Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, True Story, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A true story of love found, love lost, and love found again. The experience was uplifting for me, and I hope it brings hope to those who have lost loves of their own. There is hope, and it can be as good as it ever was.

Suzanne was absolutely the most beautiful, attractive, girl, woman that I ever laid eyes or hands on. If not for some prodding and a little fate, we would never have met. I was just starting my freshman year at Boston University when I first saw her. She was a friend of a friend at Northeastern. Suzanne went to Northeastern and was also beginning her freshman year. Every time I saw her, I know I flushed and lost my ability to talk and think. Not only did she have the prettiest face and smile, but she carried herself, her gorgeous self, with a confidence like she was walking the runway in Atlantic City while Bert Parks sang Miss America. Yet, she was always alone. Well, not alone, just without a guy, always with her girlfriends. One of those girlfriends was Sonja Favour, but everyone called her Yoffie. It had something to do with her name, Son-(YA F)avour. Yoffie went to the same High School as me, and when we hooked up on the train once going home to upstate New York for Columbus Day Weekend in our freshman year.

"Hi, I know you never spoke to me in 4 years of High School, but I'm Yoffie Favour and I know you're Sig Grayson. Why you've chosen to ignore me for 4 years and the first 2 weeks of school is beyond me, I hope its shyness rather than being stuck up." She said rather matter of factly.

"Shyness has a lot to do with it, please don't think I was being rude. I never had a good opening line for anyone." I said as the first thing to come into my mind.

"Well," she said. "We live so close together and now we school so close, we should be friends and depend on each other a little. You never know when one of us may need a ride home. We have a lot of the same friends, we've just never gotten mixed right." Yoff explained.

The wall broken down, I used my shy act as bravado to make cute comments.

"You mean you're forcing me to be your friend?" I asked, a smile curling at my lips.

"Oh Yeah, you're REAL shy." She said.

"I really am, I just never have a good first line with any woman." I admitted.

"Woman? Why thank you, I'm glad to know I've made the grade from girl.

Please don't think I was hitting on you, I'm not. I'll have a hard enough time getting through this school without the distraction of a boyfriend." She said defending her actions so far.

Yoffie wasn't a centerfold, by any stretch, but she was a cute one, though. She looked the part of a reformed tomboy, uneasy with her transformation into a woman. If her face didn't make you smile and wonder what was going on behind her deep blue eyes, you needed an eye exam. Not a beauty, but intriguing, with a distinctive personality.

From that day forward, nary a day went by I didn't see her somewhere on my campus, her campus, or back at home. No matter who she was with, or who I was with, she would raise her voice to get my attention.

"HEY SIG, YOFFIE SAYS "HEY", AND HOW'S YOUR DAY?" was her standard line.

While it seems goofy, geeky and awkward, she always had a bunch of people with her (I did mention her outgoing personality, right?) and those people then all knew who I was, or at least my name. Plus I had the stamp of approval from the ever personable Yoffie.

The only time she wouldn't shout across the street, or the T station, cafeteria or a hallway was when she was with Suzanne. Then it was a polite "hi Sig", as she passed.

I always turned and watched her and Suzanne disappear. Watching Suzanne walk away was like a listening to Charlton Heston read the 10 Commandments, hard not to pay attention. I felt much the voyeur, but, I was quite amused and not to be denied.

By March of our freshman year I had to talk to Yoffie about Suzanne. She had driven me crazy.

From time to time Yoffie would ask me to go to Mass with her downtown in Boston. It meant getting up early on a Sunday, but to hear her sing out with the congregation was worth it. It truly exhilarated her. We were both Catholics, but neither of us fanatics about it, though. She obviously got a lot out of the big Mass in the Cathedral of the Holy Cross. The walk back to the T at Copley always led us by several places to stop for breakfast and we took turns buying. We had fast become pals.

On one such breakfast I finally asked her about the little quirk in her normal greeting for me.

"How come you go out of your way to embarrass me and get me passed the opening line with all of your friends, "HEY SIG, YOFFIE SAYS "HEY", AND HOW'S YOUR DAY?", but never when you're with your redhead friend, Suzanne." I asked.

Yoffie almost choked on her sip of coffee. "Umm, no reason, she is just not the kind I would embarrass like that." She seemed to stutter out.

