Lost and Found


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Desc: Sex Story: A guy loses it to an alien princess only to have it restored by an even stranger group of surgeons

Rob didn't like it at all; first the emergency road trip to assist a faltering client, the fearsome rainstorm, the blown tire, the lonely stretch of evergreen-lined road, the bright light and the loss of time. He was now in what appeared to be a 19th century study, with walls lined with books and no apparent windows. The one double-door was locked and musty odor was overbearing. Time meant nothing here, and Rob felt the same of himself.

The lights dimmed, and from a darkened corner, she first appeared in a translucent gown that flowed on silent breezes. Her feet never touched the ground as she drifted towards him with her angelic countenance. As she drew near, he could make out the delicate features of her face and the youthful blossom of her femininity. If she was indeed an apparition, he welcomed her presence despite his fear of the unknown. She did not speak in the literal sense, but Rob responded with words as she lightly touched his shoulder.

"I am not from and can never become a part of your world; yet you shall enter mine with your precious seed."

"Pardon the cliche, but what in the hell are you talking about," Rob asked, disgruntled by a greeting that was a riddle.

Her clothing vanished, and his muddied suit disappeared in an instant, leaving them both naked. Her femininity was more than pristine, it was almost too perfect especially when compared to his overfed body that reeked and sagged in a tribute to times ravages. Her silken flowing hair continued to drift gently in the still air accentuating her almond shaped face and long delicious neck crowning the most perfect torso he had ever laid eyes on. Her firm snow white breasts rode her chest majestically and were crowned with delicate pink nipples. The soft skin that covered her tapered tummy and almost invisible navel had nary a wrinkle and her hips blossomed invitingly around the peach fuzz that barely hid the lips of her femininity. They, too, were pink and firm, barely separated enough for the inner petals to protrude in their engorged state of arousal. Her legs were long and sinewy tapering to her perfectly tiny feet and crowned by a perfectly round ass.

Rob was in awe of his host, and felt his cock stirring immediately to the feast his eyes beheld. Seeing the instrument of delivery responding to her carefully engineered assets, she swept towards him, embracing him with the loving tenderness of a long lost lover. The middle finger of her left hand elongated and quickly penetrated his anus, moving swiftly towards the prostrate, while her right hand gently massaged his balls with firm gentleness. He closed his eyes to the sexual assault until he felt her lips gently slide past his corona and down into the depths of his pubic hair. Her tongue flicked rapidly across the frenulum and glans, bringing him beyond ecstasy he had previously not known. He looked down into the field of flowing luminescent hair, as the first geyser of his seed, encouraged by her gentle pressure on his prostrate, began to erupt violently into her esophagus.

The temptress continued to draw his boiling seed into her mouth, steadily increasing her suction between each powerful spurt. Her finger, now strategically placed in the center of his prostrate was vibrating wildly, forcing the last ounce of his life giving cream into the convulsing urethra. Rob grunted with overstimulation as his glans became painfully enlarged and his urethra became increasingly agitated with the burning flow of his essence. Something was painfully wrong he thought as he tumbled backwards onto the circular throw rug with his seductress clamped to his hips like a vice. He could feel the burning in his torso increase violently, corresponding to her inhuman sucking, until with an audible slushy noise, his prostrate was torn lose from its membranes to descend down the back of her throat. He screamed and tried to tear her away, but she continued her mission until now void of most all of his internal sexual apparatus, she squeezed her hand around the two remaining gonads and tore them away from his body.

She arose from his body and reached over to the oak desk for a tiny apparatus that she pointed at his groin and released a small but blinding light that instantly cauterized his scrotum and the bleeding urethral shaft. A second, much bright light emanating from above blinded him, and Rob remembered nothing of the entire evolution as he sat in his car and listened to the diminishing rain. Out of the darkness a tow truck emerged, its operator just returning from a multi-car pile-up on the turnpike to which he had arrived late. With thirty dollars and a retread expertly mounted in a fraction of the time it would have taken Rob, he was once again en route to his troubled client. It wasn't until he went to relieve himself in the rented hotel room that Rob became aware of his baby makers demise.

"That was a trifle more forceful than necessary, my child," the soothing voice taunted from deep within the ship as she emptied her oral receptacle into the vessels cryo-unit.

"How would you define the multi-vehicular accident your presence initiated, my lord," the delicately feminine voice retorted gently.

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