Where the Bad Girls Live

by Purple Herald

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Slut Wife, Spanking, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Lucas is between towns when the urge strikes him. Desperate for a bad girl, he turns into a small town and finds a lawn party hosted by one he seeks. In her own home, Lucas satisfies his needs.

This story is mine and is copyrighted by me, The Purple Herald. Please don't copy it and add it to your website and make a profit off of my hard work. Please don't strip my name off of the story and claim it for yourself. Please don't be an asshole.

By Lucas

The urge hit me while I was doing eighty miles out of Dallas. I was tired of southern women and their sins. It was all the same. A woman would cheat on her boyfriend and consider it a minor offense but would then develop a guilt trip over not calling their mother. It was too bizarre for even me. I was heading back East where things were less complicated and the bad girls were really bad.

When the urge strikes it must be obeyed. The urge swelled inside of me till the steering wheel was vibrating in my grip. Once again I wondered if the urges came because He Who Must Cum needed me to punish someone specific, or if he gained something from my punishments and needed it right now. Other times I think that the one who granted me my powers just liked to fuck with me.

I was on a highway with only other drivers in sight. The woman I was behind was suitable, faintly glowing with her past. Her mind was filled with the guilt of stealing from her husband's bank account but other than running her off the road, there was little chance of getting her attention. It was the same with people in the other lane. I would see their sin driving towards me, brief flashes of sensual crimes drove past me, continuing on their punishment-free lives.

The sign up ahead announced the turn-off into a town I never heard of. Having little choice, I turned into the exit. It was a true small town with little activity on this weekend day. Resembling a stalker I cruised the streets, letting my whims direct me into side streets as I tried to widen my range. My heart despaired of the thought of not seeing anyone suitable.

Like a beam from a lighthouse I saw her. A huge summer party was taking place in the front yard of a house and the shine of her crimes flared greater than any one else there. It was breathtaking. The woman beside her glowed with the crime of jealousy while the woman to right of her flashed slightly with the sin of flirting but the girl I was watching was brighter than magnesium. She was a blonde, darkly tanned and parading around in a tight gold bikini. The eyes of every man were upon her and secret jealousy filled the minds of the women who saw her.

Gods, she needed me. She deserved me as much as I craved her.

I parked my car with the other cars that lined the street and walked into the party. Swimsuits were the theme of the party though the only water I only saw was a small kid's pool. How quaint. Despite my black shirt and jeans, I still got approving glances from the women I pushed aside. Short blonde hair and a decent body can get you anywhere.

The woman who lured me here was talking to a man who was not her husband. I approached her and took her arm in my hand. Leaning down, I looked into her bright eyes and whispered in her ear.

"We need to talk, in private, now."

She looked at me and swallowed hard. "Did Steven send you?" Steven was the name of a man she was sleeping with. He liked to brag and she wanted him to brag.

I only smiled.

She blushed and made a weak excuse to the man she talking to. I took her by the arm and led her into the house like she was a scolded child. The party was just as thick inside the house and we weaved through crowds. I saw a picture of her and her husband standing in front of their house and I felt a pang of jealousy that I quickly buried. Those things were not meant for me but then, other gifts were.

A woman called out the blonde's name; asking about the location of more ice. At the discovery of Nadine's name, I loosened my grip on her arm. With names come power and now I had all the power I needed over her. When we reached her bedroom, she tried to speak to me.

"Jesus, my husband is here you know," she said. "We have to be more discreet." Just like that and without ever knowing my name, she had decided that I would make a good conquest. The bad girls always assumed a lot.

I turned her around and pushed her face forward against the door. She squealed as my hands gripped her shoulders and I bit her on the neck. Her ass rubbed against me as my hot breath fell on her ear. My hands roamed her body while we pressed together against the door. The party continued outside as my hands claimed her.

"Wow, you're good. Who are you? Nadine asked.

I didn't answer. I was untying her top. The bikini was sweaty and I pulled her hands back behind her back. As I began to tie her hands together with the bikini top, Nadine took another guess.

"Oh! You must be a friend of Frank's! He's always into this kinky stuff. He swore he wouldn't tell anyone about what we did."

I turned her around and pulled her towards the bed. It was a feminine bed for a master bedroom, from the flowers bedspread down to the excess of pink pillows. She tried to lie on it but I stopped her. Pushing down on her shoulders, she got the hint and kneeled before me. Her eyes flicked to my crotch and my cock ached to be released. I controlled myself and sat on the bed. Nadine crawled between my knees but I stopped her from nuzzling my bulge. As badly as I wanted her, there were things that needed to be done first.

"What are we waiting for?" Nadine asked.

I lifted one of her breasts in my hand and so many images flooded my mind. I saw the men who sucked her breasts. I saw the way she bribed her husband by offering to let him fuck her tits. As I rolled her nipple between my fingers, I saw how many times she went without a bra when she wanted a good deal at the farmer's market. There were no tan lines on her round breasts and I knew the names of the three teenagers she knew that watched her.

"Nice aren't they?" Nadine said with a knowing smile. They were her weapons and she knew it. She sometimes wondered if men preferred her tits to her.

Again I didn't answer. I held one round tit in my hand as she continued to kneel before me. Without warning, I slapped the breast I held with my other hand.

"Ouch!" Nadine cried as my hand impacted with her soft tit. "What was that for?" She tried to cover her breast but her bound hands prevented any foolishness. Nadine struggled against her bonds but my knots were tight and her bikini top was quite strong.

"You know," I said, the second thing I've said to her so far.

I slapped her breast again and Nadine flinched as a new welt appeared on her breast. Her other breast didn't escape me either. I backhanded one breast and then followed it up with a forward slap on her other breast. Nadine winced as the sudden pain assaulted an area that was always worshipped by others. Biting, kissing and groping were the tributes her breasts normally accepted. I used both hands to cover both sides of her massive chest. Back and forth my hands slapped, lifting and flattening her breasts as my blows became quicker and harder. There was no art to my slaps; just the firm angry blows of punishment.

She never tried to pull away. Nadine remained kneeling before me as I covered her chest with stinging slaps. Red handprints darkened her tanned breasts to a cherry color. Her bottom lip trembled and her eyes blurred with tears but she stopped her verbal protests. Once, a slap caused her to hiss in sudden pain and she leaned away but when I glared at her, she leaned back to me so I could continue.

When my fingers were tingling from the slaps, I grabbed a handful of both tits. Nadine's jaw dropped in shocked pain but only a strangled whimper left her lips as my fingers sunk into her burning flesh. Her nipples were as hard as my own cock.

"No, more," Nadine pleaded. "I'll be good. I'll do whatever you want." It was true.

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