"Yoff, if you and her are, you know, real friendly, it makes no difference to me." I managed to get out, figuring I was really testing our friendship.

"OH, GOD NO. HOLY CRAP!!" she said. "I have a hard enough time getting a guy to look at me, don't let people think I'm a lezzie."

"Well, C'mon," I quickly defended. "You go out of your way to be abrupt, but genteel when you are with her and you see me."

"Suzanne is very shy and wants to shrink right up when I do that with anyone. We have almost the same classes and same study groups and have known each other for years. She lived in Nebraska and believe it or not, was a neighbor of my grandparents when we were kids. Every summer when we went to visit Nana and Poppy we were inseparable for the 2 weeks. Now my grandparents are passed on and just her Grandma lives out there. Now, she doesn't live far from us back in New York. I'm sort of her protector, I guess. But, she wants to die when I open my big mouth like that. She's paranoid about going out here in the city, and on campus she hasn't met any guys yet." Yoffie explained.

"No guy would approach her." I said, "She looks unattainable. You know, like she couldn't possible NOT have a boyfriend."

"Guys are strange. Do you mean to tell me that they would think of her as out of their league and not pay her any mind?" She asked.

"A guy might try to hit on her to pick her up, but a guy looking for a relationship type of girl wouldn't give her a second look. How could that be unattached? And, if she was, her boyfriend was probably an athlete. Believe me, I just started interning with the sports teams here at BU and each jock has a beauty just like her." I told Yoffie.

We finished our breakfast and walked to the T stop at Copley.

"You have a lot of studying to do today?" Yoffie asked.

"No, I'm pretty well caught up for a change. It's that lag before mid-terms and all. If I haven't learned it yet, well..." I said.

"Do you want to walk downtown and window shop and talk? After church and all I feel a little melancholy. I just want to be with someone.

Do you mind?"

"No, Yoff. If it makes you happy, I'll walk with you." I replied.

We walked down the avenue past F.A.O. Schwartz just talking school and life in general.

"Do you find me unattractive?" Yoffie asked, stopping in her tracks.

"No, not at all. I've always thought you were kind of cute, and you have a personality that draws people like a magnet." I answered.

"Oh God, the "good personality" syndrome. I'd rather have a bad personality and a little bit of a boyfriend." Yoff said with a pout on her lips.

"Wait a minute Sonya!" I said, stopped in my tracks.

"You are in no way unattractive or ugly or homely or any of those things.

I bet when you walk by on campus you get looks from guys. No, you are not Playboy materiel, but you know that. I also bet that you fill out a bathing suit pretty well. Don't put yourself down. A lot of girls with a lot less going for them than you have guys lined up for dates." I told her.

"Well, then why don't I? I'm certainly not in Suzanne's class where guys figure I'm unattainable."

She countered.

"No, but remember the good personality thing?

How often do you go out on your campus or mine, because I know you have to cross through BU territory to get to some of your halls, when you don't have a posse with you? Guys may not approach a group of 5 or 6 women to strike up a conversation." I supposed to her.

"Well, that may be true, but how about you? You've never asked me out."

She asked coyly.

"Yoff, are you coming on to me? Because I want to remind you that the first time we met on the train going back home, you distinctly said that you WEREN'T coming on to me because you didn't have time for a boyfriend.

I was happy to have a good female friend who I could talk with, travel with and not always have to be "on" with." I explained.

"I guess we're burp and fart friends, then, huh?" Yoff smiled and said.

"Come again?" I wondered.

"My roomate calls opposite sex friends that are "just friends" her burp and fart friends. You wouldn't burp and fart in front of a guy you wanted to meet. However, one who's a friend, you kind of let go when the urge hits you." She said laughing.

"Yes, we might be that, but I still have manners Yoff." I answered her remark.

"I know. Besides if we ever dated and fought or broke up, we wouldn't be able to be friends, and sometimes I really need you."

Yoffie said kissing me on the forehead.

I blushed and took her hand and continued to walk.

After a few moments I took her hand to my lips and kissed it.

"I really need you sometimes too, friend. I wouldn't want to lose that.

If you introduce me to your friend Suzanne and it doesn't work out, are you and I still friends? Because, if not, forget it. You, I'm sure of, and I need a good friend." I said looking her right in the eyes.

