at suckling. Using her peripheral vision, Lauren could tell the man beside her was peeking at her, attempting to catch a glimpse of her breasts. Perhaps he was curious about the feeding, or perhaps he was just a pervert wanting to see her tits, she thought to herself. Lauren was in a mood to tease as she turned quickly to catch the man looking at her chest. His natural reaction of course was to spin his head around just as quickly but the two knew he was caught. Lauren returned to feeding her baby as she watched carefully for the man's next move. Just like clockwork, the man regained his confidence and quietly turned his head to look again, thinking Lauren was too busy to notice. Lauren once again shot her head around in his direction, catching him in an obvious stare. By now Lauren was game to play too, as she allowed the blanket to fall slightly, causing the upper portion of her swollen breast to be exposed. The two played this game of cat and mouse for several minutes as Lauren allowed the blanket to slip lower and lower until her baby's mouth was exposed, latched on to her long hard nipple. Lauren knew that is the baby slipped off her nipple would be open for viewing, but she did not mind at all.

The game continued for some time as the man tried repeatedly to view her without her knowledge until finally Lauren turned sharply and looked into the man's eyes, "like what you see?"

The man, obviously shocked at her bold question, looked nervously in the air, "ummmm, sorry, it's just, well you know, it's so interesting to me!" he exclaimed, trying to play up the mother and child angle.

"So... do you like what you see?" Lauren asked again, pulling the blanket a little lower to allow her friend a full glimpse of the way her breast hung out of her bra cup.

"Ummmm of course I do." the man responded, staring directly at the highway of veins that had formed on the top of Lauren's breast.

"Well my baby isn't interested in me at all right now and I am dying here, they are so swollen, maybe YOU can help me out" Lauren asked, feeling a boldness she had only dreamed of. "Ummmm ok, how can I help you out, do you want me to hold the baby for you" he asked. "No no no, the baby is asleep, I want you to milk me, will you nurse from me and help drain me" Lauren asked, her smoky eyes gazing into his. "What right here, you want me to do that right here?" the man asked.

"Follow me" Lauren added, tucking her child in the stroller with the blanket, not concerned with the fact that her top three buttons were totally undone, allowing her new friend to see much of her bra and cleavage. Lauren took her man by the hand and led him back into the store where the clerk had first seen the milk and headed to the rear. "What is your name?" Lauren asked, "it's Jeff, nice to meet you."

"Yeah ok, right" Lauren laughed, "well my name is Lauren, now follow me" she exclaimed. As they passed the cash section the pretty young cashier smiled as she could not help but stare at Lauren's exposed skin, her blouse gaping at the front. "Where are the change rooms please" Lauren asked of the perky teen. "Ummm just go back and to the right, there is a large one there, take your time" the clerk added, speaking directly at Lauren's chest. The two nodded and walked to the back of the store as the clerk watched with great interest.

The two entered the last change room and pushed the baby carriage to the back of the stall as the man closed and locked the door behind them. Lauren looked around nervously for any sign of video cameras. "I really need some relief here" Lauren begged, placing her hands on her blouse and opening up the fourth and fifth button, allowing her blouse to open fully. Lauren's tummy was very trim for a mother of three but it was her heaving chest and leaking left side that had attracted her new friend as his eyes were riveted to how her breasts pushed out above her one-size-too-small bra. "I've never done this before you realise, please bear with me' Jeff stated, obviously as nervous as he was excited. "Would you like to unhook me" Lauren asked, nodding her head at her leaking left side as she pushed her hair back.

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