Taming of Roma

by Sahebji

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Roma was a bitch. A very beautiful bitch. Her favourite pastime was to tease the boys and make fun of the girls. One evening my girl Cassie told me that she had humilated her in front of her friends. In the heat of the moment I vowed to make her apologise to her. I had no clue how to go about it...

Dear friends my name is Saheb Sahebji. I am young, tall and slim. By profession I am a commercial artist. In my last story 'Kala, the single mother' you read that Nisha, my little one got married. Her last words to me were, 'Big one, go after Cassie (her best friend) she loves to fuck. (To find out more about Nisha read 'Nisha, the little one' and 'Kala, the single mother' about Cassie read 'Ramu and Cassie').

Though Nisha had introduced me to Cassie before her marriage I did not take her seriously but who can preempt what is written. Three months after I lost Nisha, I ran into Cassie in a shopping center. The recognition was mutual. I was eager to hear news of Nisha so I invited Cassie for a cup of coffee.

When we had settled down I asked, 'I am sure you must be keeping in touch with Nisha?

'Of course. I think Nisha spends half her time writing letters to me. She writes every day' Cassie replied.

'How is she? Is she all right?' I inquired.

'Yes she is all right and is deliriously happy. She asks about you quite often. You do miss her don't you?' Cassie said.

'Yes I do miss her. Well there is nothing to be done about it' I replied. Then we talked about things before going on our different ways.

As it happened I kept running into Cassie off and on. She kept me abreast with news of Nisha. With time we started seeing each other regularly.

One day I asked Cassie, 'Cassie have you told Nisha that we are seeing each other'.

Cassie said, 'Yes I wrote to Nisha and told her that we were dating. Sahebji can you guess what she had to say? I shook my head. 'Nisha wrote, 'I knew this had to happen. When Nisha plans then it happens' Cassie said and laughed nervously.

As Cassie's parents were strict, she could not leave home often. Therefore we usually met on Sundays and holidays. One Sunday I asked Cassie, 'I know of a fantastic restaurant that serves excellent tandoori chicken would you like to eat there today?'

'Sahebji frankly I would rather cook tandoori murgha Nisha style than eat it' was Cassie's surprising answer.

I looked at Cassie, 'Are you serious?' She blushed and nodded.

When we reached my flat I said, 'Cassie you already know your way around make yourself comfortable. She nodded. She took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom and said, 'Let us not waste any time.

Nisha talked so much about her big one that I am dying to see it'. Taking her in my arms and kissing her I said, 'All in good time, my dear'.

I then undressed her. Naked she was even more beautiful. I kissed and licked her shaven choot till she was wild with ecstasy. Then I undressed. 'My God Nisha was right. Your lund is really very big and thick. Sahebji I have not had a man since Ramu. Sahebji please be tender with me I don't want to be hurt'.

'Don't worry you will not feel a thing' I said.

I spread her legs as wide as I could and pressed my cock inside her. She groaned, 'Oh dheere, please dheere dard ho raha hai. OHHHHHhhhh kya poora ghuss gaya? Aissa lag raha hai ki paheli baar chudwa rahi hoon (Oh slowly please slowly it is hurting. OHHHHHhhhh is it in yet? I feel as if I am losing my virginity all over again.)'.

'Yes darling I am fully inside you' I replied and started the in and out motion. I kept varying the length and the speed of my strokes. She was moaning loudly. Her bottoms were keeping perfect time with my strokes.

'Sahebji it is lovely. Fuck me harder. Y... hes faster and harder. Oh Jesus it is fantastic. Jeeesuss I am nearly there. Y... hes don't stop go on faster. OH Jeeeeesus I am COMMMIIIINNNGGGggg'. I had not had a woman since Nisha and felt my seed rising. Few more strokes and I shot my load.

She then proceeded to cook 'tandoori murgha'. She had learnt her lesson well. It was a very enjoyable. We both had a great afternoon.

When we were together again she said, 'You know I wrote and told Nisha that I had taken her advice and cooked your murgha in my tandoor. Here is her reply' and handed me a letter.

I read, "Congratulations! Cassie congratulations. What do you think of the big one? He is great isn't he? I knew you would enjoy yourself. How was the tandoori murgha? Now that the big one has fucked you, you might as well tell your parents to start collecting your dowry. You will be married soon"

'Cassie read this telegram. It is from Nisha' I said handing her the telegram.

'You read it out' Cassie said. It reads "Bravo big one. I knew you would succeed. Don't forget that a coin has two sides. Love. Your little one".