"Thanks Sig, Don't worry. If I introduce you to Suzanne and you hate each other, it won't make a difference to us." She said.

We walked all the way downtown to Quincy Market and puttered in the shops passing the time laughing and talking. We ended up at the Aquarium using 2 free passes she had gotten from school.

On our way out she saw a girlfriend of hers running the ticket booth for the open sightseeing bus, City Tours. She told Yoff that if she was going back to her apartment she could comp us, as the bus went right by and made a stop. After all the walking, it sounded good, even though I was still had 2 T-stops after her place.

We goofed and acted like tourists, oohing and ahhhing all the way to her place.

She invited me in for pizza we could order, and that sounded good.

The delivery guy came and then she discovered she had no beer in the apartment, her roommate must have taken it to her boyfriends.

"Shit, by the time we go get someone to buy it for us, it'll be cold."

She whined.

"Oh, don't worry. We don't have to have beer with pizza." I said as I rummaged in the refrigerator for alternatives.

I fished in the back of the bottom shelf and found a screw top unopened bottle of Sangria.

"Here we go, this is perfect!" I said smiling.

"Gawwd, someone gave me that for our apartment warming party!" she said.

I unscrewed the top and took a swig.

"It will do just fine madam." I joked.

... and it did. We washed down our pizza with it.

After the pizza was gone I picked up the bottle and noted to Yoff there was enough left for two glasses and would she join me in a nightcap.

She was a bit tipsy, as was I, but she assented.

We put the end of the days football games on the TV and talked and cajoled each other about who was more drunk.

Yoffie got up to go to the bathroom and came back complaining how hot she had become and did I mind if she took off her sweater, and of course I didn't.

As she peeled her sweater up her t-shirt under it began to come up with it.

"Yoff, you're going to expose yourself, if your not careful.

Your T is coming up as well." I warned her.

With her sweater half over her head and the T clinging to it, she had lost a little dexterity with her hands and couldn't hold one down and pull the other up. So I offered to help.

"Yeah," she said from under her sweater, "like you're more sober than me!"

But, I went and pulled her T down so she could finish getting her sweater off.

It was obvious that Yoffie was not wearing a bra under her T, and to tell you the truth, I had no idea she was hiding such big boobs under her usual cover. Instead of the little boobs I thought she had, she had pointy (estimated) 36C's under there. She usually wore layers that held her down or flattened her out I guess you would say. They were gorgeous boobs and I could not help but stare as they stood out under her T-shirt.

"What are you staring at Sig, never seen boobs before!"

She said smiling at me.

"Uhhh sorry, Yoff. But, I must tell you that they are spectacular."

I admitted to her.

Yoffie blushed. "You really think so. I'm too shy to wear a two-piece suit at the beach. They don't seem to be the right shape."

"Holy God Sonya, who told you that? They don't look like those silicone softballs some girls have, they look like real boobs, for Gods sake.

You don't need any help." I told her.

"Can I model my two-piece for you? I've never worn it in front of anyone.

I'm too ashamed or too shy or too something." Yoffie said slurring her words.

"Sure, I'd love to see you in a two piece!" I said in my semi-drunken state.

Sonya went back into her room and came out a few minutes later in a yellow 2 piece suit that showed off her body quite well. She strutted out and did a little pirouette in front of me.

"You don't think I'm too husky for this suit? I look like an Amazon, don't I?" she asked.

"No, you're about 5' 7", that's hardly an Amazon, and you are so well proportioned. Yoffie, you go out of your way to hide your body, but that's up to you. I told you before that I thought you were cute, and I don't mind saying that right now you look damn sexy in that bathing suit." I said getting a little pudgy in my pants.

Yoffie blushed again and picked up the throw from the sofa and put it around her.

"Sig, I'm sorry I paraded out her in my underwear, almost. You must think I'm a drunken fool." She said.

I hugged her and told her that she was my friend and I liked her drunk or sober and no matter how she dressed. Then I kissed her on the cheek.

She looked at me funny.

"That's the first time you ever kissed me, besides a kiss hello.

There was real affection in that kiss. Thanks. I'm kind of starved for affection." She admitted.

"Yoff, there's lots of guys out there who would love to date a vivacious bubbly person like you. You really have a killer bod, and if what you're looking for is that kind of affection and personal attention, I know there might be lots of volunteers. I told you before, if you weren't my friend, I would make the play, right now." I admitted.

