Craig Had Been Promised

by interested1uk

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, .

Desc: Sex Story: a weekend beyond his dreams, with a twist at the end

Craig had been promised a weekend of pleasure beyond his imagination, and on arrival at the remote country house, he found that he had been assigned a truly luxurious room. The room was fitted with sumptuous furnishings, and tastefully decorated with erotic art, that were the most arousing images that he had ever seen.

As he relaxed in a low armchair a girl entered the room. She was wearing a very short, black pleated skirt with a crisp white semi transparent blouse that showed her sexy bra to perfection. The bra was filled to overflowing with the most desirable pair of bouncing tits that Craig had ever seen.

From the low angle at which he was sitting, she gave tantalising glimpses under the hem of the skirt, of her white cotton panties. There was a darker patch of her pubic hair showing between the tops of her creamy thighs. They were encased in white hold-up stockings, with lace tops complimented by four-inch stilettos.

As she walked past his chair he was treated to the sight of her firm arse cheeks, which sent his cock into overdrive at the thought of getting his hands on them.

She stopped in front of where he was seated and said that her name was Candy, and that she was at his disposal for the weekend. That was, of course, if she met with his approval. He thought that all his Christmases had come at once, and to make sure that he was not dreaming, he reached out to stroke the outline of her puffy cunt lips that were outlined through the dampening gusset of her knickers.

She gave a sharp intake of breath at his touch, and showed no resistance, only pleasure, causing more juice to seep into the already wet gusset of her knickers. Realising that she had meant what she said about being at his disposal, he slid a finger inside the edge of her panties, and dipped it into her wet cunt. Withdrawing his finger, he held it to his nose to smell the musty aroma, then licked her sweet cunt juice from it.

The taste was like nectar, and he could not wait to get more, so he told her to bend over in front of him and drop her now soaked panties. As she bent over from the waist, he eased the succulent globes of her arse cheeks apart and licked her pussy lips clean of the juice that had leaked out from between her puffy pussy lips...

Standing up, he dropped his trousers and released his hardened cock from the restricting confines of his shorts. Once free, his cock snapped upright against his stomach with a sharp slap of flesh that indicated to Candy that she was in for some hard fucking.

Bending his knees slightly to adjust the height, he slid his rigid cock into her waiting cunt from behind. Her cunt was so lubricated with her own juice that he slid all the way in with one push. Candy gave a squeal of surprise and pleasure at the size of his cock. Her breathing became ragged as he started to pump his rigid nine inches into her cunt, slowly at first then gaining speed as she moaned her arousal and pleasure, begging him to "fuck me, fuck my wet cunt."

Very soon they both came together with mind-blowing force as he filled her fuck hole to overflowing with his hot cum. After a shattering climax, Craig relaxed back into the comfort of the chair. They were still joined as Candy had followed him down to sit on his turgid pole, facing away from him, not wanting to loose the sensation caused by his massive cock.

He quickly regained his full erection, and started to pump upwards, from a sitting position, into her still wet pussy. Candy eagerly bounced in time to his thrusts, making her firm 38-inch C-cup tits heave up and down with their combined movements.

Craig reached round Candy and fondled her round melons through her bra and white cotton blouse. This treatment to her firm, soft tits brought them both to another satisfying climax, and Craig could feel her juice leaking past his cock that was still buried in her cunt, on to his thighs.

After a short break, they stood up facing each other. He took her in his arms and started to kiss her soft mouth. She parted her lips as Craig slid his tongue into her mouth so that she could taste the flavour of her own juice on his tongue, which she sucked greedily, swallowing his saliva.

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