'What does she mean by the coin has two sides?' Cassie asked.

I laughed, 'It is her subtle way of reminding me that your ass hole cherry is still intact'.

'Kya tum ab meri gaand maroge? (Are you going to fuck me in the ass now?)' Cassie asked.

'Only if you agree' I replied.

She murmured to herself, 'Nisha keh rahi thi gaand marwane main bahut mazaa aata hai. Ek din tau gaand marwani hee hai. Phir aaj kyon nahin? (Nisha was saying fuck in the ass hole is very pleasurable. One day I have to have my ass hole fucked then why not today). Then turning to me she said, 'Sahebji main tayyaar hoon. Gaand marni hai tau mar lo (Sahebji I am ready. Fuck my ass hole if you want to)'.

'It will hurt' I told her.

'It has to hurt someday. No I am ready' was her reply.

After greasing both her ass hole and my shaft I penetrated her gaand. At first she screamed that it was hurting her too much but soon started to enjoy the new sensation. 'It was really very nice' she said after we had finished. We enjoyed ourselves for six months.

One day she announced, 'Sahebji my marriage has been fixed. I am to marry Alan in three months time. Alan was two years my senior in college. I did not know Alan then but now my parents have arranged my marriage to him. He is nice. I like him'.

'Does Nisha know? I asked.

'Of course I wrote and told her. She wrote back, 'I am not surprised. Remember I told you so. The big one is very lucky'. She said to tell you that your lund has done it again. She also wanted me to find a choot for the big one.

'I can't do much for the big one. My only best friend is already married. What I can do is to introduce you to several girls but you have to take it up from there'. I laughed and said, 'Don't worry. I have been without a girl before and I am not really so helpless as Nisha imagines'.

'We are having a farewell party on Saturday in college. I want you to be my escort' Cassie suggested.

She went on to explain that it was a tradition in their college that the second year students give a farewell party to the class passing out. 'You won't get bored. There will be many pretty girls and they even serve beer' she said. Not being averse to meeting pretty girls I agreed.

On Saturday I escorted her to the party.

The party was held in the college gymnasium. There was lots of seating space, a space to dance and a make shift bar.

Cassie introduced me to many girls and boys saying, 'This is my friend Sahebji. He is an artist'. One girl, Asha wanted me to draw her picture. I tried to get out of it but others also insisted. Then one boy, Pappu said pointing to a greying man standing near the entrance, 'Sahebji forget Asha. Draw the sketch of the Weasel'.

Everyone agreed and shouted, 'Yes, yes draw his picture'.

The man he had pointed out had an interesting face and he actually resembled a weasel. Pappu arranged for a sheet of paper and pencil. While I was sketching I asked, 'Who is he?'

With a smile Cassie said, 'He is our principal'. After I had finished all the students said that it was a great sketch and it resembled the weasel to a T.

Pappu disappeared with the sketch to show it around. About an hour later I was sitting at the bar with Pappu when someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around to find the principal standing.

Showing me the sketch he said sternly, 'Did you draw this?

'Yes but sir but I did not mean any disrespect' I said apologetically.

'No it is good. Actually, very good. I like it. You are not a student of my college. I have never seen you before' he said smiling.

'No sir I am a guest of one of the students' I replied.

'You are good. Are you an artist?

'I am not an artist. I am a commercial artist' I replied.

Before leaving he gave me his card and said, 'May I keep this sketch I like it very much. Come and see me next week sometime I will like to talk to you'.

A pale Pappu said, 'I thought we were in big trouble but the Weasel turned out to be good sport. I hope he does not read you the riot act when you see him'.

'Forget about him let us have another beer' I said.

While we were drinking our beer I saw a very pretty girl dancing alone. She was 5'6" tall with a superb figure. Her bobbed hair suited her slim face. She wore a red blouse with black buttons and a knee length black skirt. Her matching red shoes completed her outfit. Her big boobs were hard and firm.

'Pappu what is with you boys no one is dancing with this extraordinarily pretty girl' I said gesturing towards the dancing beauty.

'I see her beauty has also bewitched you too? Every one here keeps away from her. She is not a girl. She is like a coiled cobra, very pretty but very, very deadly. She is also very vain, egoistic and haughty. If I were you I will keep her at a distance' Pappu said.

'Tut, tut Pappu those sure are harsh words to describe such a pretty girl' I said.

'If you only knew the truth about her then you will agree with me that what I am saying about her is putting it very politely' Pappu said.

'Okay tell the truth' I said.

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