Yoffie looked at me and smiled.

"Sig, you're sweet, and you're right. I don't want to lose you as a friend."

She said and then kissed me, on the lips.

She kissed me a second time, and held it a bit longer. Then I could hold back no longer in my alcohol induced state. I put my hand behind her head and drove my lips into hers.

She wrapped her arms around me tightly as we continued to kiss.

I made a move to sit down on the sofa while still being attached at the lips.

Once sitting on the sofa I bent her back so I was lying on her, still necking up a storm.

She finally broke the kiss and looked me as squarely in the eye as a drunk, horny woman can.

"Let's make something happen here tonight Sig. Just tonight. Please?

I need a man so bad." She said starting to cry. "I think I'm drunk enough to be able to forget it tomorrow so we can still be friends."

"Sonya, are you sure? I'm drunk and horny enough to do it, and you're driving me crazy right now, even though I'll hate myself in the morning."

I said.

"You won't hate yourself, I promise. I know what boys like." She said as she kept singing that Waitresses song as she reached for my belt.

"I know what boys like I know what guys want I know what boys like I've got what boys want"

She undid my belt and undid my pant snap and asked me to stand up.

I did and she remained seated on the edge of the sofa. She pulled my zipper down and tugged at my pants to get hem off my hips. She pushed my t-shirt up and kissed my belly and even tongued my navel as I drew my shirt over my head.

She put her fingertips at the hem of my boxers and pulled them down slowly.

I was hard already so she had to use a hand to get the band over my cock; it's one eye staring her in the face.

"I know what boys like." She hummed as she kissed the tip, tentatively at first, then bolder using her lips like sucking an ice cream cone.

She made a funny face to me. "I must be drunk, I've never done this before.

I know what boys like, but never did it." She said as she put her mouth over the head of my cock.

She held it in her hand just behind the rim and only sucked the head.

Knowing she was a novice at this I wasn't so drunk to figure she should stop.

"Sonya," I said as I took her head in my hands and bent to kiss her lips.

" Save that for the first guy you really care for... in that way."

She pulled me back onto the sofa and I lay on her, my cock pressed against her bathing suit covered pussy.

Please fuck me Sig. Don't deny me that. I need to feel you. Please?"

She asked.

I was drunk and horny enough, especially after having my cock head in her mouth, that I could no longerwait or restrain myself. I knelt back and took her bottoms at the sides and pulled them down.

Yoffie had a full bush, just panty trimmed.

Once her pussy was exposed she could no longer look me in the eye.

I wanted to leave right then, afraid I would feel awful about doing this.

"Yoffie, prove to me that you want this to happen. Put me inside you."

I said to her.

"Sig, I'm drunk, I'm horny, and I'm lonely. I want it to happen.

Just don't let it ruin our friendship." She said as she took my cock in her hand.

She pushed to her pussy and thrust up her hips at me.

"I want this to happen, Sig. Fuck me!" She hollered.

I was a ready teddy, my horns all the way up.

I plowed at her like I was running a race.

Then I had a flash run across the back of my eyelids.


"Yoffie, you're on the pill right?"

"Yes, of course!"

"You took it today, right?"

"Yes! Oh God Sig, take me over the edge!!"

The guilt over fucking my friend was already eating at me as I began to reach my own edge. Yoffie was hanging onto me for all she was worth. Her orgasm was a long slow breathless one that culminated with her almost squeezing the breath out of me with her fingernails stabbed in my back, until she finally whooped to signal its end.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOO," she wailed in my ear as she went limp just as my hips went into a hard slap at her abdomen.

I was cumming as well.

"Oh Godddddddd Yoffieeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!" I growled into her ear as I slammed her with all my might filling her with my long brewed juices.

I had already cum hard into her and kept slamming at her when I felt it rise once more; something that really never had happened before or since.

I panicked thinking that I was having a stroke or some thing and pulled my cock from her pussy, only to shoot one weak load up to her belly button.

I sat my ass back on my heels and howled like a wolf, it felt so good, until I touched myself to squeeze out the last of my load.

THEN it HURT like hell. My over sensitive cock had double spent itself and died right there on me.

I fell back into the sofa and crashed while Yoffie curled into a ball on the other end where she had just been fucked.

"That was awesome Sig, I really needed that. No man could have filled that need like you right now. You're my friend in need, indeed."

Yoff said through broken breath and breathing.

"You were fantastic Yoff, but it was the dumbest thing we could have done.

I am so, so sorry my friend." I whispered to her.

"Sig, don't beat yourself up, I was as much the fault as you.

We both needed it. GOOD GOD, it felt so GOOD!"

Yoffie exclaimed.

Just then we heard the outside gate open and Yoffie sat up to look out.

"Shit, Junie the roomie is home. Get our stuff and lets get in the bedroom!"

Yoff said, panicking.

I got up and grabbed my shirt, pants and underwear and headed for her room. I doubled back to grab the pizza box and the wine bottle.

Yoffie grabbed her stuff as well and we dashed into her bedroom turning off the TV on the way. Yoffie opened a drawer in her dresser and pulled out a tied Windsor knot tie. She put it on the doorknob and closed the door, just as the front door opened.

I looked at her inquisitively and she whispered back, "The signal. You know, I have someone in here."

So now I was trapped in Yoffies bedroom until Junie, her roommate, went to bed, unless she wanted to give me up, and she did not.

Yoffie had twin beds in her room, pushed together with the mattresses turned to make a queen. She pulled down the sheets and lay down, inviting me in as well. I jumped in and we hugged.

"Wow, what a mess, huh?" she said to me.

"Oh, I don't know. I'm in bed with a pretty girl, I'm nude and she only has a bathing suit top on. Too bad we are just supposed to be friends."

I said trying to make light of the situation.

Yoffie looked down at her top and reached behind and unsnapped it letting her breasts fall.

"You've seen them and you're all naked, so..." She said with a smile.

There was a pregnant pause for a few minutes until she sat up and turned off the light.

"Why don't we get some sleep until Junie goes to bed.

Then you can sneak out, OK?" she asked.

I reached over and petted her face and told her not to worry.

Yoffie came over and snuggled her body next to mine.

"Sig? Was I OK? I've never had sex much, and never did that oral sex thing.

I wanted you to think I was some experienced girl. But, would you ever call me again if you were a boyfriend?"

"Sonya, how many women do you think I've been with? You are number TWO!

I can tell you that any guy on campus who has been with a lot more than that is probably the kind of guy you don't need to get involved with.

If you had a bad steak, would you stop eating it the rest of your life?

Don't worry. You were fine, as much as I could ever handle and more.

I love the oral thing, but your first time should be with someone you really care about." I reasoned with her.

"Is that why you didn't want to do me, or don't you like it?" Yoffie quietly asked.

"Hey Yoff, tell me, are we here as friends right now, or is this the apex of some big crush on me, because I don't want to lead you on. You mean more to me than any girl on campus, but not this way.

Are you really talking about sex here, or us?" I asked.

"Sig, I really like you and I did have a crush on you back since the first day I came onto you on the train. But, I really do think of you as my friend and tonight was a case of getting too drunk at a time when I just got too horny. I've only been with 2 other guys and neither of them made my world shake like you did tonight, and I was sure I was in love with both of them.

Once we got started tonight I figured you were an experienced guy and would want to be blo, err, um, oh shit, you know. Oral sex. I thought you would do me and that would be my first time for that, too."

"I'm sorry, I was so worked up by the little bit with your mouth and just seeing your wonderful body, I can't believe how beautiful your breasts are, that I couldn't wait to be inside you. If you wonder how good you were, you made me cum twice, that's a big first and something I didn't think was possible. Umm, I love to eat pussy. Oops sorry, didn't mean to talk like a pig." I said embarrassed.

"That's OK, let's drop the formalities. We are friends, and that's how my girlfriends talk to me. I just wish I knew what they were talking about when they try to compare sex notes with me. They're always talking about suckin' dick, getting fucked and getting their pussy licked."

She said a little dejectedly.

"Yoff, if the girls are like guys, half that stuff is made up they tell you.

Everything will happen in time, don't worry." I consoled her.

"I wish we had one more bottle of wine, because I still want you to go down on me Sig. Am I an awful whore to want that so bad? Every female you ever hear talk about it blushes and has little rushes at the thought.

I put you in my mouth for 10 seconds and you couldn't wait to fuck me.

I want to know what they're all talking about." Yoffie said wishfully.

I sighed deeply, sorry that I didn't make my friend as happy as I could have.

We had gone this far already, so I made a proposition to her.

"Yoff, I'm assuming that door there is your bathroom, right?"

"Yes, it is. The 2 bedrooms share it. There's another off the living room."

"Why don't you go and, ummm... freshen up. I'm going to fulfill your wish, if you still want it."

"I don't know," Yoff said, "I may have been scared sober."

"It's up to you, Sonya. I think I can separate this from our friendship, even though I don't approve of the idea. I love doing it and you seem disappointed." I reasoned with her.

"My intentions are entirely Sapphic. It's not your pussy I will be licking, it will be A pussy."

"No, I can't do it Sig. We already went way too far. You were right.

I should save it for the right guy. It's sweet of you to offer, even though you had your own nasty intentions in mind. But, laying here nude with you sure is sexy. Hold me Sig," She said as she began to cry.

I held Yoffie tight and tried to console her.

"Yoffie, you're such a sweet kid and friend, I hate to see you cry, especially when I'm the one who made you cry. But, I guess I'm an insensitive boob. I'm not sure why you're crying." I honestly told her.

Yoff wiped away her tears and pressed her cheek to my upper arm.

"I'm crying that just had sex with one of my best friends and he might think I'm a whore and not be my friend anymore.

I'm crying that I tried to act like some campus hottie and impress you by going down on you, and then I had to tell you it was my first.

You had enough sense to know I should have saved that.

I'm crying that if I hadn't drank so much I wouldn't be crying right now.

That doesn't make any sense." She said between her tears.

"Oh Yoffie, don't cry over what we can't change. It happened, and you know what? We enjoyed each other's bodies, and we still are.

You feel so nice next to me. We had a special moment that friends rarely have. Let's go to sleep." I said hoping to calm her down.

"You go ahead. I'm gonna shower and I'll be back in to lay with you again.

I feel dirty, OK?" She said as she got up and kissed me.

The next thing I knew, it was 6:30 and Yoff was shaking me awake.

"Sig wake up! My first class is at 8:00, so you better sneak out now."

I heard her say.

Wiping the cobwebs from my brain I was remembering the events of the previous night. I rolled off my stomach to my back to see Yoffie running around the room gathering her clothes for the day, in the nude.

She stopped what she was doing and looked at me staring at her.

"Take a picture, it lasts longer," she joked.

"Yoff, don't worry. There's a picture in my mind I'll never forget.

You look awesome, and are so beautiful inside and out.

I'm real proud to call you my friend." I said as I began to get up and collect my clothes.

I dressed and when I went for the door Yoff came over and hugged me and I kissed her. We never spoke of our little indiscretion again.

I interned with the Sports Information and Team Travel departments at the University. My interest in sports media was going to be a fall back if my accounting or history majors (still deciding at the time) didn't work out. Team Travel, booking buses, motel rooms and practice fields was something that went with the SI internship. Besides the experience, it got me into all BU sporting events, even though my biggest interest was the hockey team. My limited experience, so far, had shown me that all the star players had the most incredible women attached, furthering my stereotype of girls like Suzanne, as unattainable.

"Well Suzanne isn't the jock type, she's pretty shy." Yoffie said, "She only had one boyfriend back in Nebraska and they broke up when her family moved. She was only in New York for a few months before she started school here. Would you like me to introduce you?"

Those were the magic words that set into motion one of the most incredible rides a guy could ever have. Suzanne and I hit it off as well as any couple ever did. We shared many interests and found each other perfect companions. In time we became lovers where Suzanne was slow at the start, but became a sexual tiger as we progressed. She had started taking a Human Sexuality course as part of her Psychology studies and in that she read and learned about sex practices of the human species. I attributed the fact that, sexually, she would try almost anything to her taking this course. She quickly learned and professed that anything people do sexually with each other, with mutual consent, is "normal".

We experimented with oral and anal sex, and every position imaginable.

Toys, fisting, you name it, were on our menu as she seemed determined to learn first hand about many of the "assumed perversions" of couples seeking pleasure. Our private life wasn't a sexual carnival, many of these things were "one time only" affairs, but she always made it exciting. However, numerous positions, and thankfully, oral and anal sex stayed on our menu throughout our relationship. Through all of this, we fell in love, as well. From the middle of second semester, freshman year, until the middle first semester junior year, we were inseparable.

We had met each other's families and planned to be married. We were everything to each other.

Suzanne roomed, off campus near BU, with Jewel Marie Gibbs.

They seemed an unlikely pair; shy Suzanne and the out going, overtly sensual and sexual Jewel Marie. Jewel Marie had lots of boyfriends, lots of steady boyfriends it seemed.

She called them dates. When Suzanne was miffed at their late comings and goings, Suzanne called them tricks. Jewel Marie was built quite nicely with an ever-present smile that seemed to inviteeveryone to become friends with her. She made no secret that she enjoyed sex and that if you played your cards right, it was not out of the question.

How these two were ever put together is still a mystery. It eventually wore on Suzanne and at the start of her junior year she moved just a few blocks away with another psych major, Colleen Barney.

Suzanne and Jewel were still best of friends, but she didn't have the in your face sex exploits of her friend.

The formula of me, the steady and ever-true boyfriend, Suzanne, the trusting and sexually inquisitive girlfriend, and Jewel Marie, the pleasure-seeking doubter of all things sacred, spelled trouble.

We were just back from the Thanksgiving break at school, although I had been with the Hockey team at a Holiday tournament. Jewel Marie had been grilling and teasing Suzanne about how, and could, she trust me on these trips. Was I above reproach when it came to being true? Suzanne defended me to the end.

"I have $100 that says if you gave me a guaranteed hour alone with Sig, I could be giving him a blowjob to beat the band, and he would love every second of it." Jewel challenged.

"No way on the planet. This will be the easiest $100 I ever made. Sig gets all he wants from me, plus he loves me and will father my children.

Not a chance he would go for your moves." Suzanne defended.

"So it is a bet? Can I set this up? Give me a night when you are guaranteed to be away, and I know I'll have his winkie in my mouth. I don't want to fuck him, but to tell you the truth, I've always thought he would be a great blowjob." Jewel Marie sneered at her.

"You are such a whore." Suzanne half-kiddingly mocked.

"Give me a little credit, Suzie Q. I don't try to hide it and I'm not ashamed of the fact that I'm more open than some with sex." Jewel laughed.

So it was set. A stupid bet where no one should ever bet, in the middle of someone's love affair.

I got back from the tournament and, as arranged, went to Suzanne's apartment to shower, where we would then go out for a quiet dinner and then to my place for some alone time.

When I got to Suzanne's, Colleen had a message from Suzanne to go right to Jewels.

When I got there, Jewels ruse began. "Suzanne's at the library, something about a paper she has to have in for tomorrow. She won't be back until they throw her out at eleven. She said to shower here and wait for her to call." Jewel told me.

I couldn't wait to shower and, while I soaped up, I heard the phone ring and figured it was Suzanne.

Once I dried, dressed and came out Jewel was waiting for me.

"Suzanne says to just go back to your apartment and she will see you before midnight." was the message Jewel gave me.

As safe as they seemed, I didn't like her riding the T trains at night, especially that late. Right away I planned to meet her at the library to escort her myself. But it was only 8 pm and I had 3 hours to kill.

"I know you planned to have dinner with Suzie, can I be your date? I'm hungry too." Jewel asked.

"Sure, lets go get a pizza or something and then surprise her at the library with the leftovers." I said.

"Actually, what I want to eat is right here." Jewel said as she reached out and cupped my package.

"Jewel Marie, If Suzanne ever saw you with your hands on me she would kill both of us." I said as I pushed her hand away (even though it felt REAL good).

"Siggy, I'm serious." Jewel persisted. "I've wanted to suck your cock and taste your come for the longest time." She said as she walked me into the wall.

"Suzie will be gone for a couple more hours, so we have plenty of time, and your cock in the back of my throat is what I really crave." Jewel said as she worked her hand between my legs again. I tried to push her away but she just got my zipper tab and it came down about a third before I slapped her arm away.

"Jewel, knock it off." I insisted.

I had never been one for promiscuous sex, I've never picked anyone up, or been picked up. The closest I ever came to recreational sex (besides my own personal one on one marathons) was a one-night fling with Yoffie and a bottle of wine. It was something we regretted later and never repeated.

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